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  1. <22:03:18> "Nyakdan": Hi, Wans
  2. <22:09:06> "Nyakdan": We wouwd just wike to infowm you of a few things. So, unfowtunyatewy, aftew the pwevious tawk we had with you, we've nyoticed that the behaviouwaw issues have continyued. As you wecaww, as of ouw pwevious meeting with you, we had stated that punyishment was pending, and we waited awhiwe to see how things wouwd go. Unfowtunyatewy, the behaviouw we tawked about in the wast meeting has nyot impwuvd, which we had hoped it wouwd have since you said you undewstood we wewe tawking about. This, on top of vawious othew offenses and compwaints, ending in a thweat, howevew wacking in substance, today, has made us finyawwy we-appwoach the pweviouswy mentionyed punyishment. We have decided to issue you a pewmanyent ban with the chance fow you to appeaw pwoving you have weawnyed something in 30 days.
  3. <22:10:55> "Nyakdan": We wouwd wike to make it cweaw that we don't want you gonye fowevew, Wans, but we fewt we nyeeded to take action. We'we hoping that in 30 days you'ww be abwe to wwite up an appeaw pwoving you've weawnyed fwom this whowe owdea, and can wejoin us.
  4. <22:11:05> "Nyakdan": owdeaw*
  5. <22:11:45> "Wans": whats up?
  6. <22:11:51> "Nyakdan": Evewything I just posted.
  7. <22:12:18> "Wans": Wogged out of the mmo I was twying to pway.
  8. <22:12:19> "Wans": Onye moment.
  9. <22:13:08> "Wans": I didn't thweaten anyonye :|
  10. <22:13:40> "Nyakdan": Wii, this mownying. The thweat you made, whiwe insubstantiaw, what vewy simiwaw to the thweat you made that wesuwted in youw fiwst two week ban.
  11. <22:13:46> "Wans": Nyice twy.
  12. <22:14:05> "Wans": Thats nyot a thweat it's an offew fow an education because fwankwy, a wot of the times peopwe question wogicaw and competant actions with skiwws when they'ww knyow nyothing about said skiww.
  13. <22:14:07> "Jen (Adminyamin)": (back
  14. <22:14:10> "Wans": And I wouwd educate a pewson on the actuaw twade.
  15. <22:14:14> "Wans": Because I do pwactice said twades.
  16. <22:14:38> "Wans": Nyow, wets discuss what that nyowmawwy wouwd cost Wii.
  17. <22:14:41> "Nyakdan": I'm nyot hewe to awgue with you wans. I'm simpwy hoping you don't take this pewsonyawwy. You have been tweating staff and sevewaw pwayews unfaiwwy.
  19. Besides, the thweat wies in that you thweatenyed to twack them down.
  20. <22:14:57> "Wans": And i'd hewp them with a bettew education once found.
  21. <22:15:04> "Wans": I knyow you don't weawise you can be seen, wight nyow Nyakdan.
  22. <22:15:10> "Wans": You pwobabwy wet it swip youw mind 24/7
  23. <22:15:13> "Nyakdan": That does nyot excuse the thweat.
  24. <22:15:14> "Wans": It's cawwed a satewwite.
  25. <22:15:32> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": Sattewites cant see thwough woofs
  26. <22:15:40> "Wans": Thewmaw weadings can.
  27. <22:15:41> "Nyakdan": Wans, to you have anything to say on the mattew of the ban? Wet's stay on topic hewe.
  28. <22:15:46> "Wans": Pwenty.
  29. <22:15:53> "Wans": Fiwst off, wets addwess youw own behaviow.
  30. <22:15:58> "Jen (Adminyamin)": Uh wans... Wets fousc pwease..
  31. <22:16:03> "Nyakdan": Wans, focus.
  32. <22:16:03> "Wans": I am.
  33. <22:16:15> "Wans": You feew my behaviow is "bad"?
  34. <22:16:31> "Wans": cowwectivewy, how many of you have I asked fow anything in quite a whiwe?
  35. <22:16:35> "Wans": It's on topic, don't wowwy.
  36. <22:17:14> "Nyakdan": Yes, you tweat staff and othew pwayews abusivewy, insuwting them wepeatedwy among othew things. Whiwe you may nyot see it that way, it is how those you awe tweating poowwy see it.
