Five is a crowd

May 9th, 2014
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  1. You are Clair.
  3. You’re in a hotel room with your brother and his friends, who just happen to all be different flavors of cute girls. Complete coincidence, you’re sure.
  5. You were planning to root around in his mind about that, but when Robin beat you, she made you promise not to use your powers on her or her friends. It’s a pain and makes you feel deaf to everyone around you.
  7. If you had to be honest, at least to yourself, it’s probably a good thing. You didn’t realize how much you’ve been leaning on your powers lately. You’re so used to using them effortlessly that you do it on instinct now. You even used them to try to win against Kat when she got the upper hand. She had you outplayed more than once. She even had a great bluff about not teaching her Houndoom any dark type moves.. You tried to counter as quickly as possibly and caused the whole incident with the mind device. You’re pretty sure Kat believes you were just that many steps ahead. You weren’t. You’ve gotten lazy and complacent.
  9. You even used your powers against Robin without thinking about it. You stopped doing it halfway in the battle and she was able to take the win. Then with Vance, you didn’t use it at all and he beat you, fair and square.
  11. Your shoulders slump. You lost three times in a row. What happened to you? Vance and these girls must think you’re a complete loser.
  13. Jeanine leans over Vance and pokes you. “Hey, It’s your turn.”
  15. You look over Vance’s girlfriend. Even after you helped her punk up her hair, the outfit she’s in still doesn’t suit her. The punk look usually fits with slender, sarcastic looking girls like you. Jeanine’s cheerful confident smile and well built body are bursting out from under her outfit. You probably look even sillier in your overly revealing Gardevoir costume. You only put this on to get one-up on Vance and now you’re beginning to feel exposed. Especially now that you’ve been forced to lose your skirt. At least you shaved your legs recently.
  17. You struggle against the urge to take a long, thorough tour of Jeanine’s head every time you look at her. You really wish you did that before you promised to stay out. You don’t know anything about her except what she chooses to show you on her face and in her words. You really have forgotten what it’s like for almost everyone else.
  19. Everyone is looking at you. “What’s the matter? Lose your nerve?” Kat taunts you. Right! What’s wrong with your head?
  21. You’ll show her! You draw a new card! “Take a drink.” You’re already pretty woozy, but whatever. You’re not slurring your speech or anything. You just feel less inhibited. Everyone feels the same way. Their thoughts have been getting really loud as time goes on.
  23. Stop that Clair! You’re not supposed to read their minds. You’re the best. Act like it!
  25. You think back to when you were first learning how to use your powers. Your parents were concerned and took you to a specialist, who took you to another specialist, who took you to yet another specialist. Variations of the word ‘special’ pretty much describes your whole childhood. It was always meant in a good way at least. You were just born with more ability than most people.
  27. They always told you what an extremely bad idea it is to take anything that might lower your inhibitions. The first thing a psychic learns is how to avoid other peoples emotions. They don’t try to teach you how to just feel them a little. It’s on or off. The code is very strict about keeping literally any emotion from getting through for your own safety. Reading someones mind when they’re calm is easy, but reading someone who has a lot of emotions going through them is incredibly draining. What you did with Kat was the psychic equivalent of a triathlon. It’s not the reading that’s tiring, it’s stopping their emotions from getting in.
  29. Alcohol messes with your ability to filter raw feelings. You’ve only had wine at a wedding once, and you ended up crying in joy the entire day thanks to the bride and groom. But you were younger back then, less experienced and practiced. You’re one of the most powerful psychics around. You might lack the fine control that the great masters have, but you’re still a celebrated prodigy at your age. As you sit in this hotel room in a kinky outfit with a bunch of your brothers friends and no mind-reading, you decide that today is a day for going outside of your comfort zone.
  31. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ve spent so much psychic energy today that it shouldn’t be a problem anyway.
  33. Vance gives Jeanine a lap dance. He doesn’t mind playing the oaf, as long as everyone has a good time.
  35. Jeanine’s turn comes up. She has to flash a stranger. She does so flatly. You can tell she absolutely doesn’t care. It’s rare to see someone like her so genuinely confident. You’d expect her to be riddled with issues like Kat.
  37. Damnit! Stay out of their heads!
  39. Robin’s turn comes up. Her card is to draw another card. She draws the second card. “Entire group gives you a dare.”
  41. Everyone huddles. Hehehe!~ Ideas are tossed around, but nothing that good. Kat finally tosses something out. “Let’s make her kiss everyone!”
