Magical Halloween Theater Part Two (Part 6-END)

Feb 2nd, 2018
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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Part Six
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. Felicia: ...Ah, I know someone. If you're looking for a devil woman, there's one at my place.
  7. Karin: .............
  8. Yachiyo: ..........
  9. Karin: (I didn't think it'd be Nanami Yachiyo...)
  10. Yachiyo: It's been a long time since we've last met, hasn't it? "Phantom Thief Karin".
  11. Karin: W, We don't need to bring up that story! That's all in the past already, so forget it happened!
  12. Yachiyo: Fufuu, but I'm glad that it looks like you're doing well and nothing happened to you since then.
  13. Karin: (Huh? This person... She seemed scarier back then. And I'm sure she didn't have friends either...)
  14. Yachiyo: Anyway, I heard about the Halloween play, but Felicia...
  15. Felicia: What...?
  16. Yachiyo: Who---are---you---calling a devil woman? Sounds like you claimed that there was one at our house.
  17. Felicia: It's 'cause you tell me to do my homework and you tried to make me go to school and you even set a time for when I can play games, y'know!? That can only be the kind of stuff a household demon would do, right!?
  18. Iroha: You're wrong, Felicia-chan. Yachiyo-san was doing it for your sake with you in mind, Felicia-chan.
  19. Felicia: If she is, then she should let me play my video games!!
  20. Tsuruno: This feels like the saying that a child doesn't--no, a younger sister--doesn't know how concerned her older sister is about her, doesn't it?
  21. Yachiyo: Anyway, putting aside the lecture for later. You've been bringing up Halloween since a long time ago, but what made you suddenly decide on doing a play?
  22. Karin: There's a reason for that...!
  25. Karin: That's right...that's why I...want to seem more Halloween-like! And I want the play my grandma asked for to succeed!
  26. Yachiyo: ...Is that so? Your grandma, huh... Understood.
  27. Karin: Are you sure!?
  28. Yachiyo: Yes, since I've also been raised in this house by my grandmother for a long time. I know how wanting to be a good granddaughter to your grandmother feels. That's why I'll help you. As a devil woman.
  29. Karin: T, Thank you!
  30. Iroha: If you don't mind, I can help by playing a minor role too.
  31. Tsuruno: Me too, me too! I'm aiming for the best supporting actress award!
  32. Karin: Thank you, everyone!
  33. Yachiyo: You're welcome. Felicia, prepare yourself. Since disciplining my cow servant is another very important job I have as a devil woman.
  34. Felicia: Hiiee...
  37. Karin: Grandma!
  38. Karin's Grandma: Nn? What is it?
  39. Karin: I'm looking forward to the Halloween play! The actors are starting to gather and I'm getting a good feeling about this!
  40. Karin's Grandma: Fufuu, I'm glad you look like you're having fun, Karin-chan.
  41. Karin: Things are starting to move, so it's finally becoming fun!
  44. Alina: H---m, so all in all things are going smoothly for you?
  45. Karin: That's right. The only one I haven't found yet is a Wolf-san, but I still feel relieved.
  46. Alina: What about the costume designs?
  47. Karin: Eh?
  48. Alina: So you've only been thinking about the actors?
  49. Karin: What'll I do...?
  50. Alina: Alina can give it a try if you want.
  51. Karin: Really!? That's a surprise! I can't believe it!
  52. Alina: Since this is completely outside of Alina's area of expertise, it'll be low quality, but is that okay with you?
  53. Karin: It's fine! That'll really help!
  54. Alina: Then Alina will just think of something. Since Alina is a bit interested in this.
  56. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  57. Part Seven
  58. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  60. Karin: The story. On Halloween night, a devil woman and her servants, a cow and a wolf, appeared in a certain village. Using their "magical foci", they stole life energy and caused the villagers to suffer. There, a lone knight appeared in order to save them.
  61. However, not only did the knight struggle in vain, but also the knight also found herself in peril due to the power of the demons. That's when the magical girl born from Halloween, "Magical Karin" came out from the moonless night and showed herself. The people were saved thanks to her powers!
