Jade turns John into a girl

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  1.         It started out subtly at first, Jade sometimes staring longingly at John while the two ectosiblings were eating lunch, or even ogling over his figure while John was sleeping. She longed for another companion, someone she could relate too on a much more personal level. Seeing as how Davesprite had recently dumped her and most of the Salamanders were pretty poor company, all she needed right now was another female friend, and that’s exactly what she was going to get too.
  3.         That night, while John slumbered away on his bed, Jade slowly and carefully crept into his room. She bit her lip a bit at the plan she was in the process of enacting, not only was it incredibly dangerous, but  if it played out right, the effects would be irreversible. There was no going back now.
  5.         Creeping up to the sleeping Egbert, Jade outstretches her arm and strains just a bit. A faint, pulsating glow envelops around John as his entire body is outlined underneath the covers.  At once, the changes began to take place, starting from the top down as his usually unkempt hair begins to lengthen, becoming long, flowing locks of ebony reaching past his shoulders.  His facial features also begin to develop just as soon, emanating a faint glow as they shift and smoothen, his once masculine face now exclusively feminine to the point where it makes Jade blush at her handywork in such an unfamiliar situation.
  7.         With a flick of her wrist, Jade induces the changes to rapidly occur one after another. John’s slender body discharges the same radiating glow as it too changes, what was once a slim physique starts plumping out, widening and expanding into a voluptuous, curvaceous bod.  His chest is affected just the same, as his manly flat pecs enlarge and broaden out, distending as they grow more weight and capped with perky, plush nipples on those two new C-cup breasts. They protrude out so openly that Jade can’t help but feel a bit wet in her nethers at the sight of such a heavenly pair of tits. She certainly wasn’t done though, straining to contain her composure as next came the final, hardest part.
  9.         This time, the glow once more began to spread, heading down to John’s crotch slowly and deliberately.  As his trim legs become long, dainty beauties, his cock starts to pulse and throb. Steadily, Jade winces and aches as she feels that once girthy member began to shrink and diminish in size. When John grunts in his sleep, Jade quickly begins to speed up the process, as his once-plump sac constricts and condenses against his groin, leaving him completely bare as his dwindling manhood lessens and absorbs against his crotch, nothing but smooth, baby soft skin where his cock and balls once laid. Now a new kind of glow begins to appear, only this time, it’s much more powerful and luminescent. It takes nearly every ounce of Jade’s strength to apply the finishing touches to her once-brotherly companion, as a pair of soft, puffy folds begin to form where his manhood once rested, beads of sweat appearing all over both John as a plush, moistened slit takes shape at their groin. When the newly developed pussy begins to trickle a bit of fluid and the oversensitive clit emerges. It was done, as Jade reassures herself while collapsing in a heap, her bro-..her ‘sister’ was complete. Yawning and stretching her arms at the strenuous task, Jade carefully climbs into bed with her new female associate. Making sure not to wake her, Jade snuggles up against their slumbering form, pressing herself against their buxom, full-figured physique. Cupping her hands underneath their pillowy bust, Jade coos and moans as she drifts into sleep while cuddling with her new sister, pondering over all the kinds of kinky ideas and concepts she can’t wait to try with her in the morning.
  11.         The next day, as John stirs awake, two things occur to him outright: one being that he now has the figure and the parts of a buxom female, and two being that his ectosibling is currently brushed up against his, well, ‘her’ nude figure, with Jade herself stark naked as well. When Jade blinks awake, noticing her sister awaking from her slumber, she sensually wraps her arms around John tightly, cuddling every so tightly against that newly attractive, luscious body. John-er-‘Joan’ barely has time to mutter out a surprised “Wha-?” before Jade shoves herself upon her newly developed sister, planting her lips against her mouth and silencing her completely a passionate kiss. The newly feminized John can barely cope with the situation, darting her eyes about erratically as Jade sensually runs her tongue against her lips and softly French kisses her lovingly. The Witch of Space easily maneuvers one leg in between Joan’s, given her surprised state, and soon enough, she manages to illicit a shrill moan from her female lover’s mouth as she brushes up against that virgin pussy.  Things were escalating at such a rapid rate Jade could barely comprehend the fact she was now effectively scissoring against her ectobrother-turned-ectosister via her space powers, but it didn’t matter to her now, all she wanted was to feel Joan’s pussy against her thigh while she herself grinds against those thick legs and firm thighs.
  13.         By noon, the two lie sprawled out on the bed, covers off, their bodies exhausted and slightly covered in each other’s lusty juices. ‘Joan’ pants heavily, completely tired out by Jade’s sexual antics, so much so in fact she can only whimper when she feels Jade sneak two fingers into her gushing cunt, sliding her digits in and out while suckling on one of Joan’s perky tits, slathering that sensitive nub in a coat of her saliva while enticing yet another messy orgasm out of her the newly feminized Heir. For the rest of the day it continues like this, Jade groping and feeling up every part of her ectosister’s figure, from those supple, marshmallow-soft buttocks to her cushy, pristine tits. Jade just can’t control herself, darting her tongue in and out of Joan’s mouth, running one arm through that long, silky hair while running her free hand over that plush behind, all the while thrusting her sopping wet crotch against her sisters. Joan’s hormone enriched mind is swimming in the sheer amount of lust and arousal coursing through her body. She can barely focus with all the stimulation and attention Jade continues to arouse in her, so much so that when Harley moves in to plant another kiss, she grabs her and frenches her this time, clear evidence she’s accepted this new form, much to Jade’s enjoyment. That afternoon they spend time cleaning themselves up, while Jade promises to alchemize a slew of new outfits and dresses her new female companion would find suitable, much to her blushing embarrassment. Though, when she gawks at her luscious, feminine body, she can’t help but ogle over all her bountiful physical assets. She has finally come to terms with both her new body, and her new life as Jade’s personal lover, connecting to her more so than ever before now.
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