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  2. (0:32) When a player says something with {!local} in it,
  3.  (1:200) and variable %local_set is equal to 22.
  4.     (5:300) set variable %local_set to the value 0.
  6. (0:32) When a player says something with {!local} in it,
  7.     (5:302) take variable %local_set and add 1 to it.
  8.     (5:314) set variable %local to the number the triggering player just said or emoted.
  9.     (5:1205) make localspecies %local_set mimic the avatar %local. (list at
  10.     (5:1200) change the triggering player to localspecies %local_set.
  12. (0:31) When someone says {!normal},
  13.     (5:1202) change the triggering furre back to their original species.
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