Tentacle demon Anonymous oneshot

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  1. Tentacle Demon Anonymous.
  3. >It has been 46 days in marshmallow pony land since you were summoned here by a purple unicorn pony.
  4. >It's day 42 since you accidentally molested pink party pony.
  5. >Seriously, only eldritch demons like yourself should be able to appear out of nowhere like that.
  6. >Anyways, after some hasty apologies and putting her in her room, nothing seemed to have changed.
  7. >About a week ago, you noticed a rather unusual change in the town.
  8. >Most of the stallions have left on vacation, and most of the ones still around are prepping their houses for what seems like it could be a storm.
  9. >Of course, it is likely another one of these pony's silly holidays, but it leaves you with less "suitable" company.
  10. >Why, just last week they had one about spending time with the one they loved.
  11. >How preposterous, you might as well have a holiday where you go around giving gifts to one another.
  12. "I wonder if they have Halloween here...? That is a real holiday."
  13. >Moving through the streets, you whistle a fiendish tune, accentuated by the constant squish and splorch sounds you make as you move.
  14. >One of the benefits of being nothing but a mass of moving tentacles.
  15. >Up ahead, you see orange apple kicker, and wave to her.
  16. >"Mornin' Anonymous, how're ya doin?" she asks, approaching you.
  17. "Just fine, thank you. And yourself?"
  18. >"Ah've been feelin' a little under the weather, but that's ta be expected this time o' tha year."
  19. >She steps closer, almost beside you, a bit of red on her cheeks.
  20. >"O'course ya could help out with it. Pinkie's been spreadin' about that time when ya accidently got her, and..."
  21. "A horrible accident, I assure you. I would never do it on purpose, don't you worry."
  22. >"That’s... good ta hear..." she says as her nose curls a bit.
  23. >Giving a wave, you continue on your way with no destination in mind.
  25. 1/x
  28. >The park comes into view, and you decide it will be an excellent place for a rest.
  29. >Unlike most abominations, you don't corrupt everything you touch, which you often find useful.
  30. >Grass for example, feels really strange brushing along your tentacles as you move over it.
  31. >It feels much more interesting than decaying mulch though, and you squorsh over to under a tree, and its shade.
  32. >Sure, sunlight doesn't hurt or anything, but your abyssal origin makes you feel much more at home in the darkness.
  33. >As you settle, you hear somep0ny trotting into the park, and you look over to see fast rainbow flyer.
  34. >"Hey Anonymous, what brings you out here?"
  35. "Not much, just like usual."
  36. >"Well, we aren't all tentacle monsters who don't need anything to survive."
  37. >You let out a squishy sounding chuckle, and she laughs as well.
  38. "So, what are you doing here? You're about as lazy, if not more so, than I am."
  39. >Her wings flare out, and they make some large, but slow flaps.
  40. >"I gotta keep in practice, Wonderbolts tryouts are going to be in a few months, and I intend to get in this year."
  41. >Taking a longer stance, she stretches back, lowering her head and raising her rear, wings straight up.
  42. >Reversing this, she leans forward, head up and butt lowered a bit.
  43. >"So...*Groan* did you have any plans this next two weeks?" she asks, shifting her rear up again.
  44. "Hmmmnnn, nope, nothing comes to mind. I'll probably laze about, maybe terrorize a few forest monsters."
  45. >Looking at her, you see her tail has shifted aside, and you immediately focus elsewhere.
  46. "Your tail seems to have strayed. You may wish to fix that before somep0ny sees."
  47. >'Huh? Oh..." she says, with only a faint hint of disappointment.
  48. "Well, I'm off. I will see you some time, perhaps later."
  50. 2/x
  53. >Squelching along through town again, you pass through the market, where you notice that several stalls are closed, and at the same time, a few new ones are there as well.
  54. "This must certainly be a holiday, though there seems to be neither rhyme nor reason to it."
  55. "Perhaps Purple mage will know, she is quite the intelligent equine."
  56. >Your destination set, you move to the library, where purple mage lives.
  57. >The door opens for you, and you slide your always shifting mass inside.
  58. "Smart horse, are you home?" you call out, not seeing her in the main area.
  59. >There is a surprised gasp from upstairs, and moments later, she comes down the stairs.
  60. >"Hello, can I do anything for you today, Anonymous?"
  61. "Actually, I was looking for some information about your kind's holidays."
  62. >"You probably want Life in Equestria then, it contains all sorts of information about holidays and traditions. Top shelf, third bookcase from the right."
