HPM Pastebin and Changelog

May 16th, 2014
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  1. If you need to check the source of the mod, my only trip will be
  2. HPM !!gEXp1TuUhJX
  3. If it changes, it will be posted here.
  5. Burned trips (in not utilized by me anymore, recommended filtering):
  6. !!ZGQZQC2C21w - from 08/08/2015
  7. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. This Pastebin (or the links it contains) is not supposed to be linked anywhere but /gsg/, and I will not link it anywhere else. If anyone wants this mod, they can get it off moddb.
  10. Historical Project Mod for HOD 3.04. All minimods are NOT compatible. Probably. NOT compatible with 0.4.X saves.
  13. If you have any problems unpacking the mod, I'd recommend using 7zip. Make sure it's updated too.
  14. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Don't Track me Paradox
  16. A simple hosts file fix that will stop you from sharing any data with Paradox. If it opens on notepad or has a .txt extension, make sure it will have a .cmd extension instead.
  18. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Victoria 2 Community Patch - V1.0
  20. This is a community patch that fixes vanilla bugs. It doesn't add anything, it just fixes bugs in vanilla. To be compatible with NNM, just delete the decision folder and all events in the events folder except NobelPrize.txt. Replace everything else. You DON"T need to use this with HPM, it already includes all the fixes, and it isn't compatible with most mods, only vanilla or things that don't change the same things.
  23. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  24. France Minimod for HPM - Updated 3rd of June 2017
  25. Description inside.
  27. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  28. Apocalypse 1836 - Original author: ZomgK3tchup (Not Compatible)
  29. The mod was simply adapted to HPM and had a few bugs fixed.
  31. Original thread:
  32. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  33. Changelogs:
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