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Feb 17th, 2013
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  1. # RedPower Tweaks Configuration File
  2. #
  3. # The following options correspond to the default settings as used by
  4. # RPTweaks when no config file is present.
  6. # Adds a button to clear the crafting grid in project tables. This has
  7. # the exact effect as shift-clicking each square in the crafting grid.
  8. # This is disabled by default since it is an addition to RedPower,
  9. # not a tweak or fix.
  10. adv_bench_clear_btn off
  12. # Prevents things like microblocks and pipes from dropping as items when
  13. # broken in creative mode. I did my best to ensure that objects containing
  14. # other objects (like disk drives, pipes, filters, etc.) dropped their
  15. # contents when broken, but didn't drop themselves. However, since it's
  16. # possible (although unlikely) that contents could be lost as well, the
  17. # option is provided to disable this.
  18. no_creative_drops on
  20. # Fixes screw drivers so right-clicking while sneaking brings up the
  21. # bus ID GUI on redbus components. I have no idea why I'm letting people
  22. # disable this, but meh.
  23. screwdriver on
  25. # Fixes ID auto-assign.
  26. autoassign off
  28. # There is no option to disable the fix for the IO expander, backplane,
  29. # and RAM duplication bug, since disabling it makes no sense.
  31. # There is also no option to disable the fix for the canvas bag item
  32. # duplication bug.
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