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Burning Edge

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  1. Kenneth could barely take it anymore.
  3. He considered calling it the worse job he had ever taken; Send him to remove some bandits and he was fine, get him to transport goods and he was okay with it. Hell, you draft him to fight one of those `monsters` and his only concern was his pay and if he needed a backup to take it down.
  5. He could honestly say he was considering never taking another one of these escort jobs regardless of the coin it earned him. Escort a rich guy's daughter home - how hard could it be? Well for starters he had no idea that the daughter would be such a-
  7. “Hey, mercenary! My feet ache, didn't you say we were going to stop?” A posh woman's voice cut through his thoughts. Holding back a groan, he turned around to face the woman he was contracted to protect.
  9. “I didn't say that. I said we can get more distance before the sun sets, we don't have to stop so soon.” Kenneth told her.
  11. “But I'm tired now!” she moaned as she walked off to the side of the road of sat down. "I had told you this is the first time I had travelled this far on foot and we've been walking all day! I demand we stop here!”
  13. “We should keep moving; this area is known for bandits.” He tried to persuade her. “Remember the last time you did this?”
  15. “Then like last time, if we encounter them, you will do what my father paid you for, right?” she replied and refused to budge. Kenneth decided to avoid an oncoming headache and sat down next to her with a sigh while his client rested her feet.
  17. Lady Bellsworth was the daughter of a high-end nobleman and it definitely showed, from her well-groomed black hair and a pretty face with all her teeth intact to the fancy light blue dress that really was not fit for going on a journey. You would think that after two weeks or so of traveling that she would get used to it, that he would not have to hear any more of her complaints - But no, they had been on the road for months now and he had given up hope a week ago. It was quite easy to say that he was losing his patience with the upper-class woman.
  19. With nothing better to do, seeing as Bellsworth had essentially called an end to today's travel and the sky had started to redden, Kenneth split his attention between checking his bag supplies and keeping a look out in the area after making a camp fire. The food was apparently running low and he would have to hunt if they didn't get to the next town by tomorrow night.
  21. “Hey, mercenary,” Bellsworth called him out.
  23. “My name is Kenneth, Lady Bellsworth.” he said while taking out parts for the tents.
  25. “You are in my employ so, I will call you what I wish.” She said with a huff. “Regardless, how far is it till we reach our destination?”
  27. Kenneth pulled the map from his pack and unrolled it. After a brief silence, He replied “We still have at least another three weeks travel at the rate we are going.” he rolled the map back up and returned to set up the tents.
  29. “Really? You mean this long and horrible experience is almost over?” She asked him.
  31. “The same can be said for me,” he muttered to himself a little too loudly as he finished a tent.
  33. “What did you say, mercenary?”
  35. “It would not have been so long and horrible if you just followed what I had asked you,” Kenneth said, feeling a bit of relief from telling her the truth.
  37. “I told you before that you are not in a position to demand anything from me. The nerve of you, asking me to dress like you.” she huffed.
  39. “I had told you many times that if you wore less-flashy clothes, we would not have to worry about bandits targeting us.” Kenneth sighed with a frown. “With the way you dress and the jewelry, it paints a target on us for ambushes. You should have at least used a cloak.”
  41. “I am a member of the Bellsworth family and I shall dress as such. Besides, you dealt with everything we've encountered, I don't see the problem.”
  43. “I don't have eyes in the back of my head and you can't fight at all, anything can happen that can render me unable to help you when you need it. While I'm fighting off one bandit, another could take you away for whatever he has in mind - all this and more I have told you but you refused to listen!” Kenneth spoke with increasing anger. “We are merely lucky that the bandits and monsters have been manageable.”
  45. “You have some nerve, mercenary.” the noblewoman growled. “Neither my father or I will appreciate the way you're talking. I could end our agreement at this moment if I wish it.”
  47. To Bellsworth's surprise, Kenneth's response was to laugh - until he saw the look on her face. “Heavens, you're actually serious! Do you not realize what's wrong with what you said?”
  49. “How could I be joking? I could leave you here without pay and food and have my father make it so no noble will hire you again.”
  51. “We have been attacked by bandits at least every other day and you want to get rid of your only form of defense? You cannot be that foolish!” He almost shouted at her.
  53. “You have no right to talk to me like this you vile-”
  55. “No right? I'm the only thing around keeping you alive and safe at this point, and I've had it with your attitude and actions that have endangered the both of us - your constant moaning about how far we have to go and your belittlement of me!” he cut her off furiously.
  57. Bellsworth had silenced herself in shock; no one had talked to her like this, not even her parents at their angriest.
  59. Kenneth's rant continued. “I am trying to do my job and right now that job is protecting you! It's starting to drive me mental that my own damn contractor outright refuses to use my goddamn name, let alone is the one stopping me from doing my job right!”
  61. “How dare you! I have done no such thing!” Bellsworth said insulted.
  63. “Tell me, outside of sleeping and getting away from attacks, can you tell me one time you went along with anything I asked you to do without complaint?” He asked her.
  65. After a brief pause. Bellsworth stared him in the eye and said coldly “Your job is to protect me mercenary, nothing else matters. You've done your job in silence, continue to do so.”
  67. Kenneth just sighed, “Seriously, Lady Bellsworth, we have to be careful and you are not helping, bandits are not the only problem - there are the monsters as well. Maybe I could take most of them, but if one of the stronger ones finds us, we could be in trouble”
  69. Bellsworth looked unimpressed. “You cut down bandits with ease, how is one of those foul demons any different?”
  71. He was about to reply before laughter echoed throughout the clearing.
  73. “Now I know you humans don't like us, but I think calling us foul is an insult too far, don't you think?” a soft female voice made itself know in the darkness.
  75. It was then that Kenneth realized two things. Firstly he had augured with Lady Bellsworth long enough that he didn't notice it get dark and secondly, they were not alone. The mercenary drew his sword and started looking around frantically, his sword arm twitching due to being caught off guard.
  77. He received a giggle from the darkness for his actions that didn't help his nerves any. Then he heard a whisper in his ear, a whisper that chilled him as she spoke. “Where are you looking? I'm right here.”
  79. Kenneth jumped forward and spun around to meet the intruder as Bellsworth backed off to the side in fear. At first glance, she seemed to be just a beautiful woman in black clothing, but the light of the fire made it clear that she was not human. Black horns that grew from a head covered in snow white hair that fell to her back in a single, large braid, a white set of wings and tail coming from her back, and glowing blood-red eyes that shine like lights in the dark. Her clothes looked like an expensive version of his own black traveler's pants and sleeveless shirt combination, along with gloves like his own and, just like him, a sword rested on her hip.
  81. The mercenary could not stop the trembling in his hands. He had fought succubi before, but this one was different. She was way more alluring in his eyes...and felt way more dangerous too. Steeling himself and staring her down, he pointed his sword at the demon in front of him. “What do you want, succubus?” he asked with a frown.
  83. The inhuman woman returned a playful smile. “Not much, human. Your little lovers' spat had woken me and I wanted to see if I could help you with your problems.”
  85. Kenneth's frown deepened. “She is not my lover and we don't need any help, monster.”
  87. “Is that so? Very well then, seeing as I'm awake and you're pointing a sword at me...” She said as she pulled her sword from its sheath.  If it wasn't for the odd red tint in the blade, it would look like an ordinary broadsword. “Would you care to entertain me?” The succubus gazed into his eyes, an act that made him feel unnaturally warm. Not wanting this feeling to continue, he jumped at the at the woman and made a slash, only to hit nothing as she seemed to melt into the air. Once more laughter from behind him rang out.
  89. “A little jumpy, are we?” she said with a grin as he turned to face her. Kenneth attempted again to strike, but she blocked it. “Fine amount of power you have, but it's not enough to move me.” She said with humor. Annoyed, Kenneth tried several more times, each time gaining the same result as before, either a dodge or a block that was beginning to frustrate him. As for his opponent, she struck with precision and could have easily dealt a crippling blow but she struck to light hits that were still annoying as hell due to the effects of demon silver went to work.
  91. “You fight quite well. Most people would have been taken down by now. Then again, most people are not me.” She said with a grin.
  93. Kenneth could only growl as the fight went on until one particular attack had left him without his sword. Turning to face her again, he saw his sword in her hand.
  95. “A fine blade, but nothing I can't handle.” she gave the sword a look over for a second before tossing it aside and slowly approaching him while sheathing her own. “I've had my fill,” she said. “Why don't you tell me what you're doing camping in the forest?”
  97. Man and monster locked eyes once more. The feeling of warmth returned to Kenneth along with along with nagging thoughts to agree with her and let his guard down. It was so intense he almost couldn't get his next words out. “As tempting as it sounds, I would rather you leave us alone.”
