Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (Ongoing)

Jul 8th, 2018
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  1. >Ponyville Elementary
  2. >The occupants?
  3. >A teacher named Ms. Cheerilee who wants nothing more than to inspire.
  4. >And a child who wants nothing more than to not be there.
  5. >It was a weekly event.
  6. >Where the schoolteacher would try to wax poetic about how she is the master of her universe.
  7. >How it's not too late to change the path she's traveling on.
  8. >But for the listener, the child, it all went in one ear and out the other.
  9. >Why would today be any different?
  10. >The teacher sat behind her desk and the bored looking unicorn child sat across from her.
  11. >Hoof on her chin.
  12. >Wishing she was anywhere else.
  13. >Ms. Cheerilee could feel her brow narrow as her face scowled.
  14. >Trying to reinforce her mood with positivity, she sighed deeply.
  15. >"Do you know why you're here, again, Diamond Tiara?"
  16. >The young filly shrugged sluggishly.
  17. >"You bullying Sweetie Belle?" she pried.
  18. >"What you and I have been meeting to talk about for the last several weeks?"
  19. >Diamond Tiara slumped in her chair as she played with her hooves.
  20. >Never looking Ms. Cheerilee in the eye while doing so.
  21. "Not my fault she's a dork" she mumbled under her breath.
  22. >The school teacher rolled her eyes
  23. >"You get along with everyone else so well...I just don't understand" the stressed out teacher admitted.
  24. >Rubbing her temples with her hooves, trying to ward away the oncoming headache.
  26. "...She knows what she did" the distraught filly practically hissed through her teeth.
  27. >This almost caused Cheerilee to smack her head on the desk out of frustration.
  28. >"But I don't know what she did" she explained.
  29. >"I don't even think she knows what she did either Diamond Tiara..."
  30. >An image of a young, marshmallow colored filly with a purple-ish mane flashed to Cheerilee's mind.
  31. >On her face it was obvious she was trying to fight back tears.
  32. "Like I care about what she thinks!" a brash tone drew the school teacher back to reality.
  33. >Diamond Tiara felt her face scrunch up slightly.
  34. >A feeling like a wet fire appeared inside her chest.
  35. >Ignoring her outburst, Ms. Cheerilee returned to the point she was trying to get across.
  36. >"The point is, I don't want to have to do another week of these after school talks with you"
  37. >"And I don't want to see you bullying Sweetie Belle anymore" Cheerilee's voice was firm.
  38. >"Understood?"
  39. >The feeling of a cold flame encircled around Diamond Tiara's body.
  40. "Whatever" she grumbled.
  41. "Can I go now?" her mouth pouted outwards.
  42. >Her expression read defensive like a nerve was touched.
  43. >Sighing one more time.
  44. >"Yes, you may go" as soon as the words left her mouth, Diamond Tiara hopped off the chair.
  45. >Immediately heading for the door.
  46. >Another waste of time in her eyes.
  48. >Like clockwork, Randolph was waiting just outside the courtyard.
  49. >Standing erect like a soldier at the ready.
  50. >Holding a few, small pink bags on his slightly trembling back.
  51. >A loud slam drew his attention towards the front of the schoolhouse.
  52. >With a bittersweet scowl focused on the ground, Diamond Tiara marched to Randolph's side.
  53. >The aged stallion carefully dipped his hoof into a bag and pulled out a cup and saucer.
  54. >And nearly tumbling out afterwards was a kettle.
  55. >Full of tea.
  56. >Randolph poured the cup full of the warm liquid.
  57. >He held out the cup on a saucer to the distraught looking filly.
  58. >"Thank you Randolph" she sighed as her eyelids drooped.
  59. >She took a small sip of tea.
  60. >And Randolph bowed his head towards Diamond Tiara.
  61. >He placed the items back in his saddlebag while the little filly before him sipped at her tea a little more.
  62. >"Shall I escort you home, Miss Tiara?"
  63. >It always felt weird when Randolph called her that.
  64. >She saw Randolph as a friend more than a servant.
  65. >But sadly it wasn't always that way.
  66. >She's certainly overcome her fair share of hurdles in life.
  67. >Life is a marathon though, and there's always more roadblocks than you can see.
  68. "I...was kind of hoping Silver Spoon would be out here" the young girl moved her head every which way.
  69. >Hoping to see even the smallest hint of dull grey fur.
  70. >"My apologies Miss Tiara, but I was informed by her mother that she had developed a rather nasty cold"
  71. "Oh..." was all she said in response.
  72. >Hanging out with Silver Spoon was one of her absolute favorite things to do.
  73. >Even if she never really showed it.
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