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  3. 7:13 PM Molsen__> I bought a dishwasher that was $1595 + tax = $1802.    Minus a $400 energy credit from the government so I paid $1402.    I decided to return it before they shipped it and they gave me a refund and I just noticed today that they refunded me back $1802 even though I only paid $1402.   I was going to just let it go but being the honest democrat that I am, I let the retailer know about their mistake so they could fix it.
  4. 7:15 PM <johnm> Molsen__  I paid 5 or 600 for one...what the hell did you think you were buyinmg?
  5. 7:15 PM <johnm> One I bought was best according to Condumers Reports
  6. 7:16 PM <johnm> Consumers
  7. 7:16 PM <Molsen__> Dishwashers come in different prices ranges all the way up to $2500.
  8. 7:16 PM <johnm> Canadian dollars
  9. 7:16 PM <Molsen__> I went middle ground.
  10. 7:16 PM <Molsen__> johnm:  USA too.
  11. 7:16 PM <johnm> no
  12. 7:16 PM <Molsen__> yes
  13. 7:17 PM <Molsen__> check out the bosch benchmark dishwasher series for example
  14. 7:17 PM <johnm> hahaah
  15. 7:17 PM <johnm> Bosch is/was always overpriced
  16. 7:18 PM <johnm> German junk
  17. 7:18 PM <Molsen__> They rate exceptionally well on reviews. Including consumer reports.
  18. 7:18 PM <johnm> no they don't
  19. 7:18 PM <Molsen__> Molsenn Yes they do.
  20. 7:19 PM <johnm> BUT:  You returned it  hahahahahaah
  21. 7:19 PM <johnm> Life is good
  22. 7:19 PM <Molsen__> Molsenn I bought the wrong model. I ordered a new one already.
  23. 7:19 PM <Molsen__> I bought the ADA model by accident.
  24. 7:19 PM <Molsen__> (meant for people in wheelchairs etc) oops
  25. 7:20 PM <Molsen__> So I cancelled it and got a regular sized model
  26. 7:20 PM <life_SUX> it keeps going back to the repair page
  27. 7:20 PM <life_SUX> molsen; .>SORRY.  The Microsoft Tech called right when i was typing that answer.
  28. 7:21 PM <Molsen__> NO APOLOGIES NEEDED
  29. 7:21 PM <Molsen__> johnm on the other hand does owe me for an apology for saying that there are no dishwashers in the USA that approach $2500!
  30. 7:31 PM <Molsen__> johnm    webguy has a bosch too
  31. 7:32 PM <Molsen__> Nobody beats them in quietness
  32. 7:32 PM <johnm> web can afford whatever he wants
  33. 7:33 PM <Molsen__> I am not poor.
  34. 7:33 PM <Molsen__> You said Bosch quality sucks. I bet he disagrees
  35. 7:33 PM <johnm> I never said that
  36. 7:34 PM <johnm> I said Germasn junk
  37. 7:35 PM <Molsen__> Junk as in high quality, right?
  38. 7:36 PM <Molsen__> My apologies for interpreting the word junk as low quality
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  40. 7:51 PM ← You were kicked by •X: (jackburton) 24hr Trollsen ban!
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