Mondaiji-tachi - Golden Canary

Mar 15th, 2013
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  1. Izayoi was a problematic kid. So he was transferred from orphanage to orphanage, adopted family to adopted family. However, none of them could please him, and he would of course, ruin the family before he left/was abandoned.
  3. Because of his actions, he earned a big fortune. However, he is not pleased. Thus, he used this big fortune as a bait, and set up a treasure hunting game, to get people to find this sum of money.
  5. Despite so, people gave up shortly, as they do not believe a kid has this much money, or believe the game lacks clues to its win, and is actually unbeatable.
  7. However, in the last few minutes of his little game, a woman found him. She even pointed out that the game, perhaps unknown to even Izayoi himself, was NOT to find the money, but find Izayoi instead. It was perhaps, one of his childish actions to gain attention.
  9. Izayoi was led to admitting his defeat, and the woman then took the money, adopted Izayoi and started new games with him.
  14. They would go around the world, seeking out the great sights and legends (probably the reason why Izayoi knows so much about these things). While on their journeys they sought out other kids that were also possessing some sort of powers. They set up an orphanage for these children.
  16. Later on... The woman died eventually...
  18. After Izayoi got the invitation to the other world, he actually did not move there immediately. Instead, he went back to the orphanage, and found out that the woman(Golden Canary), actually left a will, a very thick will.
  23. He took time to read it... It was like an autobiography of hers... Long and naggy... Near the end... Izayoi read... The very minute that she has predicted that he would read that part of the will then. And a casual "chat" via the will was as if conducted, or as if she knew exactly what would happen. Izayoi became excited, he became interested. Later on, the will mentioned a game, where he has to find the pages of the will, and to answer a riddle... Should he fail... Golden Canary would take away all the children in the orphanage...
  25. And Izayoi could not find any of the children there then... He took action and leaped into his very first game. And his actual venture into a glimpse of the other world...
  27. A lot happened, and he won. And golden canary gave him a choice. He could live there, as a "normal" person, or he could go to the other world, where this excitement would never end...
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