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  1. If you need to check the source of the mod, my only trip will be
  2. HPM !!gEXp1TuUhJX
  3. If it changes, it will be posted here.
  5. Burned trips (in not utilized by me anymore, recommended filtering):
  6. !!ZGQZQC2C21w - from 08/08/2015
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  8. This Pastebin (or the links it contains) is not supposed to be linked anywhere but /gsg/, and I will not link it anywhere else. If anyone wants this mod, they can get it off moddb.
  10. Historical Project Mod - Version 0.4.1 (Checksum DWUJ) for HOD 3.04 - 09/01/2019. Compatible with version 0.4. All minimods are NOT compatible. Probably.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hk6544vnhxf456k/HPM%
  13. Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!eB52wAhS!sTzINIYzLYlmbiQS22u909loBEa4QM7Z1ByHSuBXkFM
  15. Old Version (
  16. https://mega.nz/#!fZ4CWYQK!eiqcBDhmYha_iHJISaxzSQCLxPTgvUFyEqKzroYTI9M
  18. If you have any problems unpacking the mod, I'd recommend using 7zip. Make sure it's updated too.
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  20. Don't Track me Paradox
  21. A simple hosts file fix that will stop you from sharing any data with Paradox. If it opens on notepad or has a .txt extension, make sure it will have a .cmd extension instead.
  22. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8lkn5unluc5vlf1/Don%27t%20Track%20Me%20Paradox.cmd?dl=0
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  24. Victoria 2 Community Patch - V1.0
  25. This is a community patch that fixes vanilla bugs. It doesn't add anything, it just fixes bugs in vanilla. To be compatible with NNM, just delete the decision folder and all events in the events folder except NobelPrize.txt. Replace everything else. You DON"T need to use this with HPM, it already includes all the fixes, and it isn't compatible with most mods, only vanilla or things that don't change the same things.
  26. https://mega.nz/#!rVRSCIoR!Sqnwc_5Ti1q5jZZNRqfGJmeHxfaKEhlZ2BmoM8wnKQA
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  28. Israel Minimod V2
  29. Here is something fun I made for my custom overhaul mod and ported to HPM with some extra content. Why choose Palestine all the time when there were other possibilities for a Jewish homeland throughout history? Do you want to make the Madagascar Plan reality? Or perhaps prove that the Andinia Plan wasn't just a conspiracy theory? Well this is your chance! Some locations such as the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and Kimberley aren't an option, mainly because those would be OPMs. Have fun!
  30. https://pastebin.com/Hs1pxL3a
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  32. INHPM Minimod
  33. A HPM submod that improves the names of countries. Feel free to give him suggestions on names.
  34. http://pastebin.com/0HnVShRu
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  36. France Minimod for HPM - Updated 3rd of June 2017
  37. Description inside.
  38. https://pastebin.com/4uJj9ws1
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  40. Vanilla Pictures Minimod by Anon
  41. This minimod makes (most) decisions and events use the standard vanilla colors.
  42. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11827383/Color%20Corrected%20HPM%20Pictures.zip
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  44. Cultures V8 Minimod: - 17/03/2016 - OUTDATED
  45. Started by me and improved by another anon and fixed by me again (it changed the british culture to english instead of only making a localization change, breaking a bunch of events), this mod divides british culture in Scottish, Welsh, English and Anglo-Irish. It also adds a Montenegrin, Occitan and Faroese Culture. Complete with Cores. HPM is necessary. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE SWISS CULTURES MINIMOD.
  46. https://mega.nz/#!mQpWXYbD!f7wXE46zMTffuNypiGXR9EIF_DMh90SHXY6y1f90a2s
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  48. Swiss Cultures Minimod V4 by Anon: - 22/03/2016 - OUTDATED
  49. Same thing as the cultures minimod, but it splits switzerland in swiss french, swiss german and swiss italian. Remade by french minimodguy and fixed by another kind anon. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE CULTURES MINIMOD. HAS EVERYTHING THAT THE CULTURES MINIMOD HAS.
  50. http://www.mediafire.com/download/45s4d6wnh73o10c/Swiss+Cultures+Minimod+V4.zip
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  52. RDS Mapping Project Version 1.07 17/03/2016 - Not Compatible with latest version, maintained by Anon:
  53. Originally made by RenatoDS, this version is just an adaptation for HPM since Jan Mayen doesn't exist anymore in HPM. Balance is different, but you can't build railroads on deserts anymore. Expect a few graphical glitches since I'm not fixing the vanilla dn the RDS map glitches. G version courtesy of a kind anon.
  54. https://mega.nz/#!mZAEgCoJ!t1zq032Hwr04g10HZfwMIlLrn2pIJNzzwDkxhra1En8
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  56. Apocalypse 1836 - Original author: ZomgK3tchup (Not Compatible)
  57. The mod was simply adapted to HPM and had a few bugs fixed.
  58. https://mega.nz/#!6dIyiSyL!xf0i3kN-G4zjHvM91FJHhTok22a7apIljOtHcii_iyM
  59. Original thread: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/altervicky-apocalypse-1836.537039/
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  61. Changelog:
  62. V0.4.1 - 09/01/2019
  63. -Fixed the "Reject Pan-Nationalism" decision showing up for the USA. Also made it require either accepted or good schools reform.
  64. -Sea Power and the Merchant Marine now give up to 400 colonial points through special inventions in the naval tech tree.
  65. -Added Venetian cores in the adriatic coast and south tyrol to avoid assimilation there for a while.
  66. -Made italian decisions that give cores a bit more consistent.
  67. -Added a decision for Italy to accept Maltese if they own the island and are a Constitutional Monarchy or a Democracy (along with a few other requirements).
  68. -Added a decision to give home rule to India.
