Regidar - Library Labor

Jun 24th, 2014
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  4. The rain pounded down on Golden Oaks Library, and Twilight Sparkle yawned, turning a page of the book she was reading. The page crinkled as it did so; the book being somewhat old, the pages were yellowed and in fragile condition.
  6. Shifting slightly, she positioned herself as to be more comfortable. Her swollen, gravid belly was propped on several cushions, the foals inside resting along with their mother. Twilight had not felt a kick from them in a few hours, so she assumed they had been taking a little break.
  8. Hearing a strange noise, like a lion letting loose a dying croak, Twilight looked up from her book. "Spike!" she called out. "Nachos, please!"
  10. The little dragon poked his head out from the kitchen, chef's hat askew and covered in cheese. "Alright Twilight, they've just gotten finished!"
  12. There were a few clattering noises from Spike's general direction, and soon he was rushing out from the kitchen, a platter stacked high with his cheesy treat.
  14. The pregnant unicorn smiled, and levitated a section of the nacho mountain with her magic towards her. "Thank you, Spike!" She opened her mouth, and messily devoured the food.
  16. Spike watched with a smug grin on his scaly lips as Twilight stuffed her face with his nachos. "Like 'em?"
  18. Twilight nodded, and gently placed a hoof on her large abdomen. Swallowing hard, she licked her lips of some melted cheese, and said: "Yup! They did as well... you've done well, Spike!"
  20. Spike blushed. "Oh please, it's nothing. I like cooking, and besides, I can only help out when you're in a position such as that..."
  22. Twilight rolled her eyes. "I'm not helpless, Spike."
  24. "I know," Spike hurriedly explained. "It's just that you need more rest! You just need to take it easy, and I'm more than glad to help you do that!" The little dragon had learned first hand what arguing with a hormonal mare pregnant with twin foals resulted in. He hadn't been able to sit down for a week!
  26. Twilight gave Spike a pensive look, then shoveled another magical scoop of nachos into her gullet. "Awight, Thwike. Jus' chekkin'."
  28. She swallowed all the contents of her mouth hard, and let loose a burp. Spike giggled, but was immediately hushed when a clap of thunder boomed through the air.
  30. "Jeez, the storm's getting pretty bad," he remarked, looking out the window at the heavy sheets of rain pouring down.
  32. Twilight liked her lips again, and smiled at Spike. "Spike, it's only a rainstorm. The pegasi have everything under control."
  34. "I know," Spike said, slightly embarrassed. "Still, it SOUNDS scary..."
  36. "Well, there's nothing to be afraid of," Twilight reassured him. She had a face, and hugged her large belly. Spike looked back to her from the window and cocked his eyebrow.
  38. "Are you alright Twilight?"
  40. Twilight nodded. "Yes, I'm fine, the foals are just waking up..."
  42. Spike raised an eyebrow apprehensively. Twilight gave him a sheepish grin, which faltered as one of her foals kicked her uterine wall hard. Twilight flinched as a pain rolled through her, and she let loose a soft grunt.
  44. "Twilight..." Spike said in a low tone. "Is everything alright? Really?"
  46. "Yes, Spike!" Twilight responded shrilly, her back legs grinding together. "Everything's fine! I've read everything I possibly could ago pregnancy, this are just braxton hicks!"
  48. "Braxta wha?"
  50. Twilight took a deep breath as a pressure began to build in between the base of her spine and her gut. "Braxton hicks. Fake contractions. They happen often towards the end of a pregnancy."
  52. "Well, alright..." Spike mumbled, and slowly left the room for the staircase that would lead upstairs, he glanced backwards, giving Twilight one last look. "Just call if you need anything, alright?"
  54. Twilight nodded back, a pained smile on her muzzle. "I'll b-be sure to do that, Spike." She moaned a breathy moan as Spike plodded up the staircase.
  56. The unicorn cast a gaze down at her abdomen. They weren't meant to be due for at LEAST another week! There's no way she could be birthing right now.
  58. "Just braxton hicks, just braxton hicks, just braxton hicks..." she repeated to herself, a mantra to keep her mind steady as the two foals swam restlessly within her.
