Educated Fluffies Pt 2.

Jun 25th, 2012
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  1. >You've just adopted 6 fluffy ponies in order to pass an absurd final exam requirement in a College Class that you're rapidly regretting taking.
  2. >The objective, teach Fluffy ponies enough to pass a Kindergarten exit exam.
  3. >You have three months.
  4. >Your teacher said that they learn best from Peer Reinforcement.
  5. >So how better to do that, then to give them some peers to reinforce what they learn?
  6. >The Girl at the counter rolled her eyes at you and asked if you were trying to start a farm or something.
  7. >You told her that you were going to teach them some lessons.
  8. >She stared at you sideways, but still took the money when you adopted them.
  9. >You swear that you heard her say "Sick freak" as the door swung closed behind you.
  10. ---
  11. >"Yayy! Fwuffy haf Daddeh!" "Fwuffy nuu wike dis." "Fwuffy hungie, daddy gif nummies?"
  12. >They've talked the entire trip.
  13. >You've done your best to be helpful and pleasant to them, but since they were all inside a pair of cardboard boxes with little air holes punched around the top, carrying on a conversation during the drive back to your off-campus housing was impossible.
  14. >"Whea' Fwuffy?"
  15. "You're in my car, we'll be home soon."
  16. >"Wha? Whea Daddeh?"
  17. "I'm right next to you in the car, driving."
  18. >"Whea Daddeh?" "Fwuffy wan Daddeh!" "Fwuffy scawed!"
  19. "Don't be afraid fluffy. I'm right here."
  20. >"Daddeh Heah? Whea' Fwuffy?"
  21. >The conversation actually ran in a circle.
  22. >You definitely were going to earn your GPA from this class.
  23. ---
  24. >Home at last.
  25. >The place you live is a 4-bedroom apartment with a common kitchen . living area.
  26. >Right now, it's just you and one other guy... and you haven't actually SEEN said other guy in about two months.
  27. >You suspect he either dropped out of college, or is shacking up at his girlfriend's place.
  28. >Either way, you have a good amount of space.
  29. >Take the boxes of fluffy ponies to the bathroom.
  30. "Okay Fluffies, I'm going to show you your new home now!"
  31. >Collective cheers, one cry of "Nuu smeww pwetty." as you open Box #1, and then box #2.
  32. >The smell is not pretty.
  33. >Both boxes have been defecated in, and because of the motion of your car / the fluffy ponies / you carrying the boxes up three flights of stairs, all the fluffies are covered in filth.
  34. "You're covered in shit."
  35. >The words escape your mouth before you can think of the consequences.
  36. >Oversized eyes well up with tears. One drops to it's belly in the filth and covers both it's eyes with it's hooves.
  37. >"Daddeh nuu wike Fwuffy?" "Fwuffy wuv Daddeh!" "Pwease nuu sowwy stick!" "Fwuffy nu wike nuu smeww pwetty..." "Nuuu! Fwuffy Gud Fwuffy!"
  38. >Ahh crap. Literally and figuratively.
  39. "No no no no, it's alright. I just have to clean you all. One at a time."
  40. >Sniffles and shudders and sobs. One flat statement of "Wawa bad foww Fwuffy."
  41. >Put on one of the rubber gloves that you use to clean the dishes.
  42. >It's time to start working.
  43. >The first out of the box is an orange unicorn, with a bright yellow mane and deep green eyes.
  44. >"Whea' Fwuffy?" it asks.
  45. "In my bathroom, I'm going to clean you, make you smell pretty."
  46. >"Daddeh make Fwuffy smeww pwetty?
  47. >Ahh, time to name it is now.
  48. >You could name it "Applejack" and be completely unoriginal.
  49. >But (a) it's a unicorn, so not a perfect fit, and (b) you have never lacked in imagination.
  50. "There we go, You're all clean and pretty now... And I think I'll name you...
  51. >Crotch Check! Female.
  52. "Autumn."
  53. >"Fwuffy name Awtum? Awtum wuv name!"
  54. "And Daddy loves Autumn. Now do you have to go poopies?"
  55. >She concentrates. "Awtum need poopies!"
  56. "Okay, go in the sink here."
  57. >She relieves herself, and you transfer her over to the bathtub, then rinse the offending matter down the drain.
  58. "Stay there Autumn, I still have to get all your new friends clean."
  59. >"Fwiends? Yayyy! Awtum ge' new fwiends!"
  60. >Get the next fluffy out,
  61. >It squeaks and thrashes a bit in your grasp.
  62. >"Nuuu! Fwuffy Sowwy! Nuu wan' nuu smeww pwetty! Be gud Fwuffy! Fwuffy pwomise!"
  63. >A red earth pony with a bright green mane that's long enough to completely hide it's face.
  64. "If you want to be a good fluffy, then hold still, I'll make you smell pretty again."
  65. >"Daddeh make fwuffy smeww pwetty?"
  66. "I swear. Do you have to go poopies?"
  67. >In response, it defecated, even though i was holding it.
  68. >only quick reflexes and the fact that it was already mostly over the sink prevented a necessary cleanup.
  69. >You flush the offal down the sink, eliciting a cry of "Nuuu! Wawa bad fo fwuffy!" from the red ball of fluff in your hand, more thrashing, and another defecation.
  70. "I promise, I'm going to make you clean and smell pretty."
  71. >"Daddeh pwomise nuu huwt fwuffy?"
  72. "Yes. I promise. I'll be very gentile."
  73. >So you show it the wash cloth, let it smell the soap, wipe down it's muzzle, comment on how clean you're making it's delicate hooves, all while removing the offensive gunk that passes out of a fluffy pony's rear orifice.
  74. >You want these ponies to be as well-adjusted as possible.
  75. >After all, victims of child abuse statistically do worse in educational scenarios.
  76. >As you finish, she's cooing happily, and telling you how pretty she feels.
  77. "I'm glad you're happy. Now, what shall I call you?"
  78. >Crotch check! Female #2!
  79. >Might as well get a theme going.
  80. "Your name is Spring!"
  81. >"Fwuffy name Spwing? Spwing wuv name!"
  82. ---
  83. >And so, you come to unbox, clean, and name all six of your fluffy ponies.
  84. >You kept up the naming theme, Giving all the girls seasonal names, Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer.
  85. >The last girl you named "Holiday".
  86. >And the boy, you named Christmas.
  87. >Five girls, one boy.
  88. >They have a variety of dispositions, qualities, and reactions to the whole experience, from the very inquisitive Winter, to the absentminded Christmas.
  89. >With any luck, you'll start with their lessons first thing tomorrow.
  90. >For now, you just need to get them all litter box trained.
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