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DF Game Club: Costume Quest (part 2 plus dev chat)

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Oct 19th, 2013
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  1. (06:59:32 AM) Cheeseness: Hey dfMark!
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  3. (06:59:48 AM) Syd: Hiya dfMark!
  4. (06:59:49 AM) tashaCQ: hi everyone, hi Mark!
  5. (06:59:52 AM) Permafry_42: Hey Mark!
  6. (06:59:56 AM) Syd: And tashaCQ~
  7. (06:59:58 AM) dfMark: Hey guys!
  8. (07:00:01 AM) frogg: o/
  9. (07:00:06 AM) Meeps: hi!
  10. (07:00:11 AM) Cheeseness: Mark Hamer was an artist on Costume Quest!
  11. (07:00:16 AM) Cheeseness: Hey tashaCQ!
  12. (07:00:16 AM) Permafry_42: Hey Tasha! Glad you guys could come!
  13. (07:00:18 AM) dfMark: Hey Tasha!
  14. (07:00:20 AM) noirge: Hey Mark and Tasha!
  15. (07:00:28 AM) Cheeseness: Tasha Harris was project lead on Costume Quest
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  18. (07:01:07 AM) Cheeseness: If it's helpful at all, chat can be popped out into a new window so that the stream page can be resized or refreshed independently
  19. (07:01:30 AM) SirWolfgang: the mibbit client seems a bit noisy on the connects :/
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  21. SigmaX SirWolfgang
  22. (07:01:41 AM) Cheeseness: SirWolfgang: Yeah :(
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  27. (07:02:26 AM) SirWolfgang: ssh -> aws ec2 -> screen -> irssi (No Noise!)
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  29. (07:02:37 AM) Permafry_42: Alright so do you guys think i should start the stream now?
  30. (07:02:49 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, let's go ahead and start now
  31. (07:02:58 AM) Permafry_42: ok 1 moment'
  32. (07:03:15 AM) noirge: Yay, candies!
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  34. (07:03:20 AM) ***SirWolfgang may or may not have a computer in the "cloud" dedicated to idling in irc channels :p
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  36. (07:04:20 AM) Cheeseness: So, my memory was wrong and we're actually past the graveyard and entering the mall >_<
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  38. (07:04:39 AM) Syd: Stream has started. \o/
  39. (07:04:49 AM) AnnaTheRed [] entered the room.
  40. (07:04:56 AM) Cheeseness: If you don't see the game, try pausing and playing the stream
  41. (07:04:56 AM) Syd: Hi, AnnaTheRed!
  42. (07:05:00 AM) Cheeseness: Hey AnnaTheRed!
  43. (07:05:06 AM) Permafry_42: hi anna!
  44. (07:05:11 AM) AnnaTheRed: Hi guys!
  45. (07:05:20 AM) AnnaTheRed: am I late?
  46. (07:05:27 AM) Cheeseness: Nope, on time :D
  47. (07:05:28 AM) noirge: Just in time!
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  49. (07:05:40 AM) Syd: We just started. :)
  50. (07:05:46 AM) AnnaTheRed: cool!
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  53. (07:06:20 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Am I remembering right in that you mentioned last week that Earthbound(?) had inspired the mall location in Costume Quest?
  54. (07:06:21 AM) Lhor [] entered the room.
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  56. (07:06:53 AM) Cheeseness: I love that the security guy is scared of hoodlums
  57. (07:06:58 AM) DFAnna [] entered the room.
  58. (07:07:01 AM) DFAnna: hello :D
  59. (07:07:05 AM) tashaCQ: yep, but it also helps that kids actually go trick-or-treating in malls nowadays
  60. (07:07:10 AM) Cheeseness: Hey DFAnna!
  61. (07:07:12 AM) Syd: "TEENAGERS!"
  62. (07:07:25 AM) AnnaTheRed: Hi DFAnna!
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  64. (07:07:28 AM) Cheeseness: Anna Kipnis was lead gameplay developer on Costume Quest
  65. (07:07:36 AM) tashaCQ: Hi Anna
  66. (07:07:39 AM) tntc [] entered the room.
  67. (07:07:43 AM) Meeps: Hi Anna!
  68. (07:07:45 AM) frogg: hey tntc
  69. (07:07:46 AM) DFAnna: AnnaTheRed hi!!
  70. (07:07:50 AM) tntc: hey frogg!
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  72. (07:08:05 AM) DFAnna: Cheeseness hi!
  73. (07:08:07 AM) DFAnna: hi tasha!
  74. (07:08:45 AM) tashaCQ: another thing we wanted to get in the game but ended up not having time, was destructible environments in these battles
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  76. (07:09:14 AM) frogg: 0o
  77. (07:09:19 AM) Cheeseness: DFAnna, tashaCQ: Were the combat mechanics always clear from the beginning, or were there some earlier iterations that didn't make it
  78. (07:09:20 AM) frogg: uuuunf
  79. (07:09:25 AM) frogg: that would have been awesome
  80. (07:09:36 AM) Cheeseness: Ooh, destructible environments would have been great :D
  81. (07:09:47 AM) ***frogg links her CQ nail art
  82. (07:09:53 AM) Cheeseness: I love that windsock man there
  83. (07:10:01 AM) noirge: Gosh, art direction is so adorable
  84. (07:10:06 AM) Cheeseness: Mim and I would laugh every time we spotted him when I was playing
  85. (07:10:08 AM) tashaCQ: Haha I love that wind sock guy too
  86. (07:10:30 AM) tashaCQ: The combat took a while to come together
  87. (07:10:45 AM) The_Mad_Pirate [] entered the room.
  88. (07:10:53 AM) tntc: Whacky arm waving inflatable tube man!
  89. (07:10:59 AM) DFAnna: Cheeseness i think the battle system was constantly being iterated on. we tried a bunch of different things
  90. (07:11:12 AM) tashaCQ: I knew I wanted it turn-based, but also have some interaction so the player felt involved like the Super Mario RPG's
  91. (07:11:21 AM) BigB [] entered the room.
  92. (07:11:25 AM) DFAnna: Cheeseness paper mario was an inspiration obvs
  93. (07:11:28 AM) Power46 [] entered the room.
  94. (07:11:37 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Good Afternoon Everyone !
  95. (07:11:40 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Anna !
  96. (07:11:43 AM) Cheeseness: Hey The_Mad_Pirate!
  97. (07:11:47 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Tasha !
  98. (07:11:47 AM) Syd: Yeah, the timed hits thing reminded me a bit of Super Mario RPG (and the other Mario RPGs as well).
  99. (07:11:50 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate hi!
  100. (07:11:51 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Cheese !
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  102. (07:11:54 AM) noirge: Hi!
  103. (07:11:59 AM) tntc: Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman! Hi I'm Al Harrington of Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman Emporium and Warehouse!
  104. (07:12:08 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Noirge !
  105. (07:12:29 AM) tashaCQ: omg that nail art is so awesome, frogg!
  106. (07:12:37 AM) Lhor [] entered the room.
  107. (07:12:40 AM) DFAnna: it was pretty tricky to get the feedback for the attacks/buffs in there
  108. (07:12:45 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Anna from the Gorgeous Plushies !
  109. (07:12:54 AM) frogg: tashaCQ: ^_^ Thank you
  110. (07:13:06 AM) Cheeseness: I love the aspect ratio changes during the special attacks
  111. (07:13:25 AM) AnnaTheRed: Hi The_Mad_Pirate & thank you!
