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  3. [fdivbox=#ffffff][hr][/hr][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]SAN Network Employee Handbook[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  7. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Section I - Introduction/About SAN Network
  9. Section II - Your Role[/COLOR][/B]
  10. [goto=exec][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.1[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Executive Team[/COLOR][/goto]
  11. [goto=mgmt][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.2[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Management Team[/COLOR][/goto]
  12. [goto=spv][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.3[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Supervisory Team[/COLOR][/goto]
  13. [goto=snr][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.4[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Senior Team[/COLOR][/goto]
  14. [goto=jnt][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.5[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Junior Team[/COLOR][/goto]
  16. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Section III - Your Responsibilities[/COLOR][/B]
  17. [goto=nws][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.1[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#5ab4a0][I+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]News Broadcasts & Interviews[/COLOR][/goto]
  18. [goto=art][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.2[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#5ab4a0][I+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Articles[/COLOR][/goto]
  19. [goto=rvw][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.3[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#5ab4a0][I+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Reviews[/COLOR][/goto]
  20. [goto=sanfd][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.4 [/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#5ab4a0][I+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]SAN Feed[/COLOR][/goto]
  21. [goto=tlk][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.5[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#5ab4a0][R+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Talk Shows[/COLOR][/goto]
  22. [goto=evnt][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.6[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#5ab4a0][EH+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Events[/COLOR][/goto]
  23. [goto=rvwap][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.7[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#5ab4a0][NS+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Reviewing Applications[/COLOR][/goto]
  24. [goto=pay][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.8[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#5ab4a0][NM+][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Issuing Payments[/COLOR][/goto]
  25. [SIZE=2][COLOR=#5ab4a0][B]Key:[/B] I = Intern / JR = Junior Reporter / R = Reporter / NE = News Editor / EH = Event Host / NS = News Supervisor / NV = Network Veteran / NM = Network Manager[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  27. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Section IV - Communication & Resources[/COLOR][/B]
  28. [goto=comm][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]4.1[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Communication Channels[/COLOR][/goto]
  29. [goto=vhc][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]4.2[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Vehicles[/COLOR][/goto]
  30. [goto=rsr][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]4.3[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#333333]Resources[/COLOR][/goto][/fdivbox]
  31. [fdivbox=#ffffff][hr][/hr]
  32. [CENTER][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]SECTION I - Introduction/About SAN Network[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
  33. Welcome to the San Andreas News Network! You're about to embark on a journey of creativity, regardless of whether you adore articles, events or even creative writing. With a great, stable Management team and a strong Supervisory team, you're sure to find your journey informative, rewarding, knowledgeable and entirely worth it. Within this handbook, you can find all of the details you need in relation to your job. If you've got any questions about the information, feel free to take them to one of the respective members, starting with the Supervisory team. You can expect to be tutored and taught how to become one of the best reporters the company's ever seen, but you're going to have to put the work in to reach a high position within the company. So what do we expect from you?
  35. We expect [B]d[/B]edication, [B]i[/B]nitiative, [B]c[/B]reativity and [B]k[/B]nowledge. These four fundamentals, shortened to DICK, are the main methods of getting far within the company, but we also expect you to have fun and enjoy your time! We're not a strict bunch, so you're sure to love your stay. If you feel the need to make a complaint against another employee, do so in confidence and take it privately to one of the Supervisors. We're a loving group of teachers and friends, but we expect you to uphold the standard of our company in as good of a light as you possibly can.
  37. SAN Network was founded in 1959. It currently operates within Montgomery, however an HQ is stationed within Fort Carson for news surrounding Bone County. The company brings accurate and quick news to the state, operating as the largest news corporation within the history of San Andreas. We strive to provide modernism in an era of technological journalism with the latest equipment and vehicles for your ease of broadcasting and reporting.[/fdivbox]
  38. [fdivbox=#ffffff][hr][/hr]
  39. [CENTER][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]SECTION II - Your Role[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
  40. [anchor]exec[/anchor][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.1 Executive Team[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  41. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]CEO[/COLOR][/B]
  42. The role of the CEO is to oversee the faction, making necessary changes and helping the faction to run smoothly. The CEO can authorise decisions within the faction as they see fit as well as over-rule decisions if need be.