  62. The ones making this play are!
  63. The stage crew: Togame Momoko, Minami Rena, Akino Kaede
  64. Knight: Minagi Sasara
  65. Devil Woman: Nanami Yachiyo
  66. Devil's Servant (Cow): Mitsuki Felicia
  67. Protagonist: Misono Karin
  69. I still don't have a Wolf-san, but for now, at least with this we can get started! The name of the event will be Magical Halloween Theater. And with that, it's decided!
  71. Yachiyo: The name of the event is fine, but how do you plan on proceeding from here?
  72. Karin: ................Practice?
  73. Sasara: No, we still have a lot of other things to do.
  74. Karin: I have to find a Wolf-san!
  75. Sasara: Also the costumes, sound and lighting. You'll need stagehands too.
  76. Yachiyo: You also need to make a proper schedule leading up to the main event.
  77. Karin: Eh, a,
  78. Yachiyo: I guess it can't be helped... I'll plan out a schedule.
  81. Yachiyo: Something like this, I guess.
  82. Karin: Ohhh-- amazing...If I look at this schedule, I'll know what I should be doing.
  83. Yachiyo: It's not that big of a deal. I think it's pretty easy to put together if you start from when the main event should be and go backwards, figuring it out as you go. So, from now on
  84. Karin: I'll leave it to you!
  85. Yachiyo: Eh...
  86. Karin: I don't really get this stuff so I'm going to ask you to do it, please! Also, I'm going to go look for a Wolf-san so I'd like you to do a good job of dividing up the work.
  87. Sasara: ...I guess it's okay if you're okay with this, Karin-chan, but...
  88. Yachiyo: I guess we'll just give it a try.
  89. Sasara: Yes.
  93. Rena: Argghhh--! The cardboard is too hard.
  94. Momoko: Rena! Your cutter is upside-down!
  95. Rena: Haaa?
  96. Momoko: On top of that, I told you, it's harder to cut if you raise the blade up too high...
  97. Kaede: ~~~♪~♪
  98. Momoko: Kaede, you're simply talented with your fingers.
  99. Rena: Isn't she used to this because she works in her kitchen garden and does gardening and all that other stuff? Don't get dirt mixed up with the art supplies, okay?
  100. Kaede: Hey, I won't!
  103. Karin: (Wolf-san...Wolf-san...)
  106. Iroha: U, uuuu, my life energy is...getting stolen...
  107. Felicia: Usshishi, the powers of my older sis will drain all of your life energy.
  108. Yachiyo: Now, prepare yourself. Whaaaaat will you doooo, sir knight---?
  109. Sasara: Buffufu!! Yachiyo-san, this isn't fair. Don't fool around like that.
  110. Yachiyo: I, I'm not fooling around. I'm extremely serious.
  111. Felicia: You're really reading your lines in a monotone.
  112. Yachiyo: Eh, no way, you're lying, aren't you? Aheemmm... Noowww prepare yourself. Whaaat will you do, sir knight--?
  113. Sasara: Buffufu!! Ku, fufu, my stomach...hurts...
  114. Yachiyo: .........
  115. Tsuruno: H--m, do you want to try changing the direction a bit?
  117. Karin: (Wolf-san... Wolf-san...)
  119. Yachiyo: There's still plenty of time left until the main event, but we can't relax yet. For now, let's leave acting for later. Right now, let's all repetitively read the script in order to drive the lines into our heads.
  120. Tsuruno: Iroha-chan and I will go look for other people, okay?
  121. Yachiyo: True, we don't have enough stagehands.
  122. Sasara: Speaking of which, Asuka said she'd help if it's backstage work.
  123. Tsuruno: Ohh, that's great!
  124. Yachiyo: ..........
  126. Karin: (Wolf-san... Wolf-san...)
  128. Yachiyo: ........Haa...
  133. Alina: Haa? What does that mean? What are you even doing?
  134. Karin: I'm looking for a Wolf-san.
  135. Alina: What about directing the performances...?
  136. Karin: Someone's leading everyone...?
  137. Alina: What about managing the schedule?
  138. Karin: Nanami-san is.
  139. Alina: Once again. What are you even doing?
  140. Karin: ...? I'm looking for a Wolf-san.
  141. Alina: Hmmmph. ...The cow and wolf designs.
  142. Karin: Oh, thank you very much!
  145. Rip, rip, rip
  148. Karin: Eh, eh, why...?
  149. Alina: ........
  150. Karin: Why...!?
  151. Alina: Alina won't do anything for a foolish girl who doesn't even know whose work this play is and who is doing what for whose sake.
