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Channel Information - Twitch Affiliate

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  1. Channel Information - Twitch Affiliate
  3. A couple of weeks ago when I began streaming again, I was invited to the Twitch Affiliate program. Originally, I was hesitant to even consider accepting. I have no long term plans to continue streaming and I don't like the idea of accepting money for whatever streaming is left before I get (or don't get) a conclusive time in Spyro 3 Any%.
  5. That said, I generally like the idea of the Affiliate program and the advent of custom global emoticons is one that draws me closer to wanting the option. I accepted the invitation yesterday.
  7. Anyway, I guess this pastebin is written to discourage you from giving me money more than anything else. Like I said before, I have no long term plans to continue streaming. I'm not sure how to completely disable the cheer function, but I've set the minimum cheer amount to 10,000 bits and removed all badges / pinned messages. I have not activated most of the subscriber options (e.g. "Subscriber-Only Chat", "Exclude Subscribers from Slow Mode", "Restrict Access to Archives", "Restrict Access to Video Quality"). At some point, I may submit an emote for subscriber use, but I haven't done that yet.
  9. Two things you will receive from a subscription are a chat badge (I think) and some sort of thank you message whenever I notice that you've subscribed. If that's enough, then by all means.
  11. Hesitantly,
  13. Jeremy Thompson (jeremythompson)
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