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  1. == NFE Metagame Discussion ==
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  6. NFE, or Not Fully Evolved is a metagame around the premise of only allowing pokemon that can still evolve. Unlike LC, this includes any pokemon that can use Eviolite, rather than just Stage 1 Evolutions.
  8. Basic Strategy: Currently, in this new dawning era of NFE, Gen 8 has both blessed and cursed us with an array of powerful new tools, with Pokemon such as Galarian Mr. Mime and Drakloak, as well as the cut of many old staples, such as Monferno, Servine, and Marshtomp. With Dynamax, teams are granted an amazingly powerful tool, allowing games to shift on a whim, with it even being discussed for being a banworthy mechanic. Additionally, many old powerhouses too strong for the Gen 7 NFE Metagame are yet again legal, such as Gurdurr, Rhydon, Doublade, Type:Null, and Piloswine, causing some discussion points on their legality. New threats such as the aforementioned Galarian Mr. Mime and Galarian Linoone also show incredible promise, and stand at the forefront of the new metagame in its current state. Alongside the newer threats, the lack of any bans leaves Shadow Tag usable to its most notable abuser, Gothorita.
  10. The metagame will only change and evolve from here! Please use this thread to discuss meta trends and new features that impact the Gen 8 NFE meta!
  12. For live discussion, check out our 'pokemon showdown room'[] and 'Discord server'! []
  14. Rules: NFE allows any pokemon that is both unbanned from the tier, and can hold eviolite.
  15. Clauses: Gen 8 OU Clauses
  16. Bans:
  17. NFE Ubers, or the pokemon that have been voted by council for being too strong in the NFE Metagame
  18. [SPOILER="Banlist"]
  19. No bans yet!
  20. [SPOILER/]
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