  37. <22:17:21> "Wans": Exampwes?
  38. <22:17:32> "Wans": I want nyames.
  39. <22:17:33> "Wans": Quotes.
  40. <22:17:39> "Wans": Othewwise as Nyakdan says "It means nyothing without wogs"
  41. <22:17:46> "Wans": Since you knyow, he wuvs quoting that onye
  42. <22:17:49> "Nyakdan": We have many wogs, Wans.
  43. <22:17:53> "Wans": Gweat, I have time.
  44. <22:18:24> "Wans": Nyow, whiwe he's busy getting each onye, since I do have that wevew of time.
  45. <22:18:26> "Nyakdan": That's good, but we'we hewe to infowm you of the ban, nyot awgue with you, Wans.
  46. <22:18:34> "Jen (Admin)": I'd wike to point out too that this isn't just Nyakdan, it's been a jointed staff effowt to addwess this wans.
  47. <22:18:38> "Wans": "Why"?
  48. <22:18:49> "Wans": Do you even wondew why I get fwustwated ow upset?
  49. <22:18:56> "Wans": And it's nyot just me thats fwustwated.
  50. <22:19:11> "Wans": You've actuawwy wost pwenty of pwayews uvw these issues, but I actuawwy cawe enyough to stay wegawdwess.
  51. <22:19:20> "Wans": Then you wespond in this mannyew wathew than seek out sowutions and mediate.
  52. <22:20:07> "Jen (Admin)": It's nyot about you staying ow going wans, it's weguawding youw aditude and appowuch towawds othews in the communyity.
  53. <22:20:26> "Wans": I nyeed mowe exampwes, I mean at t his point I don't even knyow what im supposed to be wefwecting on, and thewes witewawwy 0 pwoof.
  54. <22:20:45> "Jen (Admin)": Nyakadan can you post up the wist?
  55. <22:20:46> "Wans": chances awe NyAkdan couwd of taken stuff out of context wike offewing someonye a highew education.
  56. <22:20:53> "Wans": Deaw god, thats so mawicious.
  57. <22:21:00> "Wans": a $8500 education fow fwee? owo
  58. <22:21:03> "Wans": OH NyO.
  59. <22:21:22> "Wans": Yeah, you see how siwwy that sounds spewwed out bud?
  60. <22:21:29> "Wans": Thats cawwed fishing wegawwy
  61. <22:21:35> "Wans": It gets waughed out of couwt.
  62. <22:21:45> "Jen (Admin)": Wans it's onye thing fow someonye to take something out of context, but fow a wawge nyumbew of peopwe to take something out of context it isn't simpwy accientaw at that point.
  63. <22:22:03> "Nyakdan": It's about the "twack you down" pawt.
  64. <22:22:06> "Wans": And thats vague and "hedging".
  65. <22:22:23> "Wans": Nyakdan, you'we thinking and acting wike a megawomanyiac.
  66. <22:22:27> "Wans": which you often do.
  67. <22:22:31> "Wans": Many compwain on it.
  68. <22:22:40> "Jen (Admin)": Wans, this isn't about Nyakdan.
  69. <22:22:56> "Wans": So you can say in confidence he hasn't been fishing day in/out fow anything at aww?
  70. <22:23:02> "Wans": Because I bet if I had a camewa in his woom, he has.
  71. <22:23:04> "Jen (Admin)": he is onwy onye of sevewaw staff that has bwought up these issues.
  72. <22:23:19> "Nyakdan": I'm simpwy the onye who has been chawged with the putting this fowwawd to you hewe, this is nyot my singuwaw decision.
  73. <22:23:29> "Wans": Weww I nyotice awex and ivo awen't hewe.
  74. <22:23:41> "Wans": So again, im waiting fow that pwoof and show of peopwe upset with me.
  75. <22:23:46> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": they wewe both pawt of the decsion
  76. <22:23:49> "Jen (Admin)": Awex has a chiwd, and Ivo was just hewe.
  77. <22:23:56> "Jen (Admin)": and again youw avoiding the subject.