  44. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]COO[/COLOR][/B]
  45. The role of the COO is to assist the CEO in overseeing the faction as a whole. They may make decisions but should pass any vital ones by the CEO first.
  48. [anchor]mgmt[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.2 Management Team[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  49. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Network Manager[/COLOR][/B]
  50. The Network Managers are the first port of call in the Executive Team. They are responsible for looking over the everyday going-on's within the faction and working closely alongside the COO and CEO.
  52. They are responsible for:
  53. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Managing payments.
  54. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Firing and promoting members.
  55. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Discussing members' progress with the Supervisory team.
  56. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] All of the below.
  58. [anchor]spv[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.3 Supervisory Team[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  59. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Network Veteran[/COLOR][/B]
  60. Network Veteran's are generally previous CEO's or high command who have dedicated a lot to the faction. They aren't expected to be active and have no set tasks or responsibilities but do have a wealth of experience behind them!
  62. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Event Supervisor[/COLOR][/B]
  63. Event Supervisors are in charge of overseeing any events made by Event Hosts. They are experienced in hosting events and have proven to be very good at it!
  65. Their role includes:
  66. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Issuing praise and requesting monetary rewards from Management for their given praise.
  67. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Approving and offering advice for events.
  68. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Ensuring the events section stays organised.
  69. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Reviewing applications and reinstatements.
  70. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] All of the below (although their focus is primarily events).
  72. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]News Supervisor[/COLOR][/B]
  73. News Supervisors, like Event Supervisors, are in charge of the overseeing of those ranking below them. They focus on the news side of things, although can help with events if they wish.
  75. They're responsible for:
  76. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Issuing praise and requesting monetary rewards from Management for their given praise.
  77. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Ensuring the news and reviews sections stay organised.
  78. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Reviewing applications and reinstatements.
  79. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] All of the below (although their focus is primarily news).
  81. [anchor]snr[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.4 Senior Team[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  82. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Event Host[/COLOR][/B]
  83. Event Hosts are those who have expressed an interest in events, rather than articles. Although like every rank they can do both, they've chosen events as their primary interest and thus are in charge of organising and suggesting new ones!
  85. They should:
  86. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Post event ideas and host events.
  87. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Open the SANN businesses.
  88. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Attend other organisations' events on behalf of SANN, helping with them too if requested.
  89. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] All of the below, including news related tasks should they wish.
  91. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]News Editor[/COLOR][/B]
  92. Editors are experienced members of the team, responsible for ensuring all content released is up to standard as well as producing their own. They're a useful point of contact should a Supervisory member not be around as their knowledge of the division is vast.
  94. Their tasks include:
  95. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Reviewing articles, suggesting any edits (and placing on pending); denying those that are unsuitable and accepting for release when ready.
  96. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Making sure the Articles section remains organised.
  97. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Any of the below.
  99. [anchor]jnr[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]2.5 Junior Team[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  100. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Reporter[/COLOR][/B]
  101. Reporters are those who have been in the faction for quite a while, building up experience and confidence in their tasks too. Their main focus is to provide quality news through articles and broadcasts.
  103. Reporter responsibilities are:
  104. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Finding on-going situations to report on.
  105. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Attending events that would require an article (ie. SACSO Graduation)
  106. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Hosting regular talk shows.
  107. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] All of the below.
  109. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Junior Reporter[/COLOR][/B]
  110. After being in the faction for a month and having completed the training scheme, you'll be given Junior Reporter. Junior Reporter is where the real action starts and where you find out what you're most interested in doing!
  112. The role includes:
  113. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Writing articles and reviews.
  114. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Hosting broadcasts and interviews.
  115. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR][/B] Representing SANN at gatherings, events, etc. and just generally in public!