  112. (07:13:31 AM) Lhor left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  113. (07:13:38 AM) Cheeseness: Ah ha ha ha ha
  114. (07:13:50 AM) Cheeseness: The animation when they've been hit from behind is fantastic
  115. (07:13:51 AM) tashaCQ: oh yeah we did a lot of iterations on the camera to figure out the best angles
  116. (07:13:56 AM) noirge: Yeah, I love the save system
  117. (07:13:58 AM) AnnaTheRed: Agree Cheeseness, so dramatic
  118. (07:14:07 AM) Cheeseness: I make that face all the time now :D
  119. (07:14:34 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna do you participate in the IOs Port ?
  120. (07:14:51 AM) Syd: There's something inherently amusing about inflatable flailing tube men.
  121. (07:14:51 AM) SirWolfgang: DFAnna: ello'
  122. (07:14:53 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate no, i'm full time on Broken Age rn
  123. (07:15:04 AM) DFAnna: SirWolfgang hi Zane!
  124. (07:15:13 AM) Cheeseness: I should probably take the time to gratuitously mention that I'm a Linux user and I am super, super appreciative to be able to play it natively on Linux ^_^
  125. (07:15:32 AM) Cheeseness: lol, Syd
  126. (07:15:40 AM) cancelHoo: android gets no love :(
  127. (07:15:44 AM) noirge: Who is behind art direction in Broken Age? (:
  128. (07:15:50 AM) frogg: I just love playing it (on a maC)
  129. (07:16:07 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Lee Petty
  130. (07:16:12 AM) SirWolfgang: tntc: I want a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman for throwing partys. But the thing in the front of your house/building. And give people directions to the area. Tell them, they will know when they see it
  131. (07:16:34 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna so basically that team had to figure out to map the controls to a Touch Device ?
  132. (07:16:37 AM) GameClubFan_799510 [] entered the room.
  133. (07:16:38 AM) DFAnna: noirge the visual style is all Nathan Stapley (we call him Bagel) and the technical side of the art direction is Lee Petty (creator of Stacking, Autonomous, art director on many DF games)
  134. (07:17:00 AM) SirWolfgang: DFAnna: why bagel?
  135. (07:17:02 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate yeah, there were probs design meetings there that i couldn't attend
  136. (07:17:11 AM) Belvar [] entered the room.
  137. (07:17:22 AM) DFAnna: SirWolfgang haha it's a nickname he's had since high school. even he doesn't remember
  138. (07:17:24 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna I hope to go to Lee's keynote this wendsday
  139. (07:17:30 AM) AnnaTheRed: I actually asked him why he's called Bagel at PAX Prime
  140. (07:17:36 AM) DFAnna: DFAnna in Argentina?
  141. (07:17:38 AM) noirge: Thanks, Anna
  142. (07:17:41 AM) DFAnna: errr
  143. (07:17:42 AM) DFAnna: hahah
  144. (07:17:44 AM) GameClubFan_308353 [] entered the room.
  145. (07:17:46 AM) rustybroomhandle [] entered the room.
  146. (07:17:49 AM) Cheeseness: So where did the name "grubbins" come from?
  147. (07:17:53 AM) Cheeseness: Hey rustybroomhandle!
  148. (07:17:53 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate in Argentina?
  149. (07:18:03 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: If I can find my why to Technopolis in Villa Martelli !
  150. (07:18:05 AM) DFAnna: AnnaTheRed what did he say?
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  152. (07:18:13 AM) tntc: SirWolfgang: I wonder what the maximum size for a WWIAFT is? "Ok, so it's visible from anywhere in the US, or space. Just drive towards it."
  153. (07:18:15 AM) rustybroomhandle: Rawr, greetings
  154. (07:18:19 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: hahahah Yeah I live in There !
  155. (07:18:25 AM) noirge: I think "Bagel" is pretty neat nickname!
  156. (07:18:28 AM) Kickinthehead [] entered the room.
  157. (07:18:36 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate his talk is amazing. he gave a practice one at DF on friday. you really should not miss it
  158. (07:18:40 AM) tashaCQ: Cheeseness: hmm don't really remember, but I was reading a lot about the origins of Halloween in Scottish/Irish folk tales
  159. (07:18:49 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: Actually I am in La PLata wich is about 60 km from Capital
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  161. (07:18:55 AM) Cheeseness: Do people ever take on lead roles on multiple projects simultaneously at Double Fine?
  162. (07:18:59 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: I am looking forward to it
  163. (07:19:06 AM) tashaCQ: so it might have been inspired by those
  164. (07:19:19 AM) Kickinthehead left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  165. (07:19:20 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Interesting! Either way, it's a fun word to say.
  166. (07:19:23 AM) Cheeseness: Grubbins
  167. (07:19:26 AM) Zorch [] entered the room.
  168. (07:19:28 AM) Kickinthehead [] entered the room.
  169. (07:19:39 AM) DFAnna: Cheeseness it's kind of a lot of work... not really. though if you're a project lead, you are likely doing that, designing, and whatever your normal responsibilities are, and then some
  170. (07:19:39 AM) AnnaTheRed: DFAnna He said that it was was from some commercial (?) that he couldn't really remember. And "Bagel" just stuck with him.
  171. (07:19:45 AM) Zorch: Ahoy DFers!
  172. (07:19:48 AM) SirWolfgang: tntc: /me wonders about the weight of the fabric, and the demissiing returns on air blowing tech
  173. (07:19:51 AM) Belvar left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  174. (07:19:56 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: So far I recommended several art museum to Rachel and a very expensive restaurant to Lee.
  175. (07:20:05 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Zorch
  176. (07:20:20 AM) DFAnna: Cheeseness on Costume Quest, Tasha did concepts, animations, designing, various reviewing, etc
  177. (07:20:31 AM) DFAnna: Cheeseness but she was assigned to just that project
  178. (07:20:32 AM) Mello42 [] entered the room.
  179. (07:20:40 AM) tashaCQ: yeah project leading is a ton of work so you can't really do 2 projects at once, unless you are Tim and kind of overseeing a couple
  180. (07:20:44 AM) GameClubFan_032141 [] entered the room.
  181. (07:20:47 AM) Permafry_42: btw pardon by weak battles but i have to skip some enemies in order to finish this level on time
  182. (07:20:48 AM) AnnaTheRed: I love Tasha's handwriting
  183. (07:20:49 AM) cobra_cake left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  184. (07:20:50 AM) AnnaTheRed: so cute
  185. (07:21:03 AM) tashaCQ: thank you AnnaTheRed :D
  186. (07:21:03 AM) DFAnna: AnnaTheRed ahh.. i hear a different origin story every time someone asks :D
  187. (07:21:13 AM) DFAnna: Zorch hey!
  188. (07:21:14 AM) frogg: tashaCQ: I should tell you it was the drawings on the FB I decided to go with the style of
  189. (07:21:21 AM) AnnaTheRed: Yeah, I think that's why it's kinda funny, DFAnna
  190. (07:21:28 AM) GameClubFan_756484 [] entered the room.
  191. (07:21:31 AM) Syd: I love that the camping store in the mall uses Psychonauts music
  192. (07:21:38 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I dunno why Tasha allways seemed very shy in those interviews. Well , at least to me.
  193. (07:21:50 AM) GameClubFan_756484 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  194. (07:21:57 AM) DFAnna: Syd good ear :D
  195. (07:22:01 AM) GameClubFan_799510 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  196. (07:22:01 AM) tashaCQ: i get uncomfortable around cameras
  197. (07:22:02 AM) Zorch: I really want this game >.< I think its about the only DF one I dont have. I have the prototype though!