  69. -Fixed "border policy" decisions not being hidden under government decisions.
  70. -Fixed several CBs that could be invalidated during a war because of rapid changing conditions. Fixed Demand Concession CB not working properly.
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  72. V0.4 - 08/01/2019
  73. -Made the Krakow events (slightly) less CPU-demanding, gave a redundant CB to Austria so players are aware that they get a free CB on Krakow.
  74. -Rebalanced base profitability for a few factories.
  75. -Made coal in different regions (Rhine/Wales/Durham) have "more quality" (25% higher output). (see https://www.zum.de/whkmla/sp/0708/yongho/yongho2.html https://gpih.ucdavis.edu/files/Clark_Jacks.pdf  http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/history/sites/themes/society/industry_coal02.shtml and https://www.jstor.org/stable/3678707)
  76. -Changed 1029 - Glasov, 1031 - Sarapol and 1032 - Chistopol from timber to iron. Gave UK and Belgium the "puddling process" technology. This will make Russia one of the major producers of Iron. Source in https://www.jstor.org/stable/43488024
  77. -Changed 1522 - Wuchang and 1613 - Chengde from Iron to Tea and Grain respectively. These will change back to iron sometime after 1856.
  78. -Made the Korean economy a bit more diversified. Changed 1626 - Haeju and 1627 Sariwon from Iron to fruit and Cattle respectively. Changed 1619 - Pyongyang from Coal to Silk.
  79. -Made the RGO change events for high-unemployment provinces happen only after 1850 and need a few techs (bessemer process/steam turbine).
  80. -Moved the Electricity tree more in line with the rest of the other research trees. This makes inventions unlock in more realistic time-lines and gives more time for Electric Gear production by the AI.
  81. -Made an event for the first oil well to be discovered in the 1840's or 50's in Canada, US, Baku or Romania.
  82. -Changed 2407 - Tabatinga, 2287 - Yurimaguas and 2320 - Riberalta, 2286 - Iquitos, 2319 - Santa Ana from wood to rubber. 2410 - Belem was changed from Fish to Rubber and 2402 - Manaus was changed from Tropical Wood to Rubber. Made to represent the early small rubber trade that existed and so the demand for it can be fulfilled before full industrial utilization.
  83. -Provinces that change to oil through event will try to avoid it if there's unemployment in other oil provinces around the world until unemployment is down.
  84. -AI will try to steer clear of the Metallurgy tech tree if they detect significant overproduction of Iron or Coal.
  85. -Made the AI try to get Radio factories more aggressively. Before they would rarely do it. Moved Radio and related inventions from Behaviorism to Psychoanalysis and fixed the whole tree unlock dates to be more realistic. Radio are unlocked starting from the 1890's instead of the 1900's.
  86. -State FRA_1775 - Mauritania renamed to Trab el Beidan. The name will change to Mauritania after Mauritania is organized. Source: https://books.openedition.org/iremam/1226
  87. -Fixed a "fire only once" command in an event that was supposed to happen multiple times.
  88. -Re-did the Sulphur distribution early game. 2523 - Nauru starts producing it, 565 - Wiesbaden too but 570 - Mainz got changed to Fruit - effectively swapping them to a more accurate location of phosphate mining. 387 - Brussels now starts producing Coal instead of Sulphur. 2226 - Tortola starts producing Sulphur instead of Tobacco. 716 - Kielce lost Coal to Sulphur. 2295 - Lima and 2578 - Tacna were also changed from Cattle and Wool to Sulphur. When the gold rush starts in Lima, that should mark the end of the Guano Era in Peru. 468 - Avignon was changed to Cattle, another French province gets Sulphur after a while.
  89. -Added Iron and Coal to a few parts of modern-day Poland (Mainly in-game Russian and Prussian Poland). These will appear as the game goes on. These changes and some Sulphur changes are based on:
  90. *Source for all Polish changes: Mineral raw materials and commodities of Poland, Piwocki and Przenioslo. See https://www.pgi.gov.pl/images/stories/przeglad/pdf/pg_2004_08_2_11a.pdf
  91. *Alsace-Lorraine and Europe by Lucien Gallois, pp1918
  92. *Mines and quarries 1902 By United States Census Office - 12th census, 1900, William Mott Steuart, United States. Bureau of the Census. pp 921-922
  93. -Tunisia gets an iron mine in Gafsa and a sulphur one in Tzoeur, representing the Jerissa mine and the Metlaoui phosphate deposits. This happens after 1890. Sources are https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compagnie_des_phosphates_de_Gafsa and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soci%C3%A9t%C3%A9_du_Djebel-Dj%C3%A9rissa
  94. -Algeria starts without iron mines now. They are found and utilized as time passes from the 1860's onwards. Based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Société_Mokta_El_Hadid
  95. -Split bureaucrat steel and cement needs between everyday and luxury. Made aristocrat luxury needs more in line with capitalists. Added these needs, in a smaller scale, to officers.
  96. -Jingoism will now carry a minimum 50% spending on troops salary and pro-military carries a minimum 25% on troops salary.
  97. -Officers and soldiers will now need a small amount of artillery (to represent training and replacing of regimental equipment and to be in-line with their small arms needs).
  98. -Fixed a bug that made the Platine War end with Entre-Rios peacing out the moment it began.
  99. -Made a decision to change the RGOs of a given (organizable) colony to the ones that the colonies get when you organize it. This decision costs money. Its main purpose is to allow the RGOs to change even if a colony isn't organized (or if the country in the area is a local one).