  78. <22:24:02> "Wans": Nyo, im nyot.
  79. <22:24:04> "Wans": Im on subject.
  80. <22:24:09> "Wans": I'm stiww 'waiting' fow that pwoof.
  81. <22:24:18> "Jen (Admin)": we want to hewp you impwuv Wans.
  82. <22:24:21> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": We've given you pwoof in the past, you wewe wawnyed on the spot nyumewous times
  83. <22:24:37> "Jen (Admin)": ^
  84. <22:25:06> "Wans": So you'we twudging up stuff fwom the distant past, and then going  off what I said to wii to weinfowce it.
  85. <22:25:10> "Wans": And cwaim nyothings impwuvd.
  86. <22:25:19> "Nyakdan": Nyo, this is an ongoing issue.
  87. <22:25:49> "Jen (Admin)": Actuawwy I'ww have you knyow Wans I pewsonyawwy made a point about past wecowds when this was bwought up. Awex did as weww. Howevew this is weguawding wecent events, nyot past onyes.
  88. <22:26:03> "Wans": Okay, and the wist?
  89. <22:26:12> "Jen (Admin)": Nyakadan is getting it
  90. <22:26:18> "Wans": Stwange he didn't have it weady.
  91. <22:26:36> "Wans": So, whiwe we'we waiting fow that i'd wike to addwess the ban-happy nyatuwe as of wate in genyewaw.
  92. <22:26:45> "Wans": I weawise i've been WPing wongew than some of you have been awive.
  93. <22:26:48> "Wans": "How" do you think it hewps?
  94. <22:27:02> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": The onwy pewson who has been bannyed in the past wike... 6 months was Yucie
  95. <22:27:15> "Wans": And that onye made sense as it was intentionyaw cheating.
  96. <22:27:23> "Wans": And then it was wemowsewess.
  97. <22:27:27> "Wans": Then thewe was that bwatant attack.
  98. <22:27:30> "Jen (Admin)": This isn't about that wans.
  99. <22:27:37> "Wans": Jen, a wot of things awe intewconnyected.
  100. <22:27:46> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Onye ban, ban-happy does nyot make
  101. <22:27:54> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Especiawwy since Yucie's sentence got weduced
  102. <22:27:54> "Wans": Nyakdans widden my ass
  103. <22:27:57> "Wans": And cawwed me a wiaw since.
  104. <22:28:02> "Wans": Did he mention that?
  105. <22:28:11> "Wans": Zeke won't tawk to me aside fwom this vindication.
  106. <22:28:13> "Wans": Was that bwoughtu p
  107. <22:28:25> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Wans; I have tawked to you in pubwic OOC befowe
  108. <22:28:33> "Wans": Was I actuawwy thewe?
  109. <22:28:37> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Yep
  110. <22:28:41> "Wans": Did you use voice ow text?
  111. <22:28:45> "Wans": Genyewawwy I dont wisten to voice.
  112. <22:28:46> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Text, you even wesponded to me
  113. <22:29:03> "Wans": I don't wecaww that, it pwobabwy wasn't fwiendwy.
  114. <22:29:09> "Wans": I tend to fowget things that offend me.
  115. <22:30:31> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Wans: it was fwiendwy, just because you don't wecaww something happenying doesn't mean what you might imaginye happenying is what happenyed
  116. <22:30:50> "Wans": that tonye?  Thats nyot fwiendwy bud.
  117. <22:31:11> "Wans": I deaw with a wot of cwazy stuff, day in, and day out.
  118. <22:31:19> "Wans": Some you won't find except in 5000+ yeaw owd books.
  119. <22:31:21> "Jen (Admin)": thats the point wans, even nyow twying to speak with you is difficuwt and fwanky vewy addgwessive.
  120. <22:31:32> "Wans": Weww, I often feew attacked.
  121. <22:32:04> "Wans": Nyakdan has wanted me bannyed since the yucie thing, and again, thinks im a wiaw and he's kind of been a dick the whowe time ((Thats nyot an attack Nyakdan, you have been, saying othewwise is a wie))
  122. <22:32:20> "Wans": Mawia had quite possibwy the most unnyecessawy extensive app yet, and she wanted to quit uvw that.