  43. “On the cheek!” Vance argues it down as he glances at you sideways.
  45. Vance is still worried you’ll judge him and his group. You’ve been inside a lot of heads. You might be a little rude sometimes, but you've learned not to be judgmental.
  47. There’s a giddy thrill that runs over you when Robin pecks your cheek. She’s so cute! She goes around the circle until Kat brings her in for something a little longer.
  49. Everyone else's turns aren’t that exciting, until it comes to you again. “take a spanking for 5 minutes (they get to choose the spanker)” Uhh. “Robin.” That makes the most sense. Vance would be weird, even if it would be funny to make him that uncomfortable. Getting it from Jeanine might do that, but her arms look strong. Kat... is pretty sexually aggressive. Everyone might get the wrong idea.
  51. You find yourself already crawled over. Kat and Jeanine give you cat calls. You can feel Vance’s discomfort.
  53. Smack! You let out a little squeak. That was harder than you expected. Smack! It’s a good thing you drank so much. Smack!
  55. Why are you so turned on? You’re not even into this stuff. Oh!~ Wait! That’s someone else's feelings. Unh! But who? You rule out Vance. Jeanine doesn’t seem that likely. Kat! it has. Hmm. To. Be. Kat.
  57. Your time is up and you crawl back to your spot. You look at Kat’s face. Huh, she’s just laughing. Couldn’t be Jeanine. No, she’s laughing too. V...Vance? No. He’s distracted by Jeanine whispering something.
  59. Your head turns to Robin. She’s smiling ear to ear and blushing. You should have known. It's always the quiet ones.
  61. Well that’s flattering. If you weren’t so turned on from the mental spillover you might feel different though. You're not into girls. Or even guys really. You've hopped around enough heads to see a million different sexual fantasies and memories. You never felt the need to develop any fantasies or memories of your own. Maybe it's because you've always seen the details but filter the emotions that go with them.
  63. The game continues on for awhile until Kat gets the last card. Everyone seems like they’ve had a lot. You, Kat, and Robin make your way to the couch to chat. Mostly it’s compliments about hair and things. You’re not really listening to the words, just the warm fuzzy feelings. When it dies down, Kat turns on the TV. It’s some sort of cartoon that Robin is excited to see. Loaded with cat schoolgirls. Or are they catgirls who go to school?
  65. You look around. Jeanine and Vance have gone off to the other room to go get something. It’s not important. Robin has her eyes glued to the screen and keeps trying to get Kat to pay attention, but Kat keeps running her hands on Robin’s leg. You turn back to the screen before she sees you looking.
  67. Why is this anime so sexy? Your breathing begins to get shallow as your face feels hot. You really hope nobody notices. Your legs rub together almost imperceptibly. What’s wrong with you? Your eyes dart over to Kat and Robin again. They’re watching the tv and seeming normal. Kat’s even stopped rubbing Robin’s leg. That’s a shame.
  69. No, it’s not a shame! You don’t want to see that! What are your lips doing? Were you just making out with the air? You keep trying to just concentrate on the anime, but your breathing intensifies and your nipples harden. Your legs are rubbing together harder now.
  71. It’s a good thing that Kat and Robin are a little more forward than you on the couch. You try to control your breathing before you realize that your tongue is twirling around nothing again.
  73. Get this under control Clair! These are the first people who haven’t either been freaked out by your powers or dismissed you as a brat since as long as you can remember. Don’t let them see you be so weird. Don't let them see how much you're liking this.
  75. You whimper as you feel the sensation of a finger entering you.
  77. Robin turns to face you. “Did you say something?”
  79. Think quick! You fake a cough and cover your mouth and as much of your red face as possible. “My drink just went down the wrong pipe. I’ll be good in a second.”
  81. Kat looks at your cup. “Oh, I didn’t know you were running low. I’ll top you up.” She pours more of that drink in, then opens a bottle of soft drink to mix it.
  83. “T-thanks.” You manage to get out as your body starts to betray you. Please, please stop looking. Your hips are subtly rocking. “Just getting comfy.”
  85. Kat gives you a weird look, but eventually puts an arm around Robin and watches the show again. She turns the volume up.
