Diapernomicon Chapter 1 (DL, Messing)

May 23rd, 2014
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  2. Warning, this story contains diapers, messing and wetting.
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  5. In this alternate version of Derpinomicon, there will be no mind regression, drooling or Baby talk and some descriptions have been changed.
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  9. Diapernomicon
  11. Chapter 1
  13. Another average day began in Ponyville. As the sun rose to greet the inhabitants, one mare in particular remained desolate from the sunbeams inside the Golden Oak’s Library. Twilight Sparkle, the prized student of Princess Celestia, sighed as she gazed at the vast collection of library books. Arranged around Twilight was an assortment of the many tomes she had picked up over the years. Her love of knowledge slowly leads her to intently read every book, soon reaching the point where her love became almost an obsession. She would read on regardless of the world around her; as long as she had her books all else seemed meaningless.
  15. This love was nothing new, ever since Twilight was old enough to read she started to reject the outside world. This eventually led to her departure to become the Princess Envoy in Ponyville. It was also one of the many reasons she spent a vast majority of the time trying to understand friendship. Through the years her knowledge brought her many a boon. However, there were times where that knowledge was more trouble than it was worth. However, Twilight remained curled up in her library reading, unaware of what was transpiring at this very moment.
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  19. As the day progressed, morning gave way to afternoon, afternoon to evening, giving birth too many long, reaching shadows that surrounded Ponyville. One such shadow belonged to a young mare by the name Trixie Lulamoon. Trixie had a past with Ponyville, more particularly with one of its well-known residents: Twilight Sparkle. In the past Trixie and Twilight had clashed, with Twilight coming out victorious. This left the blue mare with a bitter taste in her mouth, and a thirst for revenge. As Trixie entered into Ponyville on her wagon, she recounted the events that led to her plan for revenge.
  21. Exactly nine days prior while paying a visit to Canterlot, Trixie was beckoned to the curio shop by an unknown force. While there she laid her eyes upon a tomb of unimaginable power: “The Diapernomicon.”
  23. While flipping through the pages she began to see the power hidden within a special spell written in the tome, never meant to be used again. While she read, the gears in her mind began to turn. A plan was hatched for revenge against the mare that had embarrassed her all those moons ago. A plan to use the forbidden spells that is sure to knock down Twilight Sparkle a few notches “Trixie has outdone herself again! Just you wait Twilight, Trixie will have you changed to your true form: A diaper filling Mare, constantly begging for mercy!” Trixie boasted with an arrogant tone in her voice.
  25. Soon the distance between the wagon and the library shortened, until Trixie was left a few feet from the subject of her scorn. She placed the book beneath her cloak, remembering to keep it hidden so Twilight wouldn’t know what hit her when the time came. Through pure memory the spell she needed was running through her mind a mile a minute; she had spent hours the night prior just reciting the spell over and over again with no magical power behind it. This was it... Her perfect chance to exact revenge against the mare that defaced her good name when she last came to this town! Thankfully for Trixie, Spike was out of town for Canterlot business for a week.
  27. Trixie used her magic to carefully sneak in without the purple Mare noticing, she slipped past the door with barely a squeak. She slowly peered around the library, then it happened -- in an instant Trixie saw her, sitting there, reading her book. The anger began to rise in her, uncontrollable rage with no thought. Pure instinct made her jump into the corridor. Twilight, caught off guard, whipped her head toward the blue mare with a gasp.
  29. “Ha! If it isn’t Twilight Sparkle,” Trixie forced out. Her eyes were filled with malice, her smile twisting as her mind played back how future events were going to play out once the spell was cast.
  31. Twilight’s eyes shot open as she realized who was standing in her doorway. “Trixie! What are you doing back in Ponyville!?” She asked, as she thought back to the event that led to her expulsion from the town.
  33. “Oh Twilight, you must be so elated to see The Great and Powerful Trixie. Well, this time the joke’s on you! You may have made a fool out of The Great and Powerful Trixie the last time she was here, but this time it will be I who makes a fool out of you! ...Or should I say Foal?” Trixie’s horn glowed a sickly red color as her magic jumped to the purple mare, who was still unable to comprehend the events that were occurring.
  35. At that moment, Twilight felt a burning sensation within her body. The mare’s mind began to go in a panic “What kind of curse did she cast on me?” Twilight thought as Trixie looked at her with triumph. Twilight looked at Trixie in desperation and asked “Trixie, what did you do?”
