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  1. =======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:
  2. MISSING   6c1189a715708edc8ba926977b33895f  gif2tiff-buffer-overflow.patch
  3. MISSING   2c0dabc854c95e7453fc56d2fd50a503  lzw-oob-write.patch
  4. MISSING   e9de577a81571ab8ffac84aac8c64381  tiff-4.0.3-CVE-2013-1960.patch
  5. MISSING   682ee6498fe06ffe0b44370164acf0b4  tiff-4.0.3-CVE-2013-4243.patch
  6. MISSING   35aee7eea6949c2d26ffa52872991115  tiff2pdf_use-after-free.patch
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