  198. (07:22:22 AM) Cheeseness: Zorch: You can grab it on Steam if you're keen :D
  199. (07:22:23 AM) tntc: every time I see DF, I can't help by additionally think of Dwarf Fortress.
  200. (07:22:25 AM) DFAnna: Zorch it came out on iOS recently
  201. (07:22:26 AM) Cheeseness: And it just launched on iOS
  202. (07:22:33 AM) tntc: I wish there was a DF DF.
  203. (07:22:34 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tashaCQ: Yup , I noticed that , but I thougth It was because you felt exposed.
  204. (07:22:41 AM) GameClubFan_313034 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  205. (07:22:48 AM) SirWolfgang: tashaCQ: My grade school had the idea of filming us for every project we did, so we would be ok around cameras. To this day, I see one and turn away
  206. (07:22:50 AM) Cheeseness: The carpet in here is exciting!
  207. (07:22:52 AM) AnnaTheRed: You were super funny in the DF podcast, tashaCQ!
  208. (07:22:56 AM) tashaCQ: not really, I am the same if camera people come around Pixar
  209. (07:23:09 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tntc: A joystiq article on Spacebase DF 9 kinda made the same remark
  210. (07:23:18 AM) Zorch: I'm monetarily challenged at the moment
  211. (07:23:18 AM) Cheeseness: I enjoyed the DF podcast too :D
  212. (07:23:23 AM) tashaCQ: Yeah, the carpet design is really great
  213. (07:23:24 AM) Zorch: But maybe soon!
  214. (07:23:24 AM) noirge: I love Tasha's cats! I wear pin on backpack more than a year
  215. (07:23:24 AM) BigB: Love that arcade carpet!
  216. (07:23:32 AM) tashaCQ: very 80's arcade-y
  217. (07:23:35 AM) frogg: What!?!?! iOS.
  218. (07:23:39 AM) frogg: Dang.
  219. (07:23:55 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tntc: So Spacebase DF9 will be your DF DF but in space
  220. (07:24:00 AM) tntc: The_Mad_Pirate: wait.....wait is that like DF in space?
  221. (07:24:03 AM) tntc: OH MY SCIENCE!
  222. (07:24:04 AM) Cheeseness: frogg: Yeah, we scheduled Game Club to start just after the iOS launch. It was a bit over a week ago
  223. (07:24:08 AM) frogg: So, will there be a CQ sequal?
  224. (07:24:13 AM) tntc: I....I may have to buy that right now.
  225. (07:24:18 AM) rustybroomhandle: Eeep, bossfight - use violence!
  226. (07:24:23 AM) frogg: Wren in Space?
  227. (07:24:44 AM) frogg: Wren fighting Nazi Grubbins on the moon?
  228. (07:24:52 AM) frogg: @+@
  229. (07:24:56 AM) tashaCQ: I don't know, frogg. I would like there to be!
  230. (07:25:11 AM) Syd: Halloween... IN SPACE!
  231. (07:25:22 AM) tntc: OK, so what's the best way for you guys to take my money for DF-9?
  232. (07:25:23 AM) cancelHoo: Egg Quest ...switch to Easter
  233. (07:25:40 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tntc:
  234. (07:25:43 AM) Syd: I think they get the most out of Humble sales, if you're asking about that.
  235. (07:25:50 AM) Syd: So buy it from the website The_Mad_Pirate linked. :P
  236. (07:25:51 AM) Cheeseness: tntc: If you grab it from the Spacebase DF-9 website, that gives the best support
  237. (07:25:52 AM) frogg: tntc: let me give you my bank details
  238. (07:25:53 AM) frogg: <_<
  239. (07:25:53 AM) tntc: I'm throwing it as hard as I can at the screen, but it's not working. If I buy it through steam, do you get a good cut? Or is a direct buy better?
  240. (07:25:53 AM) SirWolfgang: "No one can hear you trick-or-treat in space!"
  241. (07:25:56 AM) tntc: OK!
  242. (07:26:07 AM) noirge: SirWolfgang :D
  243. (07:26:09 AM) tashaCQ: By the way, the costume contest in the mall is sort of inspired by those parts in Suikoden
  244. (07:26:13 AM) DFAnna: tntc yeah, we get a cut
  245. (07:26:15 AM) Cheeseness: I love that that kid is stuck there in the arcade
  246. (07:26:21 AM) Cheeseness: even after you free them
  247. (07:26:24 AM) tashaCQ: where you have to please the judges by cooking them their favorite foods
  248. (07:26:37 AM) tntc: But direct from the wobsite is better?
  249. (07:26:41 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: gotta go get my lady dog , see you guys laterz
  250. (07:26:53 AM) Cheeseness: Bye, The_Mad_Pirate
  251. (07:26:55 AM) noirge: Lucy! I like Lucy.
  252. (07:26:55 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate bye!
  253. (07:26:58 AM) rustybroomhandle: I think it would have been funny if the statue of liberty attacks occasionally used all French imagery
  254. (07:27:01 AM) frogg: o
  255. (07:27:08 AM) noirge: The_Mad_Pirate so long!
  256. (07:27:14 AM) AnnaTheRed: Later The_Mad_Pirate!
  257. (07:27:15 AM) tashaCQ: haha rustybroomhandle
  258. (07:27:18 AM) DFAnna: rustybroomhandle hm, agreed!
  259. (07:27:24 AM) GameClubFan_566453 [] entered the room.
  260. (07:27:31 AM) GameClubFan_566453 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  261. (07:27:59 AM) frogg: Mall at the End of the Universe
  262. (07:28:00 AM) tashaCQ: Elliott Roberts helped write some of the script, and Lucy is named after his niece
  263. (07:28:07 AM) Cheeseness: There we go. Costume Quest 2 takes place when Wren and Reynold travel to France for a holiday
  264. (07:28:18 AM) tashaCQ: also Everett is a friend of mine & Elliott's - animator & story artist at Pixar
  265. (07:28:19 AM) DFAnna: yeah, actually, there's a kid in the game named after every team member on cq
  266. (07:28:25 AM) Cheeseness: Aww :)
  267. (07:28:29 AM) frogg: awesomes
  268. (07:28:45 AM) noirge: Interesting facts :)
  269. (07:28:46 AM) tntc: woooot! df-9 is on its way to my computer box.
  270. (07:28:47 AM) Syd: What if you could go trick-or-treating in Spacebase DF-9? Send your citizens to other bases to collect candy. :P
  271. (07:28:51 AM) tashaCQ: and some of my other friends, and friends' kids
  272. (07:28:54 AM) GameClubFan_888824 [] entered the room.
  273. (07:29:22 AM) AnnaTheRed: sweet little CQ trivia!
  274. (07:29:30 AM) Syd: They could have costumes stretched over their space suits.
  275. (07:29:47 AM) rustybroomhandle: Heh, WelshPixie posted DF9 fanfic on the DF forum :P
  276. (07:29:49 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: I smell an upcoming thread on the SB DF9 forums
  277. (07:29:58 AM) tashaCQ: there was originally going to be one more friend you meet up with in the last level
  278. (07:30:12 AM) tashaCQ: a farm boy
  279. (07:30:16 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Ooh
  280. (07:30:26 AM) Cheeseness: Did they have a name?
  281. (07:30:30 AM) Kickinthehead: named Wesley??