  100. -Venezuela should get some Coal province later in the game. Based on https://www.academia.edu/27139072/EVOLUCI%C3%93N_HIST%C3%93RICA_DE_LA_MINER%C3%8DA_VENEZOLANA_DESDE_LA_PRECOLONIA_HASTA_NUESTROS_D%C3%8DAS
  101. -"Organizing Colony" decisions now need Machine Guns and Market Regulations. They also will change a few RGOs to cash-crop/mining RGOs, making the decisions more worthwhile. Reduced the number of cash crops/mining operations in African uncivs and moved them to the "organize" decisions - these nations were more focused on subsistence than export-economy.
  102.     *Nigeria RGOs redone. The source is (An Economic History
  103. of Nigeria 186o-196o https://www.sahistory.org.za/sites/default/files/file%20uploads%20/r._olufemi_ekundare_an_economic_history_of_nigerbook4you.org_.pdf )
  104.     *South Africa got a few more iron and coal provinces. Mostly based on https://www.saimm.co.za/Journal/v088n03p073.pdf and https://www.isc.hbs.edu/resources/courses/moc-course-at-harvard/Documents/pdf/student-projects/South%20Africa_Iron%20Ore_2013.pdf
  105.     *Indonesia got a few iron provinces that will appear later. Based on https://www.aig.org.au/images/stories/eventfiles/osman%20the%20history%20of%20coal%20development%20in%20indonesia.pdf
  106.     *Mauritania gets an iron province in the north.
  107.     *Senegal gets a few cotton provinces. Saint-Louis changed to cotton. Source: https://www.persee.fr/doc/geo_0003-4010_1921_num_30_166_8942 pp303 and "La crise trentenaire de l’économie arachidière" by Mohamed Mbodj pp3
  108.     *Upper Volta will produce cotton in the south. Diversified starting RGOs a bit (previously it was only grain). Based on https://www.icac.org/meetings/plenary/67_ouagadougou/assets/map_burkina_faso.jpg and http://lefaso.net/spip.php?article48145
  109.     *Mali will now produce cotton in the south. Diversified starting RGOs and made sure cattle is in the cattle zone while fruits/grain start in the south. They will no longer start producing cotton either. Based on http://fews.net/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/ML_Livelihoods%20copy.jpg?itok=NA3ukgKa and http://haskovi.org/spip.php?article111
  110.     *Ivory Coast has a big cash-crop centered economy once colonized. The south will turn to coffee production while the north has cotton and rubber. Based on https://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/maps/africa/ivory_coast_econ_1972.jpg and http://horizon.documentation.ird.fr/exl-doc/pleins_textes/pleins_textes_4/sci_hum/19895.pdf
  111.     *Sierra Leone gets Coffee in Freetown after they are organized. Based on http://universityofmakeni.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/SOAS-The-Economic-Development-of-Sierra-Leone-Back-Ground-Paper.docx
  112.     *Guinea has an economy focusing on Rubber. Other productions are fruit (bananas) and a gold mine. Source: https://www.persee.fr/doc/outre_0300-9513_1976_num_63_232_1957
  113.     *The Gambia is unchanged, as it exported groundnuts for most of its history. Source http://stclements.edu/grad/gradnnaoc.pdf
  114.     *When Guinea-Bissau is organized they will export timber and rubber. Based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Guinea-Bissau
  115.     *Niger, when organized, gets a 2 cotton producing provinces. Based on https://www.persee.fr/doc/outre_0300-9513_1985_num_72_266_2456_t1_0112_0000_2 and https://www.persee.fr/doc/outre_1631-0438_2004_num_91_342_4096 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Niger_econ_1969.jpg
  117. -Reshaped 2069 - Gweru so Matabele doesn't have a land connection to Transvaal, ending in terrible borders. Adjusted events to eliminate other bordering provinces. Fixed a bug that made Gweru end with too much LR.
  118. -Fixed a bug that didn't completely exclude the overlord of the Congo Free State from the Scramble.
  119. -Fixed the Gold Coast Treaty never happening because of a bug.
  120. -The UK will now start as "friendly" with Uruguay.
  121. -Now there are 4 CBs that deal with the scramble - 2 from NNM and 2 from HPM. They work like this:
  122.     -West Africa, South Africa and Mozambique regions, where multiple tags are present, are divided in informal (colonial) regions, equivalent to modern colonies. When a country owns a province (or state) in one of these regions it's assumed they are claiming it in the Berlin Conference. What this means is that all nations lose the free scramble CB on any uncivs in that region and only the nation(s) that own provinces inside the colonial region can use the free (new) CB. The new CBs are for demanding states and annexing uncivs in the colonial region and behave exactly like the free scramble CBs, except that they are not available for everyone and are not restricted to SP and GP countries (so if a SP loses their status they won't suddenly stop establishing themselves in that colonial region). If more than one nation owns land in the claimed colonial region - like the British and Dutch in the Gold Coast - they both get the new CBs and will have to compete between themselves for the land. For purposes of Colonial Regions, Mauritania is dependent on Senegal (like it was historically) and as such the owner of Senegal treats Mauritania as if it was the same region.
  123.     -The Gambia isn't considered as part of the Senegal and is excluded from the CBs. Prevents the British "leaking" through it.
  124.     -Matabeleland is treated as part of South Africa in these CBs.
  125.     -Nations can still use the "Establish Protectorate/Demand Concession" CBs to get a foothold in a region. They need time and run the risk of getting infamy for forging an incident, but they can enter the race in colonial regions with other powers like that. Likewise, not using your free CB to finish conquering a colonial region might mean that another uses the principle of effective occupation to penetrate in your colonial region and take it. The CBs are not a 100% guarantee that a nation will get something, if they don't enforce their claims they will get nothing. The post Conference "Establish Protectorate/Demand Concession" are unusable as "wargoals" during a war now to avoid the AI ignoring the rules to swallow whole regions.
