HM:StH Guide To-Do List

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  1. HM:StH Guide To-Do
  3. - Finish standard AP testing for a few characters
  4. - All birthdays
  5. - Stamina/Fatigue effects of all food items
  6. - Complete NPC schedule
  7. - Extra cutscenes
  8.     > Sickness
  9.     > General unrequired ending cutscenes (e.g. Louis camera cutscene in his tool shop)
  10.     > Will require lots of blind testing
  11. - All shop times, prices, etc.
  13. - Dialogue testing
  14.     > First daily interaction vs. second or later
  15.     > Affection gain differences (e.g. Dia's "are you my friend?" +7)
  16.     > Effect on dialogue by progression through an ending (e.g. Lyla's "why did you come here?" seems to trigger only if AP > 95 AND if the player has progressed to a certain point through the AS ending)
  17. - More complete cutscene descriptions
  18.     > Requirements to trigger (AP, previous cutscenes, time, location, weather, etc.)
  19.     > AP boosts
  20.     > Time effects (e.g. advances clock 10min, etc.)
  21.     > Variation in cutscenes based on affection of relevant NPCs(?)
  22. - Look for weather addresses
  23.     > TV prediction and actual weather for the next day must be stored separately, since the TV is not always correct (but the next day's weather is clearly set in advance)
  24.     > Test: Do CS's that force non-rainy weather do so on the day the CS would trigger? How is this done? Likely the next day's weather is overridden, since the game can't know in advance which AP thresholds will be reached on a given day.
  25.     > Since some non-farm CS's can force non-rain (e.g. TH2 final CS at Carpenter's), these would seem to set the weather directly, rather than just "override". If you can find this address, you can look for other non-farm CS's that do the same thing, and potentially exploit them.
  26.     > It seems almost all weather forcing CS's simply prevent rainy weather, they don't force fair weather (so they allow either fair or cloudy). Try and test if there are some CS's which force a certain kind, rather than just preventing rain.
  28. - Various exploits
  29.     > How can you remain in the Brownie Farm part-time work past 5? i.e., how to enter the barn at 5 on the dot
  30.     > What effects are there of triggering a CS inside a shop when it would advance the clock past closing time? Does this mess up the NPCs positions at all?
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