Shield Herape

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  1. Uwah… It’s a fat, wrinkly, pig-like fatty.
  2. I think he resembles something.
  3. Ah, he looks like that monster that appeared in that famous movie about wars in space. (ED: Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars XD)
  4. How old is he? He’s definitely older than Trash, but his terrible looks take away any age-distinguishing features.
  6. It’s like he’s an ageless demon.
  8. “Noooooooo!” (Witch)
  10. Witch screams out.
  12. “You’re being loud. Like this, I can’t send a message to Hero of the Shield-san.”
  14. He violently grabs her by the hair and swings the naked Witch around.
  16. “Ugu… Noooooo!” (Witch)
  18. It seems that at this point, Witch can do nothing but scream.
  19. For some reason, it puts my heart at ease.
  21. “I told you to shut up.”
  23. With his chubby hands, he grabs Witch’s neck. His motions seem highly practiced.
  24. Oy, that’s the movement used to break a chicken’s neck.
  26. “Ah… ku…”
  28. Witch resists with her life on the line, but to no avail. Eventually, bubbles start coming out of her mouth, and she faints.
  29. After that, the Pig King enthusiastically introduces himself, and wakes Witch with slaps to the face. The Guro scenes follow.
  30. It’s a mix between a health video featuring the copulation of pigs, and an overly sadistic snuff film.
  31. If you made something like this in my old world, it would be a matter left to the police.
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