  126.     -Colonial regions (such as Mali and Niger) that have no occupied provinces by other civilized powers will be treated by the normal Scramble CBs and will immediately shift to the new CBs once a nation conquers a state there. To avoid potential abuse in the form of claiming one state in several uncivs, the old Scramble CBs now carry a cooldown of 4 months when you start and when you finish a war.
  127.     -Colonization of uncolonized territories is unchanged.
  128.     -Egypt, Ethiopia, and Algeria are included. Eritrea is excluded.
  129.     -The CB to annex work against a country with 3 or less states. The CB to demand state works against countries that have 4 or more states.
  131. -Made the conquest of Algeria, Indonesia and Yemen use the same CB and system as the one Portugal uses for Mozambique. This cuts down in the number of repeating events/decisions that are used to give CBs to these countries and it's a more elegant and dynamic solution. Countries can "take over" the colonial claims in the region and benefit from the same CBs. Some countries might keep the claims on the region even after they are expelled if too long is taken to expel them. This also makes the rules the same for Ai and players. The CB was renamed to "Imperialism", can't be used if you are already at war, is always present (given you researched "state and government" and fulfilled the other conditions) and enforce a random 1 to 5 years "waiting" period for it to be usable again after a war (using the CB) is concluded. Annex Imperialism CBs carry a mandatory 3-years wait period.
  132. -When deciding if they have access to some CBs against a nation they are not neighboring but can be reached by sea, countries will now check if they have at least 5 ships instead of only if they have a port. Hopefully this makes the AI declare less wars that drag-on forever.
  133. -Added sulphur and iron to Morocco, they appear after 1870.
  134. -Added an alternative solution path for the Senegal/Guinea-Bissau border treaty.
  135. -Normalized several cores in West Africa so tags there can conquer each other.
  136. -Made the Togo and Namibia decisions have different conditions so one doesn't end up excluding the other. The Namibian decision should now transfer the whole region with the exception of the caprivi strip which is handled differently.
  137. -Renamed "Egyptian Desert" state to "Western Desert" to avoid some name weirdness. Removed the "Alexandria" state and distributed the provinces between Western Desert and Cairo state. Both have 7 provinces each, which is a bit too much for a state (though in the case of the Western Desert it doesn't matter much seeing as it's sparsely populated) but the results should be nicer borders if Egypt ever gets broken up.
  138. -Reshaped provinces so borders and some states follow the rivers in Ivory Coast, Mali and Ghana. Fixed artefacts and adjusted positioning and name placement.
  139. -Portugal's liberal party - that lasts until 1854 - will now start as protectionist. Portugal doesn't start with any Free-Trade party. Based on "Economic Ideas and Policies in Nineteenth-Century Portugal" by Maria Eugénia Mata, pp5. - https://run.unl.pt/bitstream/10362/4018/1/Economic%2520Ideas%2520and%2520Policies%2520in%2520Nineteenth-Century.pdf
  140. -"Conquest of the South" decision can now be taken by other Ethiopian countries after a certain date and if Ethiopia doesn't exist.
  141. -Made GPs and SPs low on money be more aggressively protectionist.
  142. -Changed Milan and Bergamo to cotton. Based on http://www.helsinki.fi/iehc2006/papers1/Conca.pdf and http://www.zum.de/whkmla/region/italy/xlvenetia.html#ec
  143. -Slightly increased the productivity of slaves (to 40% from 30%).
  144. -Decreased the Cotton Gin bonus from 50% to 25%.
  145. -Reduce inventions that give food RGOs bonus to production by 5% to 10% to avoid late-game overproduction.
  146. -Condensed the 30 vanilla events made for Oil RGO spread into 2 repeatable events (a few of the vanilla events were also repeatable, otherwise there would be more).
  147. -Stopped Rubber from spreading if there's too much unemployment in the rubber market.
  148. -Added the "Copper Belt" in Zambia.
  149. -Doubled the colonial power needed to maintain colonies. To compensate, big ships from Ironclads onward give more colonial power and Naval bases give slightly more colonial power. Small ships like Monitors and Commerce raiders will give less colonial power.
  150. -Made Steel, Cement, Small Arms, Canned Food, Ammunition, Telephones and Radios needed for Overseas Maintenance (this will probably backfire but I'd like to give it another try).
  151. -Reduced the prestige gains in the Sound Toll event chain.
  152. -Changed a few Iron RGOs in Spain, they get a few more after 1865, they also got a silk producing province. Based on "An Economic History of Modern Spain" By Joseph Harrison pp56 onwards and "Economic History of Spain" by By Jaime Vicens Vives pp 663 onwards.
  153. -Reduced max loan amount from "Private Investor" from 5000 to 2000.
  154. -Goa will now start with Precious goods and will flip to Iron after 1885. Partially based on http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/31750/8/08_chapter%202.pdf
  155. -Portugal will start with a 3 more economy techs to help them through the first years and represent their focus on commerce. To compensate, they lose 2 industrial techs.
  156. -When the event "Retreat to Formosa" happens, Taiwan will inherit all previously acquired unciv reforms that the retreating country has.
  157. -Added an option for localized province names during the game start options. Right now it only has Italy but as time goes on I will add more.
  158. -Added an option for "Economic Non-Interventionism" for free trade countries that limit tariffs from -25% to 25%.
  159. -If Russia wins the Crimean war they will get more influence over the Ottoman Empire (100 from the previous 50), they will remove any Romanian cores from Bessarabia and give all of Dobrudja to Romania. The Ottoman Empire will pay the money they owe in installments to avoid instant-bankruptcy.
  160. -Fixed a NNM bug on the "A Treatise on Economics" event that made the event have the wrong description text.
  161. -Moved substate payments to happen every 5 months and vassal payments to happen every 6 months. Tripled the amount of money transferred each time.
  162. -Trade Policy will be wiped in the event of bankruptcy. The country will be unable to pick a new one for the duration of it.