  63. >Making your way over to the indicated shelf, you shift upwards, stretching your tentacles longer than normal.
  64. "Ah, here it is!" you exclaim, taking hold of the book.
  65. >There is a flash of magic behind you, but you pay it no mind.
  66. >"Is there anything else you need?" she asks as you lower to the ground.
  67. "No, this will be all for now, thank you."
  68. >’Turning’ around, you see a red heart swirling around her head, a likely result of her spell.
  69. "Oooh, what kind of spell is that? It would scare many of my old friends, back where I'm from."
  70. >"This, oh, it's nothing. So, are you feeling okay?"
  71. "I'm quite well actually, thanks. Have a nice day." you say, moving through the door and out into Ponyville again.
  73. 3/x
  76. >Not needing a bench or anything to sit on, you move off the main path and settle yourself to read.
  77. >Being a higher being, it takes you minutes to make your way through each chapter, and as you reach chapter 7, there is a voice addressing you.
  78. >"Anonymous, what a pleasant surprise. What are you doing out here?"
  79. "I'm reading a book on Equestrian customs and holidays. Since I may be here a while, it would be best if I learned, no?"
  80. >Shifting your attention to fancy marshmallow, you see her smile.
  81. >"If I'm not a bother, would you mind it if I were to join you for a while?"
  82. "Not at all, in fact, I would enjoy the company."
  83. >She moves beside you, before shuffling her hooves.
  84. >"It would be quite awful for a rear such as my own," she turns and gives it a wiggle, "to be marred by sitting on the ground, don't you agree?"
  85. "I can remedy that, quite simply in fact."
  86. >As your tentacles begin their work, you see her smile, quite wide, before saying "Thank you, you are such a gentlecolt."
  87. >With a final tug, your magic is complete, and you pull up a cushioned chair made entirely from shadows for her.
  88. "This is some of my best work, if I do say so myself."
  89. >Her smile becomes a bit strained, but you attribute it to black clashing with her white.
  90. >"Thank you," she says, sitting down, "You most certainly did an excellent job with this. If I may ask, what part are you on?"
  91. "Hearts and Hooves day, which just passed, if I remember correctly."
  92. >"Ah. I hear the chapter after is quite interesting."
  93. >Skimming ahead, you see the title for the next chapter.
  94. "Nightmare Night? You are right, this will be quite interesting."
  95. >Her nose scrunches up, before saying; "May I see that? I could have sworn the next chapter was different."
  96. >Passing her the book, you see her blush in embarrassment when she sees the cover.
  97. >Life in Equestria for children.
  98. >"Ah, I thought this was a different version. Well, I must be off. Thank you for the company."
  99. "And you as well. Have a nice day."
  101. 4/x
  104. >After finishing the rest of the book, you store it away inside your tentacley mass to return later.
  105. "It's such a shame, Nightmare Night is so far away, It looks like so much fun."
  106. >"DID SOMEP0NY MENTION FUN?!" Pink party pony shouts out, popping up right beside you.
  107. "Greetings Pink party, and how are you today?"
  108. >"Awww... Well, I'm okay today, what about you?"
  109. "I'm slightly disappointed that it is such a long time till Nightmare Night."
  110. >"Why's that?" she asks, popping up above you, curving her neck and head to look at you.
  111. "If you would kindly get off me, I would gladly explain."
  112. >She hops down, looking over at you with a smile.
  113. >"So," she says, looking at you with partly closed eyes and a small grin, "Did you know that the next two weeks are special?"
  114. "Is that so?" you ask, focusing on her, intrigued, "What's so special about it?"
  115. >"I can't tell you, it’s a secret."
  116. "Well, if that is all, I have business to attend to."
  117. >"But! I do have something I need you to do, if you want to follow me."
  118. "Color me intrigued," you say, your normal color shifting slightly.
  119. >She bounces along, leading towards her place of work, a giant cupcake.
  120. >"It's just in here, come on," she calls back, throwing another partly closed eyes smile over her shoulder.
  121. >Entering the building, you see her spread over the counter, her rear wagging in the air as she looks for something behind it.
  122. >"I want you to try my cupcake," she says, her tail straying upwards.
  123. "I have no mouth, Pinkie, remember?"
  124. >She gives a huff, hopping down onto the floor before saying; "I forgot, sorry."
  125. "Well, I'm off then. Have a nice day."
  126. >Squelching out of the building, you give a little wiggle, making sure the book is still in its place.
