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  1. What a Force Form is: "So, let us begin on what a Force Form actually is. The four Force Forms are meditative battle stances that allow you to increase your prowess and efficiency with the Force and it's abilities. Every one of the Forms have a different effect and purpose to your abilties, and how they work can drastically change. These forms are often used by those who do not prefer lightsaber combat, or wish to not engage in more physical aspects of training or combat.
  3. Rules of a Force Form: In total, there are four rules to Force Forms. The first rule, is that we never kill while using the Force. As one of our honors, we are expected to uphold the philosophy and honor life with everything that you have. The Force is foremost an ally to the Jedi, not a tool used to do our bidding. We should always respect the Force as our partner and avoid tarnishing it's will and meaning.
  5. Rule two; never use a Force form on an ally. Whether it's sparring with another one of your fellow Jedi, or a Trooper in distant battlefields. You do  not use these Forms on them under any circumstances. The only exception to this is if you were to use Force Channel to help restore and maintain the energy of the Force while healing someone or something of the sort.
  7. Rule three; Remember that we are Jedi of the Order. We use the Force for knowledge and defense, never as an offense or by means of aggression. You should never use these forms with the intent of attacking, harrassing, assaulting, or playing around. You will only use these forms when they are needed per the situation.
  9. Philosophy: "So, onto the Philosophy for the form Force Potency. It's philosophy are quite similar with the lightsaber form counter-parts Djem So and Ataru. In explanation, conflict is meant to be dealt with in a quick, efficient, and swift manner. The whole premise of this form is to end the conflict as fast as possible through the way of martial action. The ideal and movements are mirrored to the two lightsaber forms stated previously, and it also carries it's intense advantages and disadvantages such as the lightsaber forms. While using this Force Form, one could find themselves tired rather quickly, since it relies on building up and using a lot of energy from the Force. One single use of a rather advanced ability could drain a user of all their energy, leaving them exhausted and vulnerable afterwards. Though this form is much more powerful than the form Force Mastery, this lacks the precision and accuracy that Force Mastery has. In explanation, you trade away your accuracy for power. Force Potency brings a much more dramatic effect and impact for any ability that the user might have access to. A very simple telekinetic push could send someone easily airborne and have costly effects. Though all of the power brought to you by this form is definitely a strength, it is also the greatest weakness. Self Discipline is the key element to be used while in use of this form, or you could easily get lost within it's raw power. You need to maintain your discipline and most certainly try for precision, or you could easily break the rules of these forms. If you lack the discipline to use this form, you could very easily kill someone without even trying to, or begin lusting for more power. Think before you act, Jedi. Getting lost within it's power could easily be paired with anger, frustration, or hatred down the line, if not immediate. To stay in touch with the Jedi way and the will of the Force, you must actively fight against hatred and other aggressive emotions to avoid losing your way. Force Potency is a very effective tactic to use, but it's greatest danger is it's metal requirements. Underestimation or undervalue of how serious this form is, could lead to lethal results for not only yourself, but the others around you. Control your mental state; it is much more imperitive than controlling your physical state, and relies on proper usage of this form. As mentors and practicioners, we need to emphasize why balance and focus are needed for the form to be effective. You are able to be decisive with your actions, but make sure to understand and abide by the rules. Questions?"
  11. Stance: The opening stance to Force Potency is actually quite simple. When opening up, you should be calm and relaxed, your muscles loose but ready to jump to action whenever needed. Remain calm throughout the entire usage of the technique, but keep your mind honed so you are able to react or strike if needed, including evasion defense.
  13. /me takes long inhale through her lungs, holding the air inside for a few moments before exhaling slowly. Swiftly, she moves her feet shoulder width apart, placing her right foot (dominant) in the lead, allowing her left to take up the rear. Her hands balled into fists, moving just about to the level of her eyes. Tucking her right hand near her cheek, her left slowly extends outwards.
  15. "Notice that my feet are shoulder width apart with my dominant foot in the lead. Press your other foot behind you in a staggered position to keep yourself stabilized. Bringing your hands up to your face, ball them into fists at about eye level. The placement of your hands is option, so I recommend placing them where most comfortable, and easily controllable."
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