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  1. [21:47:20] thursdayzz: [sábado, 28 de julho de 2012 03:31] Fran:
  3. <<< [00:23:51] [W From] [85:Cantoo]: If you leave you will never be accepted back
  4. [00:24:02] [W From] [85:Cantoo]: or you will and they will fuck with you
  5. [00:24:22] [W To] [85:Cantoo]: they can't not accept me out of spite
  6. [00:24:29] [W To] [85:Cantoo]: because I'm following the 2-week protocol
  7. [00:24:44] [W To] [85:Cantoo]: if that happens it'll just prove my point that zoe never liked me to begin with.
  8. [00:26:02] [W From] [85:Cantoo]: We already talked about it, just wanted to warn you. I think you guys just misunderstand each other.. Zoe sometimes feels like your a threat and trying to do the job she "earned". While you think zoe hates you because she doesn't like her thunder stolen
  9. [00:26:56] [W To] [85:Cantoo]: and she said she'd not want me back even though I'm following protocol through and bidding myself to the guild rules?
  10. [00:27:48] [W From] [85:Cantoo]: She said that but prolly won't do that. She says a lot of shit. Like she was gonna kick vix, and delete the firebird when we wiped to rag 21 times
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