  128. 5/x
  131. >Moving to the library, you hear a rustling in a nearby bush, and you focus on it.
  132. "Stalking is not my fetish, Yellow quiet."
  133. >She meekly creeps out, looking at you from behind her pink mane.
  134. >"I wasn't... well, I mean ummm, I was wondering..."
  135. "You need not worry; we’re friends, are we not?"
  136. >Shuffling her hoof nervously, her eyes flicker between you and the ground.
  137. >"I was... Ummm..."
  138. >Giving a squeak, and a bright blush, she scampers away, leaving you alone.
  139. "It's such a shame she is so shy, she is quite the nice mare."
  140. >With the library in sight, you hit a quandary.
  141. "Closed? That's quite unusual for her; I wonder what is going on?"
  142. >Putting the book in the after hours deposit slot, you head off, oblivious to the plotting going on behind the closed door.
  143. >"I assume you all know why I brought you here?" Twilight asks, looking at the gathered mares.
  144. >They all nod, and she continues; "As Pinkie here experienced, Anonymous can pleasure a mare beyond anything a stallion or even a dozen stallions could do."
  145. >"There's a problem with that. He told me he'd never do it on purpose, that it was an accident," Applejack adds.
  146. >The six of them sigh in frustration.
  147. >"There has to be something we're missing..." Twilight muses.
  148. >Pinkie pops up, "I know! We have to spy on him, see what makes him want to tentacle ponies."
  149. >"Agreed, but we must be subtle about it, I wouldn't want our reputation tarnished," Rarity adds, and they all nod.
  150. >"Good luck you guys, I'm off," Dash says, before leaving.
  151. >The others follow, heading to prepare.
  153. 6/x
  156. >It is now the 47th day, and it's a rather important day.
  157. >"Uh... Hey Anonymous, thanks fer comin' out," Big Mac says, glancing around.
  158. >With nop0ny in sight, he gestures you into the barn.
  159. >"With it bein' estrus and all, there aint many guys around to even chat with."
  160. "I understand fully. While I am not against female company, us males must stick together, no?"
  161. >"Eeyup."
  162. >He pulls out a table, setting it up and dragging over a pair of hay bales.
  163. "I feel ignorant asking this, but what is estrus?"
  164. >"Ya mean they didn't tell ya?" he asks, sitting down and pulling out a deck of cards; "It's when mare's go into heat, and they get serious urges to rut."
  165. >Taking a seat across from him, you let out a low hum.
  166. "Is that so. What about stallions?" you ask as he starts dealing the cards.
  167. >"Most o' 'em leave town, since some mares can get mighty dangerous in their lustin'."
  168. >He deals out a pair of hands, and the two of you start swapping cards between your hands and the deck.
  169. "I can see how it could be a problem for such a nice guy like you."
  170. >"Eeyup," he replies, dropping two cards and taking two from the deck.
  171. "So, what are our stakes? The usual?" you ask, dropping three of your own and taking more.
  172. >"Eeyup. Full house," he lowers his hand, revealing three eights and two kings.
  173. "Tch... two pairs," you say, lowering yours, revealing two fours, a queen and two sevens.
  174. "It's too bad the others aren't here, otherwise we could continue to play while we paid."
  175. >He can only nod as a tentacle slides across, under the table.
  176. >Already partly hard, the sensation of your dry and yet somehow slimy tentacle wrapping around his cock brings him to full mast.
  177. >Not stopping there, the tentacle slides under his sack, and dives into his tight donut hole.
  178. >Gasping as the length of your tentacle spirals around his shaft, rubbing under his balls and massaging his prostate, he quickly peaks, painting the underside of the table white.
  179. "Time for the next deal," you say, pulling back.
  181. 7/x
  184. "Where the hay is Anonymous?" you mutter to yourself, looking through your apple fields, "Ah heard he was headed this way."
  185. >All is silent in the fields, a very good signal Anonymous isn't around.
  186. "And where the hay Big Mac? Sure, Ah give 'im estrus off, but he usually keeps workin'."
  187. >Shadows cover you, and for a moment, your marehood quivers in anticipation of surprise tentacle pleasure, but instead, you hear a voice from above.
  188. >"Hey AJ, any sign of our tentacle demon?" Rainbow Dash calls down, peering over her cloud.
  189. "Nothin'. He was supposed to have been headed this way, but I've seen neither hide nor tentacle o' him."
