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GoT WiC 16th May 2019 update notes

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May 16th, 2019
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  1. contents of this update (16th May Public Server) :
  3. 1. New Features
  4. - Added a new game feature: Binding Friends. Inviting friends to play the game successfully is able to unlock referral rewards.
  5. - Added Commander comments. Royal lords could write down the thoughts or suggestions for all commanders, and these comments are cross-server.
  6. - Added a new Event: TV Series Event
  8. 2. Improvements
  9. - Added five new commanders: Andrea, Leila Mormont, Sinara, Laena Waters, and Jeane.
  10. - Improved Vary’s Guard Skill “Widow's Blood” that changed the hit targets from 3 random enemies to a round area.
  11. - Improved Feis’s Guard Skill “Father's Judgment” that changed the hit targets from 3 random enemies to a round area.
  12. - Improved Petyr Baelish’s Guard Skill “Nightfall Assassin” that changed the hit targets from a sole enemy to a cone area.
  13. - Improved Merrel Peake’s Guard Skill “Undaunted” that changed the hit targets from a solo enemy to a straight line.
  14. - Improved Merrel Peake’s Guard Skill “Unexpected Strength” that changed the trigger condition from attacking the target with Might above 70% to attacking any targets.
  15. - Improved Russell’s Guard Skill “Heavily Armored” that changed the trigger condition from damage taken from skills to damage taken and increased the level of healing effect.
  16. - Improve Quality of Commander would get more growth of Attributes.
  17. - Improved the art designs of some commanders.
  18. - Improved the skills animations of some commanders.
  19. - Added Auto-Select feature for Dispatched commanders in Wall Defence.
  20. - Training troop screen would show all numbers of the troop not just the number of the troop in Barracks.
  21. - Added Spirit of Weirwood tree bar in Weirwood Formation screen.
  22. - Added the screen which showed the lord equipment that the resources could be forged in both screens of Rebel Group and Rebel Leader.
  23. - Combined Alliance member button and Mark button to one button in the Kingdom map
  24. - Added showing Gathering Speed and Estimated Gathering Time in Gathering Resources screen
  25. - Added the notification to World map icon when Motivation is max
  26. - The effect of Truce bubble would be more obvious
  27. - Quick claim all alliance gifts would show the final results not show the rewards one by one
  28. - Added showing friends numbers for all categories in Social screen
  29. - Added showing words accounting in Edit Letter screen
  30. - Improved the mechanism of Rally attack. If the target lord teleported the castle outside the attacking area, rallied troops would continue to attack when the rally time was over instead of disbanding rally troops automatically
  31. - Improved an issue of Great City Special Area. From now on, if a rally leader initiated a rally and had a marching troop outside, his castle could be attacked and teleported randomly even though the castle was in Great City Special Area.
  32. - Improved some other game experience and GUI
  34. 3. Bug Fixes
  35. - Fixed the issue that the healing effect was too high in Training Ground
  36. - Fixed the issue that the numbers of Dead and Survivors were different with Battle Details in battle reports when attacking Rebel Camp
  37. - Fixed the issue that royal lords could not review all battle information when scrolling down to read some reports
  38. - Fixed the issue the lord still could get the buff of Hall of Faces even though the prisoner used Tears of Lys and died
  39. - Fixed some other minor bugs
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