Vegan Cognitive Dissonance

Feb 8th, 2020
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  1. Vegans often mention cognitive dissonance when they talk about eating meat. However, most people that eat meat don't deny that their food is causing death.
  3. On the other hand, it's very common to hear vegans say something like "it's NEVER okay to kill animals for food".
  4. But when people point out the deaths in crop harvest, they will often go full retard and try to cope with it by making contradicting claims to justify their non-animal-product philosophy. Here are the most common examples:
  6. - They will immediately change their statement from "never kill animals" to "kill as few as possible and practicable".
  7. - They call it an "accident" despite pesti-CIDES and machines intentionally being created to kill wildlife.
  8. - They'll perform mental gymnastics to justify stealing land and raining poison from the sky on starving animals as "self-defense".
  9. - They will make an arbitrary distinction between "sentient" and "other" life dismiss the animals they kill while also claiming less intelligent animals still matter.
  10. - They won't eat honey, but find a way to justify even almond milk which supports the exact same industrial process in a much worse way.
  11. - They say veganism is not a diet, but a philosophy. Yet find reasons to shit on people for eating any meat at all, even when it's grass-fed beef from a local farm. (The definition of veganism is not even "I'm better than you" anyway - it's "I'm doing the best I can")
  12. - They use the "it's all fed to livestock" excuse, which is flat out wrong. Animal feed consists mostly of by-products of food production and grass. And even for grain-fed animals, the conversion ratio of protein is net positive (0.6 to 1.0). Another common example is that they will blame WIND-POLLINATED animal feed for domestic honeybee use.
  13. - They lie to themselves about their own diet by comparing meat to the best case plant food that's basically empty calories (e.g. wheat). The correct comparison would be the foods and supplements that are used to replace the nutritional content of meat.
  14. - They try to move away from the topic by changing the goalposts to some false dichotomy ("We can't feed 9 billion people on grass-fed beef"). This is usually the last-resort reaction when they have no other way to answer.
  16. Despite there being many scenarios where plant products cause much more harm, vegans will try to dismiss every single one of them because it contradicts their ideology. This is a common sign of cult ideologies: veganism discourages its members to doubt or question the 100% plant-based diet.
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