  190. >"Buck... Well, gimme a shout if you see him," she says, before disappearing onto her cloud.
  191. >Leaving the lazy mare behind, you wander back towards home before you hear voices from the barn.
  192. >"So, any word on when the guys are getting back?" you hear Anonymous say.
  193. >"*Gulp* Well, Thunderlane's gone to one o' the guy safety camps," your brother replies
  194. >"Time and Caramel are with their girls, so they may make it out once or twice."
  195. >Poking your head up so you can see in the window, you see Big Mac sitting across from Anonymous, a table with cards on it between them.
  196. "What're they doing?" you mutter, looking closer.
  197. >Anonymous's dexterous tentacles scoop up all the cards, shuffling them and dealing them out to the two of them.
  198. "You best not be gambling Mac," you growl angrily.
  199. >"Ya know, I never thought about it, but do ya ever cheat when we play this?" he asks, and Anonymous lets out a chuckle.
  200. >"Demons and abominations like me may cheat at many things, but card games and gambling is never one of those things."
  201. >They exchange cards with the deck, before lowering their hands.
  203. 8/x
  206. >You can't tell who won, but your brother hops off his seat, and you see one of Anonymous's tentacles move out and...
  207. "Is that a penis?!" you gasp, and your confusion is further increased as your brother starts sucking on it.
  208. >After a half minute, you see a bulge run down the tentacle before bits of white shoot out from around it.
  209. >Backing away, you run inside the house, both to figure out what you just saw, and to get off from the sight of Anonymous's tentacle dick.
  211. 8.5/x
  214. >Seeing Applejack run inside after staring inside the barn, you hop off your cloud and drift down silently.
  215. >Moving to the window, you look inside to see Anonymous and Big Mac, sitting at a table, playing cards.
  216. >With nothing strange, you decide to get a closer look.
  217. "Hey?" you ask, knocking on the door, "Mind if I come in?"
  218. >The door opens, pulled from afar by one of Anonymous's tentacles.
  219. >"Not at all, Cyan fast, we were just finishing up."
  220. >You catch Big Mac wiping something off his face, before flicking it into the hay.
  221. "So, what were you playing?"
  222. >"A friendly game of poker, of course. We do this every week or so."
  223. >Big Mac nods, and you make your way over.
  224. "So you wouldn't mind If I joined for a round or two?"
  225. >Anonymous and Mac share a look, though you can hardly tell with Anonymous, before he nods.
  226. >"Sure, Ah suppose we could go a round or two."
  227. >With quick movements, Anonymous shuffles the deck as you pull up a bale of hay.
  228. "So, what are the stakes? I'm assuming you don't just play for fun."
  229. >"We never play for anything of consequence, so we can just play for bragging rights this time."
  230. "What, you think I can't play for your regular stakes?"
  231. >As Anonymous deals, he says; "Quite the opposite. I believe that with only a few rounds, it's not worthwhile to have any stakes, since a few bad deals could make it impossible for one to win."
  232. >Big Mac nods, leaving you nothing to do but sigh.
  233. "Fine, let's do this."
  234. >Picking up your cards, you look over them.
  236. 9/x
  239. >A king, two sevens, a four and a five.
  240. >Anonymous turns in three, and Big Mac one.
  241. >Dropping the king and a seven, you pick up a three and another five, leaving you with just a pair.
  242. >"Three of a kind, sixes," Anonymous says, revealing his hand.
  243. >"A pair o' Jacks," Big Mac adds, lowering his.
  244. "Pair, fives..." you sigh, showing yours.
  245. >The cards are swept up, shuffled, and redealt.
  246. >A couple hands later, with varied winners, and Anonymous passes the deck back to Big Mac.
  247. >"This was fun, though I must be off now. See you next time, Macintosh," Anonymous says as he rises and moves to leave.
  248. "Yeah, well see you two later," you say, taking off and slipping past Anonymous and into the sky, headed straight for the cloud you left behind.
  249. >Climbing on, you use your wings to push you towards town.
  251. 9.5/x
  254. >As the sun is brought down by your teacher, your friends arrive to deliver their reports.
  255. "So girls, anything that could help us?"
  256. >"Not sure how helpful it is, but I saw Big Mac and Anonymous playing poker, and I joined in for a few hands," Dash says.
  257. >"They weren't playing for anything though, or at least, that's what they told me."
  258. >Everyp0ny but Applejack shows some sign of consideration, and you turn to her.
  259. "Do you know anything about this, Applejack?"
