WarpedRealm release 1.8

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.8 Changes:
  2. - Adjusted some sellprices that were too high / too low
  3. - Adjusted some job income and expgain numbers
  4. - Added /msgtoggle back to TCF
  5. - Added new auto broadcast tip thing for /msgtoggle, /ignore and the new "forge"
  6. - Changed msgtoggle unsuccessful message sending output in the chat and a few other messages that made me look illiterate
  7. - Added fisher job with prizebalancing around the loottablechances
  8. - Removed all crafting recipes from the Crafting table
  9. - Added new crafting station "forge" that you can open with shift rightclicking a crafting table
  10. - Moved all crafting recipes over to the forge
  11. - Fixed WarpedParty chat prefix not having a space after the brackets
  12. - Fixed spectral archers dropping too much exp
  13. - Decreased cooldown of magic bolt from coven witch
  14. - Slowed down coordinate refresh rate in the scoreboard
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