  282. (07:30:31 AM) GameClubFan_888824 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  283. (07:30:35 AM) tashaCQ: i forget his name
  284. (07:30:38 AM) Cheeseness: With eyes like the sea after a storm
  285. (07:30:47 AM) GameClubFan_936326 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  286. (07:30:54 AM) tashaCQ: Yeah we had a character description written up for him and everythign
  287. (07:31:16 AM) rustybroomhandle: While a nice thought methinks CQ is just the right length as is
  288. (07:31:34 AM) GameClubFan_032141 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  289. (07:31:47 AM) cancelHoo: I always thought games were getting too long.
  290. (07:31:47 AM) DFAnna: hey guys, have to take off (music lesson)
  291. (07:31:54 AM) frogg: Nooo
  292. (07:31:55 AM) DFAnna: it was fun to chat to you all <3
  293. (07:31:55 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming DFAnna!
  294. (07:31:56 AM) tashaCQ: see ya Anna
  295. (07:31:56 AM) frogg: more game
  296. (07:32:01 AM) SirWolfgang: DFAnna: night
  297. (07:32:01 AM) AnnaTheRed: Bye DFAnna!
  298. (07:32:02 AM) frogg: o/
  299. (07:32:03 AM) Cheeseness: One more week left if you'd like to join us again :)
  300. (07:32:06 AM) Cheeseness: Enjoy your lesson!
  301. (07:32:07 AM) Kickinthehead: bye DFAnna!
  302. (07:32:13 AM) noirge: Bye DFAnna!
  303. (07:32:22 AM) DFAnna left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  304. (07:32:22 AM) Meeps: bye Anna!
  305. (07:32:24 AM) rustybroomhandle: seeya... hope it's tuba lessons
  306. (07:33:04 AM) Meeps: it was really fun smacking everything in this game and seeing the reactions
  307. (07:33:51 AM) Zorch left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  308. (07:33:54 AM) noirge: Meeps indeed.
  309. (07:34:27 AM) AnnaTheRed: tashaCQ , this might be a strange question, but have you played it through after the release?
  310. (07:34:27 AM) Syd: Magitastical!
  311. (07:35:12 AM) tashaCQ: AnnaTheRed, I have not, but watched Joe (my fiance) play it
  312. (07:35:16 AM) Cheeseness: I can't stop watching the gif that Syd shared @_@
  313. (07:35:32 AM) tashaCQ: I played it soooo much when we were working on it
  314. (07:35:53 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: How do you find watching other people play the game? Are they always missing things that you know about, or do they try things that surprise you?
  315. (07:36:00 AM) Kickinthehead: Hehe I wonder if after talking to that kid in CQ any kids asked: "Mommy, what's suffrage?"
  316. (07:36:05 AM) Cheeseness: (I guess Costume Quest doesn't really have a lot of opportunities for emergent gameplay)
  317. (07:36:18 AM) tashaCQ: well Joe plays games a little different than me in general
  318. (07:36:26 AM) tashaCQ: He goes faster
  319. (07:36:28 AM) AnnaTheRed: Yeah, that's what I usually hear the devs say after their game is released. tashaCQ
  320. (07:36:38 AM) AnnaTheRed: is he a completionist?
  321. (07:36:45 AM) tashaCQ: I take my time and explore everything and read everything
  322. (07:36:48 AM) Cheeseness: Mim is a don't-bother-reading-the-flavour text type gamer. It drives me nuts when I'm watching her play >_<
  323. (07:36:57 AM) tashaCQ: Not as much as me, AnnaTheRed
  324. (07:37:06 AM) Syd: I have to read flavor text. ALL the flavor text!
  325. (07:37:07 AM) AnnaTheRed: haha, I'm the same way, tashaCQ
  326. (07:37:13 AM) Meeps: yeah, i enjoy trying to find and read everything, so it takes me forever :P
  327. (07:37:16 AM) tashaCQ: He still reads stuff, but he reads really fast
  328. (07:37:33 AM) Kickinthehead: AnnaTheRed is a SUPER completionist, got every pearl in Okami
  329. (07:37:37 AM) AnnaTheRed: I spent about 100 hours on Okami
  330. (07:37:38 AM) rustybroomhandle: Haha, Cheeseness - I guess she won't be playing TME then since it's mostly text :P
  331. (07:37:51 AM) Cheeseness: I haven't been able to get her engaged yet, no :(
  332. (07:37:51 AM) Meeps: oh gosh.. i think i have about 85 on Okami haha
  333. (07:37:57 AM) tashaCQ: Originally I also wanted your party members to have a lot more dialog back & forth, and each of them have quests (like Dragon Age)
  334. (07:37:57 AM) Syd: I remember getting all the alternate costumes in Okami
  335. (07:38:11 AM) Syd: I think I 100%'d Okami, but I can't remember for certain.
  336. (07:38:18 AM) Cheeseness: Wind sock guy is still making me giggle
  337. (07:38:35 AM) Cheeseness: It's like he's a big fan who's totally geeking out about the epic battle unfolding IN HIS OWN PARKING LOT
  338. (07:38:36 AM) cancelHoo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  339. (07:38:36 AM) tashaCQ: I couldn't get that one bead that you had to memorize that tone sequence - you know what I'm talking about
  340. (07:39:05 AM) Kickinthehead: Oh for that one, we cheated, and I memorized the first half and AnnaTheRed did the last half. Or vice versa :P
  341. (07:39:18 AM) tashaCQ: nice
  342. (07:39:45 AM) AnnaTheRed: it's a bad habit of mine. that's why I don't play certain games myself.
  343. (07:40:03 AM) Syd: For some reason, one thing from Okami that stuck with me was the stone wall that you had to paint dots on the right spots to defeat. It got to the point that I used a dry erase marker on my TV to mark the right spots when they briefly flashed.
  344. (07:40:06 AM) tashaCQ: yeah it's kind of why I can't play MMO's anymore... I get so overwhelmed
  345. (07:40:21 AM) tashaCQ: Syd, that's the one we're talking about
  346. (07:40:23 AM) AnnaTheRed: I gave up when I heard that there were infinite number of side-quests in Skyrim
  347. (07:40:28 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, I don't do MMOs. I know that my life would disappear if I did
  348. (07:40:32 AM) tashaCQ: haha
  349. (07:40:46 AM) tashaCQ: I played WoW for a long time
  350. (07:41:01 AM) Power46: Costume Quest is a lot easier with using stuns.
  351. (07:41:16 AM) tashaCQ: but then they put in Achievements and I feel like I have to do them all
  352. (07:41:17 AM) SirWolfgang: AnnaTheRed: They infinite but very finite in structure. They are all go to cave, kill vip or kill everyone or return item
  353. (07:42:02 AM) SirWolfgang: but that could also be said about most Skyrim quests..
  354. (07:42:05 AM) tashaCQ: It was fun coming up with all the special attacks and the names for them
  355. (07:42:07 AM) Cheeseness: I haven't played Skyrim (I found Oblivion a bit disappointing and haven't really had motivation to go back). If there are generated misc quests like Daggerfall had, then I consider that to be a worthwhile regression
  356. (07:42:24 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: What's your favourite CQ special attack?
  357. (07:42:35 AM) SirWolfgang: Cheeseness: Skyrim is Morrowind with Oblivion style improvments
  358. (07:42:44 AM) Syd: I played through Skyrim once but didn't really have any urge to revisit it, even with the oodles of mods available.
