Chapter Master FAQ v2

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  1. This game updates like crazy. Keep an eye on the download page and note that this FAQ may not be up to date.
  3. Chapter Master FAQ
  4. Report all bugs/problems to Duke (
  5. IRC: #ChapterMaster on suptg's server
  6. Wiki:
  7. Additional information can be found in the threads and Wiki page. There is also a WIP manual being made.  Ask in the thread for it.
  8. Duke will be making a manual as well, which will likely appear in the beta.
  10. Duke !!rnamMBhPXbq is currently the only known contributor to the project, or at least, the only one with a trip.
  11. The actual creator of the game will "be posting in this thread under a different trip" - Duke
  13. This game is in Alpha.
  14. There will be bugs.
  15. Save often.
  18. Q:What is Chapter Master?
  19. A:Lurk more. Alternatively, search "Chapter Master (game)" on the 1d4Chan wiki.
  21. Q: My game crashed.
  22. A: Send the error message to Duke. Then reload the save and redo whatever was happening before the crash.  Try everything you can think of and attempt to determine the cause of the crash and any way around it.
  23. Note that certain actions only crash the game for certain people. Custom chapters is one of the best examples of this.
  25. Q: I can't do something someone else can.
  26. A: Check to see if you have the most recent version downloaded.  
  28. Q: I have the most recent version but still can't do something someone else can.
  29. A: "Selective bugs" exist. Only certain people are affected by certain bugs. Report the issue and wait for a patch.
  31. Q: How does the UI work?
  32. A:
  33. Note that this UI is out of date and might need updates.
  35. Q:Why can't I select X Chapter?
  36. A:Most likely that chapter has not been implemented yet.  Please await implementation.
  38. Q:Why can't I play the tutorial?
  39. A:The tutorial has not been implemented yet.  The 1d4Chan page has a manual that'll explain most of it.
  41. Q:How do I Load marines?
  42. A:Click "Chapter Management", then any company, left click to select, "Load to Ship". Click "Selection Size" To select all.
  43. Note that for categories on the bottom left ("All Infantry", "Command", etc.) to work, you must have already selected one marine. If you have split a company, those categories will only select those embarked on a ship.  Another option is to select the little colors on the left side of each name.  These colors designate a group of marines as a squad.  Note that these categories will overwrite each other, so you can't select all infantry except the command squad or something of the sort.
  45. Q:How do I unload marines?
  46. A: Exactly how you would expect.
  47. Select a marine embarked on a ship. "Load to Ship" will change to "Unload From Ship". After this, a system map will appear, allowing you to select the unloading location.
  49. Q:Where are my marines?
  50. A: Select a company under Chapter Management. Location is listed between marine name and health status.
  52. Q: Why is a marine's name in yellow?
  53. A: That marine is eligible for promotion.
  54. Select the marine, click "Promote", then select Target Company, Role, and any gear they need
  56. Q:My Captain/Chaplain/Apothecary/etc. died? How do I replace him?
  57. A: From the Chapter Overview menu, select the appropriate department (Apothecaries are from the Apothecarium. Librarians are from the Librarium. This isn't hard), then promote one of the available marines to the company that needs them.
  58. Obviously, you must have trained apothecaries in order to assign one to a company.
  60. Q:How do I collect a relic/artifact/STC Fragment?
  61. A:Send a ship with marines to the planet. Unload marines onto the planet. A menu will appear giving options on how to go about claiming the artifact.  As you might expect, artifacts claimed by other branches of the Imperium will not just give them away.  STC fragments require that you unload a Techmarine or Master of the Forge onto the planet in order to collect them.
  63. Q: A Tomb World appeared? How fucked am I?
  64. A: Very. Pray it was not an important world.
  65. Tomb Worlds will spawn Necron raiding parties. The Inquisition may also ask you to infiltrate and destroy one using a plasma bomb.
  67. Q: My marines are injured, how do I heal them?
  68. A:If they're not dead, load them onto a ship with an Apothecary with his Narthecium.  This will slowly but surely heal them.
  70. Q: How do I equip items to my marines?
  71. A: Go to overview, select the marines you want to equip items to, and select "Re-Equip" at the bottom-right. The top item is the primary weapon, under that, the secondary, then a special-issue item, and then a Jump Pack/Bike.
  73. Q: How do I get more bolters/plasma pistols/armor/etc.?
  74. A: Click the Armamentarium button at the bottom, and select Weapons/Held or Armor/Other, then click "build" for the item you want. Note that every item has a requisition cost left of the build button.  Holding down shift allows you to buy 5 of something at a time.
  76. Q: I bombarded a planet and the entire civilian population was wiped out while my intended target was untouched. What happened?
  77. A: Grimdark happened. Don't bombard a planet unless you don't mind civilian casualties.  Note that Guard regiments will not suffer casualties unless targeted.
  79. Q: Why is the Inquisition/Imperium attacking me?
  80. A: Most likely, you're a penitent chapter and you weren't killing enough things.
  81. Penitent chapters have a red message below the resources tab, "x% Penitent (y/z)"
  82. X being the percent completion, and y/z being the amount of conflict you must commit.
  83. Note that this decays over time. If it reaches 0%, you are declared Excommunicatus Tratoris.
  85. Q: I'm running out of gene-seeds, how do I get more?
  86. A: Make sure each detachment of marines has an apothecary. He does exactly what his job description entails.
  87. For every marine that dies, he spawns two gene-seed, barring defects. Apothecaries collect these.  Also, you can have your chief Apothecary make test subjects to help make more Gene-Seed.
  89. Q: I'm fighting an enemy and their attacks are not appearing in the battlelog. What's happening?
  90. A: Enemies must have eligible targets to attack. Duke has stated that there is a bug where Orks will not attack if your frontline is vehicles and dreadnoughts.
  92. Q:How do I organize my forces on the battlefield?
  93. A:No graphics exist yet, unlike space combat. As such, they cannot be changed.
  95. Q: I finished a space action and the "[continue]" button isn't working.
  96. A: Hit enter on your keyboard. This is usually a safe option if nothing is happening.
  98. Q: How do I command space battles?
  99. A: You don't. Enjoy the pretty animation though.
  101. Q: I can't select an option/button
  102. A: Most likely that feature hasn't been added yet, or the option is unavailable. Note that for space vessels, raiding is a free action while bombardment is not. Either option will prevent the fleet from making another movement action however. Go to the next turn to continue.
  104. Q: Why can't I redirect fleets mid-voyage?
  105. A: They're in the warp. Wait for the voyage to end first.  This also applies if your destination is covered by a Warp Storm, as they'll just sit there until the storm recedes.
  107. Q: Why can't I research things?
  108. A: Not implemented yet.
  110. Q: My marines just ate the local PDF, should I post in the thread about this?
  111. A: No. Keep a better eye on your mutations.  This might be troublesome if your guys eat the local Inquisitor, though.
  112. If something notable like eating a greater daemon happens, go ahead.
  113. Otherwise, don't bother. It's a common occurrence.
  115. Q:I just raided a planet with a few ships and just lost my entire chapter!  
  116. A:Provided that this isn't an extreme threat, this is a known bug.  Anons speculate that this begins if you tap the enter key too rapidly during a battle.  Nothing is certain though, and any reports you give to Duke can help with this.
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