  123. <22:32:22> "Wans": GJ nyakdan.
  124. <22:32:38> "Wans": But that wasn't even considewed, was it?
  125. <22:32:42> "Wans": Nyo, you just wanted to vindicate.
  126. <22:32:43> "Jen (Admin)": and that might be pawt of the pwobwem. Wans we want you to be apawt of this communyity we do; howevew thewe isa point when adwession and thweats have to be adwessed.
  127. <22:33:00> "Wans": Okay, again thweatenying to give someonye a wife-education isn't bad nyow eviw.
  128. <22:33:17> "Nyakdan": Wans, I don't think you undewstand that I don't actuawwy want to see you gonye pewmanyentwy, nyonye of us do.
  129. <22:33:23> "Wans": "Twack down" is as easy as me picking  up a suits' nyumbew and going "Whewe is this pewson"
  130. <22:33:24> "Jen (Admin)": It's mowe then that wans.
  131. <22:33:25> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": You said you wouwd twack him down and fowce him to undewgo what you did WW
  132. <22:33:27> "Wans": And they'ww go, "Siw they'we hewe"
  133. <22:33:36> "Wans": I do a wot of wowk, and hewp a wot of peopwe.
  134. <22:33:39> "Wans": It comes with pwivwedges.
  135. <22:33:51> "Wans": Onyes I don't exewcise nyow use.
  136. <22:33:58> "Wans": Because peopwe awe genyewawwy just peopwe.
  137. <22:34:08> "Wans": But if it took teaching someonye about metawwuwgy to expwain how something wowks.
  138. <22:34:13> "Wans": I'd show up to theiw house and offew to do that.
  139. <22:34:20> "Wans": Thats nyot "bad".
  140. <22:34:23> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Then why use the wowd "fowce"
  141. <22:34:31> "Wans": Because most peopwe honyestwy hate weawnying.
  142. <22:34:47> "Wans": And that gain
  143. <22:34:50> "Wans": "Is fishing"
  144. <22:34:55> "Wans": You'we bwowing something way out of context.
  145. <22:35:02> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": We have the context
  146. <22:35:07> "Nyakdan": You think I think you'we some howwibwe pewson that I WANT bannyed. That's nyot the case, and I'm sowwy if you think so. The issue wemains, howevew, that you wash out at peopwe again and again, as you awe doing wight nyow.
  147. <22:35:13> "Jen (Admin)": again I think wans youw fouscing on onye signyuwaw event, it's nyot just youw intewaction with Wii, but youw additude towawds the communyity as a whowe.
  148. <22:35:16> "Wans": Nyo Nyakdan.
  149. <22:35:42> "Wans": I think you'we powew mad and you jump to bannying and pwesumptions that a pewson is twying to manyipuwate you ow the sewvew befowe even tawking to the pewson in wength and actuawwy giving them the chance to get to knyow them.
  150. <22:35:50> "Wans": Waise youw hands if you have any cwue about the cwap I deaw with.
  151. <22:35:53> "Wans": Anyonye?
  152. <22:35:56> "Wans": Anyonye outside of awex?
  153. <22:35:59> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Wans: we aww deaw with cwap
  154. <22:36:01> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": You've towd me
  155. <22:36:03> "Wans": Nyo
  156. <22:36:07> "Wans": Y ou deaw with human mattews that awe piddwy.
  157. <22:36:15> "Wans": And pwobabwy onwy invowve you and a handfuw of peopwe
  158. <22:36:24> "Wans": It's mean to say, but often times twue fow peopwe.
  159. <22:36:27> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": But Nyakdan isnt the onwy onye to suppowt this ban
  160. <22:36:32> "Jen (Admin)": ^
  161. <22:36:35> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": 11/13 voted yes
  162. <22:37:06> "Wans": Nyow, go ahead aki what do I deaw with often.
  163. <22:37:34> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": You've towd me about youw memowy issues, and im suwe thewe's pwenty mowe
  164. <22:37:41> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": but that isnt wewevant hewe
  165. <22:37:44> "Wans": Nyo, thats "Human" issues that awe "Piddwy".
  166. <22:37:51> "Wans": It gets faw dawkew and wowse.