  359. (07:42:47 AM) Cheeseness: SirWolfgang: Don't say that. I don't have time to play it ;_;
  360. (07:43:09 AM) SirWolfgang: Cheeseness: Me Either :/
  361. (07:43:12 AM) Cheeseness: Morrowind is most definitely my favourite TES game :D
  362. (07:43:17 AM) AnnaTheRed: SirWolfgang If I have a quest, I must clear it. And I talked to everyone I walked by...
  363. (07:43:18 AM) SirWolfgang: Ya
  364. (07:43:25 AM) Cheeseness: There's that music
  365. (07:43:27 AM) Syd: Psychonauts camp music!
  366. (07:43:31 AM) BigB: Psychonauts!
  367. (07:43:32 AM) Meeps: :D
  368. (07:43:38 AM) tashaCQ: I agree, I loved Morrowind
  369. (07:43:45 AM) tashaCQ: was really into Skyrim too though
  370. (07:43:50 AM) SirWolfgang: Cheeseness: Have you played Dead Island?
  371. (07:43:54 AM) AnnaTheRed: All I did in Skyrim was helping people with their relationships and delivering stuff for them.
  372. (07:44:08 AM) Cheeseness: SirWolfgang: Nah, not really. Mim has played it a bit. I've watched over her shoulder and laughed at the horrendous accents
  373. (07:44:16 AM) SirWolfgang: Cheeseness: In Dead Island, With Controller this is an 'advanced attack system'
  374. (07:44:29 AM) tashaCQ: I really like how the notebook ended up looking
  375. (07:44:30 AM) SirWolfgang: That control system should be default tbh
  376. (07:44:40 AM) SirWolfgang: But the idea is you swing the weapons with the joystick
  377. (07:44:41 AM) tashaCQ: Joe Kowalski did the UI design
  378. (07:44:48 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine [] entered the room.
  379. (07:44:48 AM) flesk: I love that they put that music in there.
  380. (07:44:49 AM) SirWolfgang: They need to put that into TES
  381. (07:44:51 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, the notebook is great
  382. (07:44:54 AM) SirWolfgang: Then it would be the perfect game
  383. (07:44:56 AM) Cheeseness: Hey marykatelovesdoublefine!
  384. (07:45:18 AM) tashaCQ: the same composer did the music for CQ and Psychonauts
  385. (07:45:27 AM) flesk: I don't think I noticed it when I played through CQ though. Or if I did I forgot about it.
  386. (07:45:28 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Yay!!! More Costume Quest <3
  387. (07:45:44 AM) BigB: The Music is awsome in CQ
  388. (07:45:50 AM) BigB: (and Psychonauts!=
  389. (07:45:50 AM) Cheeseness: Who animated the windsock guy, do you recall, tashaCQ?
  390. (07:46:03 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: (I tweaked my nickname a bit this time.)
  391. (07:46:06 AM) Meeps: ^ i was wondering that too, haha
  392. (07:46:07 AM) ***SirWolfgang has to go now.
  393. (07:46:07 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  394. (07:46:10 AM) SirWolfgang: o7
  395. (07:46:12 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming, SirWolfgang!
  396. (07:46:17 AM) SirWolfgang is now known as sirwolfgang
  397. (07:46:29 AM) rustybroomhandle: Anyhoo, have to run, seeya all
  398. (07:46:38 AM) Syd: I love Peter McConnell's music. I was so happy when he was announced to be the composer for Broken Age.
  399. (07:46:39 AM) tashaCQ: haha windsock guy getting so much love. I think he's actually procedurally animated, so our vfx artist probably did it.
  400. (07:46:41 AM) Cheeseness: Have fun, rustybroomhandle!
  401. (07:46:47 AM) tashaCQ: Lydia Choy
  402. (07:46:52 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Oh, it is? That's awesome
  403. (07:46:59 AM) Meeps: nice
  404. (07:47:04 AM) rustybroomhandle left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  405. (07:47:05 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Best Mall Ever ...
  406. (07:47:39 AM) Meeps: tashaCQ - did you get Pokemon X/Y yet? you get rollerblades in it :)
  407. (07:47:44 AM) tashaCQ: I drew the little icons for the costumes and the ability ones in the upper right
  408. (07:47:46 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Grubbin!
  409. (07:47:56 AM) tashaCQ: my Pokemon Y just arrived today!
  410. (07:48:12 AM) flesk: Yeah, Peter McConnell makes awesome music.
  411. (07:48:25 AM) Meeps: woo! i'm playing Y too
  412. (07:48:26 AM) tashaCQ: I still need to finish Mario & Luigi Dream Team though. And "Gone Home". just started that yesterday.
  413. (07:48:32 AM) Syd: I've been hearing really good things about X/Y. The only thing stopping me from getting a copy is that I don't have a 3DS, but I hope to fix that soon. :P
  414. (07:48:43 AM) flesk: It was very interesting to see him in that documentary episode.
  415. (07:48:44 AM) Power46: The person who is playing does know that you can control each character's costume manually, right? YOu don't have to do all of the swapping.
  416. (07:48:46 AM) tashaCQ: 3ds is my favorite system right now
  417. (07:49:12 AM) tashaCQ: I don't have a Wii U though :/
  418. (07:49:13 AM) Meeps: yeah i've been playing mostly 3DS and PC over the past year
  419. (07:49:18 AM) Permafry_42: meh this ay is more fun
  420. (07:49:30 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Pokemon X/Y has had amazing sales and great feedback. if I had a 3DS, I'd be interested.
  421. (07:49:37 AM) Kickinthehead: Ooo that reminds me, the 3DS Phoenix Wright comes out next week!
  422. (07:49:51 AM) tashaCQ: it does??
  423. (07:49:55 AM) tashaCQ: excited!!!
  424. (07:49:56 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Are there any game designers who you find influential or inspirational?
  425. (07:49:57 AM) Meeps: i'm so excited for Ace Attorney 5 :D the 3D animation looks amazing
  426. (07:50:04 AM) tashaCQ: it's been too long
  427. (07:50:09 AM) Kickinthehead: Yeah! The 3D designs/animation for the characters are really good
  428. (07:50:10 AM) tashaCQ: hmm
  429. (07:50:15 AM) flesk: Only US or Europe as well?
  430. (07:50:39 AM) tashaCQ: I don't know too many game designers by name, but there are definitely companies that I watch for
  431. (07:50:45 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: CQ is so many games in one. What a beautiful mix... <3
  432. (07:51:06 AM) Cheeseness: Ha ha, that animation is great too
  433. (07:51:14 AM) tashaCQ: Level-5
  434. (07:51:35 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Mall Parking Lot Battle... <3 it.
  435. (07:51:36 AM) Meeps: Professor Layton fan?
  436. (07:51:37 AM) AnnaTheRed: love Level-5 games
  437. (07:51:45 AM) tashaCQ: yes i've played all the Prof Laytons
  438. (07:51:46 AM) Kickinthehead: Yeah they're great, I still have to beat the 3DS Layton game too
  439. (07:51:47 AM) Cheeseness: marykatelovesdoublefine: We were talking about how awesome the windsock guy is there
  440. (07:51:48 AM) flesk: October 24th in Norway. Nice.
  441. (07:51:53 AM) Power46: The Phoenix Wright game is coming out in Europe at the same time as the US
  442. (07:51:57 AM) Kickinthehead: I didn't like the 3D versions of the characters :/
  443. (07:52:14 AM) flesk: I actually didn't like the 3DS Layton game as much as the previous installments.