  99. The Intruder laughed. “Really now? One should be proud to gain the attention one of the Lilim.”
  101. Kenneth didn't respond and managed to keep a straight face, but his mind was racing and the worry from before was edging into terror. He had heard of Lilims, daughters of the demon lord capable of bringing entire armies to their knees with minimum effort. If the rumors were true, the chances of getting out of this at all were slim. Just being near this demon was doing something to him he didn't want right now.
  103. “I didn't ask for your attention. Monster princess” Kenneth spoke slowly to gather his thoughts.
  105. “If you must call me something, then my name is Selene. But if you don't want my attention, let's see if your companion wants it then.” The Lilim smiled before she vanished from his sight. He was about to release a sigh of relief that the uncomfortable feeling had left him before her words registered in his head and turning the sigh into a swear he looked around for Bellsworth.
  107. A scream brought his attention to his left. He turned to see Bellsworth running out the bushes in a panic and cowering behind Him while the demonic woman emerged from the bushes, following her with a slow swaying walk.
  109. “First him and now you, am I really all that scary?” Selene said with a smile.
  111. Seeing his client in danger, Kenneth put his fists up. “You will not harm her!”
  113. “Strange... you told me that you two were not lovers, yet you're willing to defend her from me?” She said curiously.
  115. “It is my job to protect her.” He replied simply. "And even if it wasn't, I will protect the defenseless."
  117. Selene's expression darkened with some form of realization as she looked at both humans. Then, with a flick of her wrist, Kenneth was sent crashing into a tree by some unknown force. Pain racked his body as he looked up and saw the demon princess approach a terrified Bellsworth.
  119. “Sorry, but I need her to speak for herself.” The monster apologized to Kenneth before turning to Bellsworth. “Is he serious? He is your guard?” The Lilim asked the slowly retreating noblewoman.
  121. “He is to protect  me from all threats, something he's failing at right now.” Despite her fear, she managed to scowl at her bodyguard, who was slowly rising to his feet.
  123. The white haired demon's face gained a frown. “He's standing up for your safety and this is how you act?” She asked gesturing to Kenneth. Her eyes flashed ominously and before Bellsworth could retort, a hand clamped around her neck and lifted her off her feet. “I hate women like you, cowards that look down on others when they won't do a damn thing for themselves. Hell, I bet you've never even punched someone. So weak, so damn foolish!”
  125. “Mercenary! Help me!” Bellsworth managed to wheeze out in fear.
  127. “And now you beg for him to save you? Why should he when you even refuse to call him his name?” When she didn't get a reply, she loosened her grip enough to allow Bellsworth to breathe and growled. “Answer me!”
  129. “It is... what he's...paid for.” The noblewoman said between breaths.
  131. Selene's expression became downright sinister, “I think instead that a little attitude adjustment is in order.” A dark purple aura started to surround the Lilim's free hand, which made Bellsworth struggle frantically. “Now let's see, what should you become?”
  133. Kenneth, not wanting to know that aura did, threw himself at the Lilim, only to be smacked aside by the Monster's tail.
  135. “Do you mind? This woman needs to be taught how to do things for herself. I'll give her back as soon as I'm done.” Selene said to the fallen mercenary. Looking back at her captive she started mumbling, “Too much pride would not help... that one wouldn't actually work- ah!” Her face lit up with a grin. “I've got Just the thing!” The glow on her hand went from purple to a dull red as she placed on Bellsworth's stomach. The aura spread from her hand to completely envelop the woman, as Selene focused on whatever she was doing.
  137. Kenneth was once again on his feet. Thinking fast he picked up a rock and threw it at the Lilim, aiming for her head. His opponent simply used her tail to deflect it but wasn't expecting Kenneth to tackle her. She teleported away from him before he collided with her but he had done what he wanted. With nothing holding her up, Bellsworth fell to her knees, coughing as the aura surrounding her faded away.
  139. “I think that's enough excitement for one night.” Kenneth rose to one knee and looked around, but Selene was nowhere to be seen, only her voice. “I'll leave you for now, but I'll be watching you. I want to see how she enjoys my gift. And maybe more.”
  141. That line struck fear in Kenneth. He thought he stopped whatever she was doing to Bellsworth. “What gift? What did you do?” The only reply Kenneth got was slowly fading laughter.
  143. Kenneth went to Bellsworth's side. “Are you okay, Lady Bellsworth?”
  145. “I'm fine.” was all she said. She looked anything but fine.
  147. “But that monster said-”
  149. “I said I'm fine, mercenary.  With that monster gone, I think I would just like to get some sleep. That monstrous woman has ruined my appetite,” she said quietly as she stood up and stumbled over to her tent.
  151. Thinking That he would get nowhere, Kenneth decided to return to putting up his tent for the night. He knew he wasn't going to sleep anytime soon as the encounter had shaken him deeply. He had just told Bellsworth that they could encounter a demon and look what happened!
  153. That Lilim had out-skilled him with ease, there was nothing at all he could do to stop her from what she wanted. There was also what she said about wanting to observe the `Gift` she had given. What did she mean by that? He knew that among monsters, the succubus is known for turning other women into their own kind, but the feeling Selene had given off was different, so he didn't know what to think.
  155. He resolved to talk to Bellsworth in the morning, regardless of her feelings on the matter. There has to be some clue to that `gift` business. Even then, he still had to escort her home. Kenneth was not one for breaking agreements.
  157. With that in mind, he closed his eyes and tried to catch what little sleep he could before sunrise.
  159. [Part 2]
  161. Luckily for the both of them, the night had passed without further incident.
  163. Silence reigned throughout the entire morning. Bellsworth was withdrawn all through the morning. When packing the tents and other morning duties, the most Kenneth was able to get out of her were nods and shakes, but when he tried to mention last night, she would just ignore him. He decided to bring up the problem before they set off.
  165. "Lady Bellsworth, for the last time, we need to talk about what happened last night," he said sternly as Bellsworth was seated on a stump combing her hair.
  167. "There is nothing to talk about, mercenary," Bellsworth said with a flat tone, refusing to look at him.
  169. "I need you to tell me if something abnormal is going on. I want to prepare if your body is acting up.”
  171. "I don't have to tell you anything." Bellsworth huffed. “All you need to know is that you will not be paid for your failure”
  173. “What?” He snarled with gritted teeth. After the previous night, he was in no mood for her antics.
  175. The noblewoman simply ignored him. “I'm fine, if that is what you need. Now let us depart before you fail at your job again,” she said as she brushed herself down and stood up, only for Kenneth to block her path.
  177. "Enough!" The mercenary all but roared at her. “I just experienced the trashing of my life and that Lilim made it quite clear you have been corrupted! I refuse to let you ignore this, you stupid woman!”
  179. She looked disgusted. “Who are you calling stupid, you brute? I will not be talked to li-”
  181. “You will shut up and listen! I refuse to be belittled for something that was both our fault!” Kenneth shouted.
  183. “How am I at fault for you failing to protect me?” She said with disbelief.
  185. “Bellsworth, I know stubbornness is one thing you've embraced wholeheartedly, but for once in your life, think about it. That was not some bandit group, that wasn't a werewolf, or an ogre, or even a regular succubus, that was a god-damn lilim! Do you even know what they are?” Kenneth asked.
  187. Bellsworth gained a look of confusion. “I...I had thought they were just another strong monster.”
  189. “Lilims are daughters of the demon lord. In battle, they are a one-woman army capable of wiping out armies, with little injury to tell the tale. A proud anti-monster city can become a demon realm overnight on their whims. The mere mention of the white devils being nearby is enough for people to reconsider any kind of action when monsters are involved.” Kenneth lectured as he started to pace.
  191. “That can't be true! She can't be that powerful!" Bellsworth said in protest.
  193. He just shrugged. “I've heard many stories about how powerful they are. But we can talk about that later, as I know what you're also thinking, `how does all this connect to it being my fault?`. Tell me, why did that Lilim attack us?” Kenneth stopped pacing and stared her in the eye.
  195. “Why else? she was after me and my money.” She said.
  197. Kenneth shook his head. “You couldn't be further from the truth.  She was there because our argument woke her up. She fought me simply because she was curious about my sword skills. The only reason she went after you is that I rejected her offer to talk. That's where my fault lies. If I hadn't done that, things might have been different.”
  199. Bellsworth was about to say something in agreement, but the darkening expression killed the insulting remark before it even began.
  201. “She went after you because you verbally put me down, even when I was the only thing between you and whatever she could have done. She got angry at you because you expected me to be at your beck and call, even though you treat others like trash. What's worse, you only physically resisted when she decided to corrupt you and it was clear I couldn't stop her.”
  203. Kenneth was slowly approaching her, the anger in his voice becoming more known by the second. The noblewoman was trembling backward in fear. She had never seen him this angry.
