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Aug 7th, 2012
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  1. binds.cfg:
  2. bind APOSTROPHE "bindsay $herewego"
  3. bind - "bindsay $starman"
  4. bind [ "bindsay $clogem"
  5. bind BACKSLASH "bindsay $spaghetti"
  6. bind ] "bindsay $plumber"
  7. bind a "bindsay $SMBR"
  8. bind b "name ^x5A0M^x4E0a^x0F6r^5i^5o^x06E ^0(^1SMB^0)"
  9. bind c "bindsay $treat"
  10. bind d "bindsay $autoreply"
  11. bind e "bindsay $thankyou"
  12. bind i "bindsay $okey"
  13. bind j "bindsay $healthy"
  14. bind k "bindsay $meatball"
  15. bind l "bindsay $spicy"
  16. bind p "bindsay $takethis; bindsay $takethat"
  17. bind q "commandmode rhi"
  18. bind r "bindsay $owow"
  19. bind s "bindsay $scary"
  20. bind v "set cmd2 \"%p\"; bindsay Nice-a Shot ~!"
  21. bind x "bindsay $hungry"
  22. bind UPARROW "+forward"
  23. bind DOWNARROW "+back"
  24. bind LEFTARROW "+moveleft"
  25. bind RIGHTARROW "+moveright"
  26. bind PGDN "bindsay $dontcry"
  27. bind HOME "bindsay $yeah"
  28. bind END "bindsay $nah"
  29. bind KP_UPARROW "bindsay $standhere; g_waypointsprite_personal; defer 10 g_waypointsprite_clear"
  30. bind KP_DOWNARROW "set cmd2 \"%p\"; bindsay $meathooks"
  31. bind KP_INS "bindsay $mamma"
  32. bind KP_HOME "bindsay $defending"
  33. bind KP_PGUP "bindsay $attacking"
  34. bind KP_END "bindsay $number1"
  35. bind KP_5 "bindsay $itsame"
  36. bind KP_LEFTARROW "bindsay $letsgo"
  37. bind KP_MINUS "bindsay $dgetyou"
  38. bind KP_PLUS "bindsay $gotyou"
  39. bind KP_ENTER "bindsay $niceshot"
  40. bind MOUSE1 +attack
  41. bind MOUSE2 +attack2
  42. bind MOUSE5 +hook
  43. bind = "bindsay If You See $smbname, Say Hello!"
  44. bind f10 "bindsay $rdc; defer 2 disconnect"
  45. bind SHIFT +rcrouch
  46. bind SPACE +jumpswim
  47. bind W "bindsay $toast"
  48. bind H "bindsay $hello"
  49. bind CTRL "toggle chat_reverse; recho Flipped!"
  50. bind , +aot_zoomadjust
  51. bind . +sprint
  53. autoexec.cfg:
  54. //Binds!
  55. set bsay rsay
  57. set herewego "Here We Go!!!!"
  58. set starman "Starman, Star Bright! Give Me Pasta Power, Give Me Pasta Might!"
  59. set clogem "You Clog 'em, We Clear 'em!"
  60. set spaghetti "Nighty Nighty! {snores} Ah, Spaghetti ... Ahh, RRRavioli ... Ahhh, Mamma Mia ..."
  61. set plumber "A Plumber Never Says Can't!"
  62. set SMBR "SMB RULES!!!"
  63. set treat "What A Tasty Treat!"
  64. set thankyou "Thank-a You So Much For To Playing-a My Game!"
  65. set okey "Okey Dokey!"
  66. set healthy "Now Go Home And Eat Some Vegetables, Dr. Mario's Orders!"
  67. set meatball "Mamma Mia! The Cruel Meatball Of War Has-a Rolled Onto Our Laps, And-a Ruined Our White Pants Of Peace!"
  68. set spicy "That's-a One Spicy Meatball!"
  69. set owow "Oooaaahhhhhhwowowowowoah!"
  70. set scary "Ooh. Mario's Minsta Of a-Doom. Very Scary!"
  71. set hungry "Hey! I'm-a Hungry. Have You Got Any Food?"
  72. set dontcry "It's OK, Don't Cry!"
  73. set yeah "Yeah! Ha Ha Ha!"
  74. set nah "No! Ha Ha Ha!"
  75. set standhere "Stand Here! (NOW!)"
  76. set mamma "Mamma Mia!"
  77. set number1 "Mario Number One!"
  78. set itsame "It's-a Me, Mario!"
  79. set letsgo "Let's-a Go!"
  80. set dgetyou "Mamma Mia! Mario Didn't Get-a You This Time!"
  81. set gotyou "Mario Got-a You This Time!"
  82. set niceshot "Nice Shot! But Mario Get-a You Next Time!"
  83. set shup "Hey, Shaddupa Your Face!"
  84. set rdc "Until Next Time Everybody... Do The Mario!"
  85. set hf "Good-a Luck! Let's-a Play!"
  86. set wbck "Welcome Back! We Missed-a You!"
  87. set smbtag "^1SMB ^3Clan ^2Tag ^5Is ^0^^0(^1^^1SMB^0^^0)"
  88. set allcls "^11^22^33^44^66^77^88^99^00"
  89. set smbsite ""
  90. set gugle "^4G^1o^3o^4g^2l^1e"
  91. set fing "Okey Dokey, Get Ready To Move Your Fingers!"
  92. set autoreply "AutoAliasV1.2: Please state reason for enquiry of Mario."
  93. set defending "I'm-a Defending! Get-a The Flag!"
  94. set attacking "I'm-a Gonna Attack! Defend Our Flag!"
  95. set meathooks "Get Your Grimy Meat Hooks Off Of My Flag, ~!"
  96. set takethis "Take-a This!"
  97. set takethat "Take-a That!"
  99. set toast_0 "Life Is A Game, Kid! It All Depends On How You Play!"
  100. set toast_1 "You Know What They Say: All Toasters Toast Toast!"
  101. set toast_2 "If You Need Instructions On How To Get Through The Maps, Check Out The Enclosed Instruction CvarList!"
  102. set toast_3 "Can I Sing A Song For You? When The Moon Hits Your Eyes, Like A Big Pizza Pie, That's Amore! When An Eel Lunges Out, And He Takes A Bite Of Your Snout, That's A Moray! Get It? A Moray Eel! Hehehehehe, I Say The Funnies!"
  103. set toast_4 "If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em... Then Beat 'em."
  104. set toast_5 "'Oh No! I'm-a Fallen, & I Can't Get Up!' That Is My Impression Of American Advertising! Thank You Very Much! Thank You! Thank You!"
  105. set toast_6 "We Can Fix Anything If There's Spaghetti Involved!"
  106. set toast_7 "When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Play Defence!"
  108. set hello_0 "Hey Paisano!"
  109. set hello_1 "Hey! I'm-a Hungry. Have You Got Any Food?"
  110. set hello_2 "Hello! It's-a Me, Mario! Thank You For Starting Me Up!"
  111. set hello_3 "Hey! I'm-a Thirsty. Have You Got Something To Drinky?"
  112. set hello_4 "Hey! Who's That Behind You? Made You Look! Made You Look! Hehehehehe!"
  113. set hello_5 "Hey! You Got A Good Joke For Mario?"
  115. set itsame_0 "It's-a Me, Mario!"
  116. set itsame_1 "Faster Than A Vanishing Clog, More Powerful Than A Drain Snake, It's SUPER MARIO!"
  117. set itsame_2 "Hello! It's-a Me, Mario!"
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