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Endan Taeris

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  1. Character
  2. A:3/D:3/V:10
  3. B:4/A:4/P:5/C:8/I:9
  5. Player: Blazer
  6. Name:  Endan Taeris, nicknamed "The Crimson" due to color of his eyes.
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Alignment: Lawful Evil
  9. Age: 28
  10. Species: Bird (Bronzed Cowbird)
  12. http://www.birdsasart-blog.com/baa/wp-content/gallery/cache/99__800x800_bronzed-cowbird-displaying-male-_d4i3669-ramirez-ranch-roma-txc1.jpg
  15. Combat Stats:            
  17. ATK(attack) 3
  18. DEF(defence) 3
  19. VIT(vitality) 10
  20. HP(hitpoints) 30/30
  21. FP(fate points) 6/6    
  24. Role-playing Stats:
  26. Bod (body) 4
  27. Agi (agility) 4
  28. Per (perception) 5
  29. Cha (charisma) 8
  30. IQ  (intelligence) 9
  33. Character Quirks
  35. - Ebon Touched (Healer) - You have two less points to use on combat stats. However, in place of an attack, you can use the Heal special move (without affecting your normal special move delay), healing half the normal amount rounded up. If you do use Heal as a special move, you may add two to your die roll result.
  36. - Scarlet Ceremony (Morpher) - Through some magical means your character can gain a temporary bonus. At any time during session you may grant yourself a Semi-Permanent +2 bonus to an RP attribute for a specific task of your choice such as feats of strength, Stealth, Sensing Heat or undead. This bonus lasts until you expend your SM to change it or take an extended rest. (Penalty's for taking this quirk -2 RP stats)
  37. - Scholar (Patience): Your character gains two extra points for Non-combat attributes but rolls 1d6 for initiative.
  39. Special Abilities
  41. - Blood Rune (Heal) - You may sacrifice your own hit points in order to heal another. Subtract any number of hit points from your current total, up to a maximum of your VIT score. One ally immediately recovers hit points equal to the amount you sacrificed, or all allies heal half of that amount.
  42. - Dark Rune (Sacrifice) - Choose one opponent and roll a two dice with a number of sides equal to your VIT score. Both you and your target automatically take damage equal to the higher of the two rolls.
  43. - Shadow's Embrace (Freeze) - Select one opponent. Your opponent cannot attack their next turn, even if using a special move.
  45. Description:
  46. „Black as a night, and crimson red eyes that almost pierce through the person's soul.“ that's how most of the folk who encountered him would describe him. Wearing a dark grey robe and with company of his staff this avian travels lightly and without any sort of pack or bag as what others would say, real hunger for food or drink never actually bothered him for some reason. Other then his dark wood staff that has crimson orb at its end which is held by, what seems to be a wood that grew over the orb itself, he carries a small black leather tome on a chain which is carefully hidden underneath his robe which serves as his diary and a spellbook which contains many spells and rituals.  
  48. http://www.brahmsbookworks.com/2007revisionpics/dragon/dragonparch.jpg
  50. Fire mastery = Basic knowledge; enough to make a spark to lit up a candle.
  51. Frost mastery = Basic knowledge; enough to freeze a small cup of water.
  52. Water mastery = Basic knowledge; enough to manipulate few drops of water.
  53. Earth mastery = Basic knowledge; enough to make a pebble turn into dust.
  54. Wind mastery = Basic knowledge; enough to lift up a quill or small paper.
  55. Blood mastery = Adept knowledge; enough to use the power of magic to enhance the allies through power of runes to speed up their regeneration process and soothe pain, sensing the presence of other living things and staggering the foes in place to cramp the movements through ritual.
  56. Shadow mastery = Adept knowledge; enough to make runic circles through ritual to chain up enemies in place or to make simple illusion which require more of his attention so they don’t turn wrong and backfire in horrible results.
  58. While being skilled and possessing the vast knowledge of the Blood and Shadow magical schools, Endan is more skilled in using the spells known in defensive manner rather then offensively as such spells tend to have their toll upon him that is much larger then when he is trying to something else. (Hence the sacrifice)
  60. Background:
  61.         Born in the commoner family in far south-eastern provinces he wasn't given an leisure even from when he was young due to his natural affinity for sorcery and magic alike which was in his homeland called 'Arcana'. There were quite some problems with the outbursts of arcanic powers as no one from his family knew about anything about such 'gift'. Trained and educated by the wizards of the local 'Magicians Guild' in the capitol of Shanrab near the border of Siilitie where he was sent to schooling at age of eight after impressing few of the travelling mages that stayed in the his home village.
  62.         Proving himself to be quite attuned and adapted to the Arcana in controlling its energies he quickly advanced through the ranks of the magic school and by the age of eighteen he was one of the youngest official wizards of the guild. But his ambition craved for more, he craved for power and challenge of the forbidden arts was his first real encounter with foul, demonic powers.
  63.         Actually not being sucked in by the temptations of power the demons promised him, he quickly realized his potential of such magic. In the face of demonic power, where most mages and wizards see death Endan only saw opportunity. Pure dominance and control of Arcana was his aim, and he found a path to it in the dark, forbidden arts. But controlling such power was not was pleasing for the Magic Council so he was quickly cast out from the guild where he spent ten years of hard work and commitment to it. Not even remembering his real family he decided to travel to gather ore knowledge about the magic and its powers. Controlling such power and as his knowledge about Arcana grew he found himself powerful enough to wreak havoc on anyone who stood in his way of achieving his goal.  Few actual stories could be told in these years he spent alone.
  64.         While being knowledgeable all around in magic he can perform simple spells from other schools of magic but his true power remaining in schools of “Blood” and “Soul” magic.     Wandering and gathering knowledge for seven years made him realise of solitude and isolation he experienced from the young age. Not minding it as he got used to silence to be his best companion he could’ve bargained for, nobody to scold him or saying him that his way of manipulating such power is a bad thing. Until one day as he was inspecting the ruins he noticed a group of travelling mercenaries and adventurers who got his attention rather quickly. As he witnessed their strength and skill, he stood impressed by such display. Fascinated by such folk he went to talk to them, they were regular band of decent folk each with their own story to tell and skill to show. Eager to ask, they said to him that they were mercenaries from the guild and were sent on a task but the mentioning of the name Fair River and its guild rang a nice tune to his ear and then he decided where his next destination would be. The city of Fair River in province of Caignwell…
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