  205. “I've learned not to fear to lose to the monsters or even dying, but this is the first time I couldn't see a way to beat my opponent. The sheer hopelessness of not being able to even put up a struggle, that scares me more than simple failure or death. Even now those eyes of hers shake me, and her laughter still rings in my ears.”
  207. Kenneth put himself right in front of her. His eyes smoldering with anger as he stared her down.
  209. “I now haft to live with that because you decided to be one of the worst people I've ever known or protected. And not only do you blame me for your actions, your concern with refusing me pay over the almost guaranteed loss of your own humanity, sickens me no end. I agree with Selene, you are a fool.”
  211. A tension-filled silence filled the area as both mercenary and client stared each other down. After a cold, long moment, Bellsworth took a deep breath and spoke, “Do you really think that low o-ngnh!” whatever response she was going to say died in her throat as she suddenly held her stomach.
  213. Kenneth took a step back and looked in concern. “Bellsworth?” the noblewoman didn't answer as she started to sway. He didn't know what was going on as she fell to her hands and knees and started to writhe around on the floor. Her moan didn't exactly sound like it was painful.
  215. “So hot, It's so hot... what's going on.... I can feel something, It doesn't hurt... but why?” Bellsworth rambled on. As she started to glow with red energy. Kenneth watched in amazement as her once-short black hair lengthened at an unnatural speed and her ears looked like they gained they gained a fin-like appearance. After that, the red aura slowly faded, but the new features she had looked like they were here to stay. Whatever had happened seemed to be too much for her, as she had fallen unconscious.
  217. Kenneth tried to take deep breaths to calm himself. This was Selene's `gift` doing its work.He had little to absolutely no idea how to stop it from happening.  What made it worse was that he didn't know what she was turning into. Even the friendly states could be picky at times about which monsters they helped.
  219. Still, he had to think positively. This may be what he needed to get her to take the situation more seriously. He just hoped he found a way to fix it before they got back to her city. Her father, Duke Bellsworth was probably going to imprison him at best, and the worse case was obvious, but he couldn't just abandon it.
  221. “What happened?” came a pained groan.
  223. Kenneth was brought out of his thoughts by Bellsworth's question. She had risen to her knees and her eyes had no focus.
  225. “Whatever she did to you is starting to take effect,” Kenneth explained. “You had a fit on the floor and you glowed red. You passed out after the changes stopped.”
  227. “What do you mean, Nothing feels different.” she said as she got to her feet, brushing the dirt she could off her dress.
  229. “Feel your ears, Bellsworth,” Kenneth told her.
  231. Bellsworth was about to respond to him before she saw her own extended and wild hair. Eyes widening, she held up some strands in one hand while another hand reached, trembling, to an ear, feeling its new shape. It was then that he saw the long nails growing from her fingers, though she was likely too distracted to notice.
  233. Kenneth had no idea what was going through her mind now, but they needed to get to the town, so he tapped her on the shoulder. “I know this sudden but we need to get moving and now. There should be a church in the next town, so we should get there sometime in the afternoon. The sooner we get there, the sooner there might be a chance to fix this problem.
  235. Bellsworth was shaking but managed to nod. Kenneth removed a travelling cloak from the supply bag and handed it to her. A flash of disgust came across her face before she took it and put it on, putting up the hood to hide her abnormal ears.
  237. Without further words, they gathered the rest of the supplies and headed for the path.
  239. The sun had just started to go down by the time they had made it to the town. Being in civilization after walking the roads and forests for days was already soothing them, but it wasn't time to relax just yet.
  241. "We need to get to the inn and secure a room for tonight.  After that, we should find the church and see what can be done.  After that, we can call it a day. Can you hold out until then?” he asked Bellsworth. The noblewoman twitched and looked like she was about to protest before she sighed and nodded. Kenneth mentally questioned her reaction before shrugging and looked around for the inn.
  243. It didn't take long for them to find a quite large, three-floor building that the signs outside marked as an inn and bar. Entering it, they were met with the smell of alcohol and the noise of banter from the other patrons.
  245. “Urgh... I had forgotten how these places could be.” Bellsworth said in disgust.
  247. “This looks to be the only inn in town, let your standards take a back seat,” Kenneth said as he looked around.
  249. “I know mercenary, it's just... never mind.” She said with a sigh. “Shall we just get our rooms?”
  251. Kenneth nodded and approached the bar counter, the bartender eyed him while he cleaned a glass.
  253. “What can I do for you travellers?” He asked in a rehearsed yet pleasant tone.
  255. “We need a place for the night and the location of the town church,” Kenneth told him.
  257. “Three silvers a room. one silver a meal, five coppers for a drink” The bartender moved onto another glass as Kenneth took out his coin bag. “No can do about the church I'm afraid, the place shut down a year ago.”
  259. The mercenary sighed while Bellsworth started to curse under her breath. “Do you know any priests or monks nearby?” Kenneth asked.
  261. The bartender looked thoughtful before shaking his head. “Nothing like that around here. I've heard that the city in Acton in the east has its own chapel but that's three weeks away on foot. You might what to check the next town that's on the way there.”
  263. “Wonderful.” Bellsworth groaned and for once, Kenneth had to agree. Acton was their destination in the first place. “So we have to get home before we could fix this.”
  265. “It seems that way.” He muttered as he paid the man six silver coins. “One room, two meals, ale for me and wine for the lady.” He said, thumbing to his companion.
  267. The bartender collected the money and pulled a key from under the desk. “Room five on the second floor is yours, grab a table and I'll get one of the girls to get you the drinks as soon as I can.” With that said, Kenneth and Bellsworth sad down at their table with the noblewoman fixing her hair to cover her ears.
  269. “So we don't have to change course, we just need to get to the temple in Acton before we go to your father's manor,” Kenneth said as he glanced at a wall with a menu board on it.
  271. “I would have preferred it if we could have met a priest now. But the world seems to be set against me these last two days.” Bellsworth said as a barmaid set down their beer and wine. She then set off with their food orders.
  273. Both of them went silent as they savoured their drinks. Kenneth had the map out and was planning the next path to take until Bellsworth spoke. “Say, mercenary?” Kenneth looked up from the map to listen. “Do you think we'll see her again?”.  she asked looking uneasy.
  275. “She wanted to hear how her `gift` turns out, there is no doubt we will see her again.” He knew he wasn't helping her mood, but there was no real need to lie.
  277. “I see...” she drifted off and took a swig of her wine. “But her words, `to learn how to do things for me`. What did she mean?”
  279. “I've got some ideas, but I don't know for sure.” He said, as his gaze returned to the map.
  281. There was a long pause before she laughed humourlessly. “How would me being turned into a demon help? I have what I want already.”
  283. “A wise man once said, 'Sometimes realization comes through forcing the blind to see what they don't want to',”  Kenneth said.
  285. “I find little need to trust the sayings of old o-” She was cut-off by the main doors slamming open and a bunch of men walking in. They all mostly had the same look of rough clothing, crude weapons, and foul expressions. The entire bar when silent as what looked like their leader, a bloated man with a short black mohawk for hair, stepped forward.
  287. Kenneth mentally groaned. Tonight was not going to be peaceful.
  289. [Part 3]
  291. The comfortable mood was broken when most of the customers fell silent as all eyes in the bar focused on the leader of the group.
  293. “Nice place you've got here,” the leader said while stroking his chin and looking around the room, taking a few glances at several people. “People don't seem too bad, either.”
  295. “What do want?” The bartender asked with a strained smile.
  297. “Well you see, the boys and I have been on the road for ages now, and we've been through quite the rough patch. Isn't that right boys?” He turned and asked his men.
  299. “That's right.” one of them said.
  301. The leader nodded and turned back. “So the guys and I got to thinking, and we decided that we should enjoy some of your hospitality! Isn't that great?”
  303. The bartender's eyes narrowed and then begun slowly. “It's three silvers for a room, one for a-” He was cut-off by the laughter of the man and his followers.
  305. “It seems we have a problem. When was money involved?” He said with a grin.
  307. Everyone apart from those who were with the bandit was then put on edge while the bartender stiffened in anger. “Now see here! You can't demand that!” He shouted.
  309. The bandit leader was still amused and laughed as he pulled out his sword. The blade was of fine make, something that looked like it would be in the hands of a knight rather than a man of his appearance. “See, that's where you're wrong my bartender friend, I can call you my friend right? After all, we don't want to have to cause any trouble. We just need you to be a bit generous for a while; no harm in that, is there?” He then turned to the customers and shouted. “Listen up! Men are placed at every entrance of this Inn. If anyone of you idiots tries to get out to alert the guard, we'll know. All we ask is that you leave your coin bags on the table for us and keep your mouths shut. Am I clear?”
  311. Many of the patrons then started placing their bags on the table. Kenneth, on the other hand, refused to take out his, instead kept his hand on his sword. The leader, noticing no money on the table approached with an amused chuckle.