  152. Because of you, the air in the classroom has gone bad... Alina's going home.
  154. Karin: (Why...? I don't understand...)
  156. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  157. Part Eight
  158. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  159. Kaede: H--m... Is this really a good backdrop...?
  160. Momoko: Anyway, it does seem Halloween-like but...
  161. Rena: We don't know if our interpretation is right or not so we can't do any better than this.
  164. Sasara: Yeah, I feel like I've started memorizing the lines.
  165. Yachiyo: Personally, the more I talk, the more I'm starting to fear the stage...
  166. Iroha: What should we do about the finer details of our acting...?
  167. Tsuruno: Also, we need to make progress on the lighting and sound effects too--
  168. Iroha: Yeah...
  171. Karin: (Why did Alina-senpai get mad...?)
  174. Alina: Alina won't do anything for a foolish girl who doesn't even know whose work this play is and who is doing what for whose sake.
  177. Karin: (I wanted to do an event as a magical girl born from Halloween... Since my grandma asked me, I wanted to make this a good play... That's why I wrote the script and gathered everyone... I...haven't done anything wrong...)
  180. Sasara: We can't proceed any further by ourselves.
  181. Tsuruno: Yeah, you're right. I guess I'll go ask Karin-chan. Karin-chaaan.
  183. Karin: .............I'm gonna go look for Wolf-san!
  185. Tsuruno: Doueeeeeehhhh!?
  186. Yachiyo: Hm... Let's try putting on act.
  187. Sasara: Even though you're terrible at acting?
  188. Yachiyo: Shut up...
  191. Karin: (There's a lot of stuff that still needs to be done, like the schedule and practice... But, someone more talented than me will just get it done for me...)
  193. Kyouko: Damn, looks like it got away...
  194. Karin: ----!?
  195. Kyouko: Aah? That ring... I get it... You're a magical girl too. The witch that was here just got away. If you're looking for prey, then go look somewhere else.
  196. Karin: Eh, ah, I was thinking about stuff so I didn't notice at all...
  197. Kyouko: Oh, so it was just my misunderstanding, huh. If you space out too much like that, then you might end up becoming the one who gets eaten someday.
  198. Karin: Y, Yeah...
  199. Kyouko: Later, I'm going to go look for another witch.
  200. Karin: Is it okay to just leave it alone...? That'd put other people in danger...
  201. Kyouko: Haah?'re going to say stuff like that too...? Even though you hunt witches in order to get grief seeds for yourself, you're confusing it with other problems, like other people might be put in danger. It's so patronizing it makes me want to puke.
  202. Karin: Eh? What does that mean...?
  203. Kyouko: What I'm trying to say is, don't push that stuff onto other people.
  204. Karin: ---!!
  205. Kyouko: It's your own fault that you became a magical girl, right? In that case, you shouldn't expect other people to bear those responsibilities. In other words, you need to wipe your own ass.
  206. Karin: .........
  207. Kyouko: Before you talk about other people, you should use magic for your own...
  208. Karin: Please say that one more time!
  209. Kyouko: Wha, wh, what...!?
  210. Karin: I want you to say what you just said one more time!
  211. Kyouko: U---h...what did I say again...?
  214. Kyouko: Don't push that stuff onto other people. It's your own fault that you became a magical girl, right? In that case, you shouldn't expect other people to bear those responsibilities. In other words, you need to wipe your own ass.
  217. Karin: That's what she meant...
  220. Alina: What does that mean? What are you even doing?
  222. Alina: Once again. What are you even doing? Alina won't do anything for a foolish girl who doesn't even know whose work this play is and who is doing what for whose sake.
  225. Karin: I understand now... (I shouldn't ask everyone else to do things and just leave it up to them... I need to take responsibility and do it myself!)
  228. Kyouko: I see, so you get it now. I'm happy that you understood. You see, most of the time, when I say this kind of stuff, a bunch of people just reject it.
  229. Karin: Yes, I get it! This is Misono Karin's play. That's why I've got to stand up front, take responsibility, and lead.
