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Shine Get Timer

Psychonauter Oct 28th, 2017 (edited) 101 Never
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  1. - Starts on the last black frame of the loading screen and ends when the 'Shine Get' animation starts
  2. - Resets on death
  3. - Resets when using shine select
  4. - Game only uses builtin timer for levels with existing timers (Piantissimo, Pianta/Sirena 6 etc.)
  5. - Fixed Pinna 8 HUD
  6. - Fixed Pinna 1/8 game resets
  7. - Fixed Sirena 5 wrong warp
  8. - Fixed Stage names during the demo (by Noki Doki)
  9. - Mashing A during loading screens no longer resets the game
  11. Not fully functional:
  12. - Box game
  13. - Can't reset Pinna 8 with Z after finishing it, re-enter via cannon instead
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