  444. (07:52:21 AM) tashaCQ: I didn't like the 3d versions of the Prof Layton characters either
  445. (07:52:24 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: The details in this game are just friggin delicious.
  446. (07:52:34 AM) Kickinthehead: but for the next one they're going back to 2D :)
  447. (07:52:39 AM) tashaCQ: good
  448. (07:52:50 AM) flesk: Not sure what it is, but it just didn't get me hooked the way the earlier games did.
  449. (07:53:02 AM) tashaCQ: thank you marykatelovesdoublefine
  450. (07:53:05 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: I'm going to make a plushie of windsockguy.
  451. (07:53:25 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: :) Thank YOU, tashaCQ :)
  452. (07:53:39 AM) AnnaTheRed: do ittt marykatelovesdoublefine
  453. (07:53:39 AM) flesk: Plus I've already encountered two puzzles that just weren't good. I think all of the puzzles in previous games have been at least fair.
  454. (07:53:41 AM) tashaCQ: wait I don't think he's procedural actually it might have been Ray Crook
  455. (07:53:46 AM) tashaCQ: who animated him
  456. (07:53:59 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Liberty!! <3
  457. (07:54:09 AM) tashaCQ: hard to remember
  458. (07:54:17 AM) DFGabeMiller [] entered the room.
  459. (07:54:26 AM) Syd: Hi DFGabeMiller!
  460. (07:54:33 AM) AnnaTheRed: Hi DFGabeMiller
  461. (07:54:36 AM) DFGabeMiller: what up!
  462. (07:54:46 AM) tashaCQ: Hey Gabe!
  463. (07:54:48 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Hello, Gabe! :)
  464. (07:54:51 AM) DFGabeMiller: Anna! Maker of awesomethings!
  465. (07:54:52 AM) Meeps: hey!
  466. (07:54:56 AM) Syd: We're all fixated on the windsock guy flailing around in the battle background. :P
  467. (07:55:21 AM) Cheeseness: Hey there DFGabeMiller!
  468. (07:55:22 AM) AnnaTheRed: aw thank you!
  469. (07:55:26 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Windsockguy is the eternal amid the passing chaos.
  470. (07:55:40 AM) DFGabeMiller: windsock guy was this game's crowning achievement
  471. (07:55:52 AM) Cheeseness: Gabe Miller was Senior Producer and a designer on Costume Quest
  472. (07:56:04 AM) Cheeseness: Windsock Guy deserves his own spin-off title
  473. (07:56:13 AM) flesk: Is initiative based on whether or not you catch the monsters by surprise or is it random?
  474. (07:56:17 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: The lighting gives me nerdgasms.
  475. (07:56:31 AM) tashaCQ: You can hit them with your pail to gain initiative
  476. (07:56:35 AM) Syd: OP unicorn costume!
  477. (07:56:41 AM) Meeps: aww the unicorn
  478. (07:57:00 AM) Syd: I always used the unicorn once I got it. It's so good.
  479. (07:57:01 AM) flesk: Unicorn is so cute.
  480. (07:57:03 AM) DFGabeMiller: allowance advance? i don't even remember that
  481. (07:57:05 AM) tashaCQ: hehe there are physics on the back legs so they flop around
  482. (07:57:06 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Best Unicorn Costume Ever. <3
  483. (07:57:16 AM) DFGabeMiller: aww yeah. psychonauts campground music
  484. (07:57:27 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: <3
  485. (07:57:39 AM) tashaCQ: I also drew all the battle stamps. took forever!
  486. (07:58:26 AM) Permafry_42: yeah i love the design
  487. (07:58:27 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: The battle stamps are wonderful.
  488. (07:58:57 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: :) Unicorn!!! :)
  489. (07:59:23 AM) Cheeseness: marykatelovesdoublefine: Second/third best unicorn costume ever. I hear the best ones were made by tashaCQ's mum :D
  490. (07:59:55 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: I was so friggin thrilled every time I unlocked a costume, just jonesing to see how the characters would appear in battle mode.
  491. (08:00:11 AM) Cheeseness: DFGabeMiller: What was it like to work on Costume Quest? Are there any memories of the game's development that stand out to you?
  492. (08:00:40 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Awww... Okay 2nd/3rd best ... (Best *I* got to see tho.)
  493. (08:00:53 AM) tashaCQ: Christine Phelan did the unicorn battle animation. she works at Valve now
  494. (08:01:00 AM) Kickinthehead: The french fries are pretty epic, didn't see that "battle mode" coming :P
  495. (08:01:16 AM) tashaCQ: :D
  496. (08:01:17 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: lol the fries are funny
  497. (08:01:21 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFGabeMiller: Hello Sir !
  498. (08:01:33 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFGabeMiller: How are those zombies kicking ?
  499. (08:01:45 AM) DFGabeMiller: it was pretty rad. i came on in the middle of development to help out with production, but kept getting more and more entrenched until i was placing trigger volumes, doing small animations and writing dialog
  500. (08:02:06 AM) tashaCQ: yeah Gabe did a bit of everything
  501. (08:02:08 AM) AnnaTheRed: love that galloping action on Unicorn
  502. (08:02:14 AM) DFGabeMiller: that was a small team back then, but it's still a lot bigger than our current teams
  503. (08:02:36 AM) DFGabeMiller: the budget for CQ is bigger than most of our current titles
  504. (08:02:48 AM) DFGabeMiller: times have changed
  505. (08:02:53 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: the unicorn just gives me a constant stream of joy
  506. (08:03:22 AM) tashaCQ: it did earn it's money back though eventually, didn't it?
  507. (08:04:36 AM) tashaCQ: Oh yeah we kind of made the "epic" versions relatively genderless where we could
  508. (08:04:56 AM) tashaCQ: so we could use the same model whether it was a boy or girl wearing the costume
  509. (08:05:05 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: I'm surprised to hear that about the budgets. With Xbox One, there won't be any more "XBLA" games, but do you anticipate more games of the same size as CQ or Stacking?
  510. (08:05:08 AM) tashaCQ: which is why the space warrior & knight have helmets
  511. (08:05:09 AM) tashaCQ: etc
  512. (08:05:20 AM) Cheeseness: DFGabeMiller: I, for one, am totally appreciative of the new angles that Double Fine is taking
  513. (08:05:29 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: The gender equality in this game is a triumph, in my opinion.
  514. (08:05:58 AM) tashaCQ: thank you marykatelovesdoublefine, it's an important issue for me!
  515. (08:06:00 AM) DFGabeMiller: sorry. wife interruption!
  516. (08:06:11 AM) DFGabeMiller: yeah, i think we've earned back since we went on steam
  517. (08:06:17 AM) DFGabeMiller: it's definitely profitable now. modestly
  518. (08:06:19 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  519. (08:06:29 AM) tashaCQ: oh yeah, Bagel named a lot of the shops in the mall, i think they're hilarious
  520. (08:06:30 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: It's the kind of game I'm especially proud to play with my little girl.
  521. (08:06:44 AM) Syd: "Why not Flip-Flops?"
  522. (08:06:45 AM) Meeps: Tacos for Guapos
  523. (08:06:48 AM) Permafry_42: don't forget the ios version
  524. (08:06:49 AM) tashaCQ: or was that Tim... I think it was both maybe
  525. (08:07:07 AM) tashaCQ: the Taco place is inspired by a taco place near DF
  526. (08:07:07 AM) BigB: Now if this were on Android....