  117. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Intern[/COLOR][/B]
  118. Interns are the newest members of SANN, tasked only with completing the training scheme within a month. If their personal plan is not completed within the month they may be dismissed from the faction, subject to a conversation with Supervisors. Upon completion of the training scheme they will be promoted to Junior Reporter.
  120. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Researcher[/COLOR][/B]
  121. Researchers are also new members of SANN, responsible for nothing but ((engaging in quality roleplay)) and researching into potential articles and giving the information to Junior Reporters or above.[/fdivbox]
  122. [fdivbox=#ffffff][hr][/hr]
  123. [CENTER][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]SECTION III - Your Responsibilities[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
  124. [anchor]nws[/anchor][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.1 [I+] News Broadcasts & Interviews[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  125. [I]Credits to Kristian Keegan ((Kay-Kay)) for the below.[/I]
  127. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Broadcasts[/COLOR][/B]
  128. Broadcasts can be made either from an official San Andreas News Network News Van or from the Broadcasting Studio inside of the Montgomery Office. This is the main source of contact with the listeners and usually used to report breaking news and weather.
  130. Before starting a broadcast you should use the [COLOR=#ff72db]/duty on[/COLOR] command as this will allow you to use the [COLOR=#ff72db]/news[/COLOR] command. Once you have used [COLOR=#ff72db]/duty on[/COLOR] be sure to make sure you RP the radio fading out and a SAN Jingle playing.
  132. [COLOR=#ff72db] /news **Your radio would fade out and you would hear the SAN Network Weather Jingle begin to play** [/COLOR]
  134. After this it is always expected that you greet the listeners and interact with the audience. This creates a level of professionalism however, still connects to the audience on a personal level.
  136. [COLOR=#ff72db] /news Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen, Kristian Keegan here bringing you the latest weather report from the SAN Network![/COLOR]
  138. When creating a news broadcast, always keep the content on track and don't just begin speaking about something else. For instance, when reporting about the weather, you wouldn't start talking about your favorite restaurant and when reporting about an incident, stay with that incident. You are relaying the day to day happenings of Red County, make sure the information is clear and precise.
  140. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Interviews[/COLOR][/B]
  141. Once you have your subject in the van or recording studio, set some OOC rules in [B][COLOR=#0080FF]/b[/COLOR][/B] (preferably [B][COLOR=#CC9833]/pm[/COLOR][/B]) for an amazingly professional broadcast. Make sure to tell your interviewee to OOCly let you know when he is done speaking in /ichat by pming you "Done" or something along those lines.
  143. [B]This prevents:[/B]
  144. [COLOR=#ff72db][INTERVIEW CHAT] Reporter Kristian Keegan: So what happened during the party?
  145. [INTERVIEW CHAT] Witness William Lindberg: During the party, some guy was set on fire.
  146. [INTERVIEW CHAT] Reporter Kristian Keegan: And what happened after you drove away?
  147. [INTERVIEW CHAT] Witness William Lindberg: But everyone else was okay.[/COLOR]
  149. [B]This ensures:[/B]
  150. [COLOR=#ff72db][INTERVIEW CHAT] Reporter Kristian Keegan: So what happened during the party?[/COLOR]
  151. [COLOR=#CC9833][PM to William Lindberg, ID 0] Done.[/COLOR]
  152. [COLOR=#ff72db][INTERVIEW CHAT] Witness William Lindberg: During the party, some guy was set on fire.
  153. [INTERVIEW CHAT] Witness William Lindberg: But everyone else was okay.[/COLOR]
  154. [COLOR=#CC9833][PM from William Lindberg, ID 0] done bby[/COLOR]
  155. [COLOR=#ff72db][INTERVIEW CHAT] Reporter Kristian Keegan: And what happened after you drove away?[/COLOR]
  157. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Callers[/COLOR][/B]
  158. Maybe after a sweet broadcast you pulled, you will want to take some callers. If you already have an interviewee, simply [B]/endinterview[/B] and wait for the calls to roll in. Once they do, you can then[B] /interview 0 Caller[/B]. The magic of /ichat makes it so that your "interviewee" can be as far as you want. It should result in:
  160. [COLOR=#ff72db][INTERVIEW CHAT] Reporter Kristian Keegan: Hey there, you're on the line.[/COLOR]
  161. [COLOR=#CC9833][PM to William Lindberg, ID 0] Done.[/COLOR]
  162. [COLOR=#ff72db][INTERVIEW CHAT] Caller William Lindberg: Hello, San Andreas.[/COLOR]
  164. [anchor]art[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.2 [I+] Articles[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  165. Articles can be written about anything, within reason. This could include (but is not limited to): police situations; events; public alerts; services we're offering; world happenings.