  60. Her first real scream of pain was drowned out by a large clap of thunder rumbling through the air.
  62. Twilight sat up onto her haunches abruptly, her forelegs grasping her pregnant bulge. A tear formed in her left eye as another sharp pain overtook her, and no amount of denial was going to convince her anymore. Her fate was sealed when another flash of lighting, quickly followed by a rolling clap of thunder brought on a wetness beneath her haunches. Her eyes widened, and Twilight frantically levitated herself up to check underneath her.
  64. Sure enough, her water had broken. A quick spell that she had researched early into her pregnancy confirmed that it wasn't urine, in addition to the more frequent squeezes and movements in her lower abdomen. She could feel an intense pressure pushing up against where she assumed her cervix was. Her breathing heavy, Twilight's pupils dilated as another contraction caused her to squeal loudly.
  66. There was a bump from upstairs, followed by frantic footsteps. Spike! Of course! He could help!
  68. Twilight opened her mouth to call out to the dragon, yet another spasm of her uterus kept her from vocalizing anything but a pained croak. A door from upstairs slammed shut, there were a few more footsteps, and...
  70. Nothing.
  72. Twilight waited, her eyes big as dinner plates and her pupils small as pinpricks, for Spike to come to her aid. After a few more labored breaths, Twilight had to accept that Spike would not be coming. Not without some prompting, that is...
  74. "S-spike..." she tried to call out loudly, yet the labor pains kept her voice soft. It was more of an agonizing whisper than anything else,quite honestly. Twilight slumped to the side, resting her head on the book she had been reading, her large belly quaking again as the first foal impatiently attempted to force itself into the world.
  76. Once again, her pained cry was drowned out by a clap of thunder. Twilight looked out the window behind her with annoyance pushing through her aching expression. Were the pegasi doing this on purpose? If she lived through this, she was going to KILL Rainbow Dash.
  78. The foal's head had breached her cervix, and Twilight mouthed soundlessly as she felt the foal push into her vagina. Her hind legs, which she had crossed, were spread open involuntarily as the new mass pushed itself into her birth canal.
  80. Twilight's left leg kicked as her vaginal muscles worked around the foal. It felt as though a train were bearing down on her, forcing itself out from between her hips.
  82. "Oh dear sweet Celestia..." Twilight choked out, tears streaming fresh from her eyes. The foal had to be half her size, the way it felt! Amniotic fluids still leaked from her, albeit less heavily since her water had broken a few minutes ago.
  84. Twilight's belly was taught, and must have been hard as steel. The foal's twin kicked as lightning flashed in the window, sending pain shooting through her middle abdomen in what felt like a cracked-glass pattern. Taking a deep, shaping breath, the unicorn spread her legs wider, trying to give her first foal more room to work with.
  86. "They cannot..." she gasped, the tears on her cheek feeling cold against her heavily burning blush. "They cannot put pain like this into words..."
  88. She screamed again as another contraction hit her, the foal sliding further down into her vagina. The thunder from the previous lightning blasted through the air just in time to once again mask her agonized cries.
  90. Twilight's lower lips slowly parted as her child's head moved to a mere half-inch away from escaping. Twilight, still laying on her back, could barely see as pain washed over her in endless cresting and crashing waves. Her fevered mind struggled to find any solace to distract her from the fierce pressure and intense stretching of her pussy.
  92. "W-wait..." she murmured, as a lull that lasted a fraction of a second granted her the brief moment of clarity she needed. "That spell!"
  94. About a month before, Twilight had taken to every book about the actual birthing process and experience that she could find and read them over and over. During an excursion into a book about common practices in unicorn nobility foaling, she had stumbled upon a spell that was supposed to numb the pain of a birth considerably, bringing it down to pain similar to a bump on the head. A continuing, long lasting bump on the head, but a fraction of the torment occurring right now. The only issue was that a unicorn who was not giving birth typically casts the spell, as it involved a deal of concentration.
  96. "I c-can handle a simple spAAAAH—" Twilight began, only to break down into another scream as her body pushed the foal ever closer to freedom. She looked down over her gravid belly, which obscured any view of what was occurring below.
