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  1. Dear Josh,
  2. This is Oyal Fokshner from Block20 apartment 225, I am writing this email to bring to your attention that my roommate, Daniel Lee, has not contributed and has not made an effort to try and pay for half of his electric bill. It has been 3 months and I have been very lenient with him not paying for half of the bill. It has come to my attention that he does not want to pay for the electric bill because he acknowledges he needs to pay for it, but has no effort to pay for it when confronted. Also, he lacks the effort of maintaining a tidy clean common area. I have had this issue with him from the very beginning, explaining to him that he needs to at least clean after himself when he cooks or eats. He agrees, but continues to leave residue at the kitchen table and cooking area. I would constantly clean after the mess he would make that would be sitting there for days. Soon after he would stop contributing to throw out the trash from our apartment, he would take the trash out from the bin and leave it sitting there on the side. I would constantly remind him that he needs to also help out with throwing the trash, and his response was that he constantly forgets to and that I should move all the trash to the corridor so he wont forget. Thankfully he starts to help out with throwing out the trash and then starts to stop contributing again as the weather got colder. The garbage started to accumulate and I would eventually have to throw it out every time. He would start putting the trash again in the corridor so he can remember to throw it out but it would be sitting there for at least a week and I would have to throw it out because it would start to have a pungent smell of rotten food. After a couple of weeks I started to notice he would leave trash gathered from his room in a trash bag and in the corridor as well. It would get so severe that when I came back from thanksgiving wall adjacent to the entrance door was filled with garbage. The apartment started to smell, and I texted him if he could throw out his trash only to him not responding nor throwing out the trash. I move his trash to his front door so he gets the message that he needs to throw out the trash, but then moves it to the side. I text him a day after asking to please throw out his trash, and he responds saying that he will not throw out his trash because of an individual I invite that he does not like. He tells me that he will throw out the trash anyways only if I move it back to where it was. I move the trash back to where it was only for it to be sitting there til this day. I read in the lease under EVENTS OF DEFAULT, section f, Tenant’s failure to maintain the Premises or Common Areas in a clean and orderly condition, old refuge in a common area is not tolerated and can lead to various airborne diseases. I have tried to get these issues resolved without any administrative help. This is my only recourse.
  4. Sincerely,
  5. Oyal Fokshner
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