Gopal [DD Rogue 5/5]

Nov 3rd, 2014
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  1. Name: Gopal
  3. Gender: Male
  5. Race: Diamond Dog
  7. -Race Skill: (Burrowing): Diamond dogs can dig tunnels and holes with ease, setting traps, moving unseen and fleeing in unexpected directions.
  9. -Race Skill: (Lucky Dog) Passive; Some dogs just have more days than others. The first roll in combat enjoys a higher chance to be critical. Crit Range -2 for the first roll only.
  11. Class: Rogue
  13. Skills:
  14. (2) Master Thief: Passive; Thanks to years of training, picking locks, cracking safes, locating hidden loot, finding traps and smuggling items is a lot easier for you than an untrained novice. Every once in a while you can roll to see if your instincts might offer a hint about something important nearby.
  16. (1) Backstab: weapon. recharge 1; strikes the enemy from behind. No counterattack damage except on critfail if used from Stealth. Crits on a 9+. Kills helpless targets.
  18. (1) Stealth: become hidden. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself. An attack used in stealth Autocrits. Can be used at DC8 in combat.
  20. (1) Disguise: Pretends to be someone else. Min 6+ allows the user to pass as a generic person (a guard, a noble, a commoner, etc); 8+ allows the user to pass as a specific person; a crit allows the user to mimic different races and/or genders.
  22. Special Talent: Tall as he is, he's still not much of a fighter, opting to hide when things turn ugly. +2 to stealth.
  24. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  26. Weapons/equipment:
  27. - Shell Uniform: Assembled from the deceased Shell soldiers, Lightly Armored and well fitted
  29. - Shell Knight Kite shield: a sturdy medium-sized metal shield, used by rank and file soldiers in Sarnath. This one has been repainted to have the eye-and-horseshoe of the Shells of Light. It's a little rusted, but still in one piece. As good a shield as any.
  32. -Enchanted axe: recovered from a skeletal corpse, it glows when held by certain hooves, but not in Gopal's paws
  34. -Burlap Sack: Surprisingly roomy bag, nearly always empty. Will usually be full upon leaving an inn or shop.
  35. - World Map (missing?)
  36. - Jade summoner's shards (3)
  37. - Machete, large: marked with the word 'Derezz'
  38. - Runic Axe, unknown power (One handed)
  39. - Gold Dillie (23)
  40. - Silver Dillie (10)
  41. - Copper Dillie (94)
  42. - Sewing Kit: Everything needed to stitch whatever wound or fabric you can find.
  43. - (2) Bag of No-Bakes: (14) ready to eat loaves of bread, just apply heat
  44. - Jar of fire beads (34)
  45. - Fine Silver Necklace
  46. - Crumpled Note (1)
  47. - Enchanted bottle: Unbreakable, stores any liquid for future use
  48. - Scrap shield: Unwieldy wooden plank shield. Strung together haphazardly, with multiple sword blades and arrowheads pierced through.
  50. - Scrap armor: Bits and pieces of loot broken down and attached as protection. Clunky and uncomfortable looking.
  51. - Scrap Helmet: Sturdy Metal Colander with a leather strap. Said to be the strongest piece of his armor, results will vary.
  53. Picture:
  54. ____
  55. Notes: Tall and thin, able to hide behind the shield with some room to spare. armor and helmet assorted junk, make as lumpy as possible. Remember, "Uncomfortable looking"
  57. Missing: Right Ear, Max Health at 5/5, -2 to perception/spot checks
  59. Dark coat, Either grey or light-ish brown. Yellow eyes, as usual.
  60. - - -
  62. Gopal, as he currently calls himself, was a smith's apprentice for a time in Arineau, an island four days travel from Rin. Frustrating his master to no end with his pathetic excuses for forge-work, he was quickly driven out of the tutelage of the Smith and thrown into the streets with nary a coin to help him.
  64. With no formal training and no supplies, Gopal managed to survive by thievery alone, forced to steal what he could and hide where he was able. His Metal shoddy and his tools broken and near useless, Gopal had begun to teach himself how to create armor and weapons with what little he had. Driven nearly mad by his attempts to create something worthy of the Great Forge, Gopal was forced out of town after town and eventually out of Arineau due to his larger and larger heists, always forced to change name and face, always on the run from guards and merchants alike.
  66. His wandering continued for a time, before eventually entering the nation of Rin, In the hope that he could continue his heists without the hindrance of his pursuers. Strangely enough, they had decided to stop following him once he had reached the lands nearing Rin. The connection to Rin and the curse was lost to Gopal, assuming it was simply good luck.
  68. He is suspicious of a great many things, and changes stories and backgrounds as often as one changes clothes. He is especially upset over questions about his name.
  70. *****
  71. Entranced by the bedtime story from Tourmaline, of Great heroes long passed and mighty quests, Gopal began to stride towards a new goal: to become a hero of legend, rising from his humble start as a washout into the annals of time.
  72. *****
  75. (Notes for myself)
  76. All bark, no bite. Will run away at the first sign of trouble. loves looting and scrapping things for armor parts. shifty-eyed and suspicious of everything, tendency to hide leaves him paranoid.
  78. Refers to species rather than name, quick to shy away from personal questions.
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