Freyas Fortress

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  1. <b><color=orange><size=40><align="center">Freyas Fortress</align></color></size></b>
  2. <b><size=20>
  3. Discord Link : <link=""><color=#6aff8fff></color></link>
  5. <color="red">Features</color>
  6. - Hosted in the UK
  7. - Friendly fire is disabled
  8. - AFK kick occurs after 4.5 minutes
  9. - Auto warhead activation at 20 minutes
  10. - Nuke button room unlocked after successful detonation
  11. - SCP gain slight healing when standing still
  12. - Grenade damage reduced for SCPs
  14. <color="red">Rules</color>
  15. 1) Try not to mic spam excessively and be overly ear rapey over the mic, soundboards etc are fine but you may find excessive annoy noises get reported.
  16. 2) Please don't sabotage your team! (079 killing fellow SCPs, NTF disabling generators).
  17. 3) Please refrain from harassment and continual offence towards other people. There is a fine line between this and banter, everyone has different thresholds so please be mindful of this.
  18. 4) Racism/Homophobia won't be tolerated and will quickly see you ejected. We want to promote an open and accepting community!
  19. 5) Hacking/exploiting will, of course, see you banned.
  22. <color="red">NOTES</color>
  23. - If you try to join when the server is full it will likely say you've been "banned" just ignore this message, you haven't!
  24. </size></b>
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