  313. “Well then, what do we have here?” He said, looking at Kenneth, before catching sight of Bellsworth, and taking on a sinister grin that the mercenary didn't like. “Now here's nobility if I've ever seen it. Tell me your name, sweetheart.”
  315. “I refuse.” She said flatly.
  317. “Don't want to be friendly? Come on girl, why don't I get some wine and we can enjoy the night? Let old Riley show you what a man is like, unlike your boyfriend.” he said thumbing to Kenneth.
  319. “He is not my boyfriend, he is my bodyguard,” Bellsworth said.  “And the answer is still no.”
  321. Kenneth was thinking that something was wrong. Bellsworth was not trembling or trying to get his attention. Normally, by now she would be screaming `mercenary, help!` Or some other garbage. Even then, she would try and get out of trouble by using her family name, not realizing how pointless that was.
  323. The bandit leader, apparently named Riley, carried on. “No? Really? You see, many things happen when people tell me no. The last person that did lost his sword.” He said waving his weapon about. “and his hand. So why don't you do the right thing, Eh?” he was about to move closer to her before Kenneth rose to his feet.
  325. “Back off.” was all Kenneth said. Riley's smile didn't leave him as he looks at Kenneth. If anything It got wider.
  327. “I've got a good idea. Hey, guys! Watch the woman. I'm going to show her why some piece of dung guard won't stop me!” he shouted while he walked around the table. His men cheer in enticement, probably at the chance of seeing blood.
  329. Kenneth pulled out his sword and focused on the enemy. Without warning, the bandit attacked, but the swing was easily dodged. Annoyed that the fight wasn't decided with the first blow, Riley started attacking with wild swings. Kenneth kept dodging until he parried a slash and, with his free hand, punched him in the face, sending him over an empty table.
  331. That had not only had the bar customers running to the corner to get out of the way but it silenced the other bandits. Wasting no time, Kenneth moved around the table to slash at Riley but missed as the bandit rolled out the way.
  333. Backing himself towards where most of his men are. Riley pointed his sword at the mercenary and shouted: “Kill him!”.
  335. The bandits then rushed him, but Kenneth felt little fear as he ran at them.  He worked fast and aimed every blow to take the enemy out in as few hits as possible, crippling or fatal. He didn't know just how many bandits were here and he could easily be overwhelmed, regardless of the skill of his opponents.
  337. The room became chaos as Kenneth brawled; tables and chairs were broken and thrown, as the bandits clearly had no shame in playing dirty. He almost laughed at that, as Kenneth saw himself a man of honour, but those who stuck to rules in a street fight were idiots.
  339. After cutting down what felt like the fifth bandit, the assaults slowed down, the bandits starting to get wary of the mercenary and his sword skills. Kenneth took a look around, counting the remaining bandits at about six. He was thinking fast about his next move when he heard Bellsworth scream, “Stay away from me”,  followed by a very male shout of pain.
  341. The fighting stopped as everyone turned to see Riley stumbling about and grasping his face in agony. Bellsworth was up against the wall, taking deep breaths, with her face a mix of excitement and panic. What caught everyone's attention, however, was that she was surrounded by the red aura again.
  343. “What have you done to my face, you whore?” Riley roared, looking like he was about to leap at the incapacitated woman, when a new bandit entered the bar.
  345. “The town guard are on their way! we've got get out of here!” he said. As other bandits grabbed Riley and dragged him back with the leader in no state to protest.
  347. “Dammit! I won't forget this, you bitch. Mark my words, I'll have you screaming my name on top of that sword-asshole's corpse!” He shouted as he was pulled out the doors, cursing and screaming vulgar lines along the way.
  349. Kenneth gave all his attention to the panicking Bellsworth, who had once again passed out from whatever changes now befell her. It wasn't until the town guards actually came in and said that the bandits were gone that he allowed himself to relax.
  351. The patrons left the bar left quickly, but made sure to thank Kenneth for fighting off the bandits before heading out the door or upstairs to their rented rooms.
  353. The barmaids helped Kenneth carry Bellsworth her to their room, making her comfortable while he talked to the bartender and helped clean up the wreckage in the bar.
  355. “I take it whatever was going on with your lady friend is why you asked about the church” the bartender asked as he swept up some broken wood. Kenneth nodded as he was gathering the smashed table parts. “Well then, you can stay here in the house – it's the least I could do for stopping those scum.”
  357. Kenneth nodded in thanks. “I'm grateful, but let me leave some gold to help you fix this place up. I did help trash it.”
  359. “Deal. I hated those tables, anyway. Now I can finally get some decent wood.” Both the bartender and the mercenary laughed. “Name's Rick by the way,” he said as he offered a hand.
  361. “I'm Kenneth, the woman upstairs is Lady Bellsworth, heir to Acton,” Kenneth said as he shook hands.
  363. Rick's eyes widened. “Bellsworth? As in Duke Bellsworth?” Kenneth nodded again. “Why is she travelling with one guard? Shouldn't you have several and a wagon or something?”
  365. Kenneth sighed as he continued to work. “Raiders ransacked several of the western towns, and her carriage was destroyed. I was hired by her father to get her home while he headed south first, for reasons he didn't tell. With him having the only carriage and the only other merc not to run away in the fight, I have to escort her on foot.”
  367. “And that's when whoever corrupted her attacked, right?” Rick asked. Before Kenneth could say anything. he continued. “I have no problem with most monsters. Hell, I've got an aunt-in-law that's a werewolf and my own sister became a succubus. I know what she's gone through just what Miss Bellsworth is now. As long as nothing happens to the bar girls, she's as free to stay here as you are.”
  369. “Thanks for that.” Kenneth let out a sigh of relief.
  371. “Still, what attacked her? There's something off about the way she's turning.”
  373. “A Lilim,” he answered. “The problem is that I don't actually know what she's changing into. The worst part is that whatever it may be, the Lilim wants to be around to see it.”
  375. Rick looked thoughtful for a seconded before he perked up with an idea. “You should check the town library before leaving. Might find something more about them.”
  377. “I'll look into that,” Kenneth said as he finished clearing the broken tables and chairs, with Rick offering him a free drink.
  379. “Might as well take that to your room, make sure she's okay,” Rick said. “It's been a long day and I'll get the girls to fix you something good and send it up.” Before Kenneth got to the stair, he spoke again. “Word of advice for you. As far as I know, going monster is a one-way road. It's best to tell her that soon, or it might break her hard.”
  381. Taking his mug of beer upstairs, he found his room. Entering it, he saw Bellsworth asleep in the main bed, and a cot prepared for him to sleep close to her. It was also furnished with chairs and tables.
  383. Kenneth sat down at the table and drank his beer while he thought to himself. Even if Bellsworth woke up to eat, it was best for the two of them to get their rest. This was the second day in a row this had happened and he hoped this wasn't how his days would go now.
  385. He lost his train of thought when he heard Bellsworth sit up. She looked around in confusion until he saw Kenneth at the table.
  387. “It happened again. Didn't it?”, she asked him softly. When she saw Kenneth nod she sighed. “What happened to the bandits?”
  389. “Fled the town or imprisoned by the guard. You really did a number on that guy. He was swearing vengeance on both of us on his way out.”
  391. Bellsworth looked a bit pained at his words. “I don't know what came over me. I felt this urge, this need to defy him... to fight him. When he got past you, while you were distracted, and he tried to take me, the urge got stronger. I wanted me to prove myself, instead of screaming for you to help... and I gained just the thing to do it.” She removed the blanket covering her and showed Kenneth her hand.
  393. At least it should have been her hand, but the enlarged fingers and clawed nails were telling Kenneth a different story. With all his focus on the aura, he had not seen the changes it had done.
  395. She carried on as he looked at her hand. "It felt so good and I wanted to fight more, but I thought that it was not me wanting these things. That's what made me freeze." She shook her head and looked and Kenneth. “I'm sorry, mercenary. After two days of this, I don't know what to think anymore.”
  397. “It's fine, Bellsworth. We will check the town library for information before we set out. I don't know if we can cure it, but I will help you manage.”
  399. Bellsworth stared at Kenneth before giving a small smile. “Thank you.”
  401. The mood had gotten so heavy that the both of them almost jumped when a barmaid knocked on the door. “Dinners here!” she said happily.
  403. Both the mercenary and noblewoman silently agreed to leave the conversation there and enjoy their food, for the morning was defiantly going to be interesting.
  405. (part 4)
  407. After being messed with by a Lilim and dealing with Bellsworth's corruption, along with fighting Riley and his goons the day after that, Kenneth was really wishing that he could have some form of relaxation. As such, reading books in the town library was a welcome break.
  409. Rick, the Inn owner, had said that a trader's wagon would come by midday and would set off in five days. Joining them would cut the travel time to a week and a half, so the best option was to catch a ride when it came by. This also gave him some time to check the old library for books regarding monsters.