  231. Kyouko: Aah? A play? What are you talking about?
  233. Karin: I, IT'S WOLF-SAN!
  234. Kyouko: Wh, What the!?
  235. Karin: Please come with me!
  236. Kyouko: Hey! Don't pull me, stupid!
  238. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  239. Part Nine
  240. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  241. Karin: I was an idiot. Even though I started doing this for my own sake, I kept thinking things like I should just leave it to other people and that I can't do anything. I was being irresponsible...
  243. Karin: Everyone, I'm sorry!
  246. Iroha: No, you're wrong, Tsuruno-chan! This is supposed to be a cool scene, so we should use a spotlight for the lighting.
  247. Tsuruno: No, no. This is where Karin-chan's supposed to come out, so we need to use a lot of colorful film and make it gorgeous!
  248. Iroha: Ohh Tsuruno-chan, you don't get it at all!
  249. Yachiyo: KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWOOOO!
  252. Kaede: The backdrop needs to be more dense and thriving!
  253. Rena: Rena told you, she wants to make the moon look cuter!
  254. Momoko: I told you, that doesn't have anything to do with this. I mean, this is Halloween. We should make the atmosphere a bit scarier.
  255. Kaede: MOMOKO-CHAN, SHUT UP!
  256. Rena: MOMOKO, SHUT UP!
  257. Momoko: Hey, you're both...!
  260. Karin: (Well, yeah... Everyone is definitely practicing... They're keeping an eye on the schedule more than me... But, right now the story is just in my head... I threw it out there, so it's obvious things would turn out this way.) .........
  263. Karin: Whose work this play is and who is doing what for whose sake... This play is my work and I started this for my own sake... That's why I'm going to take responsibility...and turn it into everyone's work!
  266. Karin: EVERYONE, I'M SORRY!
  268. Yachiyo: Karin...
  269. Iroha: Karin-chan...
  270. Kaede: You came back...
  272. Karin: I just gathered you all together and wrote the story and thought that was enough... But, I realized that this is a play that I started, so it's wrong of me to do that...I'm really sorry for just leaving it all up to you...
  273. Yachiyo: I guess putting on an act was worth it.
  274. Tsuruno: This helped a bit in making you realize that, right?
  276. Karin: I'm sorry for messing things up this badly. But, I want you to give me a chance. Since this time, I'll do my best to lead you all!
  279. Sasara: Well, I think you don't need to get that worked up. You don't need to try to do it all yourself from start to finish, since we'll be supporting you all the way.
  280. Yachiyo: Right, you can just leave the schedule to me.
  281. Iroha: All that's left is for Karin-chan to take responsibility, right?
  282. Karin: Yeah. Thank you.
  283. Momoko: With this, it finally feels like we've really started.
  284. Rena: A brat started off getting too carried away, and that's why this happened. Since you don't even have an ounce of a sense of responsibility in you.
  285. Kaede: Oh come on, Rena-chan! Karin-chan's doing her best.
  286. Rena: Rena knows. That's why it's good to see that she's finally started moving forward, don't you think?
  287. Kaede: ...Fufuu, you're not honest at all, are you~~? Rena-chan.
  288. Rena: Shut up...
  289. Karin: Anyway, without further ado... Magical Halloween Theater has finally started moving forward!
  290. Kyouko: Hey, wait a sec! Why did you drag me all the way over here? You just apologized and got all emotional and united on your own. There's a limit to how much you can leave someone out of the loop!
  291. Yachiyo: Oh, Sakura-san.
  292. Iroha: Ah, she's that!
  293. Felicia: Red Onee-chan from the other day!
  294. Kyouko: You guys again...? Don't tell me, is there a rumor or something where if you come to this city, you end up involved in something troublesome...?
  295. Yachiyo: ...There isn't, no.
  296. Kyouko: 'Thought so...
  297. Karin: Anyway, let's welcome our actor for the Wolf role!
  298. Kyouko: No one agreed to accepting it, you idiot!
  299. Felicia: Red Onee-chan! You can look forward to food and candy at the Halloween party!
  300. Kyouko: What...did you say...? ...I didn't have any intention of getting involved, but...a food and candy double punch...I can't avoid that... Got it, I'll help out too.
  301. Karin: Yay! Thank you very much!
  304. Karin: Now that we finally have someone for the long sought-after Wolf-san role, we've finally taken our first steps!
