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  1. Leobenn Conoy > hi
  2. Pajama Sam > hey
  3. Leobenn Conoy > just want to ask you why did you kill me, im new and you looted all i own, plus destroying my implants
  4. Leobenn Conoy > i know i was travelling in low sec, but i was afk, so i would like a reason for such bewhaviour
  5. Leobenn Conoy > WTF is this?
  6. Suleiman Shouaa > Hello
  7. Suleiman Shouaa > I heard you have a complaint about our services
  8. Suleiman Shouaa > Y/N?
  9. Leobenn Conoy > as i said, i need to know why you are such cowards to destroy and kill a newb while afk
  10. Suleiman Shouaa > So you are not satisifed with our service?
  11. Leobenn Conoy > what do you win priving everything i own for just the fun of it?
  12. Leobenn Conoy > your "service" is to kill a, not only outmatched fight, but also while on autopilot?
  13. Suleiman Shouaa > We police the space lanes.
  14. Suleiman Shouaa > You were tallying
  15. Leobenn Conoy > and the "police" kills newbs on sight?
  16. Pajama Sam > You were well over legal speed limits, sir.
  17. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > we tried to pull you over, and you were ignoring all our space warnings
  18. Leobenn Conoy > are you kidding me?
  19. Suleiman Shouaa > We tried to pull you over.
  20. Pajama Sam > No, sir, this is serious.
  21. Suleiman Shouaa > But you resisted our attempts.
  22. Leobenn Conoy > you must be laughing your balls off, but i really dont see the point in this unneeded violence
  23. Suleiman Shouaa > You refused our attempts to pull over.
  24. Suleiman Shouaa > We simply used necessary force.
  25. Suleiman Shouaa > If you have a complaint, talk to my boss.
  26. Leobenn Conoy > and the penalty is not only destruction, but death?
  27. Suleiman Shouaa > Ka Jolo
  28. Suleiman Shouaa > If you feel your case is unfair, he will straighten it out and launch an investigation into this matter.
  29. Pajama Sam > What are we supposed to do if you are afk?
  30. Suleiman Shouaa > I will be suspended.
  31. Pajama Sam > We can't ticket you if you are AFK.
  32. Pajama Sam > Only option is to kill you.
  33. Leobenn Conoy > can i at least know where i died to get my stuff back?
  34. Pajama Sam > We had to confiscate your belongings.
  35. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > we took it
  36. Suleiman Shouaa > They have been detained.
  37. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > space police need to be funded somehow
  38. Pajama Sam > Again, talk to our boss about that.
  39. Pajama Sam > That's not our problem.
  40. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > we're risking our selves out here you know
  41. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > trying to keep people like YOU safe
  42. Leobenn Conoy > risk killing afk newbs?
  43. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > this is outrageous and offensive
  44. Pajama Sam > Risk? You think there is no risk?
  45. Pajama Sam > One of our men died returning to base.
  46. Suleiman Shouaa > My supervisor will be happy to talk to us
  47. Suleiman Shouaa > to you
  48. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > o7 godd bless him
  49. Leobenn Conoy > fine, i'd like to place a formal complaint then
  50. Pajama Sam > Mail or convo Ka Jolo.
  51. Pajama Sam > Complaints go to him.
  52. OOMPUS LOOMPUS > ok then file as section 12 form B and we will respond with in 10-12 business days
  53. Suleiman Shouaa > Ok.
  54. Pajama Sam > I'd be happy to take a message for him.
  55. Suleiman Shouaa > Open a conversation with Ka Jolo
  56. Leobenn Conoy > just to know, where is your jurysdiction?
  57. Suleiman Shouaa > and request a formal complaint
  58. Pajama Sam > Our jurisdiction is any low security space.
  59. Suleiman Shouaa > From The Citadel to Delve.
  60. Leobenn Conoy > very well, i'll take note of this unproper action
  61. Pajama Sam > That's fine, it will be dealt with as Jolo sees fit.
  62. Leobenn Conoy > you or any of your puny organization will hear from me, soon enough
  63. Pajama Sam > Looking forward to it
  64. Leobenn Conoy > since your boss doesnt even bother picking up the comm-link
  65. Leobenn Conoy > i'll take it as an aggression act
  66. Leobenn Conoy > good night to you all
  67. Suleiman Shouaa > He was taking a doughnut break
  68. Pajama Sam > Wait
  69. Pajama Sam > He's back.
  70. Suleiman Shouaa > He's back on his desk
  71. Suleiman Shouaa > at
  72. Pajama Sam > One moment sir.
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