Mar 31st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Simulacra -
  3. What it is?
  4. A website for searchable, interlinked reference tables for Shadow of the Demon Lord.
  6. How does it work?
  7. Since the content is not open, informaton is stored in the browser's storage.
  8. The default data is only name + locations but it can be appended or edited for a full, proper display, which can be exported/imported.
  10. Editing guidelines
  11. The editor is currently not the most user friendly but the included examples and other content might help.
  12. The formattable fields are restricted to the following markdown options: bold, italics, (non numbered) list, heading, links
  13. Links are using the following format: [displayed text](type/uniqueId) so a spell would look like this: [arcane armor](spell/ArcaneArmor) . Type can be: ancestry, creature, item, path, relic, spell, tradition
  14. Linked entities are displayed in a floating window when hovered over. You can make the window sticky by dragging it.
  16. Exporting and importing
  17. You can export any data in the options menu (cog on the top right) in json format. Exported files can be then imported back.
  18. Make sure to delete the "Reference" group after adding your own.
  20. Resources
  21. The core and the big supplements have been digitalized
  22. m3g4 /#F!0X4BFARK!enPjYCN06YkjqmaE35VzNQ
  23. If you enjoy these resources, please consider buying the books
  25. ----Update 2021 Apr 20
  26. There were several fixes in the core json (and complete) since the last update.
  27. New Content:
  28. Added PoH to the complete version and as a separate file to the PoS folder
  30. ----Update 2021 Feb 8
  31. Fixed an issue with saving the references, vehicle list is now available from the toolbar as well, added global search functionality
  32. New Content:
  33. Added PoD to the complete version and as a separate file to the PoS folder
  35. ----Update 2021 Jan 1
  36. New Content:
  37. Added SoF to the complete version and as a separate file to the PoS folder
  39. ----Update 2020 May 5
  40. New Content:
  41. OP: now available
  42. Complete version: This file has all the supplements and the duplications removed
  44. Changes:
  45. DLC2: Modified duration of Invocation spells according to OP changes
  46. TOTD: Added path short descriptions
  47. Core: Fixed some typos, added path short descriptions
  49. General changes which requires reloading all the files: creature and spell jsons got changed a bit (speed changed from number to text to support some OP entries), changed "Increase zzz by 1" to "Choose zzz attributes and increase each by 1." in paths, fixed invalid ids
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