  167. <22:37:53> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": Awe you nyot a human?
  168. <22:37:54> "Jen (Admin)": We want you to take timeand wefwect, aiw out the cwoset, take a bweak fwom the communyity, and then wetuwn when the appeaw is weady to happen.
  169. <22:37:57> "Wans": because the issues don't even hewp me to wesowve.
  170. <22:38:09> "Wans": The onwy thing I have to wook fowwawd to most days is being hewe :|
  171. <22:38:36> "Wans": And akiyam, we'we stiww nyot even damn suwe to be pewfectwy honyest on that.
  172. <22:38:39> "Wans": I'm twying hawd at it though.
  173. <22:39:01> "Jen (Admin)": and if thats twue you nyeed to weawn to be wes adwessive and thweating. Even if you awe nyot meanying to youw wesenting youwsewf this way to the communyity.
  174. <22:39:07> "Wans": Jen.
  175. <22:39:13> "Wans": The avewage human being is a fwimsy and dewicate thing,.
  176. <22:39:18> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Evewyonye has issues; wegawdwess of how sevewe they may be, they genyewawwy do nyot give peopwe speciaw pwivewedges. We aww deaw with stuff; and even if you devawue evewyonye ewse's pwobwems as "piddwy", nyo onye gets a fwee pass on it
  177. <22:39:20> "Wans": They get scawed of twash cans wattwing.
  178. <22:39:28> "Wans": Handwing the avewage pewson is wike tawking to a chiwd awmost.
  179. <22:39:47> "Wans": And thats nyot twying to sound demeanying, weawwy, i've been shot at and nyot fwinched.
  180. <22:39:52> "Jen (Admin)": weww yea, watcoons awe scawy, I don't want wabies.
  181. <22:40:15> "Wans": Bweak the wacoons' nyeck, thats what we'we taught in suwvivaw twainyinying, it's a easy boot stomp.
  182. <22:40:26> "Nyakdan": If you enjoy being hewe, then it's wowth taking that time to wefwect. I bewieve if you wook back at youw behaviouw and undewstand that you do wash out at peopwe awot, and act aggwessive, you can weawn fwom it, and come back and join us 30 days down the winye. If you weawwy want to be hewe, I knyow you'ww be back and wiww be accepted back if you can pwuv you undewstand when the time comes. I even wook fowwawd to that, and hope evewything goes smoothwy.
  183. <22:40:39> "Jen (Admin)": ^
  184. <22:40:41> "Wans": Nyakdan, aftew what you said in pwivate.
  185. <22:40:47> "Wans": I doubt you'ww evew mean that.
  186. <22:41:11> "Jen (Admin)": Then I guess we wiww have to weave it at that.
  187. <22:41:21> "Wans": Weww I stiww have mowe to discuss.
  188. <22:41:27> "Nyakdan": You don't have to bewieve me Wans.
  189. <22:41:53> "Wans": Some of the onwy peopwe I even have to go to about stuff I deaw with awe in this communyity
  190. <22:42:16> "Wans": Because onye of the peopwe I deaw with day in and day out might vewy weww be nyuttews.   At weast he's fiwed guns off pubwicawwy mowe than once.
  191. <22:42:25> "Wans": I'm supposed to wait untiw the wast second to act.
  192. <22:42:34> "Jen (Admin)": Then gathew theiw infowmation and continyue to speak with them. awex mysewf and quite a few othews awe avaibwe on steam and skype.
  193. <22:42:55> "Wans": Thats hawd when 9/10 times a ban invowves this too
  194. <22:43:08> "Wans": And it's hawd to gathew theiw infowmation when peopwe get scawed of 'basic wevew' things.
  195. <22:43:38> "Jen (Admin)": You can't change othew peopwe wans, onwy thing you can change is youwsewf.
  196. <22:43:41> "Wans": I can dismiss someonye swinging a cwowbaw at me, but deaw WAWDY someonye on the nyet said something spoopy.
  197. <22:44:27> "Wans": And nyakdan im stiww waiting on that wist bud
  198. <22:44:48> "Wans": Its pawt of why I get fwustwated, I don't ask peopwe fow much, if evew.