  87. MMMhMMM! That’s just loud enough that they can’t hear you shift in your seat. It’s getting so much more intense. It feels like a phantom hand is aggressively fingering you. A phantom mouth sucks your left breast. You’re losing yourself in the sensations. You can’t even think straight anymore. You can’t fight this, and you doubt you can get up to leave to the bathroom. All you can do is ride it out and keep yourself from making any noise.
  89. You’re biting your lip and as your chest rises and falls. You hips grind against the phantom invader as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you. You just want to rip off your clothes and ravage the person doing this to you, but you don’t think this is the right time or place for that. Not for their first time.
  91. You try to make sense of that last thought before you feel the climax coming. You want more so badly. Your hands dig into the couch.
  93. “YES!” You shout as you lose all control! Your mind goes blank as your body trembles.
  95. Robin puts up a fist excitedly. “The plot twists get so much better!” She’s completely mesmerized by the anime. Kat just seems to be focusing on finding a way to molest Robin. You’re relieved that they didn’t notice what happened to you.
  97. You can’t stop reading minds! You promised you wouldn’t do that. It wasn’t on purpose though, it just sort of leaked in.
  99. That must be what happened. They were probably messing around and it leaked into your head. Even a really skilled psychic can’t help but hear someone’s surface thoughts if they shout it. You examine Kat and Robin. They didn’t do anything. They were here the whole time. It was way too intense to just be a fantasy. Then what happened?
  101. Jeanine and Vance come back from the other room. “Thanks for helping me find that umm… hair pin, Vance.” Jeanine announces that loudly. Her hair is messed up and her face is flush. Her top isn’t even on straight.
  103. Oh. It was her and Vance.
  105. “You were gone for a long time for a hair pin,” Kat says with a sly grin.
  107. Your mind races as it truly sets in. Vance and Jeanine were making out. Vance sucked her tits and fingered her. Worse, you accidentally felt Jeanine’s thoughts and he did it to you too, and nobody even knows.
  109. That’s right! Nobody knows. They can’t think you’re a freak if they don’t know. You told Robin it wouldn’t count as breaking your promise if someone shouted their thoughts at you. Still, you’re usually even able to tune those out.
  111. Jeanine and Vance sit down next to you. You can’t even look at them right now.
  113. Vance leans over Jeanine and looks at you. “Are you alright? Are the drinks getting to you?”
  115. “Pssh! No!” You down the entire thing and hide your disgust with the taste. “I’m not some inexperience kid you know!” You idiot! It’s the alcohol that’s doing this to you. You can’t filter out what everyone is feeling because you’re numbing your own sense of inhibition. You’ve just made it worse. It’s Vance’s fault. He made you mad. How does he have such an easy time making friends?
  117. “Alright. That’s enough for you for the night.” Vance takes your empty cup to your relief. “I have to take care of my sister after all.”
  119. You don’t say anything. He already took care of you. Your panties are soaked thanks to him and you feel very, very embarrassed and ashamed. You see Jeanine has a satisfied look on her face as she hums a tune. Even though she’s not really ‘shouting’, her surface thoughts are too loud for you to shut out right now. She’s thinking about how long it’s been since Vance had a shower this morning, and if she has breath mints. What does that matter?
  121. Robin and Kat get suddenly up. “W-we’re going to go to watch the rest of this in our room.” Robin mutters. Everyone exchanges goodnights and they leave to the other room.
  123. Jeanine turns to you. “We only have the two rooms. I guess you’re bunking with us.” She seems disappointed. She was probably planning on more alone time with Vance.
  125. “Sorry.” You’re not sorry.
  127. Jeanine looks to Vance, then you. “You don’t have to apologize. Remember when we were kids and we had sleepovers? It’ll be like that.”
  129. No, you’re pretty sure this is different. That sounds fun though. Nice, innocent fun. Just what you could use. “Yeah. Like when we were kids. Remember when we made that fort?”
  131. Her eyes light up. Even Vance looks excited. “I was just thinking that!”
  133. Vance’s boyish smile contrasts against his strong jaw line. “Let’s do it!”
  135. The three of you get to work and share a good time. It’s not long before things take a turn for the worse though. Your body start to feel hot again, and you keep finding your mouth doing funny things. Damn Kat and Robin! Can’t they keep their thoughts to themselves?
  137. “I have to go to the bathroom!” You practically yell it as you run off. You don’t care, it’s better than letting them see you go through round two.