  163. -Added an option to disable "Foreign Trade policy" decisions at the game start.
  164. -Changed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Fugitive Slave Act and Nashville Convention decisions so their effects are more easily readable.
  165. -Fixed Wilmot Provisio and 1850 Compromise decision so they properly remove slave-state status. Made the effects easier to read.
  166. -Made sure The Gold Coast Treaty decision doesn't leave anything in the gold coast with the dutch.
  167. -Reworked the events that use the system that makes the AI able to pay large amount of cashes without going bankrupt so it's more optimized.
  168. -Added some coal provinces to Indonesia after formation. Bogor should flip to gold mining in the end of the 19th century. Based on http://www.ier.hit-u.ac.jp/primced/documents/No57_dp_up_Pdf_2014.pdf p66 onwards
  169. -Fixed the "Bleeding Kansas" event never happening. It will also change the state either to slavery or to a free state, depending on the choice.
  170. -Made so the 1850 Compromise decision can be taken only after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was taken and so it's a more mutually exclusive choice with the Wilmot Proviso.
  171. -Made the 54-40 Or Fight! event only fire if the US borders Washington. This will avoid a random US exclave in the area.
  172. -Fixed typo in the vanilla description of the Von Moltke's reform decision. Fixed a wrong description text on the "Rhine Crisis" event. Fixed Lake Victoria being called "Vasa" instead of "Lake Vasa" if the Swedes discovered it. Fixed the text description of the "The Polish Question" event. Fixed one option description in the event "Conflict on Mount Lebanon".
  173. -Stopped Abu Dhabi flipping between oil and precious goods non-stop after Oil is unlocked in the region. When they unlock Oil they will also revert back to Oil instead of fruits.
  174. -Fixed Finland's only communist party disappearing before the game ends.
  175. -When externally forming Arabia, they will now inherit Nejd's reforms. If Nejd is civilized, they will start civilized too.
  176. -"Topple the Qajar dynasty" event won't fire if Persia is already a vassal.
  177. -When forming Romania externally Bukovina and Moldova will always be integrated.
  178. -Fixed a bug that made so the coronation of Pedro II event never fired.
  179. -Merged the Vanilla "Source of the nile" and the 2 HPM events in a single one. The generic name for Lake Victoria (if a nation that doesn't have a custom name for it gets the event) will be present in the 5 options instead of being handled as a separate event. Made it easier to find the source for nations that control any part of the Nile below Cairo, the sphere owners of Egypt/Sudan, and nations with the "Sea Power" tech tradition. It's harder for nations that don't have the Raider Group Doctrine tech.
  180. -Fixed the EIC option giving EIC territories during the Doctrine of Lapse after the EIC was integrated.
  181. -Fixed the railroad between Misratah and Gabes going through the ocean. Fixed the position of the RGO picture for the province of Xiangabouli.
  182. -If the nation that gets the Congo violates the protocol and annexes it, instead of getting a place in the sun CB the GPs will get only the cut down to size CB. The first GP that enforces the CB on the offending nation will get the whole of the Congo from them.
  183. -Any German nation that controls Heligoland and has Nationalism & Imperialism can take a decision to add a German core to the island.
  184. -Added a News story for the Armenian Genocide when it happens.
  185. -Made so the UK can't take the Durand Line decision if Afghanistan is at war.
  186. -Buying Djibouti is a bit more restricted now and requires higher-level tech.
  187. -Fixed Keren in Ethiopia being renamed because of a wrong province number in a decision.
  188. -Changed the Flores Sale decision so Portugal is a bit more inclined to sell it when they are low on money and don't care if the buyer is a GP/SP. Now they get 100k for it and the AI will pay in installments.
  189. -Made so there's some late game coal spread in the US. Based on https://eh.net/encyclopedia/the-us-coal-industry-in-the-nineteenth-century-2/
  190. -Hot Springs, Nashville and Greenville changed to Cotton. Changed Memphis to Tobacco. Based on https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-f5a0728e1137dab61bac0f0490b5616b-c
  191. -The sale of Assab event will only transfer Assab now. The rest of the state will be gradually transferred to the owner of Assab through event if militancy in the province is high enough or if the owner of Assab spheres them. Civilized powers will get an event where they can choose to cooperate and give their Eritrean provinces or they don't and get infamy and possibly war.
  192. -The "Request Missionary" event and decision will now change the requesting country religion if the nation is sphered. Made relations weight more in the AI decision to give missionaries or not.
  193. -Moved Athens to the Peloponnese state and Zante to Central Greece.
  194. -Nerfed British Raj triggered modifier. It will not reduce militancy for core_pops so drastically.
  195. -Increased (a bit) the effects of the Autocracy and Tradition NV (decreases literacy impact on CON, reduced militancy and greater ruling party support).
  196. -The League of Three Emperors will now be usable with Revolution & Counterrevolution instead of needing "Great Wars" to be enabled.
  197. -Divided Italy's decisions to gain cores in Friuli, Venetia, Tirol and the Balkans. Now they can get cores in Friuli and Venetia right away but the decision to get cores in the Balkans and Tirol need Mass Politics and a Jingoist party.
  198. -Made the decisions that remove italian minor cores also remove the cores of Trieste and Friuli/Carnaro. It will also remove Austria cores from Venetia/Friuli if they have cores there.
  199. -Included the Yemeni minors in the "Imperialism Comes to $COUNTRY$" event. Removed restrictions on the event about the sphere owner pacifism and rebels.
  200. -Made Udine part of the state of Venetia and Belluno part of the state of Friuli. Hopefully it will lead to better borders when Italy doesn't finish conquering its borders.