  98. "You can do this Twilight," the unicorn attempted to reassure herself. She blinked hard, tears splattering the floor and dripping into her mane. Her horn sparked, and she concentrated on her entire pelvic region, summoning every ounce of her willpower to make sure the spell functioned.
  100. Instantly, she felt the pain die down, replaced by a dull throbbing sensation. She almost began to sob tears of relief! This was much more manageable.
  102. "A-alright then," she sputtered, her voice cracking as lightning flashed for the umpteenth time. "This is... s-so much better! Alright, my dear foal, let's get you out into the world!"
  104. Twilight inhaled deeply, and focused on pushing. The instant she felt the foal's head begin to push her lower lips apart, her spell faltered and died, the pain slamming into her with the force of a hurricane.
  106. "You have got to be kiddiAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Twilight's back arched slightly as the pain ripping through her caused her to convulse reflexively. The thunder clap once again silenced her screams, and she scowled at the window.
  108. "ARE YOU DOING THIS ON PURPOSE?" She yelled at the window as the foal began to crown, causing both her hind legs to spasm. The rain continued to pour down, with no comment other than the steady pounding.
  110. She heard a slam from upstairs, and the plodding of little claws against wood. Silently sending a prayer to Celestia as her pussy was forced apart further by the foal's encroaching head, she waited impatiently as Spike's steps got closer.
  112. "Twilight?" she heard a tired voice call out through the drumbeat of blood pounding through her ears. "The thunder woke me up, and I was hiding under your covers when I heard you scream! Is everything all—"
  114. Twilight looked over at the base of the stairs, where she saw Spike staring back at her in disbelief. She glared over at him as the foal's head pressed against her once more.
  116. "SPIKE!" she shouted, her voice raw and hoarse from shouting. "Please! Get a warm towel and place it under my vagina to catch the foal!"
  118. Spike continued to stare, transfixed. "I... I, um..."
  120. "I'm not messing around, Spike!" Twilight growled. "Get the towel NOW, please!"
  122. Spike blinked once, then snapped to attention. "R-right! Sorry!" He turned around quickly, and tripped over his legs, falling onto his snout. Groaning, the tiny reptile scuttled towards the kitchen. Twilight opened her mouth to chastise Spike for going to where the towels WEREN'T, but all that escaped her throat was a pained groan as the foal moved further from within her.
  124. Taking a deep breath, Twilight screwed her eyes shut and grit her teeth. The foal's head must be tearing her apart completely down there!
  126. "Oh dear sweet Celestia, why did I ever agree to this..." Twilight whined, staring blankly across the room, the haze of pain causing her eyes to fall slightly unfocused. The blinding, white-hot pain and the immense pressure combined made her feel as though her pelvic bones were going to shatter into a thousand pieces if the foal were to pass any further.
  128. "AH!" Twilight screamed as she pushed one final, nether-rending push. The head of the foal slid fully out of her, giving way to the much more slender body.
  130. Twilight sighed, the pain and pressure dropping off considerably. A slightly numb effect washed over her as her heart jolted, adrenaline causing her heart to pound. She wasn't out of the woods yet...
  132. Spike rushed back in, carrying a small mound of cloth, dripping slightly. “Sorry, I went to get some of clean dish towels, I didn’t want to ruin our good ones...” He nearly he dropped the cloth when he saw what was before him.
  134. “Oh man! The first one’s almost completely out!” he said, his voice an octave higher than usual. Blushing and clearing his throat, Spike quickly put the warm, wet rags down on the floor next to Twilight, and took the first one, laying it out underneath the head of the foal.
  136. With a final grunt, and a load “GRAAH!” from Twilight, the foal slid from her snatch, landing safely onto the dishtowel, a fine spray of amniotic fluids misting Spike, who sputtered and closed his eyes.
  138. “Ew, Twilight...” the dragon moaned. He opened his eyelids tentatively, and his expression softened when he saw the foal he was still holding in the dishtowel. He smiled down at the little foal, thin light blue fur glistening in the lights of the room.
