Novice Maid Kanagi Summary (Ch 16-18)

Aug 24th, 2018
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  4. Chapter 16
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  6. Kanagi thinks about what she's learned from Konomi: that she needs to think about what the other person wants and respond to their needs accordingly. She remembers when the maid-senpai scolded her, telling her that just having decent customer service skills isn't enough for a maid cafe, and that a maid's value is determined by whether or not they can care for their customers, er, Masters.
  8. >Kanagi: I feel like I finally understand what she told me in the beginning.
  10. She thinks back to how she was only concerned about her salary and helping her family.
  12. >Kanagi: (Just like how I had my goals, the Masters also had goals of their own. Their enjoy that place. I needed to figure out whether or not that goal was met. And yet, without realizing that, I acted like I already knew.) ...I really am an amateur. What I needed to be doing was...
  14. She thinks back to Aimi and Natsuki.
  16. >Kanagi: (Bring that smile on their faces out and send them off with it. I should have been giving it all my all to do that...) ...For me to realize that now that it's too late. I really am a rookie.
  17. >(Because of that, I caused a lot of Masters trouble. Especially the Masters that went home in the beginning...)
  19. She remembers how Seika fainted, and Reira and Mito freaked out. That should've never happened. Kanagi realizes that the ability to make a conscious effort to make sure the Masters have a good time are the maid-like qualities she's after. The first time she managed to make sure they were satisfied and have a good time, the Masters went home with smiles on their faces.
  21. >Kanagi: ...Why didn't I realize this sooner...? Now it's too late... .......
  23. >NAGITAN!
  25. >Kanagi: ...Artist, what are you doing at a time like this? Are you on your way home from witch hunting?
  26. >Karin: Haa...haa...No! I was looking for you, Nagitan!
  27. >Kanagi: Me?
  28. >Karin: I! Think you should keep doing it after all! I think Nagitan should keep being a maid-san!
  29. >Kanagi: ...But a promise is a promise.
  30. >Karin: But you're not satisfied. You seemed like you were disappointed back then. That's why you shouldn't let it end like this! After all.. my senpai at school said so too! That after worries and troubles, there should be growth! Me too, and I'll go with you to the manager...
  31. >Kanagi: It's Onee-sama.
  32. >Karin: ...Onee-sama and ask him to! Let you try, one more time!
  33. >Kanagi: ...It's too late.
  34. >Karin: Whenever! There's no such thing as too late!
  35. >Kanagi: ---!? ...You're right. Thanks to you Artist, my eyes have been opened. I can't leave things unfinished.
  36. >Karin: Then you'll...!
  37. >Kanagi: Yeah, I'll try asking to see if they'll give me another chance.
  38. >Karin: Nagitan...! I'll go with you.
  39. >Kanagi: ...No. I have something else I want you to do for me, Artist.
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  42. Chapter 17
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  45. Kanagi tells Onee-sama that she wants a second chance. He can tell just by looking at her that she's figured out what she was missing, and asks what she wants to do.
  47. >Kanagi: ...Do you remember the three masters I was put in charge of at the beginning?
  48. >Onee-sama: Yes. The masters that fainted, right?
  49. >Kanagi: I'd like to serve them once again. Since even though they came to enjoy the maid cafe, I ended up causing them to leave disappointed. I want to do the job properly this time.
  50. >Onee-sama: ...I see. But they might not return that conveniently, you know?
  51. >Kanagi: You don't have to worry about that, since they're neighbors of mine.
  52. >Onee-sama: Oh, so you're acquaintances.
  53. >Kanagi: No, I've just seen them around. The housing complex is pretty large, after all. If they'll agree to it, I'd like to invite them but would you be willing to give me another chance? Please. I want to convey how fun a maid cafe is for sure, this time.
  55. Onee-sama gives it some thought and finally, he agrees. This'll be her one and only chance though. Kanagi says that one chance will be enough, and thanks Onee-sama for it.
  58. Karin's at the housing complex, waiting for the text from Kanagi. She receives Kanagi's message, letting her know that Onee-sama gave her the okay.
  60. >Karin: Hooray, she did it! ...Now it's my turn.
  62. She spots Reira and Seika, then calls out to them.
  64. >Reira: Nn?
  65. >Seika: ---!?
  66. >Karin: Hyaaaah!? A, Are you really angry right now!?
  67. >Reira: N, No she's not! It's not like she's mad at you at all, she's just really nervous!