  411. Bellsworth was also looking through books, trying to find information on becoming a monster. So far, neither of them had any luck regarding the subject, though Kenneth only wanted to confirm Ricks words about the change being irreversible.
  413. Sadly, every tome and scroll on the matter proved the bartender right. There was no known way to turn a monster back to the human she once was. Even the tales of men working to prove otherwise usually ended with the men disappearing.
  415. They spent days waiting for the traders, reading stories and research notes like that. Bellsworth seemed to get angry at everything she read. At one point he was sure he heard her gasp at something, but he could not get an answer out of her.
  417. It was early in the morning of the fourth day when Kenneth woke up to a scream. The mercenary shot out of bed and grabbed his sword from its position leaning on his bedpost. Looking around, he saw Bellsworth standing by her bed, panicking.
  419. Having just sprung up from sleep, it took him a second to register why she had screamed out in despair. The woman was now sporting a large, leathery lizard tail. The scales were dark red and the whole thing moved erratically like it had a life of its own.
  421. The both of them stared at the reptilian appendage in silence. Until Bellsworth reached out and held the tail in her hands. “It's a lizard tail,” she said calmly.
  423. “Bellsworth?”
  425. “...It's a lizard tail. An actual lizard tail. And it's mine... It's a part of me...hehe...hehehe” She started to giggle. “It's real! I can feel it, feel with it. It's real... it's really real. I've become a monster...” she fell into a bellowing laugh. The sight made Kenneth take a step back. “I, heir to the Bellsworth family have become a monster.”
  427. “Bellsworth, you need to calm down,”  Kenneth said. But she ignored him.
  429. “Did you know that it was so easy to deny it, up until now?” she continued, staring at the tail. “That it was no big deal, that it was just some sickness I could get over when I get home, even with the claws and ears. But this proves it,” she said, holding the tail. “My life is over...” her laughter was still there, but she was starting to cry.
  431. “Look at this thing! Look at it! I'll have to cut holes in my dresses for it. I'm going to have to watch out for hitting things with it. And that's not even getting into my hands and feet! I hate it. I hate it so much. I should have stayed with my father. I should have just listened and stayed home like a good girl, then I would not have this sticking out of me!” The laughter was all gone now, only tears. “Mercenary, what do I do? I can't go around like this. What do I do?”
  433. “I don't know,” Kenneth told her honestly.
  435. “How could you not?” she screamed “You have to do something, somebody has to do something! I...I...” She broke down and started to cry into her hands, and all Kenneth could do is watch over her.
  437. ~x~ (next morning)
  439. It was a calm, quiet morning as Kenneth and Bellsworth ate their breakfast in comfortable silence. The only words out of either of them were thanks to the barmaids serving breakfast. Kenneth was a bit worried about how quiet was. Usually, she would be dragging him to the stores or ranting about what she wanted. Now, she was slowly stirring the porridge with her spoon. It was like yesterday's events had drained her of life. The fact that her arms, from her hands and on halfway up, had gained a reddish skin tone didn't help.
  441. “Mercenary... can I ask you something?”
  443. That got his attention. he asked. “What is it?”
  445. “You've seen places across the land, right?” She continued when he nodded. “Have you seen other women become monsters?”
  447. Kenneth stroked his chin in thought before he answered. “I haven't seen them become monsters or met any former humans. All my knowledge comes from traveller's tales and bar stories.” He said with a shrug.
  449. “I see...” She said before she took a deep breath. “Do you really think we can cure me?”
  451. Kenneth paused before he took another spoon of porridge. Rick's words from when they got to the village rang in his head and he sighed.
  453. “There is no going back, is there?” She said as she looked down. A tear rolled down her cheek.
  455. “It appears so.” he said.
  457. There was a long pause before She said anything. “Do you at least know what I am?...what I'm becoming?” she asked.
  459. “A lizardwoman, I think, that's if your feet and hands morph fully the way I think they will,” Kenneth said.
  461. “I see...” she said again. She swirled her porridge. “So what are you going to do?”
  463. Kenneth rose an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”
  465. “I can't go home, not like this...” she said, looking at her clawed hand. “I don't know how my family will react. And even if they do accept me, they could blame you, and not being paid is the best case scenario on that end.”
  467. She was right. Anything could happen. But he still has a job to do. “We still have to get to Acton.”
  469. “What?” Bellsworth said shocked. “But what about-”
  471. “I know, but I was hired by your father. If you just disappear, your family could put a bounty on me, as I'm the last person known to be with you. I appreciate the thought, but I'm in more danger if we part ways.” He explained.
  473. “Then what do we do?” Bellsworth asked.
  475. “We need to inform your family of what's happened. Until we find a better way, that means we get you home.” Kenneth said. “Besides, I don't like leaving a job unfinished.” The noble woman flinched at his words. “What is it?”
  477. “...I...” she shook her head. “It's nothing, I think we should finish up and get ready for the convoy,” she said as he returned to her food.
  479. Kenneth decided to drop it. “I guess we have a plan, Bellsworth.” she froze before slowly looking up at him.
  481. “Don't call me that,” she said. “I... think we should start over. I can't call on that name if my family turns its back on me. Until I know for sure... I'm not a Bellsworth anymore” she said as she stood up and gestured for a handshake.
  483. Kenneth looked at her hand and then at her before he shook it. “Fine with me, My name is Kenneth.”
  485. “My name is Nadia.” The noble woman said with an unsure smile, it was clear she forced herself not to say her other name.
  487. “Nadia. A nice name,” Kenneth said as he went back to his porridge.
  489. “...thanks”
  491. ~x~
  493. Kenneth spent the morning making sure they had all the supplies for their journey while Nadia searched the market for new clothes (she couldn't bear to cut openings in her dresses and he had argued that she needed something to wear other than night clothes and a cloak). He had just finished packing the supplies outside the Inn when he heard someone walking up behind him.
  495. “So, you're one of the people we're taking to Acton?” Kenneth turned to see a tall, bald man with a long beard. “Rick told me about you. I'm the head of the trade convoy. You can call me Carl” he said, offering a handshake. He continued when Kenneth took it. “Rules are simple: don't be an asshole, bring your own tent, and be willing to share anything you hunt. Also, as a swordsman, you can help guard the convoy, that okay with you?”
  497. “It should be fine,” Kenneth said tying up his travel bags.
  499. “Good, I'll see you on the main road in the next ten minutes, I gotta check the other carriages and then we'll be on our way,” Carl said as he walked away.
  501. Nadia showed up not long afterwards. “Is everything ready?”
  503. “Should be, and you?” He asked as he looked her over, she was wearing her travel cloak to hide her tail but had it open so he could see the white blouse made out of fine cloth and black travellers trousers underneath. The had also wrapped her hands in bandages to hide her claws.
  505. “I should be fine.” she said as she took a bite out of something she had in her hands.
  507. “What are you eating?” He asked.
  509. “I had some leftover money from the clothes so I bought some beef jerky.” She said before munching on some more.
  511. “Jerky?” Last time he checked Nadia had hated the stuff, only eating it when fresh meat was not available.
  513. “I've had this craving for meat all week,” she explained as he handed her a bag and the two walked to the meeting point. “and this morning I passed the butchers and I couldn't resist the smell.”
  515. “Do you think it's part of your change?” Kenneth asked with concern.
  517. The noble woman paused and stared at the jerky left in her hand, but shook her head. “If it is, it's finally a change I can get along with,” she said as she munched more. “I just hope the other changes will be like this.”
  519. Kenneth was confused “Other changes?”
  521. Nadia's eyes appeared distant. “It won't end with this tail. I'm still changing, I can feel it flowing through me, and there's an itch in my arms and legs though I get the feeling that it's almost done.”
  523. Soon the two made it to the convoy just as the last of their stock was put on the carriages. Carl paused for a second to look at Nadia's bandages but didn't seem like he had a problem. It didn't take long before the convoy set off and left the town behind them.
  525. Kenneth and Nadia had managed to get a carriage for themselves as the load it had been carrying had been emptied at the town. For a while to two sat opposite each other in a comfortable silence, the only sound was the rumbling of the carts and the distant talking of the trade crew until Nadia spoke.
  527. “Mer... Kenneth.” She said aloud.
  529. Kenneth turned from his field watching to look at her. “Yes?”
  531. "What will happen to my mind when I become a monster?” She asked. “I had heard that monsters were mindless beasts, but when we encountered...her...” she shuddered before she continued. “What about the monsters you've seen?”
  533. Kenneth thought for a while before he responded. “They aren't mindless, I'd say monsters were... if I had to pick a word, focused. The monsters I've encountered were able to talk, even slimes, though the words were limited.” He put a hand to his chin in thought. “The more aggressive ones like the minotaur and manticore could be seen as that, but seeing as everybody runs for the hills when they see one and they tend to seclude themselves after claiming a man, few could tell otherwise.”