  201. -Made the country that got awarded the Congo not able to colonize for 10 years after they integrated (inherited) Congo. This will represent them focusing their power on integrating the place and the fact that they technically should renounce any right to colonization. If they become a GP this will not be applicable and they will be back at colonizing.
  202. -To represent the lobby of abolitionist countries like the UK, pops in countries with slavery enabled that are sphered by abolitionist countries will have a bit more support for the abolition of slavery. As always, Landowners in slave states, however, will be more likely to be pro-slavery than against it.
  203. -Added custom names for the different government types of the FRCA.
  204. -Made the decisions to change RGOs in Central Asia a bit easier to take. Made a few more RGOs change, mainly based on https://bankwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Tajikistan-coal.pdf
  205. -Made naval inventions that unlock ships more likely to be invented the further in the game you are. They are also more likely to be invented if you have neighbors with the invention. This should help with spread of the tech and stop man'o'wars being built by civilized countries in the 20th century. Also made these inventions like many of the army inventions that are more likely to happen if you are at war with someone with the invention.
  206. -Added a random event for the conquest of the Coast of Gabon. A random GP/SP with 50k money, capital in Europe, not Turkey or UK and Raider Group Doctrine will get an event giving them the two coastal provinces of Gabon. Libreville will be named in the equivalent language of the country that gets the event (and if they don't have a custom name defined they will be named "Libreville"). The UK has a lower chance of getting the event, but it's still included.
  207. -Re-balanced ship needs to be more in line with their power and size.
  208. -Coal will spread in Mexico from the 1880's onwards in Cohauila.
  209. -Taiwan now produces coal. Penghu in Taiwan will change to Sulphur to represent the guano exploitation in the South East sea.
  210. -509 - Seville changed from Grain to Coal. Rio Gallegos, in Argentina, and Barranquilla in Colombia will later change to Coal too. based on http://pubman.mpdl.mpg.de/pubman/item/escidoc:2310718/component/escidoc:2310717/proc10chap10.pdf and Spain, Europe, and the 'Spanish Miracle', 1700-1900 By David R. Ringrose pp 299
  211. -Made 3 German provinces (Siegburg, Nuremberg and Bayreuth) change to coal during late game. Luxembourg will also start producing coal. Based on https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/1911_Encyclop%C3%A6dia_Britannica/Germany
  212. -Reworked religious and cultural influence on conservatism for pops. In vanilla there was none and in HPM it worked in a way that muslims and shinto pops were a bit (10%) more conservative. Now it's divided in steps and encompasses more religions: Mormons, Sunni and Gelugpa are 40% more conservative, Shinto and Mahayana are 30% more, Shiites and Ibadi are 20% more and Orthodox and Coptics are 10% more conservative. This is only applicable for pops that are either accepted or primary culture and share the state religion, so if a pop is under occupation by a foreign power it won't be complacent. Confucianist pops (defined as the East Asian culture group, basically chinese pops) are 10% more likely to be conservative regardless of the situation.
  213. -Made "Two Per State" and "Based on Population" give the same amount of immigrant attraction.
  214. -Made a "Two-Party System" depending on the reforms a country has. If a country has "First Past the Post" and either "Appointed" or "Two Per State", the system will get in place and pops will stop drifting to radical ideologies and will focus on conservatism and liberalism. This will not make other ideologies disappear, it will just strengthen conservatives and liberals. It's possible that a three-party system happens, but it's also possible that either conservatives or liberals lose space to socialists in the two-party system. The two party system tries to emulate Duverger's law.
  215. -Stopped Fascist/Communist/Anarcho-liberal/Presidential Dictatorships from having a malus of -50% (sometimes -90%) to their respective ideologies if the pop was under 6 militancy. The way it worked before was in a way that, right after a successful revolution, militancy went down and so did adherence to the revolutionary ideology. Now this condition only applies for non-radical or wrong governments. So the -50% for the reactionaries/communists/Anarcho-liberals ideologies is still present under a fascist dictatorship or democracy, but not for the fascists in power. In other words, adoption of a certain radical ideology won't be lower if their militancy is under 6 but they are on the right government type.
  216. -Increased the effect that the Autocracy NV has on radical (fascist/anarcho-liberal/communist) ideologies in the right government types. Removed the Tradition NV having any effect on these governments (though their effect on reactionary governments remains).
  217. -Made so that taking the Totalitarian System decision will make pops be way more inclined to adopt the ruling party ideology.
  218. -Fixed and tweaked a few more values in all ideologies, adjusted position of certain modifiers so the most important ones are more visible.
  219. -Stopped pops in the British or American group from demanding something over First Past the Post and Appointed (for British)/two per state (for American) in their respective reforms, but only if their government is "right" (monarchy for the UK, Democracy for the US).
  220. -Fixed one cleanup decision and made a few cleanup events into cleanup decisions.
  221. -Stopped the AI in democratic countries from randomly abolishing Public Meetings because of "The Mud March" event. Now only AI democracies with fascist, communist or reactionary parties in power will ever pick that option.
  222. -Reworked the US parties to remove parties that survived for a few years only and so that there's no two parties with the same ideology at the same time.
  223. -Made the "Greater Arabia" decision more in line with the other irredentist decisions. Arabia won't be able to take the decision if they were formed externally.
  224. -Removed Chile from the Great Game CB.
  225. -Fixed option B of event 97647 having the same text as option A.
  226. -Accepting Urquiza's demand should now get make him appear for the Confederation as a general.
  227. -Moved the Lambert Charter decision to require Nationalism and Imperialism.
  228. -Unciv rebels should now only remove economical reforms, not military ones. They have a chance of not removing reforms at all. To balance that out they will also wipe years of research and put a modifier that will reduce militancy but will also greatly reduce research. The effects are now random (from 5 options) so the results of an unciv reactionary rebellion are not completely predictable.