  37. Trixie let out a laugh at the expense of the young mare, “Do you like it, it is one of the new spells The Great and Powerful Trixie has at her disposal. In a few minutes you will become incontinent and be completely under my control. Then I will regain my rightful status as the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria.”
  39. Twilight soon started to feel dark magical energies completely surround her body, she desperately wanted to escape the curses confines, but her magic was too weak. As the dark magic tightened around her, she found herself unable to control her own body and her magical abilities rapidly drained to that of a common pony. In a frantic attempt to plead in Trixie, Twilight gave Trixie a look of despair and started to beg. “Trixie, please, don’t do this. You don’t know what kind of forbidden magic you are using. Please, let’s just talk this through!”
  41. “It’s much too late for that Twilight Sparkles, you shamed me! After that Ursa Minor incident, I became a laughing stock! After that, every town I went I was ridiculed and excluded. I even had to take a job on a rock farm just to earn a living! A rock farm! And now I will finally get my revenge whether you apologize or not!” Trixie replied.
  43. Twilight, turned her eyes back up, she was greeted with the devilish smile that protruded from Trixie’s face. Trixie gave a smug look to Twilight Sparkle. As the magic Trixie casted earlier still had hold, a diaper began to materialize around the mare. Upon closer inspection of the landing zone of the diaper read off “Stinklight Ploper,” almost as if echoing her current state. “W-why is the magic doing this?” Trixie chuckled at Twilight’s comment, “Well it looks like I win Twilight Sparkle, or should I say Stinklight Ploper.”
  45. “Diapers? Is this your idea for revenge is to put me in diapers?” Twilight inquired in a mocking tone.
  47. “Don’t you worry Stinklight, Trixie has a bunch more tricks for you to ensure that you think twice before you try to cross me again.” Trixie said with delight.
  49. “I still don’t understand why you are doing this, I’m positive if we met on better terms we would be friends. I didn’t like that my friends heckled you magic act… I ask again, Trixie can you please put our past behind you? You are playing with forces that no pony should med-!” Suddenly Twilight eyes went wide and a “psssssshhh” sound filled the library, and the front of her diaper began to produce an expanding yellow spot.
  51. As much as she would like to tease Twilight over her foalish act, Trixie realized that she had to leave before anypony could learn of her crimes. Turning back, she still saw a flustered Twilight, still utterly embarrassed that she had peed herself like a foal. Her mind became obsessed with the idea of taking Twilight with her, so she could continue with her name calling. It only took a few seconds of convincing herself, before she used her magic to silence, and levitate a weakened Twilight and bring her back to the wagon. Under the cover of night, no one was left the wiser about Trixie’s plan, nor her kidnapping, of the incontinent Twilight, for her own amusement.
  53. Immediately as Trixie levitated the powerless Twilight into her Wagon a smell began to burn her nostrils, she began to look for the source of the pungent stench, “Did a skunk manage to deface The Great and Powerful Trixie’s wagon?” Looking around she was unable to find the skunk she believed sprayed her wagon. She then began to set her eyes on the still levitating Twilight, only to hear a loud audible plop sound. Looking down, she saw Twilight, whose eyes went wide as realization sunk in. “Ah, did Twilight just mess herself like an oversized foal? Does Twilight want her diaper changed?” she said as she dispelled the silencing spell she placed on Twilight. “Okay Trixie, You won. You have degraded me to that of a big foal. You have had your revenge, and then some. Just please release me before my friends find out. I won’t tell anypony, I Pinkie promise!” Twilight begged with tears in her eyes. Trixie grimaces, as she noticed that Twilight padded rear is now slightly sagging.
  55. Upon realizing this Trixie placed her hoof over her nose in an attempt to stop was the smell. After a few more seconds, Twilight started to beg again. “Trixie please, just listen to me for once. I will get all my friends to apologize for making you feel unwelcome. Celesta, I know can get everyone in Ponyville to apologize for hurting your pride. I will even do whatever it takes to recover your lost dignity. Just please stop this madness! “Well, at least Trixie’s little foal used her diapers as intended.” Trixie said with a laugh. Looking down at the purple mare now crying over her accident like a pathetic foal. Trixie let out an even louder thunderous laugh. Today she had succeeded in defeating her rival, now on to the next part of her plan
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