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  1. version=1.00
  2. changelogMsg=~n~Version 1.00~n~- Player Model Changer~n~- Apply EP/"Epilogue" Fix for Player Model Changer, fixing the bug where Arthur's TB head/body spawns and deforms/messes up the player model in Epilogue after a few seconds spawned in~n~- Unlock All Cheats~n~~n~Version 1.01~n~- Improved security and authorization.
  3. disabled=false
  4. disabledMsg=We're sorry, the RDR2 Mod Tool is currently disabled!
  5. authorizedUsersOnly=true
  6. authorizedUserIDs=9E06-21DE-EE2D-BC85-2EDF-7E81-2B4A-E25E,5291-AF4F-6DB4-F0A2-356D-28F2-084D-EB2D,3914-C1DC-0C9F-50C9-945B-A305-AA14-D932
  7. authorizedUserNames=jedijosh920,Streaz,SAHIDER
  8. unauthorizedMsg=We're sorry, you're currently unauthorized to use the RDR2 Mod Tool!
  9. lastUpdateDate=8/11/19
  10. updateDownloadUrl=
  11. extraMsg=
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