  139. You shut the bathroom door and turn on the fan for noise. Your chest is already starting to rise and fall as phantom hands run through your hair and over your body. Someone is kissing you passionately.
  141. You rub your body all over without really meaning to. Ah! You throw your hands away away from your body. You’re rapidly losing the fight. You need to do something.
  143. The first step is to take off this costume. Deep down you know that it’s making you feel just a little kinky. You’re dressed like a slutty Gardevoir after all. You slip out of it and toss it aside, leaving you in just your soaked and remoistening panties. You toss those aside too. Now you’re naked, but it’s bathroom floor naked, not sexy naked. That’s good.
  145. Uh! Another wave washes over you. Your knees are feeling weak. You try to sit on the cold, uncomfortable bathroom floor and meditate. Remember the basics of tuning people out. That’s the first thing you learn!
  147. Gnnnh! Do you really want to tune this out? It’s Robin who’s shouting now as Kat ravages her. You can almost see what she sees. The top of Kat’s head as she kisses between your thighs.
  149. Meditate! Tune out! Get control!
  151. Control… Robin is wearing a dominatrix outfit and she’s determined to take control tonight. Last time they went at it, Kat made Robin submissive and she got off on it so hard. Robin wants to do the same to Kat.
  153. There’s a knock at the door. “Are you alright?” It’s Vance.
  155. ===========
  156. [Meanwhile, in Kat and Robin’s room]
  158. Robin weakly pushes you on the bed. “K-K-Kat! T-tonight I’m in charge!” She puts on her best imitation of a lewd, aggressive face.
  160. You try not to laugh. “Sure Robin, dominate me.” You like this.
  162. She puts her leg up on the bed and sticks her hands on her hips in a powerful pose. “I-I mean it! I-I’m g-going to make your squirm! Y-y-you’ll s-say my name and beg for m-more!” She smacks that fake leather whip on the bed.
  164. Wow. She’s really trying. You go onto all fours and stick your butt in the air. “Make me your slut. Make me say your name!” You wag your ass slowly. “Take me.” You try to keep yourself from picking on her too badly. She’s just so cute and innocent even now. What’s the worst she could do?
  166. You hear the sound of vibrations from behind you. “I-I got it when the others were dressing you.” You look back. Robin has a vibrator!
  168. The buzzing draws closer. You gulp.
  170. ===========
  171. [Back to Clair in the bathroom]
  173. “I’m-uhh, fffffiiiiine,” You cover your mouth. Something is happening to Kat and it’s like a tornado of lust in your head. You hit your closed fist on the tiled floor and bite your lip.
  175. “Are you sure?” He has to shout over the bathroom fan.
  177. “Fine! Just...ate something I shouldn’t have. I’ll be in here awhile!” Great! They’ll think you have diarrhea or something. “Don’t worry about it!” Why are you stick your butt in the air?
  179. “Alright I guess. I hope you get better.” There’s a pause. “It’s good to see you again.”
  181. This is the worst time for this. For a second you forget what he even said. Your mind is going blank as you feel the sensation buzzing inside you. “YOU TOO!” Oops, you didn’t mean to shout. “G-go have fun!”
  183. You hear him walk away. You finally let yourself moan. You’re almost seeing things from Kat’s point of view. You try your best to shut it out, but it’s like trying not to listen to loud speakers without being able to cover your ears.
  185. Your breast press against the cold floor as you move your butt back and forth. It feels you’re on a soft bed though. You lose your willpower and just give up trying to fight it. You don’t care about your dignity or psychic ethics or anything like that
  187. Feeling it inside you had you really concerned that it was something else. It moves in and out of you slowly and you’re quivering. More. Go faster Robin!
  189. That snaps you out of it. It makes you feel dirty and perverted. You should at least try to fight. You bite your lip and muster up whatever is left of your willpower to unstick your brain from Kat’s.
  191. Yes! You’re free! You brush aside the part of your brain that’s disappointed and slowly raise yourself up.
  193. Nobody knows. You can get passed this. You’re back in control.
  195. Your knees buckle again. Oh no! Something else is happening.
  197. ===========
  198. [Meanwhile, in the small crappy pillow fort in Vance and Jeanine’s room.]
  200. You try to keep control as Jeanine pulls undoes your pants. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. Clair could be out any second.”