  167. An article should aim to include the following:
  168. - Header image
  169. - Statement (if applicable)
  170. - Informative text about the story
  171. - Supporting images (aside from the header)
  173. Although not always possible, the above generally gives you plenty of information within your article to make it both aesthetically pleasing and something people want to read.
  175. When writing an article try and avoid using the words "I" and "we" - instead aim for "San Andreas News Network". Try and write the article in third person, for example:
  176. "I found that..." / "We found that..." SHOULD BE "San Andreas News Network found that..." - it's important to remember that you're writing a factual article and not your personal story. The only exception to this is within a statement, the statement should be personal from the person you're taking it from and quoted as close to given as possible.
  178. When in relation to information given by SACSO, you should remember to NEVER include victim names unless express permission is given as this goes against confidentiality. Personal information should never be included unless in a statement and permission is given. You may include Deputy names should they allow it.
  180. Articles should typically be released a maximum of 2 hours after a situation if possible. Any later gives other news companies the chance to publish before us, making us look unprofessional.
  182. You must use [URL='']this format[/URL] when writing an article to ensure they're all uniform. You may make slight amendments with the approval of an Editor.
  184. For News Editors reviewing articles is generally a simple task. Use the formats [URL='']here[/URL] and read through the article. When you've fully read the article, check the following:
  185. - Grammar. Is the grammar used all correct?
  186. - Spelling. Are all words spelt correctly?
  187. - Content. Is all of the content accurate and has the author written enough? A few sentences isn't acceptable.
  188. - Format. Is the format correct? This includes the header image dimension which must be 725px wide.
  190. If there are any changes, make a list of them in the pending format and then read over any changes they make using the same process. If the article is completely unacceptable you may deny it using the denied format. Alternatively if there are no changes you may accept it.
  192. [anchor]rvw[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.3 [I+] Reviews[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  193. Reviews can be about almost everything, within reason. Have you visited a business you've really loved lately - or perhaps even hated? Maybe a new album's been released and it's absolute heaven to the ears? Reviews are made to give OUR opinions on things and hopefully inspire or just help people try - or avoid - the subject in question.
  195. Reviews should follow [URL='']this format[/URL] and have an introduction, rating for each chosen header and a conclusion. They are to be reviewed by News Editors+ in the same way as articles are reviewed.
  197. [anchor]sanfd[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.4 [I+] SAN Feed[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  198. SAN Feed is the more relaxed and much easier aspect of SANN, created to express our activity quickly and easily. Inspired by Buzzfeed, SAN Feed aims for articles that make you smile, laugh or just remember a blast from the past!
  200. SAN Feed articles should generally contain a lot of images and quick points, rather than a whole block of text. For example "10 Things 90's Kids Will Remember" with images of each thing and a brief witty description.
  202. Like articles, they require Editors' approval prior to posting.
  204. [anchor]tlk[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.5 [R+] Talk Shows[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  205. [I]Credits to Senj for the below.[/I]
  207. Talk Shows are one of the most fun and interactive ways to involve the public in a news broadcast. With lots of room for expansion on what you want to do, whether it is a debate between callers about a given topic, an interview with a guest with callers adding questions to the equation or an expositive show with a theme in mind, this type of broadcast can be the most receptive of all SAN Network can offer.
  209. Unlike other works of the SAN Network, you should aim to make the Talk Show as personal as you can. Bringing personality and likeability to your broadcast will only have more callers trying to get in the lines. An exception to this might be, for example, a political talk show. This is where the magic of Talk Shows comes in -- you can basically do anything you want!
