[2Fold] Life of a Background Character

Jan 2nd, 2014
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  1. Caprice Shiften.
  3. Mekki Clarke.
  5. Hayley Curah.
  7. Three names for three girls with three big reputations. As many students as there may be at Salt Lake Community College, few and far between are those that don’t know of them at least in passing.
  9. Caprice, the artist – petite and perhaps boyish, but loud in both her voice and her fashion sense. No one is a stranger to her as she goes about trying to bring out the ‘artist that’s inside of all of us’. Her unflappable motivation proves too much for some, earning them an ear-shattering ‘RUDE!’ To be honest, I think she carries that megaphone around so that others might have a chance of matching her volume.
  11. Mekki, the writer – mature, level-headed and articulate. It’s often said that she was born with a thesaurus in-hand. Underneath that soft, motherly exterior, however, there lies a fierce passion that nearly rivals that of her artistic counterpart. She expects no less effort than Caprice, but leads by example, always working late into the night to finish the ever-increasing number of projects she might have taken on board.
  13. Hayley, the musician – softly spoken and reclusive. I guess you could say she’s the polar opposite of Caprice. It’s not often that she makes an appearance in public, but she makes her presence known through the music she puts out. If you need some tunes for a project, no matter the scale, you ask her. Of course, it’s a little hard to talk to someone as stand-offish as Hayley. They say the only people that actually know her in any real capacity are Caprice and Mekki.
  15. Though they have an extended circle of friends and acquaintances, they only really affiliate with each other. It’s actually quite difficult to get to know them. I should know – I’ve been a member of the Writing and Art Clubs for a few months now. No surprises who heads them. Were there a Music Club headed by Hayley, I probably would have joined that as well.
  17. Why did I join those clubs? Perhaps I could say I have a passing interest in writing and art. But, no, the main reason is that I was interested in the people in them.
  19. Call me crazy, but I wanted to see what the big deal was. Like I said, they have a reputation. Once upon a time they were mere students like the rest of us, and yet, somehow, they’ve attained something of a celebrity status here. It inspires mixed opinions from the masses; some of revulsion, some of admiration, and many of ambivalence. Heck, on more than one occasion, some jackass has tried to get them in strife. It never works.
  21. So here I’ve been, attending club meetings as scheduled and doing creative things. I’ve spent time observing these mysterious, infamous, celebrities; interacting with them, talking with them, learning from them. I’d almost go so far as to say I could call them my friends.
  23. Almost.
  25. I feel as if there’s a gap, somewhere. A gap dividing acquaintances from friends. I still haven’t figured out how to bridge that gap. All this time, and I still feel like I’m on another level entirely to them. It’s for that reason that I’ve come to hate Oliver Penn.
  27. There isn’t anything of note about him. He is, quite literally, the definition of everyman. So then, how is it that he shows up out of nowhere at the start of the semester and manages to catch the eyes of both Caprice and Mekki? It boggles my mind. God damn, if that Music club wasn’t so non-existent he probably would have caught Hayley’s eyes too.
  29. Jerk. I don’t say that just out of jealousy. He is kind of a jerk. A self-loathing asshole, here only because his academic future depends on it. Could that be why the girls are investing so much time into him? Pathetic. If it were that easy to make a girl like you, I’d have played the ‘woe is me’ card a dozen times already.
  31. Of course, nobody knows or cares about my story as I toil away in the background. I, who came here because I was interested; who put in the effort to actively contribute to their clubs; who actually wanted to be their friend, not just their protégé; forgotten, in favour of an irritable slacker who exuded just enough hopelessness to attract a pity friendship.
  33. It is Oliver Penn who will become the subject of their exhibition. It is Oliver Penn who will become the leitmotif of their score. It is Oliver Penn who will become the protagonist of their story.
  35. Meanwhile, they probably don’t even know my name.
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