  140. “Hey, would you look at that...” Spike said, gently wrapping the foal up in the dishtowel. Holding it up, he presented Twilight with her child, grinning doofily.
  142. “Look, Twilight!”
  144. Twilight turned her head, still grunting in pain. A smile spread over her sweat-matted muzzle for a moment, before she screwed her face up in pain again. With a great grunt, she flexed her abdominal muscles again, and there was a wet *plap* as something hit the floor.
  146. Spike looked down, and cringed. “Oh, right. Gross.”
  148. Twilight’s eyes widened in fear. “Wh-What is it, Spike? Is my other foal okay?”
  150. “Well, it’s not your other foal...” Spike wrinkled his snout in disgust.
  152. Twilight breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, it’s just the placenta, then! C-Cut the umbilical cord, and then move it off to the side...”
  154. Spike looked down at the mass on the floor before Twilight. It was still quivering from its expulsion.
  156. “Ew, do I gotta?”
  158. “SPIKE!”
  160. Spike sighed, and set the foal down gently, grabbing another towel. He wrapped it around the placenta, gagging slightly as he felt the moisture soak through the cloth. Wrapping it up neatly, he set it aside, eyeing the umbilical cord that still connected it to the foal.
  162. “How am I gonna cut it?”
  164. Twilight grunted again as her vagina flexed slightly. “U-Use your *ah* teeth, Spike.”
  166. “Why do you always make me do disgusting things?”
  168. “Life is disgusting, Spike! And until you shove ten pounds of foal out of YOUR body, you’re not allowed to complain about it.”
  170. “Stupid hormones pregnancy hormones,” Spike thought to himself as he sized up the cord.
  172. “I heard that!”
  174. “How...” Spike shook his head, and unwrapped part of the towel covering the foal’s stomach. He gently took the umbilical cord in his mouth, and bit down. There was a small snap, and Spike resurfaced, cord in mouth, foal free.
  176. Spike spit out the cord, and stuck his tongue out. “Ugh... tasted like rancid goose anus...”
  178. Twilight sighed, rubbing her (slightly less) gravid belly. “Ah, th-thank you, Spike. I know I’ve been asking a lot of you today...”
  180. Spike shrugged. “Well, you know, after this is all over, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a few gallons of ice cream for your number one assistant.”
  182. Twilight giggled weakly. “Well, I’m just glad the worst is over.”
  184. “Hey, don’t you have another foal in there?”
  186. Twilight’s pupils dilated, and the screams echoed all throughout Ponyville.
  188. ***
  190. About an hour later, Twilight lay on her back, her belly still slightly swollen. Spike was wiping down the floor upon which Twilight had ended up expelling most of her her birth-bits, nose plugged with a clothespin.
  192. “Ugh, who knew birthing reeked so much?” the dragon grumbled, scrubbing the floor with bleach furiously.
  194. Twilight ignored Spike’s complaints, turning her head over to look at the two little bundles resting in a small pile of pillows. The dishtowels had been eschewed for proper blankets, and Twilight’s progeny slept soundly in their little beds.
  196. “Two beautiful colts...” Twilight whispered as she watched them slumber. Due to her own race, the second colt Twilight had birthed ended up being a unicorn. The coat was a deep indigo, contrasting to the icey blue that her pegasus child boasted.
  198. “Yup, two beautiful colts,” Spike said, pouring a bit of water on the suds and grabbing a towel. “Little jerks made more of a mess than Pinkie did after Cinco de Mareo... miracle of childbirth my scaly, dragon a—”
  200. A pillow weakly flopped against the side of Spike’s face. He turned and looked at Twilight, who gave him a weak smile.
  202. “Thank you, Spike.”
  204. Spike put down the cleaning supplies, and walked over to sit next to Twilight. He looked over at her foals, and then out over through the window.
  206. “Hey, the rain stopped!”
  208. “G-Guess Rainbow finally got off work...”
  210. The door to the library flung open, and Rainbow Dash burst in, sliding across the floor, mane and coat soaked.
  212. “Where are they? Are they okay? I wanna see our kids!”
  214. Fin.
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