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  1. Business Name:  Aura Home Remodeling
  2. Address:        6260 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77057 USA
  3. Phone:         (832) 777-7077
  4. Business Email:
  5. Website:
  6. Keyword:     home remodeling houston, kitchen remodeling houston, bathroom remodeling houston, deck builders, home remodeling contractors
  7. Description:    Everything related to home remodeling, construction and home design – we do it all, and on the best side. Took us years to find all the right people to be the perfect team that can take care of any issue or request you might have. We are dedicated and have the solution for any related issue, if we don’t have it right away we will do it all until the solution is in our hand. We are a company to trust, our people take responsibility and keep themselves open minded at all times. We are insured and bonded so you have nothing to worry about. You just need to sit back and see the results as we proceed with the services. Aura Home Remodeling & Construction is here for you!
  9. Hours:      24/7 Hours
  10. Payment:    all major credit cards, check, cash
  11. Year:       2012
  12. Number of Employee: 100
  13. Social Link:
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