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  1. Chapter I: Origin
  3. Money and power, the hustle and loyalty, the love for the game – this is what they thrive on, that’s what it is all about. Little was known for the “Sinners”, as they were referenced on the street, a.k.a “Sin Town Crooks, Sinners Mafia”, a prosperous tight-knit gang residing in South Los Santos. The affiliates were residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, scattered predominantly across Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry and Davis. They were independent, flying no colors, paying respect to no banner. The motive, the goal linking the individuals was pretty simple: money by any means.
  5. Operating as a loose coalition, they were overlooked and simply underestimated. Their nickel-and-dime operation consisted of petty thefts (shoplifting and pickpocketing), burglary, fencing and small time drug dealing but most notably, the main source of income was car theft and credit fraud. The Sinners were part of an infamous car theft ring run by Raphael Gonzalez, a notable figure within the Mexican Mafia, also known as La eMe. Raphael Gonzalez also ran a credit fraud scheme whereby the collecting was done by the Sinners.
  7. Chapter II: Circumstances
  9. Sin Town Crooks hustled the southern streets of Los Santos for almost a year during which the set managed to accumulate enough respect across the neighborhoods and practically made a name for themselves by running errands for Raphael Gonzalez and his associates. The Sinners became a regular fixture at the Crenshaw Villages open-air drug market, where they pushed dime bags regularly.
  11. Eventually the opportunity presented itself for the Sinners to increase the altitude of their drug dealing operation in the person of South Los Santos kingpin Marques “Juicy Marc” Holloway. Casseus “Axe” Tate, 27 years old, native of Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos and Lennox “Knox” Burnett, 24 years old, native of Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos became the distributors as the two most respected figures within the Sin Town Crooks. Enormous power was handed in their hands but with power comes responsibilities.
  13. Tate and Burnett did not limit themselves and the Sinners to only Chamberlain Hills and they commenced gradually to expand their territory to the surrounding neighborhoods too as Holloway’s underlings. Soon they were distributing Juicy Marc’s product across the vast majority of the southern neighborhoods of Los Santos, including Chamberlain Hills, Rancho, Strawberry, Davis and La Puerta. The growth however attracted inevitable heat from the local gangs and cliques and the Sinners soon found themselves in a dispute over territory, which later developed into a war, with the Jamestown Locos X3, a Sureño gang based on Jamestown Street in Rancho and the S/W Hustler Crips, a subset housed under the infamous Crip banner, a Juicy Marc longtime rival.
  15. The following conflicts unfolded a chain of events which did not favor the Sinners. The drug operation was grounded, the business was left dry. The Sinners gave casualties to the war conflict with the count of 6 – Tamika “Lowk” White, 19 years old; Lawrence “L-Dog” Reed, 20 years old; Orlando “Jaws” Morris, 20 years old; Marius “Super Mario” Floyd, 22 years old; Zackary “Tweaker” Donovan, 23 years old; and Theodore “Slug” Hughes, 25 years old, two of whom were notable individuals within the Sin Town Crooks, leading respective operations in Davis and in Strawberry.
  17. Chapter III: Epilogue
  19. The following year a police task force targeted and dismantled Holloway’s organization. Seventeen defendants were charged in two federal indictments. Eleven of the defendants faced court in the Southern District of Los Santos with conspiracy to distribute seven kilograms of cocaine and two kilograms of methamphetamine in and around South Los Santos. Marques Holloway himself was charged with money laundering, tax evasion and operating a continuing criminal enterprise and is set to server 50 years in the state penitentiary. The leaders of the Sinners and Holloway’s distributors were also indicted; Casseus Tate was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with no parole on a first degree murder charge, Lennox Burnett was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on a drug trafficking charge.
  21. The imprisonment of the main figures Tate and Burnett resulted in an upheaval within the Sin Town Crooks gang. The rival gangs acknowledged the weaknesses and seized the opportunity to overtake the controlled by the Sinners territories and complete erase them from the business. Following those events, the present members disbanded the set and fled the scene, some in a pursuit of a new stronghold, some continued on the streets as independent dealers.
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