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Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle: Press Release

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Nov 6th, 2017
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  1. Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle: Press Release
  3. Sunday - November 5, 2017 9:30 AM ET
  5. At precisely 2:33 AM ET today Commander X entered the territory of the nation of Mexico to obtain political asylum, sanctuary - and protection from persecution perpetrated by the government of the USA. He is currently at a secure and undisclosed location, and is being attended by Anons from Operation Golden Eagle and his legal counsel.
  7. As part of Operation Golden Eagle, Commander X has traveled over 5000 kilometers from Toronto, Ontario in Canada to his current location in Mexico, hundreds of that distance on foot with heavy gear. He has crossed two international borders on foot, and traversed three countries and the entire North American continent. And he has spent the last week travelling overland in the desert. We won't shade the truth, X is in bad shape physically and emotionally. He has not had medical attention for 5+ years in hard exile on the run in Canada. He has many minor wounds from the overland parts of his journey, and he is suffering from severe exhaustion and dehydration.
  9. Commander X is now under medical supervision and resting comfortably at a secure and undisclosed location in Mexico. Once he is able to be moved, he will be transported to a permanent and secure safe house in Mexico to await the decision of the Mexican government. He will be attended by a physician and otherwise cared for.
  11. Commander X's formal and legal petition for refugee status and political asylum is being submitted to the Mexican authorities by his legal counsel here in Mexico. In addition to that, we are releasing a personal and open letter from X that is addressed to the Mexican government, the Mexican people - and the USDoJ. This letter serves as Commander X's informal petition for political asylum and refugee status - and augments the legal paperwork being filed by his Mexican attorney shortly.
  15. The Anonymous Global Collective and the operatives of Operation Golden Eagle call upon the Mexican government to expeditiously grant sanctuary and refugee status to Commander X, who is a world-renown author, information and human rights activist - and an operative within the Anonymous Global Collective. He has worked tirelessly for nearly four decades to stand up for and give voice to some of the worlds most disenfranchised. His work in Anonymous protecting journalists and activists in revolutions and protests all over the world has saved countless lives.
  17. Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle, and Commander X's Crew - chose Mexico for a reason. Mexico is very familiar with the tyranny and imperialism of of its despotic northern neighbor. For four decades the intelligence services of the USA have meddled in Mexican politics and civil society, often with tragic and bloody results. Thousands of good Mexican people have lost their lives at the hands of these illegal and evil interventions in Mexican society and politics by the government of the USA. Mexicans know well that the USA does whatever it wants, without any concern at all for those in its way.
  19. Commander X, and the operatives of Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle - are very confident that the Mexican government will make the right and moral decision to protect X's international human rights, as well as those rights guaranteed him by the Mexican Constitution. If we didn't have full faith in this, we would not have brought Commander X to Mexico. We request that the Mexican authorities do so expeditiously so that Commander X can openly seek the medical attention he so desperately needs, and so that he can once again speak, write and act with freedom.
  21. At such time as the Mexican government guarantees Commander X's safety, there will be a formal press conference held at a location in Mexico to be announced, and attended by X's legal counsel, Team and Commander X himself. We believe he has quite a bit he wants to say. When it is is safe, you should expect him.
  23. Out of an abundance of caution, and in order to leave his Crew free to do their work - Commander X has decided to remain incommunicado until that final press conference. He will allow authorized members of his team to be his voice in the interim. X has given us this one short statement to release to the world.
  27. Finally, we call upon our fellow Anons, information activists, freedom fighters - as well as people of good conscience all over the world, to stand up now and show your support for Commander X and freedom. Because if we can save one persecuted activist, we can save more. And there are many good hacktivists in harm's way, not just in the USA but all over the globe. The time has come to stop allowing them to cage us.
  30. SINCERELY -- Anonymous
  31. -------------------------
  33. Op Golden Eagle Twitter: @OpGoldenEagle
  35. Op Golden Eagle Website:
  37. Commander X Twitter: @CommanderXanon
  39. Commander X Website:
  41. Free Commander X Committee Twitter: @FreeCommanderX
  43. FreeAnons Twitter: @FreeAnons
  45. FreeAnons Website:
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  49. Official Spokesperson Ian Thornton
  51. Twitter: @IanThornton_
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