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Hounddawgs PWNED

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Dec 31st, 2017
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  1. Oh well, after what happened with Hounddawgs, one would think the owner actually learnt a lesson, right? But oh boy he didn't.
  3. So once again, to prove they got fucked bigtime and fully pwned, here is the complete source code of their shitty website, along with a FULL COMPLETE dump of their database.
  5. Oh wait, what? Did you just say their FULL database?
  7. YES I DID!
  9. But how is that possible? The superheroes of the world, the people behind Hounddawgs, clearly stated on their frontpage that no database was leaked, so how could I possibly have it?
  11. *Drumrolll... Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it....*
  13. They are lying! Like they have done for years, they don't care one bit for their users.
  15. Anyway, so why am I doing all of this? Well mostly for the pleasure as I think it's kind of funny :-D BoohHooh, shame on me.
  16. But there's a few things I'd like to clarify as well. After gaining access to their webserver (full shell access) and dumped the database and grabbed the source code,
  17. I actually went online to their IRC channel, in order to speak with them, so they could have the problems solved.
  19. However none of the sysops was online (5+ days idle time on IRC, woohoo) and the one staffer that was online, tast3blood, didn't like the fact that I came to help them,
  20. so he banned and kicked me from their channel. Nice way to treat someone like me, right? WRONG!
  22. Another thing that made me really pissed, was the fact how bad their security was. Even their main backend server didn't run with disk encryption, so in case of a server seizure,
  23. all the users data would be available to law agencies etc. And the same goes for their IRC server which I also had shell access to.
  24. So they clearly didn't care one second for the security of their users. And with that in mind, why would I give a fuck?
  26. Further, the amount of logging they have on the server and website is insane. The database size is 55G - with 95% of it being pure logs. Check for yourself. And even on their webserver,
  27. they had full access logs for every request made? Seriously?
  29. And finally, the reason for this final leak, is the fucking arrogance of the owners. If they had kept their stupid fucking mouths shut,
  30. then I wouldn't need to prove that they are a bunch of lying shitsacks.
  32. So a big shout out to the great and amazing douchebag owner of Hounddawgs, I hope your mamma be proud.
  34. /t-B0ne
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