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  1. 2015-09-27 16:05:31: ERROR[main]: UNRECOVERABLE error occurred. Stopping server. Please fix the following error:
  2. 2015-09-27 16:05:31: ERROR[main]: Lua: Node name is not set or is not a string!
  4. In thread 7f44a9764740:
  5. /home/telesight/minetest/src/server.cpp:511: void Server::step(float): A fatal error occurred: Lua: Node name is not set or is not a string!
  6. Debug stacks:
  7. DEBUG STACK FOR THREAD 7f4493fff700:
  8. #0  virtual void* EmergeThread::Thread()
  9. (Leftover data: #1  MapBlock* ServerMap::loadBlock(v3s16))
  10. (Leftover data: #2  void ServerMap::loadBlock(std::string*, v3s16, MapSector*, bool))
  11. (Leftover data: #3  void ItemStack::deSerialize(std::istream&, IItemDefManager*))
  12. DEBUG STACK FOR THREAD 7f44a11df700:
  13. #0  virtual void* ServerThread::Thread()
  14. #1  void Server::Receive()
  15. (Leftover data: #2  void Server::SendBlocks(float))
  16. (Leftover data: #3  void RemoteClient::GetNextBlocks(ServerEnvironment*, EmergeManager*, float, std::vector<PrioritySortedBlockTransfer>&))
  17. (Leftover data: #4  MapBlock* ServerMap::loadBlock(v3s16))
  18. (Leftover data: #5  void ServerMap::loadBlock(std::string*, v3s16, MapSector*, bool))
  19. (Leftover data: #6  void ItemStack::deSerialize(std::istream&, IItemDefManager*))
  20. DEBUG STACK FOR THREAD 7f44a9764740:
  21. #0  int main(int, char**)
  22. #1  Dedicated server branch
  23. #2  void dedicated_server_loop(Server&, bool&)
  24. #3  void Server::step(float)
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