  211. Before starting a Talk Show make sure you've used the /duty on command. A /news broadcast about an upcoming broadcast ten or five minutes before the actual show helps in gathering interest from potential listeners of the show. When you're ready to start your talk show, use the /starttalkshow command, using the /tchat command to speak over the air. You'll want to introduce yourself and the topic to discuss or the theme of the talk show before opening the lines.
  213. When you feel like you're ready and reminded the listeners of the hotline number, use the /toglines command to open the caller lines. If everything goes well, you'll have a wave of messages reporting incoming calls to the SAN Network Hotline. Use the /callers command for a list of all the incoming callers. There are a maximum of five lines open at one time and will not go beyond that number unless you clear the lines.
  215. Use the /acceptcaller command with the line's ID following after to accept a call. After doing so they'll be able to /tchat like you and take part in the talk show! Attempt to keep dynamicity during the broadcast. Take initiative if your caller isn't talking, and don't be afraid to end a caller's connection if they're not bringing anything interesting to the table.
  217. Note the script doesn't allow for multiple callers at one time. A way to cheat this system is using the /interview command, but usually, you won't need to think about it unless you're doing a guest show. After finishing with your current caller, use the /endcall command to end the call.
  219. When you feel like you've gotten through all the lines, you can use the /denycaller command with the line's ID to clear a line and allow another caller into the show's waiting queue. You can also use the /denycaller command to keep undesirables or people who've already called out of the show without having to accept their call! It's good practice to go through all the lines before clearing them to ease your command and speech load.
  221. Using the /endtalkshow command will end the Talk Show, end all on-going calls and close/clear the lines.
  223. [anchor]evnt[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.6 [EH+] Events[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  224. Events are a fun way to get involved with the community and can range from job fairs to races to parties, they can be absolutely anything that takes your fancy!
  226. When planning an event you need to fill in [URL='']this format[/URL]. This helps you to keep organised with all of the details and a to-do list to follow. When contacting other factions it's useful to email them ((forum PM)) using the email format and keep track of the responses you receive on your event topic.
  228. Events usually require some form of advert, a pre-event article and an after event article to summarise what happened.
  230. Event Supervisors can choose whether an event is suitable to go ahead with or not. The only way an event would be unacceptable is if it's been done too recently or if it simply wouldn't work/isn't suitable on/for the server.
  232. Once an event is given the go-ahead, it's the responsibility of Event Supervisors and above to ensure everything is running to time and the to-do list is being completed. Guidance can be given to the organiser of the event to make sure it goes smoothly.
  234. [anchor]rvwap[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.7 [NS+] Reviewing Applications[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  235. Applications and reinstatements are important to ensure the high standard of SANN is maintained and so when reviewing them, there are a few things you should be sure to check:
  236. - Has the applicant gone into enough detail?
  237. - Has the applicant completed every section to a good standard?
  238. - To your knowledge, does the applicant have a good standard of RP?
  239. - Does the applicant have a good standard of English/spelling/grammar?
  241. You may place the application on pending if you think the applicant just needs a little more information. You can use your own discretion generally to accept or deny applications but you must use these formats.
  243. When you've accepted an application the applicant must be added onto the [URL='']Roster[/URL], given the usergroup (ask the management team) and given a [URL='']Training Schedule[/URL] which they will then be given a month to complete. It is up to Supervisors+ to maintain and update these until completion.
  245. [anchor]pay[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]3.8 [NM+] Issuing Payments[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  246. Issuing payments is generally common sense, however it's important that everything is kept on the [URL='']financial log[/URL]. When hosting large events we are qualified to ask Faction Administration for a refund, so you should ensure that's done.
  248. There are [B]some[/B] limitations in place, however, to ensure we aren't over-spending!
  249. [COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR] Employee praise (ie. a simple praise post on their profile) - [I]$50,000 maximum[/I].
