Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. >Be You
  2. >Former classmate of Honma Himawari
  3. >Used to make fun of her, calling her an idiot for failing most tests and assignments
  4. >Despite this she would always keep that unsettling smile on her face
  5. >Years later you were walking back home after work you got chloroformed and passed out
  6. >Wake up in a dark room tied up and bound
  7. >Try to scream for help when the door to the room opens
  8. >Blinded by the lights but after a few moments you recognize the sunflower on the persons head
  9. >Its Honma, wearing her old school uniform and holding a sledgehammer in her hand
  10. >She drags the sledgehammer across the floor as she slowly approaches you with that same wide smile and soul-piecing gaze completely focused on you
  11. >"You always acted so.... smart.... so... cool...." she slowly spoke while she kept walking
  12. >She's standing directly in front of you and has her sledgehammer raised, Honma's empty eyes looking down at you
  13. >"I want you... to be mine..." she said as she slammed the end of the hammer directly against your leg
  14. >You scream in pain as you feel your femur shatter
  15. >"I want to be... your master!"
  16. >The sledgehammer smashes into your sternum next, you feel your ribs crack and you start bleeding from the mouth
  17. >"So why don't you be... my pet? I'll make sure to take... good care of you...."
  18. >This time the hammer strikes you square in the head, the force almost making you black out
  19. >Your head is spinning and you feel blood dribbling down your face from the wound
  20. >Try to say something but only let out a groan
  21. >You feel her hands grab you by the chin and pull your head up
  22. >Her deadened eyes are looking into your own
  23. >"Ahhhh, I hit you, but you didn't die? That's good!" she said with enthusiasm while letting your head droop back down
  24. >"Pets shouldn't die on their owner that easily!"
  25. >It was the last thing you heard as your passed out from the pain and trauma, the last thought on your mind being the terror that awaited you whenever you would wake up
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