  306. ~~~~~~~~~~~
  308. Part Ten
  310. ~~~~~~~~~~~
  311. Karin: There isn't a lot of time left until the main event. We all have to work together and do our best.
  313. Karin: Alina-senpai...
  314. Alina: Nn?
  315. Karin: Thank you so much. I kind of get what you were trying to say, Senpai.
  316. Alina: Hmmm, is that so?
  317. Karin: That's why I decided I won't be coming to this club for a while, starting today.
  318. Alina: You're part of the manga club, Alina's part of the art club. They have nothing to do with each other, right?
  319. Karin: Ah, yes...but...
  320. Alina: Here, take this.
  321. Karin: Eh...isn't this...?
  322. Alina: Are you saying you don't need designs for the costumes?
  323. Karin: I, I do! I'll accept this! Thank you so much!
  324. Alina: Then, seeing as Alina doesn't have anything to do with this anymore, bye-bye.
  325. Karin: Yes!
  328. Kanoko: So you want me to make the costumes?
  329. Karin: Yes, I heard that out of all the magical girls, you're particularly skilled with your hands.
  330. Kanoko: Well yeah. You can leave the costumes to me. I'll design something that will surprise everyone with my sense of...
  331. Karin: Ah, you don't have to worry about that. I just need you to make them as they are here!
  332. Kanoko: Eh!? Oh----is that so...? But, I'd feel bad if you live to regret it, so I'll just rearrange most of it in a wonderful...
  333. Karin: I prefer them as they are!
  334. Kanoko: O, Oh really...? I understand...
  335. Karin: Thank you! And I'd like them done by this date.
  336. Kanoko: I, Isn't this a pretty severe schedule!?
  339. Hinano: You want me to make smoke?
  340. Karin: That's right! I want it to look good!
  341. Hinano: Usually you use machines to make that kind of stuff, so...
  342. Karin: You can just put out a bunch of cooking stoves and heat up charcoal!
  343. Hinano: ...... (...You can't take your eyes off of idiots, because they'll actually do something stupid... Well, if the audience is just going to be kids, then they should be used to it at the workshop...)
  344. Hm, guess I have no choice. I'll lend you a bit of my knowledge!
  345. Karin: Thank you!
  348. Asuka: This is the order of the lights and a diagram of the switchboard, right? Understood.
  349. I'm ashamed to say this as one who turned down a role, but I will gladly work behind the scenes.
  350. Karin: Thank you!
  353. Kyouko: Haahaahaa! You, knight! We won't let you interfere any further. I believe the phrase "your time has come" is most appropriate to say here.
  354. Sasara: Kuh, I've come this far... Karin...I came this far by myself, in order to avoid causing you trouble, and yet...
  355. Yachiyo: Nowwww, my magical foci. Show me thy powerrrr
  356. Iroha: U, uu, my life being sucked away...
  357. Felicia: Usshisshi, the powers of my older sis will drain all of your life energy.
  358. Yachiyo: Nowwww prepare yourself. Whaaaaat will you doooo, sir knight---?
  359. Felicia: Usshishi, we'll... your... your... Huh? How do you read this kanji again?
  360. Karin: Ohh, just a bit more and it would've been my turn to appear... Make sure to add furigana [1] to your kanji!
  361. Felicia: I did, but I can't read it!
  362. Karin: That's because of your handwriting!
  365. Sasara: Still, other than the scenes, wouldn't you say that this is pretty much perfect?
  366. Karin: Yachiyo-san, I wish you could stop reading the lines just a bit more...
  367. Yachiyo: It's okay... I'm sure, I'm absolutely sure that I'm the kind of person who shines when it's time for the real thing.
  368. Momoko: Now, we're all done with the scenery over here.
  369. Rena: Haaa~, it really has been a long time since Rena's done hard labor like this. Makes you feel tired in ways different from the kind you get after hunting witches...
  370. Kaede: But it becomes a bit fun when you think about how it'll be used in the play.
  371. Karin: Thanks everybody!
  374. Karin: As you can see, this is how people came together, built many different things, went through several practices... And finally... the main event is tomorrow!