  260. >"Ah,... Ah saw them playin too, but I also saw..."
  261. >Her face turns bright red, and everyp0ny turns to her.
  262. >"What did you see, darling? Don't, how you say, leave us hanging."
  263. >Hiding her face behind her hat, she says, "I saw him 'n Big Mac, but they were... Big Mac, he... he sucked off a tentacle dick o' Anonymous."
  264. >This immediately gets your mind running, as you have never seen Anonymous's tentacles take any other shape.
  265. "How big was it? How long? Was it the same colour? How many did he change?"
  266. >She pulls her hat down further, and there is a small wet squish as she sits down.
  267. >"Ah can't believe it, mah own brother, and Anonymous too..."
  268. "Don't jump to any conclusions, Applejack. It may just be part of their game."
  269. >"Well I have an idea to get some, so I'll see you all later," Dash says, before shooting out of the door.
  270. >Rarity pats Applejack on the shoulder, "It may have been traumatizing, Darling, but it's for the greater good."
  271. >"It ain't that, Rarity, Ah'm ashamed cuz Ah... Ah got off to it. Mah own brother, sucking on a penis, and Ah got off to it..."
  272. >Fluttershy speaks up, and you turn to her, "Um... if it's part of their game, maybe we can find some way to get them, or at least Anonymous to play?"
  273. "Flutters, that's brilliant! If we can get Anonymous to agree to some terms, we might just be able to do this."
  274. >Bouncing around, Pinkie says; "Oooh! I know how to get Nonny to play! Wait here!"
  275. >She vanishes out the door, leaving you with the other three to get ready.
  277. 10/x
  280. >Digging through your memento box, you find what you are looking for.
  281. >An old cyan strap-on, designed to look natural.
  282. >From back when you used to hang with Gilda.
  283. >Man, you used to wreck that tight little ass.
  284. >Pulling it on, you squirm a bit, pulling it up over your slightly grown flank.
  285. >When you feel your plot-hole pop out through the proper hole in the cloth, you let it go with a snap.
  286. >Sure, your pussy is gonna be left behind, but if Anon's tentacles are as skilled as he has shown, it won't matter.
  287. >Standing in front of your mirror, you give a few poses, jiggling your "stallionhood".
  288. "Oh yeah, If I wasn't me, I'd totally let me rut me."
  289. "Shoot, I gotta deepen my voice, or he'll know."
  290. >A few vocal warm-ups later, and you sound reasonably like a stallion.
  291. "This is weird, but it's worth it for some of that tentacle action."
  292. >Moving to the front door, you pause a moment to look out.
  293. >Anonymous' big black form is easily visible, and you take off, aiming for the edge of town nearest him.
  294. >Carefully walking so that your new appendage isn't very visible, you approach him.
  295. "Excuse me, but could you direct me to Rainbow Dash's house?" you ask in your gruff male voice.
  296. >"Hmmm? Why are you asking me this, Dash, you live there."
  297. "You must have me confused with her, I'm her brother. Her twin, specifically."
  298. >Turning a bit to the side, you jiggle your fake penis, and Anonymous laughs.
  299. >"It'll take a lot more than a rubber strap-on to fool me, Dash. I don't know what you're trying to do, but it won't work."
  300. "Horsefeathers..."you curse, before taking off.
  301. >Before you can get very far, both Flitter and Cloudchaser encircle you, taking hold of your forehooves.
  302. >"You're coming with us, big boy."
  303. "Buck..."
  305. 11/x
  308. >After that strange encounter with Cyan fast, you drift around Ponyville, nothing in particular to do.
  309. >Many mares give you what amounts to seductive looks, and after Big Mac's explanation, you understand why.
  310. >A pink blob shoots up in front of you, a goofy smile plastered on it.
  311. "Hello Pink party pony, how goes it today?"
  312. >"Just fine 'Nonymous, I was wondering if..."
  313. >Her ears droop, and she shivers a bit, just like when you...
  314. "What's wrong? No matter what it is, I will help you."
  315. >Giving you a big smile, she perks up and wraps her forehooves around some of your tentacles in a hug.
  316. >"Thanks, Anonymous. Follow me."
  317. >As she starts to walk, you grapple around her with your tentacles, pulling her close in a dry, slimy hug.
  318. "How about I carry you, Pink, since you seem so sad."
  319. >She curls into your grip, a little ball of happy, and she points the way with a hoof.
  320. >"To Twilight's house!"