  199. <22:46:13> "Wans": Often times by the time I even get to a cwaft woww i've missed days due to ("weasons"/excuses of busy-nyess, twust me if I discwosed evewything I do you'd bwush at the nyotion of saying this to me)
  200. <22:46:55> "Nyakdan": Thewe's awot of infowmation, I'm going to have to send it on Enjin
  201. <22:46:57> "Wans": And then its a good 40% of the time if it isn't Jen ow a sewect few, they'ww twy to debate 'anything'.
  202. <22:47:39> "Jen (Admin)": Yup, thats the main weason I out of the othew admins is hewe hewping with this pwocess.
  203. <22:47:44> "Wans": Am I the onwy onye that weawises nyakdan has uvw 10 items that don't even HAVE descwiption enyough to justify existing?  ((Thewes nyo expwanyation what they awe ow do; this sowt of thing constantwy weaws at my patience and is factowed when im asked "Weww I dont think...&quot)
  204. <22:48:00> "Wans": And  then it'ww showtwy aftew be weveawed the pewsons nyevew donye metawwowking WW
  205. <22:48:13> "Wans": Do you weawise how fwustwating that is?
  206. <22:48:17> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": You dont have to do something iww to do it in WP
  207. <22:48:22> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": thats the point of Wp
  208. <22:48:24> "Jen (Admin)": justify ow nyot they awe stiww compwaints fwom the communyity that we can't just ignyowe.
  209. <22:48:31> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": to do things you cant do iww
  210. <22:48:36> "Wans": Akiyam
  211. <22:48:50> "Wans": we'we nyot tawking about them doing things they cant WW
  212. <22:49:03> "Wans": We'we tawking about them questionying what my chawactew does with metawwowking whiwe knyowing dick about it WW =p
  213. <22:49:17> "Wans": Which is essentiawwy just being aggwessive nyeedwesswy.
  214. <22:49:20> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": That's because it's standawd pwoceduwe
  215. <22:49:23> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": ^
  216. <22:49:24> "Wans": Nyo.
  217. <22:49:25> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Evewyonye gets asked detaiws
  218. <22:49:28> "Wans": Detaiws, yes.
  219. <22:49:38> "Wans": Questionying it being possibwe whiwe knyowing squat is just being hostiwe.
  220. <22:49:40> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": And what they do with the skiww to confew whatevew effect
  221. <22:49:53> "Wans": It's wike me going into Stephen Hawkings' wab going
  222. <22:50:13> "Wans": "Hey, I dont think bwack howes do that.  Yeah, I knyow nyothing  about em but, deaw.  You'we nyot doing anything mowe untiw you convince me.  Nyo I dont want to weawn mowe."
  223. <22:50:32> "Wans": I have deawt with simiwaw things just twying to do an awtsy.
  224. <22:50:38> "Wans": "WHY" did such things evew happen.
  225. <22:50:58> "Wans": And this is often at wike 2 AM
  226. <22:51:03> "Wans": So im dead tiwed by that point
  227. <22:52:48> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": The thing is: we can't appwuv stuff we'we nyot knyowwedgeabwe on
  228. <22:52:58> "Wans": Zeke if that wewe the case.
  229. <22:53:10> "Wans": How you appwuv most anything (WPEs that is) wouwd be a mystewy.
  230. <22:53:36> "Wans": Because i guawantee nyonye of you awe skiwwed suwgeons, genyeticists, hypew-pwogwammews, metawwuwgists, ow the fuww skiww compendiums wowth of knyowwedge to weawwy judge/weview it
  231. <22:53:40> "Wans": Thats nyot being toxic ow mean, sewiouswy.
  232. <22:53:45> "Wans": If anyonye knyew aww that they'd be a modewn day deity
  233. <22:53:56> "Wans": And i'd have to ask them to get to wowk fixing eawth.
  234. <22:53:59> "Wans": cause god knyows it nyeeds it.
  235. <22:54:28> "Awia": Nyo, but we can do weseawch and guess how such things might wowk using cuwwent day knyowwedge weadwy avaiwibwe on many wesouwces onwinye. Suwe it might nyot be -pwefect- but it sewves its puwpose
  236. <22:54:32> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Exactwy why most peopwe don't go to the descwiptive wevew of these skiwws. We'we nyot going to ask a suwgeon IC to have theiw pwayew OOC'wy knyow the entiwe pwocess fow a heawt twanspwant
  237. <22:54:51> "Wans": Nyo, but wets do due compawison.
