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  1. Step 1- Create and AOL email. Make sure its a girl's name, E.G. AshleyBrenton@aol.com
  2. Step 2- Use the email to create a fake facebook. Make your name match the name of the email. Find a good E-whoring pack and make one of the non nude pics your profile picture.
  3. Step 3- Go to a teen chat website. Any website works really, just google "teen chat". I prefer to use chat avenue. Login with the name you used to create the facebook and say, "Im 17 and female, any guys wanna add me on facebook?" Paste the link to your facebook profile into the chat box and try to get older guys to add you.
  4. Step 4- Once you've got a couple guys added, (preferably in their 20s-30s) flirt with them. Use hearts, abbreviations, smileyys, etc. You have to sell the act. Email them a couple pics from your pack and get them to email you a picture. This is one of the most important parts, because it is the main thing you will use against them.
  5. Step 5- After you get them to email a nude pic of them to you, Its time to hit em hard. Tell them that you're not really 17, and that what they're doing is illegal. Tell them you have their IP, email, etc. Convince them that you have extracted the emails of all of their friends and that if they don't do what you say, you will send the picture of them to EVERYONE on their friends list. Make sure to let them know that if they defriend or block you, that you will send the email.
  6. Step 6- Make them pay you, however you want. I personally make them send me a $100 amazon gift code to the fake email, but you can make them send you money via Paypal, just make sure to prevent a chargeback.
  7. Well that's it!! I hope you can benefit from this guide!! If you like it, feel free to vouch on my thread!
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