  377. Karin: (I bought a lot of candy to give to the kids too. All that's left is the main event!)
  380. Karin: I'm home--
  381. Karin's Grandma: My, my, that's a lot of stuff you have there.
  382. Karin: Yeah, I'm handing these out to the kids at the end tomorrow.
  383. Karin's Grandma: You're going to do that too? Grandma's beginning to look forward to tomorrow.
  384. Karin: I'm looking forward to it! It'll be a play that no one will forget, I'm sure of it! ...Even to me.
  387. ~~~~~~~~~~~
  388. Part Eleven
  389. ~~~~~~~~~~~
  392. Momoko: Alright, I guess with this, the arrangements are ready to go. It's a bit disappointing that I can't see the actual thing, but we should get going soon.
  393. Sasara: Yeah, leave the rest to us. After all, this is something we made together, so we'll make the most of it.
  394. Asuka: They say that with the strength of the lighting, you can intensify the feel of the set's background. Anyway, I hope you have fun at the live concert.
  395. Rena: Momoko, hurry up, let's go!!
  396. Momoko: Roger, anyway see you later! Ah, that's right, Yachiyo-san.
  397. Yachiyo: What is it?
  398. Momoko: Make sure to record your line-by-line reading, okay?
  399. Yachiyo: Sheesh, and here I was wondering what you were finally going to say to me... I'll be fine during the actual event, so hurry and go.
  400. Momoko: Yeah, anyway, 'later.
  401. Kaede: I wonder if Karin-chan's still not here yet...
  402. Iroha: H--m, she went back to her house to get the candy so it might take a little longer...
  403. Kaede: I see...
  404. Iroha: Kaede-chan?
  405. Kaede: Um, Iroha-chan.
  406. Iroha: What's wrong?
  407. Kaede: After the play today, could you hand this to Karin-chan for me? Here it is, but...
  408. Iroha: A basket...?
  409. Kaede: Yeah, I have to get going too, so...
  410. Iroha: Got it, I'll make to hand it to her.
  411. Kaede: Yeah, thanks. Anyway, good luck.
  412. Iroha: Yeahh!
  415. Karin: Haa...haa...haaa... (What a bad way to start things off. To think I'd forget the candy at home on the day of...)
  416. ...But I still have time. Fufu. (I'm looking forward to the finished play.)
  417. This reaction...a witch...!?
  420. Karin: In a place like this... The play...but the witch... (It moved...)
  423. Sasara: A bit longer and the Halloween play will start. Magical Halloween Theater. I hope you all look forward to it--!
  426. Girl: She said Halloween Theater. What kind of play do you think it'll be?
  427. Boy: I don't care about plays or anything. I want to play more--!
  430. Tsuruno: There's so many little kids!
  431. Iroha: I'm starting to get nervous...
  432. Kanoko: Sorry to keep you waiting!
  433. Felicia: Ohh, Kanoko!
  434. Kanoko: These costumes barely made it in time... Here, try putting them on!
  435. Felicia: Ohh-- it's a perfect fit!
  436. Kyouko: I'm a wolf to a T.
  437. Kanoko: The designs are as ordered. Unfortunately, this time they're not my designs but...
  438. Yachiyo: But you did a good job.
  439. Kanoko: After all, the skillfulness of my fingers and quick work are nearly at a genetic level.
  443. Karin: (It's headed toward the school...) If it goes over there, then everyone will be there... but there's a lot of kids gathered there too................. (I've got to take care of this on my own...!)
  445. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  446. Part Twelve
  447. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  448. Karin: Yaaaah!!
  449. Familiar: Shuu&@!!
  450. Familiar B: Shuposhuuu!
  451. Karin: Whew... Get out of the waaay!
  452. Familiar B: Shuupoohh!?
  453. Karin: I can't afford to be defeated in a place like this...I can't even afford to be stopped...! I'm going to make Karin's...everyone' succeed! (I need to hurry... I need to hurry...)
  456. Boy: Trick or Treat!
  457. Girl: Kyaaah!
  458. Boy: Did you know? Kids don't have to give away candy!
  461. Sasara: This isn't good... There's no time left before the event is supposed to start...
  462. Iroha: What should we do...? Should we have them wait a bit more...?
  463. Yachiyo: ...Have you tried calling?
  464. Iroha: No good, she's not answering...
  465. Kyouko: Hey...Give me a break... Don't tell me I got dragged out here against my will for nothing...You don't think she might've gotten spooked before the event and ran away, do you?