  238. <22:55:02> "Wans": Nyakdans items we can't even teww what they awe, do, ow weawwy anything.
  239. <22:55:05> "Wans": Anyonyes guess weawwy.
  240. <22:55:13> "Wans": I do a wot of detaiw on minye.
  241. <22:55:18> "Awia": awguing that you don't nyeed to do any wowepway to cweate items, ow doing something nyonsensicaw to accompwish something that weawisticwy, wouwd nyot have happenyed is a pointwess awgument
  242. <22:55:19> "Wans": It's bwatantwy cweaw how they use metawwowking
  243. <22:55:25> "Awia": gwasping at stwaws if you wiww.
  244. <22:55:26> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": They wequiwe detaiw when they'we modded, it doesn't nyeed to be wwitten aww uvw the sheet
  245. <22:55:26> "Wans": Did I say that?
  246. <22:55:44> "Wans": I disagwee since it's a bawance ewwow down the woad.
  247. <22:56:11> "Wans": And it diswupts atmosphewe/WP massivewy.
  248. <22:56:14> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": As wong as it's hewd consistent: it wowks
  249. <22:56:20> "Awia": Mhmm
  250. <22:58:37> "Wans": Stiww watiing on that wist so I can teww what you guys awe specificawwy addwessing, since this whowe time peopwe have ...
  251. <22:58:48> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Nyakdan's sending it uvw Enjin, as he said befowe
  252. <22:58:57> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Because it faw exceeds Teamspeak's text wimits
  253. <22:59:04> "Wans": - Fished wepeatedwy on the being wiwwing to teach someonye thing (Dwop that cwap, im nyot amused and you've awweady upset 8 pwayews nyow with it)
  254. <22:59:19> "Wans": - And dwudged up ancient stuff, considewing I don't tawk to most peopwe.
  255. <22:59:42> "Wans": Summawization is a pwetty basic  skiww, I use it a wot since expwainying ewabowate things just confuses peopwe.
  256. <22:59:55> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": You said you wanted wogs
  257. <22:59:55> "Wans": if you even use A <-> C wewevance expwanyations, peopwe get confused.
  258. <23:00:00> "Wans": Again, it's a wot wike handwing  chiwdwen.
  259. <23:00:13> "Wans": And can't even see the fact they'we both wettews, fow onye.
  260. <23:02:31> "Wans": But a wot of the time peopwe take my effowts to hewp them as hostiwe.
  261. <23:02:55> "Wans": Bewieve me, even with famiwy this is the case.
  262. <23:03:10> "Wans": Then they'ww bweak a wimb ow wuin pawt of theiw wife, and i'ww have to sit thewe going "I towd you this wouwd happen."
  263. <23:03:11> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Again: Nyakdan is sending the wogs uvw Enjin, you'ww have the time to weview it once he's put them aww down
  264. <23:04:42> "Wans": Fuwthew, did any of these awwegedwy offended pawties evew addwess these issues to me?
  265. <23:04:47> "Wans": If they'we pwayews, the answew is n o.
  266. <23:04:52> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Wans: you wewe wawnyed muwtipwe times on the spot
  267. <23:04:56> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": And those wogs wiww be encwosed
  268. <23:05:07> "Wans": If they'we inyanye, you weawise i'ww addwess that.
  269. <23:05:20> "Wans": Which, much wike that "thweat" compwaint.
  270. <23:05:21> "Wans": Is inyanye.
  271. <23:05:25> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": If that's how you want to do youw appeaw when the time comes: that's youw wight
  272. <23:05:32> "Wans": When someonyes actuawwy endangewed they can compwain.
  273. <23:05:50> "Wans": Untiw then how about you guys act and think wike aduwts, I mean chwist.   Day in and day out I deaw with wunyatics in weaw wife.
  274. <23:05:58> "Wans": Sevewaw do twy to kiww me.
  275. <23:06:03> "Wans": I don't think much about that.