  202. She pulls it free and holds it in her hand. This is going really fast. “Then we can pull your pants up quick. She still has to come in this fort. Relax.” Her blonde hair lowers.
  204. So warm! “Jeanine…” Her mouth is so soft too.
  206. “Mmmhmm,” she says as her head bobs up and down. It’s a cocky tone. “MMmmm~”
  208. That sexy voice! Your dick is going to explode. Why were you so scared to ask her out?
  210. Jeanine stops for just a second and winks at you. “Warn me first.” She goes back to sucking you off. You head rolls back.
  212. ===========
  213. [In the bathroom with Clair]
  215. This is a new low. You feel exactly what’s going on in Vance’s head. Of all the people you know, he was always the loudest. It’s not nearly as close in intensity of what you felt from Kat. Probably because you don’t have the same equipment. You think something like this would require inventing a whole new subcategory of psychology to get over.
  217. You strain to push away from his mind. You did it once with Kat, you can do it now. Anything is better than being in your brothers head when he’s getting blown.
  219. You crawl out of his mind with all the power you have left. You’re almost sucked back into Kat’s mind as waves of pleasure wash over her. No! Not there, not in Vance’s head.
  221. You land somewhere else. It’s not Kat, or Vance, or even Robin, but it’s not your head either. What’s with your jaw? Something huge and just a little salty is in your mouth. You know you can’t bite it though. No teeth. It pokes into your throat.
  223. Oh no! You landed back inside Jeanine’s brain. You feel your mouth around Vance’s dick as it starts to twitch. That stupid slut Jeanine! This is her fault! You already spent so much of your mental strength. It’s so hard to get out of Jeanine’s now, even if she’s not loud like the others. Anywhere has to be better than here though. Your sinuses feel the pressure as you move your head up and down. Despite everything, you get halfway out. It’s not far enough. You hear and feel both Kat and Jeanine now. Robin is sliding the vibrator out in an increasing pace as you go faster and deeper on Vance. With the sensation of the vibrations, you’re starting not to care what’s happening. Whats the point in fighting it. It feels so good. You feel so sexy.
  225. “MMmmm!” You moan through your rounded mouth. You’re on all fours again. Robin invades your from behind and Vance is invading your throat deeper and deeper.
  227. You almost gag. Vance mutters something you don’t hear but you know what it is. Instead of backing off, you go down as far as possible just in time to feel him explode in pulses in your throat. You almost don’t even taste it. Almost. It doesn’t matter though. You’re already too far gone as Kats orgasms turns you into Robin’s begging sex toy. Your legs shake and your hips buck wildly. There’s nothing but pure, unimaginable pleasure rolling around your entire body. You feel your eyes roll back as you get more and more into it. You might be keeping quiet, or you might be loudly, pathetically begging for more like Kat is right now. You arch your back as your eyes roll back into your head. You don’t even care. All that matters is the plateau you’re about to reach.
  229. Fireworks. That’s the only way to describe this. Even though you understanding how messed up this is on an intellectual level, you feel nothing but bliss. You lose yourself in the feeling.
  231. You shake and quiver on the floor for who knows how long. You’ve drooled a bit of the floor. As soon as your strength comes back. The shouting has stopped. It’s just you, naked on the bathroom floor after the lewdest night you can imagine.
  233. You manage to get yourself up and start cleaning. You’re too tired and satisfied to think about the implications of what just happened. You wipe the fading illusionary taste from your mouth and drink some water from the sink.
  235. You know… You’ve been inside a lot of people. You’ve always considered ethics codes to be for people less talented than you. While you don’t do it now, you’d violate the code and peek into people’s personal business when you just started puberty. Everyone has some freaky stuff that gets them off. Maybe, in a roundabout way, this is the most normal thing you’ve done in a long time.
  237. You splash water on your face and look yourself in the mirror.
  239. Nah. It was messed up. It’s a shameful terrible secret you’ll never even try to think about again and maybe even try to erase from your mind despite the dangers. You’re both ashamed and accepting of your sexuality. Somehow it’s actually this last thought that makes you feel normal, as sad as that is.
  241. You make your way to the couch and flop down. Jeanine and Vance are already asleep. You’re entirely out of psychic energy and probably will be for awhile. All that echoes is the still sounds of your own head. For the first time in a long time, sleep finds you without any trouble.
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