  229. -Starting Party Loyalty will be wiped ten years after the game start. This won't affect party loyalty gained after the game start, just the starting loyalty.
  230. -Made the Shinbutsu Buri a decision that any japanese-primary country can take if they are a buddhist nation. Changed it to require "state and government".
  231. -The decision to claim the Chaco region for Argentina will now force any vassal that owns lands in the Argentinian Chaco to cede the provinces to their overlord.
  232. -When Finland becomes independent, if Sweden (or Scandinavia) have cores on them they will receive an ultimatum to forfeit their claims or reassert them and get cores in Petsamo. This will hopefully end the cases of "Karelia-only" Finland.
  233. -If both Wallachia and Moldavia are cut out of the Ottoman Empire (meaning they don't neighbor any Ottoman provinces or puppets) and the Ottomans are not a GP, they will now be able to Unite into Romania and will declare independence from the Ottoman Empire. The Turks will get a CB to puppet them back.
  234. -During the Berlin Congress, countries that vote in favor or against the ottomans will gain a small relations boost with each other. Rather than wiping influence and relation, these fluctuations will vary if you supported or not the OE. Made the influence gains during the congress lower than they were to avoid influence wiping. Also gave the AI that is the sphere owner/ally of the OE a chance of supporting them if they defy the congress. If there are any NNM events that are causing too many "sphere" flips out of the blue, please, let me know (screenshots of the event would be even better).
  235. -Soldiers and officers now need a bit of wine as luxury needs.
  236. -Fixed the ultimatum to Portugal decision to include the Matabeleland state.
  237. -Added a new terrain type - Mining District. It's the same as "Farmlands", but for mines. It will be used to represent areas where there was higher-quality ore being extracted. Changed the bonus of both farmlands and mining districts from 20% increase in size of the RGO to 25% increase in RGO efficiency.
  238. -Changed the vanilla "Botanical Expedition" event so it can only happen in overseas provinces.
  239. -Reworked LR in South and North America so all provinces have at least 31 LR - that is, they will have some base growth. Changed all capitals (except for the US and Canada) to 39 LR so they have bigger growth but without the capital monopolizing immigrants. Rebalanced the LR gain for the US provinces so no province reaches 50 and monopolizes immigrants. Reworked the LR increases to happen during the Iron Range and American Frontier decision as well as during the Mexican-American War. This way all countries will eventually have the full LR in the provinces. Removed LR increase from the Statue of Liberty.
  240. -Northern Canada and Alaska are mostly left out from the above changes. In Canada the 38/39 LR provinces are Toronto and Montreal while in the US the 40 LR provinces happen as the game goes on.
  241. -The uncolonized territories in Patagonia and Chaco will get their LR up as they pacify the natives - a random province event. This will also slowly remove the Patagonian cores.
  242. -Made the Homestead Act and the Statue of Liberty bonus to immigrant attraction apply for 10 years each instead of forever.
  243. -Slightly increased Greek pops in Nafplion.
  244. -Added more Aristocrats to Modern Greece states so they don't end up disappearing.
  245. -Organized the several, less used decisions in a single, "Government Decisions" decision-category that can be clicked to reveal the decisions. Did the same for the "Organize Colony" decisions, they are now all hidden under a decision that disappears when you have no more colonies to organize (and re-appears if you have some to organize).
  246. -Re-made the event for Haiti to lose cores on the Dominican Republic after they lost it for a while.
  247. -Removed British pops from Aden.
  248. -Permanently occupying a country that has already been defeated will result in acquiring 0.2 infamy per month.
  249. -Removed Greeks moving out of Istanbul during the population exchanges. Based on https://www.hrw.org/reports/1999/greece/Greec991-08.htm
  250. -Made Buenos Aires get "Gateway to Harbor" modifier for 5 years when it's declared the capital.
  251. -Countries can now open their borders without researching state and government.
  252. -Reworked the way colonial nations are dismantled. Now if they are organized they will be released as a puppet and will be annexed later by the victorious countries. Larger colonial nations have a chance to refuse to be annexed, those will have to be conquered and will cost more infamy to claim. The old dismantlement system should kick-in later and guarantee that any left overseas land that isn't freed as a colonial nation and annexed later will be distributed.
  253. -Made Russia be more protectionist when they choose to be, so they have more money and put up more of a fight as the game goes on.
  254. -Changed Muhammad Ali's reform so Egypt can borrow money and will still be able to borrow money after being defeated. If they are defeated they will not immediately fall to reactionary rebels and trigger another war, but they will have a malus for research for 20 years.
  255. -Merged the States of Equateur and Kasai and the states of Kivu and Congo Orientale. These will reduce the number of states, improving performance (Kivu had 2 provinces!) as well as hopefully allow for better partitions of the Congo. Renamed "Bas-Congo" to "Lower Congo". Belgium can rename these states to their historical names. Reshaped a few provinces in the Congo to follow in a better way.
  256. -Stopped the "Colonial Incident" event from making a country lose relation with themselves.
  257. -Serfdom will slightly increase tax efficiency.
  258. -Increase the tax efficiency bonus of the Ottoman Oppression modifier.
  259. -Increased the amount of money distributed to countries in the start. Differentiated it a bit so the top 4 GPs get more money at the start. Countries that start at war will also get more money as a "warchest" so they don't bankrupt early game and spend the rest of the game struggling.
  260. -Increased the number of soldiers in the Dixie south so the CSA has more soldiers when they spawn. This is done so the war isn't over in one year because they don't have any soldiers.
  261. -Russia will start with bad relations with France. Based on https://www.britannica.com/biography/Louis-Philippe and "Nicholas I and Official Nationality in Russia 1825 - 1855" By Nicholas V. Riasanovsky pp. 255 to 257.