  250. [COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR] Large-scale events (special occasions such as Christmas etc. or a fully pre-planned event) - [I]no limit[/I], but this must be discussed and approved by the executive team.
  251. [COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR] /news events - [I]$50,000 maximum per event[/I], unless otherwise discussed.
  252. [COLOR=#5ab4a0]•[/COLOR] Vehicles - [I]MUST be discussed with the CEO[/I].[/fdivbox]
  253. [fdivbox=#ffffff][hr][/hr]
  254. [CENTER][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]SECTION IV - Communication & Resources[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
  255. [anchor]comm[/anchor][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]4.1 Communication Channels[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  256. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Discord[/COLOR][/B]
  257. We have a Discord server, used for general chatter and also some announcements. You can access the Discord [URL='']here[/URL].
  259. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Teamspeak[/COLOR][/B]
  260. On we have three channels, a lobby; member channel and supervisory channel. The password for the member channel is [B]sann1959[/B]. This is mainly OOC but can be used for IC purposes if essential.
  262. [anchor]vhc[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]4.2 Vehicles[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  263. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]News Van[/COLOR][/B]
  264. The news vans are to be used when you have any intention to broadcast using /news. They are equipped with all of the equipment you need to do so and have room in the back for two people to sit comfortably (or 3 people with a bit of a squeeze!).
  265. [B]Rank:[/B] Intern+
  267. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Ranchers[/COLOR][/B]
  268. Ranchers are for standard use and can be used freely when working. You can take them when simply looking for news or resources.
  269. [B]Rank:[/B] Intern+
  271. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Mountain Bike[/COLOR][/B]
  272. Mountain bikes are to be used for events ONLY as an easy way to get around. They are not to be messed around on or abused. Anyone found to be doing so will be warned.
  273. [B]Rank:[/B] Junior Reporter+
  275. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]News Maverick[/COLOR][/B]
  276. The news Maverick is useful for when you need a better look over a large situation or would like to report from the sky. It is preferred if you are partnered when going up in the Maverick but not essential.
  277. [B]Rank:[/B] Reporter+
  279. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Premier[/COLOR][/B]
  280. Premiers, like Ranchers, are for standard use and can be used freely.
  281. [B]Rank:[/B] News Editor+
  283. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Yosemite[/COLOR][/B]
  284. The Yosemite is for transferring equipment to events and not for day-to-day use.
  285. [B]Rank:[/B] Event Host+
  287. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Maverick[/COLOR][/B]
  288. The Maverick is just like the news Maverick but for more people, and also to carry more equipment. It can be used to look over large situations or take authorised personnel.
  289. [B]Rank:[/B] News Supervisor+
  291. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Tropic[/COLOR][/B]
  292. The Tropic is very rarely used, but can be. It can be used for parties or simply when the news takes us out to sea!
  293. [B]Rank:[/B] News Supervisor+
  295. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Caddy[/COLOR][/B]
  296. We have one caddy, and as with the bikes, it is not to be abused. The caddy is used for easy transport around event-sites.
  297. [B]Rank:[/B] Event Supervisor+
  299. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Benson[/COLOR][/B]
  300. The Benson is used for transferring large quantities of equipment from A to B. Primarily used for events, it's a quick and easy way to transport everything you need!
  301. [B]Rank:[/B] Event Supervisor+
  303. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]Coach[/COLOR][/B]
  304. The coach is used for picking up guests for hard to get to events, tours, or any other suitable situation - although we're not becoming a coach company!
  305. [B]Rank:[/B] Event Supervisor+
  307. [B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]FBI Rancher/Bullets[/COLOR][/B]
  308. These are personal vehicles.
  310. [anchor]rsr[/anchor][hr][/hr][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#5ab4a0]4.3 Resources[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  311. [URL='']How to Write & Structure a Written News Story[/URL][/fdivbox]
  312. [fdivbox=#ffffff][SIZE=2]Handbook written by Beth, Gary, Senj & Kay-Kay (where credit is given) for SAN Network use only. Please do not distribute any content from this private board without permission from us.[/SIZE][/fdivbox]
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