  535. Nadia accepted his answer with a nod. “That's reassuring I guess.”
  537. “How are you feeling?” He asked.
  539. “I...I don't know how to explain it. Everything feels so dull. There's an urge in me. I just feel so unsatisfied.” she said. “Every now and again my mind goes back to when I hit that bandit, and every time I do, there's been this one thought that I could have done more, that I should have done more.” She broke eye contact and looked at her bandaged hand. “It's a little scary, to be honest.”
  541. “There's nothing wrong with wanting to defend yourself,” Kenneth said. “I think it could be monster instincts kicking in or something like that.”
  543. Nadia looked like she withdrew into herself and looked out the carriage window. “... I guess so. But I can't help but think there is something more to it.”
  545. “Not much we can do about that until it rears its head.” Kenneth sighed as he took an apple out of his bag and took a bite.
  547. “You sound troubled Kenneth,” Nadia said.
  549. Kenneth glanced at her before looking out the window himself. “I'm just frustrated. Everything was straightforward less than two weeks ago. But with you turning monster, Riley and his group, and eventually meeting that Lilim again, now there are problems I have to play by the ear. I've never been a fan of these sort of things.” He said before he laughed. “Sorry Nadia, your problems are more important than mine right now. Priorities and all that.”
  551. Before she could say anything, the carriage came to a halt. Carl walked up to the window “We're stopping here for tonight, can you help my guys with the firewood?”
  553. “Sure,” he said as he stood up. “I guess we'll talk later. I'll probably be back with your meal,” he said as he got out the carriage. Leaving Nadia alone. The Noble-monster let her tail move back and in front of her.
  555. “Priorities...” she whispered to herself staring at her tail.
  557. [Part 5]
  558. (Tags: fighting, transformation, fire)
  560. It had been a week into the journey and everything was going well, Kenneth would help the convoy men with hunting and cooking along with setting up tents if they could. Nadia had helped now and again to stop herself going stir crazy, but kept it to a minimum to prevent her monster parts being discovered ( a hard thing to do when one of those parts is a lizard tail, but not impossible, given that she always wore her cloak).
  562. Speaking of monster parts, the next thing to change was her feet, the red-scaled clawed feet were too awkward for any shoes, so the noblewoman was `enjoying` the wonders of going almost barefoot. She now had bandages covered her feet as well as her arms now.
  564. What was more, her cravings for meat had grown, and while Kenneth had long since known Nadia to be impatient, she had become increasingly restless and agitated. He couldn't blame her - he had also had a growing sense of something being off - but for the life of him he could not figure it out.
  566. If the convoy noticed, they didn't show it, so onward they carried towards Acton.
  568. Currently, the convoy had stopped at a lakeside that had several traveller's rest-houses along it, so the convoy was staying here for the day. Kenneth was using the time to clean Nadia's bandages while she sat on a stump nearby, looking deep in thought.
  570. It was after the 4th sigh that Kenneth decided to break the silence. “Are you okay, Nadia?” he said as he carried on working
  572. Nadia's looked up a little, startled. “Hmm?”
  574. “I said, are you alright?” He repeated.
  576. “I can't say I am,” she said looking down at her own hands. “We're so close to home, the scenery is getting familiar and I can smell the local flowers, better than before. But I can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen.”
  578. “You mean meeting your father?” Kenneth asked.
  580. She shook her head. “No... I mean now, there's something in the air. I can feel it, I just... it's hard to explain.”
  582. Kenneth stopped cleaning the bandages and stood up. “If it means anything, I feel it too.” He said.
  584. “Am I being paranoid?” she asked.
  586. “After getting attacked out on the road, fighting bandits in a tavern, and the more interesting parts of your body coming out.” she glared when he pointed at her tail. “I think we have a right to be, especially after how far we've gotten without incident.”
  588. “I guess” Nadia paused. Then frowned. She then looked around, sniffing the air.
  590. Kenneth was about to ask what was wrong before he realised something. It was too quiet - even the birds had stopped.
  592. “I smell smoke,” Nadia said with worry creeping onto her face.
  594. `Smoke?` Kenneth thought to himself, it was the early afternoon, too early for meals. “dammit! Some things wrong!” he said as he got up, running through the trees to get back to the convoy, Nadia running after him.
  596. When he got back, Kenneth froze in shock. one of the carriages had been set on fire, and the workers were being attacked by various men. The convoy was being attacked by bandits!
  598. Kenneth snapped out of his shock when he saw Carl being fending off two bandits. Wasting no more time, Kenneth unsheathed his sword and charged forward. One good slash was all it took to take one bandit down, the other had no time to react before a punch to the face knocked him out. “You okay Carl?” Kenneth said as he looked around. The workers were doing their best to fight, but it was going badly.
  600. “I am now, thanks to you,” Carl said. “This damn ambush, there's too many of them!” He said as both men saw more bandits coming their way. “Forget the cargo! Focus on getting everyone out alive!” He shouted.
  602. `These men aren't warriors, This could be a slaughter.` Kenneth though. “Carl, head west and take Nadia and all you can with you. I'll hold them off!”
  604. Nadia gasped. “Are you insane! That's suicide!”
  606. “What's suicide is having the guys fighting rather than saving lives. I can fight, you and Carl and the other guards can save the workers and get out, I'll follow later,” Kenneth said.
  608. A look Kenneth could not read crossed her face: some mixture of frustration and something else but she nodded and ran off with Carl to gather the others.
  610. “Now then....” Kenneth said to himself as he stared down the approaching bandits. He knew he had to pace himself and cause enough damage to the enemy to be a distraction before losing them somehow. But that plan would have to come later. As he rushed forward to meet the bandits.
  612. It wasn't long before they started to gather around the mercenary as he hacked and slashed his way through the group,  it wasn't perfect, having his focus spread amongst so many meant that he made mistakes, but he didn't take anything that stopped him from fighting at his best.
  614. He didn't know how long it was that he was fighting -cut one bandit here, stab another one there, kick yet another into several to knock some of them all down. Running and sliding under a spear to trip is wielder over and kick him in the face.
  616. It was when he had thrown a Bandit aside he had noticed people were backing off while circling him. High off the battle Kenneth yelled and launched himself at the nearest guy, only to be dropped to his knees as an enormous pressure fell on him.
  618. “What the hell?” He shouted. It felt like that his body weighed the same as a boulder. It was then that he noticed the faint glow his body was giving off. `restriction magic!` He shouted mentally as he struggled harder.
  620. “Nice to meet you again, Sword bastard.” Kenneth strained himself to look up into the sneering face of Riley. He was already what one would call `ugly`, but now he was sporting four claw-like scars other the right side of his face. Next to Riley was a man in dark blue robes, with a magic staff. “Not so tough now, are you?”
  622. “Riley....” Kenneth growled.
  624. “It's my lucky day today! I get a whole merchants convoy and I get my revenge!” he said as two bandits pulled a tied up Carl and Nadia forward, Nadia struggling as she was pushed forward. Kenneth's eyes widened as he gritted his teeth.
  626. “You know, it looking at her now, it makes sense that she would be able to get me like that.” Riley continued looking Nadia over with a sick grin. “Now I've put your guard out the way, what do you say I make good on that offer back at the bar? I know you monster freaks are up for a lot.” He asked her with a sickening grin.
  628. “Don't come near me you bast-!” Nadia started to shout before Riley punched her in the stomach, winding her.
  630. “Wrong answer, sweetheart,” Riley said as he picked her up and took her into one of the rest-houses while she kicked and screamed in his grasp. When he opened the door, he ordered his men. “Tie him up and bring him in here, he'll gets to see a real man at work.” He then took her inside.
  632. The bandits laughed as one of them got the rope to tie around Kenneth. “Okay, keep that spell on him while I do this, we don't need him getting fr-”
  634. He was cut off by a crashing sound. everyone turned to the rest house in time to see Riley get thrown out of the window.
  636. “Boss!” two of the men shouted and ran towards Riley when a loud scream came from the rest-house as smoke came out.
  638. Kenneth realised that the magician had broken his focus on the spell and got to his feet so fast he almost tripped over himself. He was about to run into the house to save Nadia, but before he moved the door blew off its hinges.
  640. Everyone was frozen in place as Nadia stumbled her way out of the building as fire consumed it from the inside, though if he was honest, if it wasn't for his travels with her and recognising her face among all the new features, Kenneth would be hard-pressed to call the woman... no, monster in front of him Nadia Bellsworth.
  642. Nadia looked to have gained a head in height, her already dark-red, clawed hands and lizard-like feet had grown some sort of armoured plating, like a mockery of arm and shin guards. Her ears were now morphed into what looked like fins one would see on a lizard or fish, her ripped clothing exposed muscles he was quite sure was not there before, and her hair now looked even wilder.