  68. >Karin: R, Really? I thought she was mad at Nagitan or something...
  69. >Reira: ...Nagitan? Nagitan, isn't she...the weird...I mean, the slightly different maid-san at that maid cafe?
  70. >Karin: That's right! She's that maid-san. I'm glad you remember her. I came to ask you on Nagitan's behalf.
  71. >Reira: Ask?
  72. >Karin: Since you didn't have a good time the last time you came, she wants another chance. This time, she'll make sure that you experience how fun a maid cafe is. Please come to the maid cafe one more time! Please.
  74. Reira turns to Seika.
  76. >Reira: Um...what should we do? Seika, since they went out of their way like this...
  77. >Seika: ...............
  78. >Reira: Wait, it's not the time for that, is it? You're too nervous. you mind if we give you our answer at a later date?
  79. >Karin: Of course! Here, here's your invitation. The three of...huh? There's only two of you here?
  80. >Reira: Mito doesn't live in the housing complex, she lives somewhere else.
  81. >Karin: I see.
  82. >Reira: We'll talk with Mito and let you know whether or not we decide to go to the maid cafe.
  83. >Karin: Thank you!
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  87. Chapter 18
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  89. The next day, Karin visits Kanagi at work.
  91. >Karin: ...Good morning, Nagitan!
  92. >Kanagi: Welcome back, Artist. Thanks for yesterday. Thanks to you, those masters have decided to come.
  93. >Karin: No, all I did was hand them the invitation.
  95. Kanagi tells her that's not true. If Karin hadn't called out to her, Kanagi would probably still be in the state she was in the park two chapters ago--full of regret and unable to do anything with the things she realized she was missing.
  96. That's why she wants Karin to see her do the job properly this time. Karin happily replies that she will, since she wants to see the answer Kanagi's found.
  98. >Claaaaaa~~ng claaaa~ng
  100. >Reira: ...I wonder if Seika will be okay this time...
  101. >Seika: ......
  102. >Mito: She's already stiffened up...
  103. >Kanagi: Welcome back, Master. I'm glad you've returned once again.
  104. >Mito: It's Nagitan!
  105. >Kanagi: That's right, I'm your maid, Nagitan. I'll guide you to your seats. Please, follow me.
  107. Reira's surprised that Kanagi gave them a maid-like "welcome". Meanwhile, from a distance, Karin cheers for Kanagi.
  110. Some time passes. Kanagi delivers their three Heartful Omelet Rice.
  112. >Mito: What about love?
  113. >Kanagi: ...I gave it some thought, but I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't lie. However, I can doodle something on it with ketchup.
  114. >Reira: Ehh! You'd draw for us? Y, You're totally different...compared to before...
  115. >Kanagi: Yes, I've been learning after all.
  116. >Mito: A doodle! I love doodles!
  117. >Kanagi: Mu, then would you like to draw something, Master?
  118. >Mito: That sounds like fun too! But I want to see Nagitan's art too... what should I doooo?
  119. >Reira: Then hey, Mito, you can draw on my omelet rice. And maid-san, why don't you draw on Mito's?
  120. >Mito: Sounds good! Yay~
  122. Kanagi turns to Seika.
  124. >Kanagi: Master, what would you like?
  125. >Seika: .........
  126. >Kanagi: ......
  127. >Reira: Oh, you don't have to worry about her.
  128. >Kanagi: ...I see. (Well, I did cause her to it makes sense that she's wary of me, but...isn't there something I can do for her?)
  131. Karin observes that it seems like things are going well with Reira and Mito. However, the girl that fainted has a scary look on her face.
  132. Meanwhile, Mito and Kanagi are playing rock-paper-scissors, followed by look that way, go together.
  134. >Reira: What kind of game is that?
  135. >Mito: Um, you see~ it's look-that-way-go! You watch the other person's finger when they point this way and that way, but you look another way only when they say "go!"
  136. >Kanagi: Master, would you like to play too? It's pretty interesting.
  137. >Reira: ...Sounds hard, but I guess I'll give it a try.
  138. >Kanagi: Umu.
  139. >Seika: .......
  140. >Kanagi: Master, how about you?
  141. >Seika: ...I, I.... .........
  143. Kanagi wonders if she's angered Seika somehow. Reira interrupts.
  145. >Reira: U, Um! It's not like she's mad at you or anything!
  146. >Kanagi: Really?
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