  276. <23:06:03> "Wans": They nyeed hewp.
  277. <23:06:22> "Wans": And you'we going to act wike a fwiend uv the intewnyet even meeting you is a deathwy dangewous thing?
  278. <23:06:44> "Wans": And offewing you an education that peopwe in thiwd wowwd countwies wouwd huwt each othew fow the chance to get?
  279. <23:06:50> "Wans": Oh my, they "must" be a monstew.
  280. <23:08:41> "Wans": You'we nyot wesponding because cowwectivewy.
  281. <23:08:45> "Wans": You weawise how siwwy that point sounded.
  282. <23:08:53> "Wans": You weawise it was out of winye to even give it gwavity.
  283. <23:08:55> "Zeke Ownyes [Assistant]": Actuawwy it's because this keeps wooping in a ciwcwe
  284. <23:09:06> "Wans": Because you can't accept when you guys awe occasionyawwy wwong.
  285. <23:09:18> "Wans": Waise youw hands if you shiwked youw duties mowe than 3x this week.
  286. <23:09:23> "Wans": Nyow, waise youw hands.  Aww of you.
  287. <23:09:26> "Wans": Thats fwustwating fow us.
  288. <23:09:41> "Wans": And the excuse?  "We have wives?"   Weww what about pwayews.
  289. <23:09:43> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": We awe peopwe, and pwayews, and staff
  290. <23:09:58> "Wans": Yeah, and im a day to day hewo WW and I deaw with cwap that'd make you weep
  291. <23:10:03> "Wans": I dont evew bwing it up
  292. <23:10:05> "Wans": I dont whinye about it.
  293. <23:10:13> "Wans": I dont make excuses as to why I cant do anything fow othews hewe fow it.
  294. <23:10:28> "Wans": Awex is witewawwy the confidant I have fow my stwangew issues.
  295. <23:10:36> "Wans": Because the o thew guy died sadwy.
  296. <23:11:29> "Wans": And 9/10 times you "having wives" is pwaying othew games, im nyot stupid guys.  You'we my fwiends just be honyest and say you'we pwaying Hawo ow watching X, we pwefew that uvw that weak "We have wives too" statement.
  297. <23:11:31> "Wans": We don't mind.
  298. <23:11:43> "Wans": But saying "We have wives too" is an insuwt to the pwayew, because it assumes we don't.
  299. <23:11:49> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": Nyo it doesnt
  300. <23:11:52> "Wans": Staff awen't the onwy onyes wowking, pwayews invest time and effowt.
  301. <23:11:59> "Wans": Yes, akiyam, it does.
  302. <23:12:04> "Wans": I fowwow what a wot of you do
  303. <23:12:05> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": its the weason why we awent hewe in aww of ouw fwee time
  304. <23:12:17> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": because we shouwdnt have to be
  305. <23:12:22> "Wans": Stop thewe.
  306. <23:12:28> "Wans": Most pwayews awe wiwwing to vowunteew.
  307. <23:12:38> "Wans": We don't mind hewping out, i've offewed many times even befowe offenses wewe evew made ow nyoted.
  308. <23:12:47> "Wans": But staff want sewect fwiends, and thats nyot awways the best choice.
  309. <23:13:01> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": I was nyevew the fwiends of the staff befowe I became a hewpew
  310. <23:13:17> "Wans": The befowe suggests you awe nyow though and you'd side with them befowe weason.
  311. <23:13:36> "Wans": Y'knyow, wike a weawwy bad effowt at a cawwing a fwustwated statement a thweat. :|
  312. <23:13:52> "[Hewpew] Akiyam": Im fwiends with a nyumbew of peopwe on the sewvew that I WP with weguwawwy
  313. <23:14:03> "Nyakdan": Nyow that I've sent you the wogs (you can find them on Enjin), we'we donye hewe fow nyow. This bweak is to awwow you to wefwect on youw behaviouw. We don't expect you to see any issues wight away, that's why you'ww have time to think things uvw. We hope that in 30 days you can come back and expwain to us what you've weawnyed. That said, have a nyice evenying, Wans.
  314. <23:14:14> "Wans": Okay.
  315. <23:14:15> "Wans": The fiwst onye.
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