  262. -The UK will start with bad relations and influence with Sind, Makran and Kalat.
  263. -Added the Pontianak Sultanate and made it the de facto ruler of West Borneo. In truth the area was divided by several muslim sultans, with the most important ones being Pontianak, Mempawah and the Sambas, while several smaller Chinese Kongsi were de facto independent in the country-side. Changed the number of Chinese to 12500 to represent the estimated 50000 that lived there by 1850. Sources are:
  264. *https://openaccess.leidenuniv.nl/bitstream/handle/1887/19785/Ehnic%20Tension_Alliance_Clientalism_Pol%20development%20of%20West%20Borneo.pdf?sequence=1
  265. *https://www.persee.fr/doc/arch_0044-8613_1998_num_56_1_3491#arch_0044-8613_1998_num_56_1_T1_0281_0000
  266. *Southeast Asia: A Historical Encyclopedia, From Angkor Wat to East Timor edited by Keat Gin Ooi. PP1170
  267. *Golddiggers, Farmers, and Traders in the "Chinese Districts" of West Kalimantan, Indonesia by Mary F. Somers Heidhues pp 73
  268. -Changed Pontianak province production from Grain to Precious Metals as it was the most important production in the region until the 1890's. Since there's no record to exactly where in China they came from, made them all Yue so the speed impact is lessened.
  269. -The UK will only get Influence/relations when Sarawak spawns if they exist.
  270. -Sarawak will now inherit Brunei's reforms when spawning.
  271. -Reverted Presidential dictatorships back to vanilla so they only accept reactionary parties.
  272. -Malta, Brittanny, Occitan and NA cultures can now reject Pan-Nationalism (disabling pan-nationalist rebels for their respective primary cultures) if they own their capitals for more than 20 years without ever getting occupied, by rebels or other countries, and there's high literacy, consciousness and acceptable schools.
  273. -Rework of a few CBs so they are a bit more logical:
  274.     *Made so very few CBs can be used without having at least 1 military score.
  275.     *Treaty Port CB (Punitive Expedition) now requires a country to have at least 10 ships, 10 military score, Naval Plans researched, 250k pops and a Naval Base built.
  276.     *Acquire State - No longer possible to conquer far away states as a landlocked country, you will be forced to demand neighboring states until you get ocean access (later on add backstops so you it's harder to "double" your population with uncored/unaccepted cultures?). This also levels the play-field between AI and player since they now can demand the same things (previously the player could disregard rules that the AI could not).
  277.     *Demand Concession/Establish Protectorate - Reworked the way the CB works for conquering Chinese states - the rules now apply for any non-african uncivs and they impede a nation conquering populous states without certain techs. These are:
  278.         **Overseas states with 500k pops or more and less than 1M - Naval Logistics (Raider Group Doctrine + Screw-Propelled Steamers for AI)
  279.         **Overseas states with 1M pops or more and less than 2M - Naval Directionism (Steam Turbine Ships for AI)
  280.         **Overseas states with 2M pops or more - Naval Integration (Oil Driven Ships for AI)
  281.         You will also need certain military techs regardless if the target state is overseas or not. These are:
  282.         **States with 1M pops or more and less than 2M - Machine Guns
  283.         **States with 2M pops or more and less than 3M - Bolt Action Rifles + Army Risk Management
  284.         **States with 3M pops or more - Modern Divisional Structure + Army NCO Training
  285.         **In addition, small countries (<1M pops) need Machine Guns to conquer ANY unciv state with more than 200K pops.
  286.     *Scramble for Africa CBs are not affected.
  287.     *Changed how the cheaper Demand Concession and Establish Protectorate CBs work with uncivs. Instead of a hard ban on Iranians, Japanese and Korean countries and any country with over 70% westernization, it now works like this:
  288.         **Any unciv with 60% Westernization progress ("Partially Westernized Nation") or more can only be targeted by the initial Demand Concession and Establish Protectorate CBs. Scramble for Africa CBs are unaffected.
  289.     *The "Place in the Sun" CB is now harder for the AI to use. It won't be used at all by (attacking) Pacifist countries, it will require the two countries to hate themselves more if an anti-military country wants to use the CB and it will require the two countries to really hate each other after the Berlin Conference happenned.
  290.     *It's no longer possible to use the Free People and Liberate Country CBs to free states of substates. It's also not possible to use it to free states of countries that you are at war with. It's also not possible to use the Conquest CB while using one of the "Free X" CBs.
  292. -Made a decision for a few countries (China/Qing, Canada, South Africa, Indians) to convert core provinces that are colonial provinces into full provinces.
  293. -Fixed a few cases of isolationist countries getting the RP on conquest because they lacked the correct modifiers.
  294. -Fixed a few flavor events in the Levant to make more sense in regards to what their description say.
  295. -Fixed "Ranchos" decision appearing when you do not own any of california.
  296. -Added a few tea producing provinces to Argentina.
  297. -If the AI owns a landlock Botswana (when SAF and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe exist), it will now release it.
  298. -Added rare events for random droughts or bountiful harvests. This will make RGO producton a bit less linear and constant, as well as providing some temporary boost to emigration. In the future, there will be more random events for plagues and such to diversify production more.
  299. -Changed several of the province-level, spammy "WorkPlaceEvents" to be country-wide events. Most of them had effects country wide or effects to low that barely mattered and this will also solve them being spammed too much. Some could be converted to "OnAction" events in the future, for performance. Currently there's only 3 province-level "WorkPlaceEvents" events. Made the "Blood and Iron" event more generic so it applies to Iron and Coal provinces.
  300. -Integrated the latest version of the Battle Plans Mod and a few new AFPG flags. Kudos for both!
  301. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  304. Older Changelogs can be found here: http://pastebin.com/E9CJjRJU
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