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  1. There was a kid from West Philadelphia
  2. That was his home, where he was born and raised
  3. He enjoyed sports of all kinds
  4. So the playground is where he spent most of his days
  6. He was never shy and not the geeky type
  7. Though a bit lazy, always relaxin' outside of school
  8. Until one day that all changed while playing basketball
  9. Then a couple of hoodlums made some trouble in his neighborhood
  11. This scuffle resulted in an ugly fight, though no harm done
  12. His mother, unfortunately grew scared
  13. The child begged to stay at home
  14. But she insisted he stay with his aunt, uncle and cousin Carl, who was rather weird
  16. He packed and went on his way and left in a cab
  17. The city, however, had little time to prepare
  18. For this kid was unlike any they had ever seen
  19. And he was destined to become the prince of Bel-Aire
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