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  1. Username:: @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  2. Slot:: Bad Boy
  3. Backup Slot:: I Like It
  4. Full Name:: Melanie Lee Taeyeon
  5. Other Names:: NIL
  6. Nickname(s):: Mel, Tae, Yeonnie
  7. Age:: 20
  8. Weight:: 50kg
  9. Height:: 171cm
  10. Birthday:: 22/10/98
  11. Blood Type:: O
  12. Nationality:: Canadian-Korean
  13. Ethnicity:: Canadian-Korean
  14. Hometown:: Vancouver, Canada
  16. Personality::
  17. » Badass; She's a pretty badass and savage girl. You wouldn't really want to mess with a girl who has a black belt in Taekwondo and has comebacks for every bad thing you say. She's got a smirk on her face and you know who's the boss.
  18. » Shy; Yeah, she may be the school heartthrob and most popular girl but she actually hates all the attention! She is actually a pretty shy person when the unwanted attention is on her.
  19. » Organised; She's a very organised person. She always has things settled and a schedule to manage herself. She is always chosen as the leader for group projects as she'll lead them down on the right path with her organisation and leadership qualities.
  20. » Secretly Sweet; She's secretly the softest thing on earth. She loves cuddles, plushies, fluff and everything uwu. She only shows this side to POWER UP, Changmin, Jacob and Kevin because she trusts them the most out of everyone. Other that, she's pretty badass to everyone.
  21. » Outgoing; Shes a very sociable and outgoing girl who loves to have fun. She loves parties and hangouts with friends. She tells bad jokes and puns to make others laugh and is definitely a weird person. This is mostly amongst her clique of friends only.
  22. » Sentimental; She's actually a very sentimental, emotional and insecure person under her pretty, popular and badass exterior. She cries easily and is always worrying about others opinions of her.
  23. Background:: She grew up in a rich family from a Vancouver. She had only one younger brother and spent all her time with him because her parents were too busy running their record label company to take care of them. Instead, they had maids and cooks to take care of them. They were both playful children who loved to have fun. Life was rather beautiful to them until she turned 16. She used to be an extremely sweet, soft and caring girl who was very generous. Because of this, some of her Friend she took advantage of her and from then on, she developed her badass and savage side, sort of to protect herself.
  26. » Iced Peach Tea
  27. » Milk Flavoured Ice Cream
  28. » Fashion
  29. » Black and Pink
  30. » Dancing
  31. » Aesthetics
  32. » All types of Music (especially Stray Kids)
  33. » Plushies (secretly)
  34. Dislikes::
  35. » Nuts (allergic)
  36. » Annoyance
  37. » Procrastination
  38. » Depression
  39. » Strong smells
  40. » Stress
  41. » Raccoons
  42. » Untidiness
  43. Hobbies::
  44. » Taking Pictures
  45. » Spending time at the abandoned carpark
  46. » Listening to music
  47. » M E M E S
  48. » Dancing
  49. Trivia::
  50. » WEE WOO, Jacob, Kevin and Changmin are her best friends.
  51. » She is secretly a huge fan of Stray Kids. She cries over every comeback for 3 hours in the privacy of her locked bedroom.
  52. » She is quite a health nut, trying to avoid junk food as best as she can.
  53. » She can play the guitar, rap and sing very well with her parents as Record label holders.
  54. » She has 2 dogs called Huang (Japanese Chin) and Yeoko (Corgie).
  55. » She likes to spend time during sunrise or sunset on the roof of an abandoned multi-storey carpark near school to listen to music and enjoy the aesthetic scenery and peace before it ends.
  56. » She has a black belt in the Taekwondo and is good at self-defence.
  57. » She's on the school Dance team as the captain.
  58. » Her lucky number is 3 and she hates the number 16.
  59. » Her motto is "No matter what happens, stay together."
  61. Face Claim:: Jennie (Blackpink)
  62. Backup Face Claim:: @gini_s2_
  64. Love interest:: Ji Changmin (Q)
  65. Backup Love Interest:: Kim Sunwoo (Sunwoo)
  67. Slot you are most close with::
  68. » WEE WOO; She's close friends with her. They met on the first day of school, becoming close friends ever since and they trust each other quite a lot.
  69. Slot you are least close with::
  70. » CHASE ME; She mistakes Melanie for a diva and dislike she gets. They also don't really talk or interact a lot unless they really have to.
  72. Requested scenes::
  73. » She decides to sneak out one night for a glass of milk at the cafeteria and CHASE ME mistakes her for a Monster or something.
  74. » Changmin catches her dancing alone somewhere and joins in, catching her by surprise.
  76. Are you afraid of monsters?:: Pfft, No way!!
  77. Are you okay if your character dies?:: I'm okay but I prefer not of course.
  78. Are you okay if your love interest dies?:: NO OMG HE'S TOO PRECIOUS TO DIE!!1!
  80. Anything i missed out?:: nothing~
  81. Note to me:: HELLO UNNIE!!!1! I SUPPORT THIS AF 200% but- NVM
  82.  this form totally wasn't hard *cough* sorry for the bad quality!!
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