  321. >The mare, despite her high sugar diet is as light as a feather, and you make unimpeded progress to the library.
  322. "Pink, I have to ask, what happened? I do owe you for what I did, so no matter the problem, I will do my best to fix it."
  323. >"Well... I guess it's kind of a secret right now. I Pinkie Promise it's nothing bad."
  324. >Shifting a little, she giggles; "You're really comfy Anonymous, you'd make a wonderful bed for a special somep0ny."
  325. "I'm not quite sure how to interpret that, so thank you."
  326. >"You're welcome Anon."
  327. >Arriving at the library, Pink pushes the door open from your grip, and you slide into the unusually black room.
  328. >The door shuts behind you with a slam, not startling you in the least.
  329. >Pink party pony hops from your tentacles and says, "What I want you to do, Anonymous, is..."
  331. 12/x
  334. >"I wanna play a game with you!"
  335. >The lights flick on, and while you were unimpeded by the darkness, you notice Apple kicker, fancy white, yellow quiet and purple smart all sitting at a table.
  336. >"And since it's no fun to play alone, my friends are joining us."
  337. "I don't see why not. Alright, what game did you want to play, Pink?"
  338. >She bounces over to a seat, before pulling a deck of playing cards out of her mane.
  339. >"We're gonna play poker, with your rules and wagers."
  340. "Are you sure you want to?" you ask, tentacles coiling and shifting nervously.
  341. >"Yuppers, so get over here and lay down the rules."
  342. >Taking the open spot, you start shuffling the cards idly while looking around the table.
  343. "With my rules, there are two hands that matter, rather than one. The highest hand, and the lowest hand."
  344. "The one with the lowest hand has to, for lack of a polite way to say this, get the winner off, the one with the highest hand."
  345. >Some nervous glances run between the gathered mares, and you continue.
  346. "The game does not stop while the loser pleasures the winner though, the rest, including the winner play the next hand."
  347. "Typically, we play maybe a dozen hands between four ponies, and up to twenty with five."
  348. "And the final rule, no penetration of the main sex organ, whether the one being pleasured, or the one pleasuring."
  349. "Any questions?" you ask, pulling the deck in front of you, ready to deal.
  350. >They all shake their head and you start dishing out the cards.
  351. >Everyone picks up their cards, and the game starts.
  353. 13/x
  356. >Your hand consists of a pair of fours, a seven, a jack and a king, and three of which are spades.
  357. >Dropping your non-spades, you draw two, getting the three and nine of spades, giving you a flush.
  358. >The other girls drop and draw their cards, and everyone reveals.
  359. >Yellow quiet reveals two pairs, fancy white, a pair.
  360. >Pink pony shows a full house, and purple smart and apple pony both reveal nothing.
  361. >With only a seven high, purple smart has the loss, under apple pony's jack.
  362. "Looks like you're the winner, Pink, and you, Purplesmart, have to please her."
  363. >Red showing through her purple fur, she nods and moves under the table.
  364. >A moment later, pink lets out a gasp, followed by a moan.
  365. "Ready for the next hand?"
  366. >Through the next few hands, fancy white pleasures apple pony, apple pony pleasures purple smart, yellow quiet pleasures pink pony and pink pony pleasures purple smart.
  367. >"Hey, how come you haven't won or lost Anonymous?" Purplesmart asks, helping Pink up from under the table.
  368. "Luck, perhaps, these things happen," you say, shuffling for the next deal.
  369. >The fates seem to favor you, as for the rest of the game, you never once win or lose a hand.
  370. >On the other tentacle, it never once favors fancy white, who is stuck pleasuring others almost half the time, and never once gets pleased herself.
  371. >By the time the last hand ends, everyone but you is tired.
  372. >Setting the deck aside, you give a sort of bow, turning to the exit.
  373. "This was fun, perhaps you can start a group, just like Big Mac and I."
  374. >Making your way outside, you feel a hoof grab one tentacle, just before you make it out.
  376. 14/x
  379. >Looking back, you see Fancy white, her tongue sticking out, used and abused.
  380. >"Ah... Anonymous, could you maybe... I didn't once win, and... could you maybe be so generous as to...?"
  381. >Just looking at her, stuck in heat and having had to pleasure her friends without getting any herself, you give a nod with your tentacles.
  382. "I apologize if this gets a bit rough, but you have earned it, I suppose."
  383. >Today, you learned mares are just as fun to fill with tentacles as stallions.
  385. 14.5/14.5
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