  527. (08:07:14 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: The mall shops are awesome. :D
  528. (08:07:15 AM) DFGabeMiller: re: game size: it really just depends on the idea and how we try to fund it. there aren't a lot of publishers out there willing to do big budget games any more and there aren't a lot of developers wanting to do it
  529. (08:07:19 AM) tashaCQ: where the lady would always call people "Guapo" who came in
  530. (08:07:36 AM) DFGabeMiller: most of our ideas are based on what our project leads are playing and we're playing mostly smaller games
  531. (08:07:51 AM) tashaCQ: "Rocks for her"
  532. (08:08:01 AM) frogg: I like that the characters could wear which ever costume
  533. (08:08:18 AM) DFGabeMiller: oh yeah. there's a psychonauts character named after a dish in her taco place too right?
  534. (08:08:22 AM) DFGabeMiller: Lampita
  535. (08:08:37 AM) frogg: not 'this is girly costume only for girls'
  536. (08:08:47 AM) Cheeseness: I love that too :)
  537. (08:08:47 AM) flesk: Smaller games usually have more interesting concepts though, so it's not a bad thing.
  538. (08:08:50 AM) Cheeseness: I need to disappear for a tick, but I'll be back before long
  539. (08:08:56 AM) Mello42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  540. (08:09:01 AM) DFGabeMiller: glad you like the direction, cheeseness. it's creatively freeing to change gears more frequently than a few years
  541. (08:09:09 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: I'm one of those people that dreams regularly of Psychonauts 2 ...
  542. (08:09:18 AM) Permafry_42: same
  543. (08:09:23 AM) flesk: Yeah, me too.
  544. (08:09:41 AM) flesk: Not enough 3D platformers for PC these days.
  545. (08:09:44 AM) frogg: im realy stuck on the boss lava thingy on the Milk Man level
  546. (08:09:51 AM) flesk: And Psychonauts is pretty unique anyway.
  547. (08:09:52 AM) BigB: On the other hand, Psychonauts felt quite complete for me on how it is
  548. (08:10:02 AM) DFGabeMiller: a lot of us would love to do psychonauts 2. the stars just have to align the right way. obviously Tim is working on Broken Age right now, so he doesn't have a lot of mindshare for it...
  549. (08:10:20 AM) Power46: That boss requires telekinesis, frogg.
  550. (08:10:30 AM) frogg: DFGabeMiller: you're going about this all the wrong way. Make clones.
  551. (08:10:35 AM) Syd: Lately, I've been having more fun with small budget/indie games than the big AAA releases, though there's the occasional exception.
  552. (08:10:41 AM) frogg: Power46: hmmmm
  553. (08:10:55 AM) flesk: And then clone your money to fund it.
  554. (08:10:56 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Smaller games... like CQ and Stacking (if I really can call these "small") are like the short stories of gaming. They're very tightly crafted and especially rich and dense. They contain so much in that "smaller" package.
  555. (08:11:24 AM) frogg: I'm not a huge gamer, Thomas Was Alone is the only other game
  556. (08:11:26 AM) Power46: When he takes enough damage, he splits apart. YOu have to throw something in.
  557. (08:11:35 AM) frogg: I've completed this year and that was pretty awesome,
  558. (08:11:40 AM) flesk: Yeah, I think there's more than enough content in both CQ and Stacking.
  559. (08:11:56 AM) frogg: Power46: I think I tried, but I wasn't quick enough, or something
  560. (08:12:11 AM) Syd: Spelunky is my current addiction, and I love it so much that I'll probably keep playing it for the foreseeable future.
  561. (08:12:12 AM) DFGabeMiller: yeah, i like the smaller games. 20-80 hours means i'm likely not going to get to finish it. but something small like Swapper or Mark of the Ninja are just right.
  562. (08:12:21 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: But I thougth PSychonauts IP was taken
  563. (08:12:22 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: I'm very excited about (and I'm backing) both Broken Age and Massive Chalice.
  564. (08:12:24 AM) frogg: I left it for a couple of monts and figured I would come back to it. I should probably do that \<_<
  565. (08:12:31 AM) DFGabeMiller: we own the Psychonauts IP
  566. (08:12:36 AM) Power46: That can be a bit of a sticking point, but I would recommend sticking to it.
  567. (08:12:39 AM) DFGabeMiller: it reverted to us 5 years after the game came out
  568. (08:13:06 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: :D
  569. (08:13:09 AM) Power46: I remember reading those tweets that mentioned that.
  570. (08:13:12 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: I NEED those figurines. But someone really must add Linda to the set.
  571. (08:13:20 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Thats awesome !
  572. (08:13:32 AM) granderojo [] entered the room.
  573. (08:13:40 AM) AnnaTheRed: I have all the figurines. they are really cool.
  574. (08:13:55 AM) AnnaTheRed: super detailed
  575. (08:13:56 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: I'm trying to read more of the shop signs ... skate slower ;)
  576. (08:14:05 AM) tashaCQ: haha there was Razmig the kid
  577. (08:14:19 AM) tashaCQ: named after DF artist Razmig Mavlian
  578. (08:14:32 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: They ARE super cool, aren't they. I'm ecstatic over Mr. Pokeylope being in there.
  579. (08:14:48 AM) tashaCQ: Orange Blast
  580. (08:15:05 AM) frogg: Okay
  581. (08:15:16 AM) DFGabeMiller: you guys saw we released CQ on iOS the other day, right?
  582. (08:15:16 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: (Again) Best Mall Ever
  583. (08:15:22 AM) tashaCQ: "Husky Toddler"
  584. (08:15:45 AM) Cheeseness: Woo! Back!
  585. (08:15:49 AM) AnnaTheRed: yup & already got it, DFGabeMiller
  586. (08:15:53 AM) BigB: Gabe, any chance for an Android version?
  587. (08:15:57 AM) DFGabeMiller: nice
  588. (08:16:01 AM) flesk: Yep, but we're waiting still waiting for the Android version.
  589. (08:16:08 AM) DFGabeMiller: there's always a chance ;)
  590. (08:16:26 AM) Permafry_42: Yeah i'd love an android version
  591. (08:16:27 AM) DFGabeMiller: we want all of our games on all of the systems. some are just harder than others
  592. (08:16:41 AM) DFGabeMiller: or cost more to make than we would get back out of it
  593. (08:17:01 AM) DFGabeMiller: but as we port more games, it makes it easier to port other games
  594. (08:17:05 AM) tashaCQ: I love the candy corn costume
  595. (08:17:08 AM) flesk: What about 3DS? CQ and Psychonauts especially would be awesome on it.
  596. (08:17:21 AM) DFGabeMiller: i just got a 3DS!
  597. (08:17:21 AM) AnnaTheRed: I wish I could've made the Unicorn costume for Wren & Reynold plush tashaCQ
  598. (08:17:31 AM) Syd: Maxtel doesn't look too threatening outside of battle, but then you get into battle...
  599. (08:17:32 AM) AnnaTheRed: especially now that I know that it was your favorite.
  600. (08:17:35 AM) DFGabeMiller: i'm showing everyone my pokemans
  601. (08:17:51 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: That would be so awesome. I LOVE the Raz plushie.
  602. (08:17:54 AM) flesk: I read somewhere that 3DS is a lot cheaper to develop for than the DS.
