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  1. Pepe le rapiste
  2. Konami Code - maximizes stun so you can rape really easily
  3. fuckulmf = disables timer
  4. ryaisgay = disables your stink cloud
  5. sonicfags = permanently gives you the movement upgrade
  7. curse of cracklevania:
  8. input up up down down left right left right b a (always female)
  9. type "lolfurfags" (always male)
  10. input down right up left y b (immortality)
  12. Fifi's Fury:
  13. 4chansucks---gives infinity life
  14. fchanblows---gives infinity life to partner
  15. helpisuck--gives infinity ammo
  16. konami code - unlocks zeta hidden character
  17. tyronebiggums--unlocks a gallery with short animation in case you just wanna fap to it without playing game
  18. these codes are only good when playing the game not survival! So dont bother to try it in survival and before you type the codes get the two characters unlocked really worth it
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