  466. Yachiyo: That's impossible...
  467. Kyouko: What makes you say that?
  468. Yachiyo: At first, to her this play was something she did for her own sake. But now, I'm sure that's not all...
  471. Karin: (I decided to do the play because I wanted to feel special, as the magical girl born from Halloween. But right now, that's not all... This play made me grow as a person...! It's a play I made with everyone who helped me grow...! That's why, it can't fail...) I won't let it fail!
  472. Witch: Zarizarizarizari...zarizari...
  475. Kyouko: Since you believe in her that much, are you planning on waiting for her? I don't mind either way.
  476. Yachiyo: Right...Here we ought to...
  477. Hinano: No, you better get started.
  478. Yachiyo: Miyako-san...
  479. Hinano: This is just a rule of thumb, but the moment kids get to their seats, their attention span timer turns on. If a single timer runs out, that kid starts to move, and then one after another, the other kids are unable to stay still. Though it's a completely different story if you have something else to keep them entertained but if you don't, that's why we should start.
  480. Yachiyo: That makes have a point...
  481. Sasara: Karin's appearances are mostly near the end. We can still wait a little.
  482. Yachiyo: Then... ...........Let's begin.
  485. Hey kids!
  486. Sorry to keep you waiting!
  488. Now!
  489. We're raising the curtains to bring you: Magical Halloween Theater!!
  491. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  492. Part Thirteen
  493. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  495. Halloween Night...
  497. On this day where demons and ghosts visit from the other world, one demon appeared in a certain village...
  499. Yachiyo: Kukuku, foolish villagers. They're getting all excited over a festival. They don't even know that their lives will be stolen by me.
  500. Kyouko: Older sis, grab hold of this magical foci.
  501. Felicia: Usshishishi, with this, we'll be able to obtain a lot of life energy again.
  502. Yachiyo: Yes, on this Halloween night... I shall use the lives of the villagers and revive the legendary beast. Then I will grab hold of this world with these two hands! Oh? On closer inspection, I see that there are a lot of children here too, aren't there? Starting now, you too will become my prey! Kuuuuukukuku!
  503. Kyouko: Fuuhahahah!
  504. Felicia: Nyaahahaha!
  507. Girl: Kyaaaah!
  508. Boy: That's obviously a lie, duh!
  511. Karin: (The play has started already... But, my appearance is a bit after this... I need to hurry... But...)
  512. Witch: Jyagi&*jyagigigi*-!
  513. Karin: Uaaaaaaauuh! At this rate, I'll be late...! Magical Scythe... Jack Death Scythe!!
  514. WitcH: ...... ----!!!
  515. Karin: J, Just like I feared, this isn't enough to be a fatal blow! (If only I had candy... Even I could deal with a witch like this...) I have...candy... (But, this is supposed to be given to the kids...)
  518. Sasara: I won't let you have the kids!
  519. Kyouko: Never would have thought that it would be the Knight, instead of Magical Karin. Are you trying to say that you're going to defeat us in order to protect the girl you love!? Ahhhh, that brings tears to my eyes!
  520. Felicia: Usshishishi, but sorry. You don't stand a chance against our older sis!
  521. Sasara: I wonder? Before I fall, this sword might just pierce that body of yours. (Wha, this is... a witch...?)
  523. Witch: Zarizari... *#&$!#@....*...
  524. Karin: At this rate, time just keeps passing by... Is using the candy...the only choice I have...?
  527. Sasara: Do you feel this reaction?
  528. Yachiyo: Yes, there's a witch nearby...
  529. Iroha: But we can't move from the stage...
  530. Asuka: Don't worry about that.
  531. Sasara: Asuka...
  532. Tsuruno: I get it, since we're backstage, we can all move!
  533. Asuka: Yes... In this situation, I have no choice but to leave the lighting.
  534. Hinano: I'm here too, leave the witch to me.
  535. Kanoko: Of course, I'll help too.
  536. Yachiyo: You're right, there should be no problems since there's 3 of you. (The problem is...)
  537. Kyouko: (That the brat isn't coming...)
  538. Felicia: (Hurry and show up already! Your turn's coming up!)
  539. Yachiyo: Nowww, my magical foci. Show me thy power!
  542. Karin: Magical Scythe... Jack Death Scythe!!
  543. Witch: Jagiii
  544. Karin: I can't hold it back anymore! I'm sorry kids! .......... Now, fly out from within this bag, magical candies! TRICK AND TREAAAAAAT!!