  603. (08:18:03 AM) DFGabeMiller: one of our employees dressed up in that unicorn costume for halloween. it was THE BEST
  604. (08:18:11 AM) tashaCQ: It's ok AnnaTheRed, I love the Fries too
  605. (08:18:21 AM) Power46: I am sure that porting more of the Buddha Engine games to new platforms allows it to be a lot easier to port more, as you have more of the basics already ported.
  606. (08:18:28 AM) AnnaTheRed: I think I've seen the photo, DFGabeMiller
  607. (08:18:28 AM) flesk: The development kit is supposed to be more indie friendly.
  608. (08:18:44 AM) Cheeseness: DFGabeMiller: It's great to hear that it feels like shifting direction has been creatively freeing. I can imagine that for some people it could be easy to feel that it was restrictive to not be doing large scale, big budget projects
  609. (08:18:55 AM) DFGabeMiller: Exactly, Power46
  610. (08:18:57 AM) AnnaTheRed: aw thanks tashaCQ!
  611. (08:19:28 AM) Cheeseness: But I've found the newer, smaller stuff to be really interesting and enjoyable (not to detract from the awesomeness of Pnauts and BL)
  612. (08:19:41 AM) DFGabeMiller: well, both have their advantages. big projects give you more space to breathe and change direction, but you get fatigued being on the same thign for a while
  613. (08:20:00 AM) DFGabeMiller: that's why Amnesia Fortnight happened. we were a little burned out on Brutal and needed a palette cleanser
  614. (08:20:07 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFGabeMiller: Does the Buddha Engine also uses Lua as scripting Language ?
  615. (08:20:24 AM) DFGabeMiller: it does
  616. (08:20:35 AM) DFGabeMiller: all of our games use lua
  617. (08:21:05 AM) tashaCQ: You know this black & white comic-book frame in the battles? That was a piece of geometry that the animators animated to frame their scenes the way they wanted
  618. (08:21:06 AM) flesk: It would be nice if you somehow got both the money and staff to be able to work on these great smaller games in a few teams while also still working on larger games.
  619. (08:21:34 AM) DFGabeMiller: that's the hope!
  620. (08:21:37 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFGabeMiller: So I isn't unfeasible that a future version of the Buddha engine could use Moai as a plattaform abstraction layer !
  621. (08:22:02 AM) DFGabeMiller: moai was a stopgap because the brutal engine wasn't ready for mobile
  622. (08:22:10 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Amnesia Fortnight is wonderful. I really appreciated the livestreams and the virtual participation. <3 It was a great learning experience and utterly delightful.
  623. (08:22:11 AM) Cheeseness: DFGabeMiller: Fingers crossed that consolidating independence ends up providing opportunities to do big stuff without risk of the kind of potential disasters that the cancellations of Pnauts and BL represented
  624. (08:22:24 AM) DFGabeMiller: cq is on mobile now, so that is changing
  625. (08:22:29 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, opening up AF was super awesome
  626. (08:22:50 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFGabeMiller: getting Bruthal Legend to IOs and Android would be an amazing achivement !
  627. (08:23:03 AM) DFGabeMiller: i'll say!
  628. (08:23:14 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Oh, I was going to ask about how that was done, whether it was a viewport or a mask
  629. (08:23:40 AM) tashaCQ: I have to say I'm glad AF was not open when I was doing CQ
  630. (08:23:47 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Yummy character designs and details throughout.
  631. (08:23:56 AM) Power46: I still find the statement of "it was the only family I had ever known" amusing when earlier in the battle he said that he ran over his brother-in-law.
  632. (08:23:59 AM) tashaCQ: too much pressure!
  633. (08:24:02 AM) The_Mad_Pirate left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  634. (08:24:13 AM) Permafry_42: Thanks again to everyone who could join us!
  635. (08:24:14 AM) DFGabeMiller: yeah, you'll notice that you've never seen me on camera ;)
  636. (08:24:14 AM) Cheeseness: The stream is over, but everybody is welcome to continue chatting!
  637. (08:24:15 AM) flesk: It's great that you have games like MC and SBDF9 in the pipeline that (to me at least) seems to have the potential to be mainstream successes.
  638. (08:24:21 AM) The_Mad_Pirate [] entered the room.
  639. (08:24:24 AM) Syd: Thanks for joining us everyone! You can still hang around and chat if you'd like. :)
  640. (08:24:30 AM) DFGabeMiller: thanks for putting that together Cheeseness
  641. (08:24:35 AM) DFGabeMiller: et al
  642. (08:24:42 AM) GameClubFan_536548 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  643. (08:24:45 AM) Cheeseness: DFGabeMiller: It's a small effort ^_^
  644. (08:24:47 AM) AnnaTheRed: yay another super fun stream, Cheeseness!
  645. (08:24:56 AM) Kickinthehead: tanks Cheeseness!
  646. (08:24:56 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Awww... I hope we don't add much pressure. But I totally understand.
  647. (08:25:05 AM) DFGabeMiller: i'll try to be more available next week
  648. (08:25:16 AM) Cheeseness: DFGabeMiller: No worries. Thanks for joining us! :D
  649. (08:25:18 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: : Congrats on the stream
  650. (08:25:28 AM) Meeps: thanks everyone :)
  651. (08:25:36 AM) tashaCQ: thanks guys, I'll see you next week!
  652. (08:25:37 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming tashaCQ!
  653. (08:25:37 AM) yama: Ah-ha! CQ looks so much more fun that I thought it would. I'm glad I tuned in this weekend. :D
  654. (08:25:39 AM) Permafry_42: np glad to have been able to replay such a fantasticly designed game
  655. (08:26:02 AM) DFGabeMiller: till next week...
  656. (08:26:03 AM) Meeps left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  657. (08:26:07 AM) Permafry_42: yeah it's definetely one of the best games to play for halloween
  658. (08:26:07 AM) DFGabeMiller left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  659. (08:26:08 AM) Kickinthehead: bye everyone!
  660. (08:26:08 AM) tashaCQ left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  661. (08:26:09 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: These are so much fun. Thanks to everyone who participates! :D
  662. (08:26:12 AM) Cheeseness: I can understand that open AF is pretty daunting , but I think all the supporters recognise that people are trying things that might not work
  663. (08:26:14 AM) Kickinthehead left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  664. (08:26:22 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Thanks a lot tashaCQ !
  665. (08:26:56 AM) Cheeseness: The opportunity to have those two weeks support themselves rather than representing a significant drain on resources makes it much more doable
  666. (08:26:56 AM) Power46 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  667. (08:26:57 AM) Permafry_42: oh yeah for those who are into adventure games, make sure to check out the game stanley parable on steam
  668. (08:27:09 AM) AnnaTheRed: bye guys!
  669. (08:27:18 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming AnnaTheRed!
  670. (08:27:22 AM) Permafry_42: bye ana!
  671. (08:27:22 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Thanks for being part of it, AnnaTheRed :)
  672. (08:27:27 AM) AnnaTheRed: hopefully see you next week!
  673. (08:27:31 AM) AnnaTheRed: :)
  674. (08:27:34 AM) Cheeseness: The chat log and stream archive will be up shortly ^_^
  675. (08:27:35 AM) AnnaTheRed left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  676. (08:27:35 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: Hope so!
  677. (08:27:37 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: bye Anna from the Forgeous PLushies !
  678. (08:27:50 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: ahahahah damn typo
  679. (08:28:04 AM) The_Mad_Pirate left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  680. (08:28:05 AM) marykatelovesdoublefine: typos are the hobgoblins of chat
  681. (08:28:09 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks everybody for coming!
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