  644. There were two things that stood out the most: the first was that her tail was longer, thicker and was tailing across the floor. It was also ablaze with fire, though it didn't seem to give her any discomfort.
  646. The second was her eyes, what was once blue was now shared the same gold and slitted look that most reptiles have. And right now those eyes were looking frantically around like some sort of caged animal.
  648. The area stood in silence with the only sound being the fires burning away until one bandit lunged at her with his axe, yelling, only to be fall in pain from the swipe the new monster gave with her claws.
  650. As if that was the signal, all hell broke loose. The bandit's all converged on Nadia, who let loose a wild roar and moved faster than Kenneth had ever seen her before. Striking hard and fast, the bandits started to drop like flies, the more she fought the faster she got, and the more her face contorted into a look of excitement that sent shivers down his spine.
  652. Kenneth used the distraction to free Carl before some of the bandits decided to fight him instead of the rampaging lizard monster. He almost sighed in relief when he saw the merchant knock out the wizard that had got him earlier. With him gone and Nadia putting the bandits in a chaotic panic, he could really cut loose.
  654. He didn't even know how long he had been fighting for, how many bandits kept coming at him, he just kept going. The fire around them had become an out-of-control blaze that had made the area look hellish, the fact that he noticed Nadia's tail set the grass on fire didn't help things.
  656. It was when he had punched out the last bandit around him he looked about. Most of the enemy had been cut down or knocked out, the rest had fled. That Riley had also escaped in the chaos made him grit his teeth, he wanted to end the little bastard himself for what he had done.
  658. `Wait` he thought to himself. `Where is Nadi-`
  660. The sound of running towards him made him put up his sword just in time to block Nadia striking at his side with her one of her claws. Kenneth jumped back and had taken a couple more steps as the berserk Nadia gave two more swipes.
  662. Her eyes seemed to widen as her tail started to swing more excitedly, with its flame even burning greater than before. That grin that she had gained fighting the bandits never left her face.
  664. “Nadia snap out of it! it's me, Kenneth!” He tried to reason as she attacked again.
  666. Nadia paused and stared at Kenneth with a lost look on her face, the fire on her tail damped as she looked Kenneth in the eye. “Kenneth...” Kenneth would have been relieved, were it not that with whatever realization Nadia had come to made her grin and tail fire return with a vengeance. “Strong.”
  668. “What?” Kenneth asked in confusion.
  670. But Nadia said nothing else and went for another attack. Kenneth had to give his all to fend off her wild strikes, the unpredictability of it and the fact she seemed to shrug off some of the blows he was hitting her with was pushing him further than any fight he had in quite some time. Thankfully, Nadia's new-found power didn't come with skill and she was fighting with pure instinct, something Kenneth was able to counter.
  672. Finally, one of Nadia's strikes left an opening that let Kenneth tackle her into a tree, before he could do more she kneed him in the stomach and pushed him to the ground. He was about to get up Nadia knock his sword out of his hands and straddled him.
  674. The two locked eyes with each other as the monster sat there, her chest heaving with heavy breaths and her tail a raging inferno. Kenneth tried to think of something, anything to get out of the situation he was in. but all he could do was stare into the eyes of the woman holding him down.
  676. And then without any warning, Nadia leaned forward and kissed him, Kenneth's eyes widened as his brain shut down long enough that he barely noticed the loud clanging noise that made Nadia slump over unconscious.
  678. Snapping out of his daze, he looked up to see Carl holding one of the convoy's cooking pots. Kenneth could only nod as he moved from under the unconscious monster, the flames on her tail rippling like small embers.
  680. “You okay?” Carl asked.
  682. “In all honesty, no,” Kenneth said. “I feel like a horse danced on me.” He looked around to see most of the fire had died down. “What about you and the others, how bad is the damage?”
  684. Carl's face turned grim. “Two of the carriages have been destroyed and we've lost at least six men, this is damaging enough for me to put a DOA bounty in at the guild when we get to Acton. We still have a chunk of our cargo and I've got enough money to cover the losses, but this is a god damn mess. I'll still take you and your lady friend, It's thanks to you two that we salvaged as much as we can, even with her... problem.”
  686. Kenneth looked at the downed Nadia. “I thought she was turning into just another lizardwoman. I haven't heard anything about the fire tail, and then there's the fact that she had me pinned,  I thought they only when for men that beat them in combat?”
  688. “I believe she is something else,” Carl said. “I had heard in my travels of odd lizardwomen, always with scales coloured like the shades of the sun and tails on fire. More ferocious and battle-hungry than their green-shaded cousins.”
  690. “What are they called?” Kenneth asked.
  692. “Quite a few names: fire lizard, red-scaled, flame-child,” Carl said in thought. “But the one everyone knows them by is Salamander.”
  694. Kenneth committed the name to memory and sighed. “We need to get everything in order, I'll take her to one of the unburnt rest houses, then I'll help with the salvaging.” Carl nodded and walked away as Kenneth lifted Nadia and carried her to the unburnt house.
  696. He thought to himself that once again he had all-but-failed in protecting Nadia, that once again she was unconscious and he was taking her to a bed, and once again his mind was filled with new questions due to her actions and condition.
  698. “This is getting old.” he muttered with a sigh as he went inside.
  700. [Part 6]
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  703. Kenneth was always an early riser, it came with his training as a warrior and his need to use as much daylight as he could as a travelling mercenary. Today was no exception as he sat down on a rock just outside the rest house, trying his best to relax in the dawn light.
  705. There was little else for him do anyway as it would be a few hours before the rest of the workers wake up, have breakfast and prepared to move on to Acton. He considered exercise to kill time but his body was still sore from all the fighting and yesterday and the work of fixing what the bandits had broken.
  707. There was also Nadia. Her actions yesterday had thrown him through a loop. Why had she attacked him after her rampage? Why did her aggression only increase when she recognised him? And why did she kiss him? Before her corruption, he was a necessity, a shield against the threats of the world while she made her way home nothing more.
  709. But now? Now he wasn't sure what to think? Did she genuinely feel something for him or was it just monster instincts kicking in?
  711. He groaned as he stood up and stretched. “Dammit, this is gonna annoy me all morning.” With a sigh he decided he was better off waiting inside the rest house, maybe he could talk to Nadia if she was awake and he could learn more about the monster she now was. He opened the door expecting to see Nadia still asleep.
  713. What he didn't expect was to see a familiar white-haired succubus leaning on the opposite wall.
  715. “You!” Kenneth growled out as went for his sword, only to realise he left it at Naida's bedside.
  717. “Good morning, Mercenary,” Selene said with a smile. “It hasn't been that long, has it? About a month if memory serves.”
  719. “Why are you even here?” He asked, still tense.
  721. “I'm here to check on her. I did say I would do that.” She said gesturing to the still sleeping Nadia. “Lilims have a faint connection to those we turn, I felt her energy go wild yesterday. So I came to see what going on.”
  723. “So you came to collect a new slave now that Nadia is a full monster?” He accused her.
  725. “Slave? She won't be any slave of mine. While it's true turned women have a sense of loyalty to the monster that changes them we can't truly force them to do anything. If she ends up serving me, it will be of her own will.” Selene explained while looking Nadia over. “Her heart will belong to her loved ones above all else, even me.”
  727. “How do I know you're not up to something?” Kenneth said, slowly inching himself towards the wall his sword was leaned up against.
  729. “Calm down Mercenary. If I wanted to fight I would have asked you to come outside with me. Besides, you will have your hands full when she wakes up anyway.”
  731. Kenneth stared the Lilim down before sitting down with a sigh. Even if she was hostile the Ambush yesterday had him in no condition to fight. “Fine, suit yourself.”
  733. Selene walked over to the bed and looked at the sleeping Nadia. “So her name is Nadia? She's become such a fine monster.”
  734. “I've been told she's a salamander, some sort of lizardwoman variant, am I right?” Kenneth asked.
  736. Selene nodded. “Yeah, most people don't know they exist. They're kinda rare, so we could always use a few more. What happened yesterday, Mercenary?”
  738. “If we're going to be civil, then my name is Kenneth. We were attacked by bandits, with the leader dragging her off to have his way with her. Next thing I know he's sent through a window and Nadia comes out looking like that.” He explained
  740. “And then I take it you fought off the bandits together?” Selene asked with intrigue.
  742. Kenneth nodded. “We did, but after that, she started to attack me, when I tried to get her to calm down and recognise me all it did was excite her more.”
  744. Selene grinned “That sounds about right, given how strong you are.”
  746. “What do you mean?” Kenneth asked with a frown.
  748. “You are more skilled than most as a mercenary and clearly stronger the most bandits and the average monster. Fighting prowess is what attracts monsters like salamanders. It's in their nature to love battles and fighting. Recognizing the man that has defended her for some time would be more than enough to set her off.” the lilim explained.