  547. Felicia: Usshisshi, the powers of my older sis will drain all of your life energy.
  550. Karin: If you give me candy, I'll do a trick! A trick where I defeat this witch!!
  553. Yachiyo: Now, prepare yourself, sir knight!
  556. Karin: Eat this, this is the power of candies packed with magical energy! CANDY DEATH SQUALL!!
  557. Witch: jyaggigi
  560. Karin: Eh...What the...
  561. Felicia: Uwaaaah, what the hell are you doing!?
  562. Kyouko: Wh, Where did you come from!?
  563. Yachiyo: The witch's reaction disappeared... I get it, so that's what happened...
  566. Boy: Woooooah! Where'd she come from just now!?
  567. Girl: It's like real magic!
  570. Yachiyo: Karin, the play will continue. We were just at the scene where you make your appearance.
  571. Karin: Ah, I, I know!!
  574. Karin: Knight-sama! Are you okay!?
  575. Sasara: Y, You are!
  576. Karin: Fufu. I am the magical girl born from Halloween. Magical Kariiiiiin!!
  578. Clap clap clap clap clap
  580. Karin: Wow...
  581. Sasara: You did it, it was a hit.
  582. Yachiyo: Looks like it was worth making this with everyone.
  583. Karin: Yes!
  584. Iroha: Ah, then, Karin-chan, let's take the candy and go around the audience.
  585. Tsuruno: That's right, it's time for what they've all been waiting for. Time to give out the candy!
  586. Karin: Oh...
  587. Tsuruno: Hoh? Karin-chan?
  588. Kairn: Umm, the candy I was supposed to give out...I don't have them anymore... I used them all up when I defeated the witch...
  589. Sasara: That's right, the move Karin uses puts magical energy into things so...
  590. Yachiyo: It can't be helped. There were no casualties among the children. Isn't that enough?
  591. Sasara: Yeah, you're right.
  592. Karin: I'm sorry...
  593. Kyouko: No, you're lying.
  594. Felicia: Yeah, it's a lie.
  595. Karin: Ehh!? I really don't have candy anymore!
  596. Kyouko: Nah, my sense of smell tells me that there's candy at this stage.
  597. Felicia: My nose can smell it too!
  598. Iroha: The stage... Could it be backstage...? W, Wait a second!
  599. Tsuruno: What's wrong, Iroha-chan!?
  601. Iroha: Karin-chan, here... You see, Kaede-chan left this with me but...!
  602. Kyouko: This is it. I smell something sweet from inside.
  603. Felicia: This is the smell of cookies!
  604. Karin: Oh, you're right...! And a note too...
  607. Kaede's Note: I'm really sorry.
  610. Karin: She didn't have to worry about it that much... ........ I'll have one cookie... and I'll give the rest to the kids.
  611. Iroha: Are you sure?
  612. Karin: Yeah, with this Kaede-chan was both a stagehand and a prop master.
  613. Tsuruno: We also have Felicia's prop candies. If we include those, then it looks like there's just enough for the number of kids here!
  614. Felicia: Eh, I was gonna take that home with me.
  615. Yachiyo: No.
  616. Felicia: Boooo...
  617. Hinano: If there's different kinds of candies, they might fight over them but, well, it's an emergency so it should be fine, right?
  618. Sasara: Now, let's go hand them out, shall we?
  619. Karin: Yes!
  622. Karin: The Halloween play started with Kaede-chan's comment. She didn't need to apologize. I made a lot of friends. I learned a lot. I made a lot of memories. I had a reaaaally good time.
  623. Thank you, everyone, for going along with someone like me.
  626. Karin's Grandma: Karin-chan, thank you for Halloween. It was a big success.
  627. Karin: It's okay, I had a lot of fun too.
  628. Grandma: Is that so? That's good... (I'm really glad Karin-chan made friends...)
  629. Karin: what is it?
  630. Grandma: Nothing. That's right, Karin-chan. A new issue of "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin" came out.
  631. Karin: Really!? Grandma! Let's read it together!
  634. THE END
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