kunori - Episode 6 Commentary (SAO II)

Sep 23rd, 2014
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  3. Death Gun entered the BoB prelims too, but he won through with long range attacks (+ a certain special ability),
  4. so his opponents or even the gallery barely caught sight of him. That fighting style contrasts much with Kirito's.
  6. It feels so long since I last saw Kirito, Asuna, Klein, and the rest in Aincrad…
  7. This《Laughing Coffin Subjugation Battle》was only touched on as a flashback in the books, so I'm truly glad it was adapted so closely!
  9. This subjugation battle happened approximately 3 months before they ate stew in Asuna's room.
  11. Schmitt from the guild, DDA, commanded the subjugation party and played a big (?) role in the《Inner Area Incident》part in season one.
  12. He might have been scared stiff by ghosts, but he must have tried his best after that back then!
  14. Moving platforms maps are scary…! I guess falling means an instant death… I fell countlessly at the Bastea Gate map in Hollow Fragment ^O^
  16. I recall D&D Online was fun and hard with its action game parts, rare among MMORPGs. I like MMOs where you can jump, but there aren't many…
  18. The effect of mortality faded in the death game, SAO, because no one was truly sure if "one would actually die", I suppose.
  19. Players who lost their friends or lovers might think that they didn't really die and that they can return to the real world by dying too.
  21. There weren't many among the PKers with Laughing Coffin who completely understood PK as murder.
  22. The leader incited the members with the logic of "go ahead and do anything that's not banned by the system" too.
  24. That said, that leader himself was convinced that the death game rule was true from the start, though…
  26. If the dead players were to remain as tragic corpses instead of vanishing cleanly, it might have emphasized on《death》more.
  27. I wonder if Kayaba rejected that option out of consideration for the players or as a trap for them…
  29. The surviving Laughing Coffin members were sent to the prison area under the Army on the first floor's《Black Iron Castle》after the fight,
  30. and they stayed there until the game was cleared. But the leader was missing in action until the very end.
  32. And the tournament had ended in all that bustle with Sinon heading for the fifth battle.
  33. She would gain the right to advance from the prelims and join the actual BoB tournament if she wins.
  35. Carbines were apparently made small and lightweight to be fired while on horseback in the past,
  36. but they're now short assault rifles, called《Carbine Rifles》or《Assault Carbines》.
  38. It's a HMMWV, also known as a Humvee! Cool! But I doubt it's legal to drive in Japan with its total width of 2160mm!
  39. The civilian model of the Humvee, the Hummer H3, measures 1980mm in total, but that's still too huge…
  41. But there's no worry of scratching anything in GGO. Vehicles drop in competition fields at times, and the first one to find it gets it.
  42. The Humvee's a 3 speeds auto, so there's not even a need to change its transmission!
  44. The "it'll be more accurate than the first shot" Sinon said means that she saw the first shot's trajectory,
  45. so she can predict where the prediction circle will focus on when she pulls the trigger.
  46. Thus, Sinon's actually doing something similar to Kirito's《predicting the prediction line》.
  48. On this《Intercontinental Highway》stage, you can't get off the road, so you have to use the shelters. …But Kirito's just trudging along.
  50. Sinon's not trying to hit him, but with the prediction circle this chaotic, she might hit nonetheless.
  51. I do think one would need a certain level of technique to miss 6 consecutive shots though…
  53. We got Sigsawa's opinion on how Kirito should extract the bullet from the Five-seveN too! Thanks for your attention to details every time…!
  55. Sinon firing a anti-materiel rifle while standing! I shot a Barrett M82 while gathering data in Guam (of course, with the stand),
  56. but the recoil was unusually light. But that shock wave thing from its muzzle was terrific… It had more impact when someone else fired it.
  58. And Kirito cutting the bullet from that anti-material rifle! Not that I have anything else to say about that… ^o^
  60. I wonder how the gallery reacted to the state of the finals in F block…
  61. Lol, anyway, the levels of Spiegel's caution and Death Gun's interest must have rose up by a notch.
  63. Hecate's bullet was cut apart without vaporizing was simply because it was large… let's just go with that.
  64. Thank you for following me along for this sudden commentary for episode 6!
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