  750. “So she's just going to mindlessly attack me now?” Kenneth asked
  752. Selene laughed. “No, nothing like that, that bandit put her into a rage. It won't be the last time she attacks you, but the both of you will have more fun. Especially after the fight.”
  754. Before he could question what she meant, a groan made both Kenneth and Selene turn to the bed. Nadia slowly sat up and yawned. Before taking a lazy look around the room before her eyes widened at the sight of Selene. “You..”
  756. “Morning, Nadia,” Selene said. “I take it you remember me?”
  758. “You did this to me...” Nadia said, looking at her claws. “You're the one who made me what I am now,” she said that she got out of bed, reminding Kenneth that she had torn her clothes and had barely had rags for modesty.
  760. “And how do you feel?” Selene asked. The lilim and salamander stared at each over for some time and Kenneth though something might kickoff.
  762. “I feel... good.” Nadia broke the silence. “So good I almost can't stand it. Everything feels right for the first time in a month.” The flames on her tail started to grow.
  764. “Glad you like it,” Selene said with a smile. “I know he likes what he's seeing.” Kenneth snapped out of his staring at Nadia and looked embarrassed.
  766. Nadia, however, looked at him with a strange glint in her eye he couldn't describe before she looked down at her self and realised her state of clothing. “What happened to my clothes?”
  768. “They ripped when you finished turning into a salamander,” Kenneth said.
  770. “Salamander? I thought you said I was going to be a lizardwoman?”  Nadia asked.
  772. “It's a different kind of lizard woman. I found out what you were yesterday and Selene here just confirmed it.” He said, gesturing with his head towards the lilim.
  774. “Right! yesterday, the bandits and... we fought!” Nadia's tail twitched. “That was amazing!”
  776. “Amazing isn't really what I'd call it yesterday.” Kenneth said.”
  778. “How was it not wonderful? the feel of taking down those bandits, blocking their swings to hit back” her tail fire was increasing at an alarming rate. “I always say it as something barbaric that only brutes could enjoy, but that feeling... that wondrous feeling of being in battle...” the tail was now waving around excitedly and burned like a fireplace as she was starting to take deep breaths as she looked a Kenneth.
  780. He reconsigned that gaze, it was the same look she gave him when she realised who he was yesterday. He tensed up and prepared to dodge an attack, but it turned out it was unnecessary as Selene walked over and put her hand on Nadia's shoulder. “Calm down down Nadia,” she said softly
  782. Nadia almost looked like she was struggling internally. “But I... He..”
  784. Selene leaned closer and whispered something her ear. Kenneth had no idea what she said but it did the job as Nadia's shoulders slacked. “Your right, now is not the time.” she sighed.
  786. “What did you tell her?” He asked.
  788. “That it would be more fun later,” Selene said, though the smile she had made him nervous. “Right now we need to fix you up,” she said looking back at Nadia.
  790. “Fix me up?” Nadia parroted.
  792. “I was the one who turned you, It's natural that I take care of you as well,” Selene said as a dark portal formed to her right. She put her hand in the portal, pulling out a wrapped package and handing it to Nadia“These should do nicely. Consider it a gift.”
  794. Nadia took the package and felt it in her hands. “Leather?”
  796. “The same I have for warriors under me,” Selene said. “I have one more thing for you, but you'll get it when you're dressed.” She turned to Kenneth. “Let's talk outside.” She walked out the door, clearly expecting him to follow.
  798. Looking at Nadia for a second. Kenneth decided to leave her to her new clothes. He exited the rest house, taking his sword with him just in case. The sun had risen some more and everything outside was clearer. “So... what now?” he asked Selene, who was waiting just outside the door.
  800. Selene smiled. “How did it feel fighting her?”She asked.
  802. Kenneth was confused “What?”
  804. “How did it feel, fighting someone that lost herself in the joy of battle?” Selene asked.
  806. “Why do you want to know? I thought you succubi where all about sex and romance?” Kenneth said.
  808. Selene laughed. “There is much more to us than that. Sure, love and romance are at the core of nearly everything we do and it's certainly what drives what I do, but we all have our own preferences. One sister of mine has a thing for ropes while another has a thing of engineering. I one other hand personally enjoy combat and creation, seeing people fight and struggle for what they desire, even if their desire is simply to be strong or to make sentimental things, I adore it.”
  810. “So you corrupted Nadia so she would have your way of thinking?” Kenneth growled.
  812. “Not fully, I don't turn every woman I see into warriors if that's what your thinking. I see women act like how Nadia was in that forest and I consider it a waste, there's so much she could be doing and instead throws it away by being a spiteful noble. No matter the reason, if I think I can improve their lives with what I can do, then I will do my work as my mother wishes.” Selene explained. “But enough about that, you didn't answer me.”
  814. Kenneth thought about yesterday. “The battle was one of the most intense fights that I've had been in or years, The ending duel with Naida even more so.” He said. Her instincts made her adapt to battle fast and it made him wonder what would have happened if neither of them was fatigued by fighting the bandits. A different ending? A longer fight? He didn't know, but the questions started to interest him the more he thought about it. “She's strong but unskilled for obvious reasons. Raw instinct is great but against me or anyone with skill and experience, it'll only get her so far. She just needs some training.”
  816. Selene grinned. “Sounds like I was right about you.”
  818. “Right about what?”
  820. Kenneth turned to see Nadia join them outside. The salamander was wearing leather plated armour, it looked nice and flexible and fit her like like it was meant to be. She looked like a warrior he would meet in a tavern over a nobleman's daughter. He started hat her for quite some time, she was already somewhat beautiful as a human, but now...
  822. “My! You look wonderful!” Selene said happily.
  824. “Huh, I would have thought her clothes were going to be a bit more open,” Kenneth said, and only realised he said that out loud when Selene had a teasing grin.
  826. “Oh? Were you interested in seeing more of her? I can provide that if you want.” She said as she giggled as Nadia looked away and blushed with a smile.
  828. “No, it's fine. She looks great as it is.” He said and Nadia's blush increased.
  830. “Is that so?” Selene said, “Well then, I'll just have to give her something else,” Selene said As she summoned another portal and reached in. Kenneth and Nadia watched as she pulled out a what looked like a short glaive, the blade was much larger then what he usually saw in polearms and looked and had red and gold inlays across the flats. “This is for you, a warrior needs a weapon after all,” she said giving the glaive to Nadia along with a strap to wear it on her back.
  832. “A weapon, for me?” She said. As he turned it in her hands and examined it.
  834. “I had this gathering dust in my armoury, so I thought it could see some use. It's made of demon silver, so don't worry about maiming anyone.” Selene said.
  836. “But I've never used a weapon,” Nadia said honestly.
  838. “Don't worry, he can teach you how to fight. I would do it myself but I can't stay here, the sun's up and I doubt the convoy would be happy with someone like me showing up right after a bandit attack.” She said as her she opened a third portal, this one big enough to walk through. She almost stepped in before she paused. “One last thing.” She said turning around Nadia.
  840. “Don't try and block the feelings you get, Nadia. And don't overthink them, just do what feels natural and everything will fit together like solving a puzzle.” Selene said with a caring tone.  Before she turned her back and waved while stepping through the portal, leaving the two alone.
  842. Kenneth sighed, it would probably be some time before being truly used to Selene's presence.
  844. “So... when can we start training?” Nadia asked eagerly.
  846. Kenneth thought for a moment. “I'll talk to Carl and see what needs to be packed, after that I could start you on something.
  848. “Really?” Kenneth almost laughed at how excited she was. “Can we fight too?”
  850. “Learn the basics of the weapon first, then we can spar,” Kenneth assured her. “We've got a week before we make it to Acton, I'm sure you'll learn something by then. Until then, why not try to get used to the glaive?”
  852. Nadia looked down to to the weapon in her hand before giving it a clumsy swing. Kenneth left her to it and walked over to were the convoy was stationed. Carl was already there feeding the horses, if he had seen Selene, he didn't mention it.
  854. “Morning...” Kenneth said, gaining his attention.
  856. “Morning” Carl said back while feeding a carrot to a horse. “Well be good to go in three hours. Is she up?”
  858. “Yeah, I also got a few things for her off the bandits so she isn't running around in rags.” Kenneth said though with her being the way she is, I'm not sure how to proceed.”
  860. “Just keep looking after her,” Carl said with a shrug. “Not much else to it.”
  862. “I guess.” He said as Carl started to chuckle. “What?”
  864. “I'm thinking someone put a mist curse on you,” Carl said.
  866. “Oh, `may you live in interesting times`. If they did, then I want to know who I pissed off.” Kenneth said laughing.
  868. “We got out of yesterday mostly intact, so some beautiful angel has to be watching over us.” Carl laughed as he walled off to deal with the other carriages
  870. Selene flashed in Kenneth's mind. “Beautiful she may be. But she ain't no angel.”
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